The Thousand Winds



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"The Thousand Winds"

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Missetsu at night was maybe the most pleasant thing to see. The little
village Kureno was born in. The cave-village was lit by lanterns and
candle flames in a most pleasant way- Kureno could feel the warmth of the
candles on his skin as he walked down the main path for the first time in
almost three years.

He could remember all his childhood dreams and fears- and as he approached
his family house, they vanished and faded, slowly being replaced by
anxiety to meet his mother and father. Possibly for the last time. And he
had looked forward to it, rehearsing what to say. How to apologize for all
the trouble he caused.

He hesitated for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was just ten
minutes, before he knocked on the door and heard the familiar voice of his

"Who is it this late at night?"

But Kureno kept his mouth shut, a smile dawning on his lips.

When the door opened and his mother came into view, they were silent for a
long time. There wasn't the hug Kureno had expected. There wasn't the
worry. Her face was stone cold.

"M-mother?" Kureno asked. "Aren't you happy to see me? Where's dad?" He
asked the questions as his head tilted to try to get a look inside.

"My husband has died a year ago." She said.

"What's the matter, mother? Can't you recognize me? I'm your son. Kureno."
Kureno insisted, but his worst fears were coming true as something was
slowly breaking inside him.

"You are not my son. The clan has disowned you for your actions against
the Land of Wind. I do not want to see you again."

"Mother!? Wh—" The door slammed shut nearly in his face.

Was this the price for freeing oneself from hatred and finding oneself?
Treason and being disowned? And not coming to your father's funeral? Was
there a different path he could've taken to avoid this?

A thousand questions, no answer and one burning desire to scream, weep and
run. He did the last. He ran. As fast and far as he could. He was
encumbered by pain unlike any he felt before but it did not hinder him in
running. It made him run faster and further.

It made him regret he ever lived.

Next day in the morning, Kureno was exhausted from running. He followed
the directions given to him by the strange brothers that had negotiated
his release from prison. It led him straight to a small settlement, where
a house was prepared for him to rest and recuperate from his captivity.

But he could not close his eyes. The burning pain in his chest would not
subside. Hatred and rage he thought he had allowed to fade was coming back
to the surface, but it's deceiving voice no longer held the sway over
Kureno like it once did. It seemed like a weak voice now, begging to be
put out of it's misery.

He felt utterly helpless. What would have his father said? Did he agree
with him being disowned? No, he never remembered Seishukuni Ishikawa to be
a man who'd disown his son. So it must've been a decision made after his

"Father…" Kureno muttered. "Would you be proud with who I've become?"

He slowly sat at the window and brought his knees closer to his body. "All
people say today are how many bad things I've done. No one really says
anything about the good things I've done yesterday. You always used to
tell me that hatred is a path that leads to misery, and I finally
understand that. But people.. they cry and whine and at the same time
refuse any help until no one can help them." He paused. "But I guess.. my
mistakes cannot be erased."

He sighed as he looked out the window and down to the streets. Slowly
closing his eyes. "Maybe I wasn't at the funeral, but I can at least still
mourn your passing."

His head slowly leaned back against the frame of the window, and eyes
closed before tears could well up in them. He still remembered the words
of the funeral poem he heard once, and he started to recite it in a sing
song manner, voice shaking.

"Listen to the thousand winds blow
Silently they say: I am the rain and I am the snow
I am the whisper without a voice
I am the sword without a choice
I am the death that comes marching through the meadows
I am the chariot that brings home the fallen heroes

Look, look at the dark and empty windows
Where ghostcandles dance with the shadows
Everyone's come to the funeral
To mourn the passing of a warrior or a general
Their eyes were downcast as the wind grew colder
For it was the highest treason to lose a friend or a brother

But friend, look, look at you now
You've joined the thousand winds that howl
You are the moon that basks me in it's sleeping glow
You are now the twisting river that is never empty, and never whole
And you will be the skies that weep for me should I die
When I join the earth's sweet embrace, you will be the clouds that cry"

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