The Toyotomi Revolt - First Strike


Soren, Naru, Ryo, Yuya

Date: August 20, 2012


Getting equipment gathered for the besieging Kane's fortress is underway and a group of shinobi are determined to protect one of the main depots, however lord Kane has dispatched a skirmish group to loot and destroy the supply chain…

"The Toyotomi Revolt - First Strike"

Siege Depot #3 - Land of Fire

The beating of the war drums signified war in the Land of Fire, though unlike the unified battles against other shinobi villages, this battle was a little closer to home. Lord Toyotomi Kane's massive mercenary army and loyalists had began to fortify their sprawling fortress, making it almost impenetrable to shinobi advances, at the same time though Konoha had began to mobilize its own army, a quickly began the process of running through siege equipment so the besieging could begin…

Lord Kane however wasn't going to allow this to happen, and with the coming of the war still fresh without a single man slain, this was going to be the perfect opportunity for early attacks… sabotaging and keeping strategic positions… Today Konoha would be in preparation for this setup, a siege camp miles away from the fortress itself had been setup to take in supplies for preparations and advancement… Only a handful of shinobi had been placed at the camp, especially since so many other camps had sprung up along the edges of the battle field. Night time had come quickly, with tents and makeshift towers risen along the forest grounds… It didn't help much though with so many trees. The shinobi was left to defend the base, and watch as supplies moved in for the offensive, little did they know this was going to be their first battle.

This would be Yuya's first real taste of war. Before it had ruined his life yet allowed him to become who he was today. How will it change him now? Try as he might Yuya couldn't deny the fact that he was anxious for whatever reason. He knew it wasn't fear. Fear of death anyway. Of course he wouldn't show it. At least nightfall had come. He always felt more secure in the darkness. As he stands there monitoring the supply shipment he folded a small piece of paper. It was the only time he'd ever indulge in one of his hobbies while on an assignment. Still it was second nature to him. His senses weren't dulled and by doing this he could quell the anxiety within.

Soren wasn't exactly the type to go out and kill at a politicians whim. But he had his reasons for joining in this war. Primarily, to hopefully hasten this war, and lessen the backlash on the people of the land. Either way, he had found himself unusually… skiddish…? Anxious? No… excited was definitely the word for it. He was finally able to really help toe village, and it was exciting to him, the fact that he could help with something big like this. He walked about the edge of the camp, hardly able to sit still, but focusing that into a purpose. If you know the siege is coming, it only seemed reasonable that the Idea is to preemptive open a hole in the siege lines. If there were to be an attack, likely it would happen tonight. God he hoped not though, or atleast that it would be a different camp.

Yuya was not the only one excited to participate in their first war. Ryo was still a student during the last war. He had been told by many not to grow up too quickly and that there would be plenty more. He was unsure if he should feel guilt over his excitement or if he should embrace it. The bald headed Uchiha boy was deep in thought as the night fell.

From his position in a nearby tree, he was suppose to be keeping lookout and he was… in between long glances at the stars that were starting to show themselves. He was imagining his first battle in the war. Something glorious, maybe something that might get him noticed for a promotion or something. With a small sigh, the boy comes back to reality and glances down below at the supplies in the camp. Everything seemed to be going fairly well.

Everything seemed to be going as planned, Naru wasn't entirely excited nor was she nervous, instead she just took the high ground, her brilliant crimson eyes illuminating amongst the darkness, catching up on any subtle detail that might have came across, she was dressed in battle gear rather than her usual clothing, a scarlet red chest peice, almost like samurai like armor, slightly high collared to protect her from anything serious, for now she just kept quite, arms crossed along one another while her eyes glanced around, raven locks lightly flowing in the wind, every now and then she would exchange a glance at Ryo. she knew all to well that this was a moment he had been waiting for.

