The Time Keeper’s Apprentice


Renai, Ishino, Saisho

Date: August 27, 2013


Renai brings a missive to Ishino requesting training.

"The Time Keeper’s Apprentice"

Ishino's residence near the marketplace in Kiri, moved to the Pits later on

Marketplace [Kirigakure]


Ah, the bustle of the heart of the village; Its wallet. This is the village's main marketplace, where a variety of wares, goods, and services are traded and bartered. A number of stalls here are rented out and occupied by food vendors, most of which offer cuisine with distinct foreign influences and variety as they are manned by people who have brought their goods from outlying islands and distant nations alike to sell, and are attempting to earn a bit of extra cash for their time here.

Of the more local, permanent stalls, there are many. Their wares ranging from Kaguya-done scrimshaw carved out of fish skulls and bone, to vegetables grown by other villagers and sold here, to a bit of fresh fish brought further inland than the main market, if it is to be found in anywhere in the Land of Water, it is likely to appear here, in the massive marketplace within the land's shinobi village.






Food Stands - (FS) [Food Stands]

West - (W) [Shippuu Avenue]

It was a nice morning for Kirigakure. The mist was retreating slowly; the marketplace had just gotten into full swing. Ishino was at his home with Saisho, the sword was propped up in the corner of his work room while he was working on a new puppet. Time Keeper was currently sweeping the floors of the hall between the three rooms that lead into that main room. Hey, no sense in wasting the time of using the puppet for something other than fighting, right? A soft thrumming ticking, the same sound as what a grandfather clock in the corner would do, permiated the house. To Ishino, it was soothing, with Saisho having lived at his parent's place? She was probably use to it by now.

A wandering Touketsu appears at the edge of the marketplace this morning, her stride long and brisk, her direction.. somewhat clear. She glances down at the note in her hand, eyes squinting to make out the somewhat illegible handwriting. Oh! She stops midstride and takes two steps back, looking off to the side.

Here! Renai walks up to the residence, depositing the note in her pocket and pulling the scroll she carries from beneath her arm. She pauses at the entrance way, wiping a sweaty palm on her hip. Nerves? Possibly. She'll have to work on that. It's just that this person, who was explained to her as powerful and to be respected, might possibly land up teaching her. Are those… clocks?

The kunoichi knocks three times and emits a soft "Helllooo~" from the other side of the door.

Saisho is off in her room, but it's just next door to Ishino's, and the door is open. She's sitting on her bed, which is actually never used as a bed but often used as a couch/play area. She has TsuTsu set up across from her and is softly talking to him, the words not quite carrying to Ishino, but this is not the first time she's talked to the bear, in fact she does it often, so he's probably used to it by now. She has a small plate with a few sweets on it between her and TsuTsu as she seems to be having a rather heated discussion with TsuTsu on which candy would be best to eat first.

When Someone comes to the the door, Saisho pops up and tucks TsuTsu under an arm and quickly heads to the door. Ishino is often busy with his work and Saisho hates it when Oniichan gets interrupted from important things so she's trying to get to the door to answer it, before timekeeper. This is kinda a game for her, to see if she can beat the puppet in her scampering.

There was a pause in his work. Just a moment. Just long enough for the redirect of Time Keeper to occur at the same time of scampering feet from his sister. He'd smile at the foot of the puppet he was working on while Time Keeper 'raced' Saisho to the door. Of course most people who knew Ishino were used to the large puppet being with him, so it was child and 7' tall puppet that would open the front door at the same time to Renai. Ishino paused again, actually paying attention now as it was someone new at the front door. Of course, Time Keeper wasn't quite able to talk.. not without a henge, so instead it was left up to Saisho to talk to the person. That didn't mean that Ishino wouldn't start that way himself.. after all, this IS his sister we're talking about here..

Renai would bow and offer up the scroll to the man, and greet him politely. She has it all planned out in her head. So, imagine her surprise when she sees not Ishino, but a girl and a puppet. Renai hesitates, her eyes widening slightly as she looks between the two. For what seems borderline rude, she's silent, before stumbling into a rethought greeting.

"Oh, Hi! I'm Touketsu Renai. I've been sent to deliver this missive to…" She pauses to look back down to the name. "Doihara Ishino." Renai bows in greeting and rises, "Is he home today?"

Without missing a beat Saisho looks back over her shoulder, "Oniichan! Someone has a letter for you!" She then realizes he's already starting this way and she didn't need to yell and giggles a bit as she steps out of the way, "See?" She offers as she lets Ishino and time keeper take up the doorway and mean while she tries to peek around time keeper to watch Renai, curiously. Seems like she has no plans on retreating back to her room any time soon.

Ishino smiled at Saisho, tousling her hair. "Thanks Sai-chan." He'd step up as Time Keeper did retreat, going back to the broom to start sweeping the hall again. Ishino smiled towards Renai, sweeping into that elaborate western bow. "Greetings, Touketsu-san. A pleasure to meet you." He'd straighten up then, studying her for a moment. "There is a missive for me then? You don't seem the usual mail carrier." He'd smile lightly, a gentle tease it seemed as Renai seemed caught off guard by the normal greeting of his home.

Renai watches the girl as she calls back to the swordsman. She had no idea anyone else lived with him. Why wouldn't they? That's what she gets for assuming.

The green-haired girl lifts her head to the swordsman as he appears and bows so.. fancy-like. She bows forward and offers up the scroll to him, "Doihara Ishino-sensei." She rises, lowering her empty hands somewhat awkwardly to her sides. "I've been sent by the clan for training. The details have been written in the scroll. "I hope I haven't arrived at a bad time." Her eyes shift to the girl, suddenly aware that she may have interrupted their morning breakfast.

Breakfast at the Ishino home comes early, and was over quite a while ago. Much to do every day after all! Saisho grins up at Ishino as her hair is tousled but as Time Keeper retreats, Saisho doesn't and keeps peeking, only now out from behind Ishino. She looks at Renai curiously, watching the exchange and looking like she plans on going nowhere, unless Ishino specifically tells her to of course. Still she's quiet as she listens, not interrupting. Respectful in that way at least.

Ishino took the scroll, a small nod given as he'd study Renai for a moment longer. Interesting. He'd open the scroll then, reading over the missive from the clan. "Sai-chan is my sister. We've already been up for several hours. The time period for rest is regimented to make sure that no time is wasted." He'd give a small nod, looking back to Renai with a smile. "Please. Come in." He'd motion into the house, stepping inside. "Sai-chan? Can you go get some tea started? We have a guest." Time Keeper would pause in his actions, the broom put to the side, that henge took over, the older man so often seen with Ishino would head for the kitchen area along potentially with Saisho to start on making tea and some food items, simple finger food, while Ishino escorted Renai towards his living room area. The one open room of the house, it did take a good corner of the building.

Renai nods as explains that they've been up. She steps inside once invited in, remaining at the door until he leads her to the living room area. She stands awkwardly in the room, waiting for him to take a seat if he should wish. She still wouldn't sit unless asked, standing straight and almost at attention. It's the Touketsu rigidity in her. It would be full attention if she weren't looking around at the room. Finally her eyes rest on him. "I hope I find you both well today. What that a puppet in there?" She motions to the hall.

"Okay Oniichan!" Saisho offers as she scurries off towards the kitchen, only to find Time Keeper there already. Mind you Saisho can't reach some of the tall cabinets anyway, so she'd need some help. Still she does her best to help the puppetman as they work to make tea. She also sets out a nice plate of cookies, pretty cute cookies with swirl patterns and fruit in them! This may take a bit so for now she's in the kitchen working…. out of sight but not out of hearing range.

Ishino smiles lightly to Renai, motioning to a chair to offer for her to sit, before he did so himself. "We are indeed well, thank you for your kind interest. That also yes, was a puppet. I call him Time Keeper." Time Keeper for his part, helped Saisho, they worked well together getting the foodstuff ready as well as the tea. The older man, dressed in the same type of tux as Ishino, would carry a tray of tea along with the cookies out to the two teens. He'd bow formally to them as the items were set out before he retreated. Ishino gave a polite nod to the older man. "I am a puppeteer. Time Keeper is my creation that enhances the use of Genjutsu. Considering your clan, your hesitation and the uncertain posture, I'm guessing you are a fairly new genin? If they are sending you to me, then that means you're also looking at Genjutsu? I would guess such since you don't have the puppeteering look to you.." He'd muse, studying Renai for a few moments. "So why do you want to train with me?"

Renai sits hesitantly. She listens to him quietly, studying her hands and considering his words. She lifts her head when he asks the question at the end, letting her lips curl into a slight smile. "Well, I want to be strong for the village. It was determined that I may have a talent in Genjutsu, but I'm unsure. I haven't had much experience with it. I want you to teach me since they say you're the best in the village." That's the most basic of her reasoning, other than it would just be really epic to be trained by one of the swordsman. Yeah, she's totally having an inner monologue on how cool that would be right now.

"If you would have me…" Renai bows her head to him and then sits back, her eyes moving toward the small noises coming from the kitchen area.

Saisho sneaks up behind Ishino, cheerfully munching a cookie as she listens in. She's not really 'sneaking' more she's just staying out of Ishino's line of sight if she can. But there is likely little doubt that he'll notice her. She can be quiet when she wants but now she's just trying not to distract big brother. She keeps peeking around Ishino at Renai curiously, listening in as she can. Apparently she does not plan on joining the pair for tea or anything, but then she wasn't invited to do so. She's just sort of hovering around near the conversation in a way.

Ishino ponders for a few moments as he'd study Renai. Finally a small nod was given, some inner conclusion reached. "Then the first thing we would need to do is to test you for that ability. If you are not worth the effort, then I won't train you. There's no point in wasting your time or mine." He'd glance back at Saisho with a light smile. "Sai-san, we may be having some routines that we go through soon. You're welcome to come watch as well." Looking back to Renai, that smile was gone, he wasn't really frowning, simply a hard look. "I'll test you until you fail. We'll judge how far you get. From there, we'll work together to expand your abilities. This is what I did, you can as well." He'd shake his head slightly. "I am guessing you do not yet have a style of how you wish your genjutsu to look yet?"

A test! She bites the inside of her cheek gently and clenches her fists in anticipation. "I haven't decided on anything yet. I have some ideas from my training when I was younger that may help. The Touketsu aren't known for gentleness."

Renai looks up to Saisho, watching her as she hovers nearby. Cute kid. Hopefully, none of the test will affect her.

"I should probably mention that I've been trained in earth ninjutsu. I've thought I might incorporate that knowledge with whatever I learn in genjutsu. Combine the two to confuse my opponents. Does that sound good?"

Saisho seems quite happy to not comment much, but when Ishino asks her question or rather offers to let her join she shrugs then says, "I dunno, sounds kinda… no fun." She looks over at Renai then back at Ishino, "Genjutsu is confusing." She says, as she frowns. Then adds, "I'm gonna go back to my room and clean up and play some more, if that's okay, Oniichan?" She asks, trying not to interrupt the others too much.

"Of course Sai-chan. Please don't let us keep you. I'm sure TsuTsu-san is getting impatient." Ishino would smile lightly with a nod towards Saisho. He'd look back to Renai, considering her words before nodding in agreement. "I’m combining Time Keeper with my genjutsu. I also have scroll use capability, so I am well versed in weaving multiple abilities together." Ishino nods towards his room, where the blade was presumed to be. "I also carry the blade. It is why I have the title I do. So I can get physical as well."

"It was nice to meet you," Renai nods toward the girl when she mentions leaving.

Her attention is then distracted my Ishino's words. She listens to the explanation of his abilities, her lips forming a small "o." "I would love to see your abilities in action one day. It sounds fascinating." The geek is starting to come out of her! "I've always been interested in the subtlties of puppet manipulation. That must require a very refined chakra technique." She pauses momentarily, lost in her head for a second. "I wonder if it's anything like the Okumo.. maybe, no.. Theirs is more of a bond, I think, not so refined."

She stops suddenly and glances up, her eyes wide. Apparently she just now realized she was rambling. "You mentioned a test, sensei?"

((Saisho has disconnected.))

"Puppeteering is purely mechanical in nature. It requires a detailed and through understanding of chakra use to enable it to function properly. There are also mechanical requirements." Ishino would motion with a hand, casual in nature, that had the rather large blade come floating out of his room to carefully set point down next to his chair, all without him looking. "The proper connection and interaction takes a lot of training. A remote chakra use that is not unlike ninjutsu when dealing with earth manipulation, but it still has an unusual interaction." Ishino nods solemnly. "Yes. We will have a test. However, this test would be best in a place that allows you to defend and attack. I wish to see what you can and can't do. To understand where you are at and what needs to be worked on. We can go there now, if you wish, otherwise we can arrange another time?"

She sets her hands against her knees as she listens to keep from fidgeting as she listens to his explanation. Her eyes blink open wide as she watches the sword move in. Still mesmerizing.

At the mention of training, she jumps up and stands practically at attention, her hands clenching in fists and pinning themselves to her sides. "I'm ready now, sensei!" Nerd that she is, she already warmed herself before coming, having expected a test. If anything, she's surprised it did not happen earlier. Hopefully, she won't disappoint him.

Nodding in response, Ishino gets to his feet smoothly. The older man would walk over to them, picking up the sword to put it away somewhere on his person, one moment there.. the next.. not. Ahh.. the joy of henge. With that, Ishino motioned towards the door. "Onward then. We'll use the pits to test." He'd wait for Renai to start moving before he'd follow along. An umbrella picked up from the spot by the door where at least a dozen of them were at, he'd follow her out. The older man would lock the door, then take the umbrella from Ishino to cover both of them.. just in case with Kiri.. while they'd walk on to their destination.

Cold Springs - The Pits [Kirigakure]


The name of this place is set due to its purpose. Further into the cold springs there is an extension of a few ponds set throughout with various depths and dangers. There are warning sharp rocks just touching the surface of the water, it is unknown how many sharp rocks are just underneath the waters of the ponds. A thick mist shrouds this area causing hazards for inexperienced ninja with its sharp rocks and slippery surface.

Where once there was an explosion, the damage noted in the pits is more significant with huge gaping holes on the walls and ground at sections. The center piece of this area is a large sphere shaped opening where water had been drained and forms a large pit for combatants. The stains of old blood is noted throughout as well as the stench.




East - (E) [Cold Springs]

Renai heads toward the door, her body loosening from the rigid "attention" stance. She knows the way well so she walks briskly toward the springs, seemingly not having to clear the way like she normally does. It must be the swordsman travelling with her, scaring them all off with all that power.

Once at the pits, she pauses taking a deep breath before stepping inside the pit. There are a few people practicing along the edges, but it isn't over-crowded. As they enter, a pair of sparring students back out. Ah, the typical pit setting, where students can watch their future as genin, being pummeled by their sensei and taught all the valuable lessons needed to be a true Kirigakure ninja.

The ticking had most people leave. The echoing tick that seemed to emanate from Ishino.. or was it the older man? It was so hard to tell! would rebound around. Where in the setting of his home it was a friendly grandfather clock, here.. here within the caverns, that ticking took on an almost sinister overtone. Indeed, maybe, just maybe it was more akin to what a doom's day clock sounded like, the essence of life being counted down to zero. Within the pit, he'd look about, a small nod given then Renai studied again. After a moment he'd motion the older man over, the henge fading away as Ishino opened a hidden panel in the side to do something to the puppet. Once closed, the puppet moved a lot more.. rigidly. Like Ishino had just handicapped it's abilities? "We'll use a spar mode for Time Keeper at this time. I will test all three abilities. We'll see where you stand from there." Musing, Ishino focused himself, drawing chakra up as Time Keeper took a rather rigid looking guard, standing between Renai and Ishino.

RP: Ishino joins the roleplay.

COMBAT: It is now Ishino's turn.

COMBAT: Ishino focuses 5000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!

RP: Ishino transforms into SPAR-II.

RP: Renai joins the roleplay.

COMBAT: Ishino finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Renai's turn.

Renai turns to face the swordsman, watching as he adjusts the puppet. She nods as he discusses the spar mode. Good, maybe he won't kill her in one hit. Renai grins. Not that she wants him to take it easy on her. It's just she's heard how strong the seven are and well.. she doesn't want to die yet.

The green-haired kunoichi nods once and spreads her feet apart to brace herself. Her hands form into a seal to focus her chakra. She seems to have a good hold on that, regardless of any other lack of ability she has. the pains of being trained in a clan of generalists… Too much jack of all trades and not enough in being a master of one..

COMBAT: Renai focuses 2000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!

COMBAT: Renai finishes her turn.

COMBAT: It is now Ishino's turn.

Ishino studied. That watchful gaze seemed to miss nothing. As soon as she was ready, Time Keeper launched at her, even jerkedly, it was quick! As the puppet approached, Renai would feel that assault on her mind. Kneel. She wanted to kneel. She needed to kneel. KNEEL. There was begging to kneel, pleading, commanding, demanding. KNEEL KNEEL KNEEL!!! As she had to deal with that attack, Time keeper came in, a blade snapping free of its wrist to slash out at her, the length of the blade was green tinted, the poison there as the puppet slashed at her. Then, even as the puppet pulled away, that potential burn of poison starting it's coursing through her, the world would seem to slow down. Everything drawing out, taking longer than it should.. muscles screaming as they cramped from being stretched, from being pushed and held for such a long moment in time. Oh yes, Ishino was not taking it easy on her at all it seems.

COMBAT: Ishino attacks Renai with KUPPUKU…38

COMBAT: Ishino attacks Renai with PUPPET-BLADES…28

COMBAT: Ishino attacks Renai with TIME-STRETCH…32

COMBAT: Ishino finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Renai's turn.

COMBAT: Ishino attacks you with KUPPUKU and rolls a 38. Action?

COMBAT: Renai defends against KUPPUKU(38) attack from Ishino with a SELF-INFLICT…19

COMBAT: You lose your stamina for 1 attacks.

COMBAT: Renai loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.

COMBAT: Ishino attacks you with PUPPET-BLADES and rolls a 28. Action?

COMBAT: Renai defends against PUPPET-BLADES(28) attack from Ishino with a TENSE…7

COMBAT: Renai loses the roll and sustains 566 damage.

COMBAT: Ishino attacks you with TIME-STRETCH and rolls a 32. Action?

COMBAT: Renai defends against TIME-STRETCH(32) attack from Ishino with a SELF-INFLICT…14

COMBAT: Renai loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.

COMBAT: Ishino drains stamina from Renai

COMBAT: There are no more attacks for you to defend against.

Renai grits her teeth as she feels the urge to kneel. Never would she… This must be the force of his genjutsu. Her brows furrow and she jerks free a kunai from a cargo pocket. The girl grips it tightly and digs the sharp edge into her upper thigh to no avail. She drops to her knee, her head lifting up to meet the blade of his puppet. Pain seeps through the wound in her chest and she starts to feel sick from the burn of the poison.

He's strong. There's no doubt about that. The Touketsu starts to rise despite the burn, but it takes so long. Is she having a stroke? Renai gasps, a breath that takes forever. Again! She pushes the kunai into her thigh again with no success. It isn't enough to break the spell. This is what she wants. This type of attack. The Touketsu can't help but to grin, getting a somewhat strange and malicious gleam in her eye.

She straightens out when the genjutsu begins to lift and quickly draws her hands together to form a series of seals. The earth before her breaks and cracks, chucks lifting into the air and pelting toward Ishino, aiming to shower him with hard clumps of earth. At least she making some sort of effort to fight back.

COMBAT: Renai attacks Ishino with EARTHEN-RAIN…13

COMBAT: Renai attacks Ishino with EARTHEN-RAIN…8

COMBAT: Renai finishes her turn.

COMBAT: It is now Ishino's turn.

RP: Ishino transforms into SPAR-III.

COMBAT: Ishino defends against EARTHEN-RAIN(13) attack from Renai with a IRON-SCROLL-TECHNIQUE…24

COMBAT: Ishino wins the roll.

COMBAT: Ishino defends against EARTHEN-RAIN(8) attack from Renai with a IRON-SCROLL-TECHNIQUE…21

COMBAT: Ishino wins the roll.

The back of Time Keeper opened, a scroll shot at Ishino who grabbed it and smoothly unfurled it. The paper seemed to float about him while he'd watch the earth gather, lifting and shooting towards him. A hand sign, his hold on the scroll tightening and the paper changed from paper to steel, deflecting the attacks. Ishino gave a small nod in acceptance. He'd pull TIme keeper close, opening that panel again for a minor tweak. With that done, he'd look back to her. "You have the right idea. Pain does indeed help to stop genjutsu. So does a force of will. You are figuring out it's genjutsu, attempt to dissipate it that way." Once more the Puppet, slightly slower, would come back at her, this time it was a needle stab that would strike at her, rather than the full blade. A training poison? It seems Ishino is that type! While she dealt with that, he'd flex that scroll, sealing it back up as once more time would slow down for her, extending that delay, that lack of air. Even as it felt like it would start to let up.. the next wave of slowing down occurred, a moment's breath between each wave of stressing her body, pushing for that tiring factor. Physical and mental attacks, that same duo purpose strikes that she had mentioned wanting to do.

COMBAT: Ishino attacks Renai with LESSER-PUPPET-BLADE…18

COMBAT: Ishino attacks Renai with TIME-STRETCH…25

COMBAT: Ishino attacks Renai with TIME-STRETCH…24

COMBAT: Ishino finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Renai's turn.

COMBAT Renai is poisoned (2 rounds) and loses 23 health.

COMBAT: Ishino attacks you with LESSER-PUPPET-BLADE and rolls a 18. Action?

COMBAT: Renai defends against LESSER-PUPPET-BLADE(18) attack from Ishino with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…11

COMBAT: Renai loses the roll and sustains 138 damage.

COMBAT: Ishino attacks you with TIME-STRETCH and rolls a 25. Action?

COMBAT: Renai defends against TIME-STRETCH(25) attack from Ishino with a WILL-BREAK…12

COMBAT: Renai loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.

COMBAT: Ishino drains stamina from Renai

COMBAT: Ishino attacks you with TIME-STRETCH and rolls a 24. Action?

COMBAT: Renai defends against TIME-STRETCH(24) attack from Ishino with a WILL-BREAK…17

COMBAT: Renai loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.

COMBAT: Ishino drains stamina from Renai

COMBAT: There are no more attacks for you to defend against.

Her eyes follow his movements as he uses the scrolls. So that's what he had talked about. Her attention refocuses as she senses the incoming attack. She quickly changes the seal, attempting to use a clone to divert the attack, but it fails and she's hit instead.

The needle his and Renai gets that sickly feeling again. Poison once more. She squints as it starts coursing through her, the path sped by her quickened blood.

The girl falls underneath the genjutsu again, feeling time slow down. Her eyes glance down to her hands and action that feels as though it takes forever. She closes her eyes and tries to take a step forward, the movement excruciatingly slow. Her eyes set on Ishino. That's her target. Her toes drag through the dirt lightly as she fights it, feeling her body tire. It lets up and she pauses just in time to feel the next wave hit. Renai growls lowly in her throat, her fingers tightening around the kunai in her hand. So tired…

She stops finally and drops down to a knee, breathing heavily. She simply can't do it. Not without wearing herself into an exhaustion that might kill her. At least she knows her limits. Sorta…

COMBAT: Renai finishes her turn.

COMBAT: It is now Ishino's turn.

Ishino studied her coolly, calmly. A final small nod given as Time Keeper would pull back beside him. He'd reach out and open that point to return Time Keeper to fluid movement again. The scroll returned to its storage compartment as well. "This is why I use genjutsu. I can obviously do more. I just rather not do the paperwork for accidentally killing a genin." He'd flash a brief smile, showing it as a jest.. even if it was serious. "You have the potential to it. You need refinement.. but I had guessed as much to start with." Closing the flap for the scroll, he'd look to Renai then. "I believe you're worth training. You've seen what I can do. If you are still interested, we can start a schedule for your training regimen. I will warn you now.. I do not take kindly to those who run late.."

Renai takes in a deep breath as the genjutsu finally leaves her. It's as if the air rushes into her lungs all at once. She looks down, feeling rather defeated as she wipes her own blood from the kunai.

Hearing his words, she rises up, staggering just a little bit. She feels like she's going to fall asleep! The kunoichi blinks once, twice and focuses on him. "I understand, sensei. That's why I always strive to be early. Thank you, Ishino-sensei!" She smiles softly and pulls herself to attention despite the sleepiness and blood. Her arm lifts to salute him and she falls back and back… Finally ending up on her bottom, she blinks sleepily. The girl yawns softly, seeming to have lost her train of thought.

Ishino can't help but chuckle softly at that. A small nod given. She'll do alright. Just simply needs some help. Time keeper would walk over to her then, casually picking her up to cradle to the wooden chest. A simple flick from Ishino had the old man with them again and with that handled, Ishino would pick up the umbrella to carry it with him and bring her back to her home. She needed rest for now.

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