Indeed the quiet of the night seemed to be rather tranquil, the calm before the storm on what would normally be considered an easy mission. Soon enough though there was some ruffling within the forest. Foot steps? Animals? Paranoia? All of which would quickly come to mind and only one would be true. Amongst the silence of the night a group of lightly armored soldiers began to take point, slowly beginning to encircle around the camp, perhaps numbers up from 10 to 25, some of their holsters swords, others bows… Whatever the case they were well coordinated, approaching along the outskirts of the camp, attempting their cloak n dagger with hushed voices… Would they have the pre-emptive strike? Or would they be discovered?

The sound of approaching soldiers scatters the calm and puts everyone on alert. Yuya ceases his idle folding and discards the paper. While the sound of enemies can be heard Yuya can't gain any visual on them. He was uncertain to the number of foes that would soon be upon them so he focuses his chakra and prepares for the worst. All the while he demands the supplies be secured quickly. The first blood of war was about to be drawn soon. His eyes narrow and as the anxiety reaches a summit within Yuya enters a lethal state of mind. He couldn't take any chances.

Soren sighed softly, glancing up towards Naru. New armor it seemed. Or maybe old. He couldn't be sure. He'd never seen her in anything other than her casual village clothes. At least with her on point it wouldn't be likely that anyone could sneak up on them. And then there were the other two there. What were their names again? Yuya and Ryo, right? Either way, he glanced over into the brushes again at the sound of a few ruffling, noticing the familiar glint of a steel arrowhead, quickly noticing the form holding it after a moment. "I think we have company…" he says, summoning a Kunai in one hand, and reaching back to summon his sword with the other.

Boredom was taking it's toll on Ryo. Every few moments he had scanned the area. Sometimes it would seem to be a squirrel. Other times maybe a rabbit or a snake. Then came a ruffling sound and the boy activated his Sharingan. He gave a quick scan over the area, but did not seem to pick up anything. With a yawn, the boy then placed his fingers together to build his chakra.
The young Uchiha glanced over towards the others in the camp. It seemed they were preparing for some sort of battle. He was pretty sure they were just over reacting. If his Sharingan missed it, then surely they could not have sensed something he did not. His eyes then move to Naru. What would she sense?

Whatver it was… Naru could see it for the moment, numerous amount of chakra along the leaf petals… "I… I see them… they are approaching from all around us…" Naru spoke outloud to the group, confirming that Soren's insight wasn't entirely off, she waited still though, her eyes catching keeping watch, maintaining a still watch of the approach while her own chakra levels began to increase, gradually building up. " I hope you are Ready…Ryo-kun.." She whispered quietly under her breath, she allows a hand to rest forward, clearly able to react with a swift pair of hand seals whenever necessary.

Spotted… Just like that. A mutter within the forest could be heard and finally a shout. " Halt!" One of the men commanded, his voice echoing throughout the forest as suddenly the ruffling had ceased into a single stomp, it was quite obvious that there was a slight encirclement around the camp now, and the positions had been setup. " Draw Arms!… Fire!" Within only a moments of time the sound of bows being strung and arrows whipping through the air could be heard, it happened…Volley after volley until three complete sets were finished, covering the area in a mass of blotting arrows to kick start the battle. " Charge!" Another voice ordered. As soon as the volley was complete the battle group would be visible, closing in on 3 sides of the camp some keeping their arrows while other had switched to their weapon of choice… The Katana.

There it was like a thunderclap war had begun. Yuya reacted like he normally does when engaged in combat. Due to his lack of awareness he had a couple close calls with the streaking arrows. He managed to avoid injury and when the enemy was within sight he had to burst forth utilizing all his senses to stay alive and take lives. However the supplies were assaulted and Yuya had little option but to through himself into the path of the arrows. Some he deflected others struck him, although not fatal blood has been split. From his gloves blades emerged and he confronted each enemy. His blades smooth through night slinging and slashing. It has begun and all Yuya could do was fight for the village. He tries to take out as many as he can, not waiting too much time on one soldier.

As the arrows start flying, Soren starts moving, glancing up towards the sky at the raining arrows, and attempting to weave between the raining death. Wait… the supplies! Soren quickly starts moving to intercept the arrows aimed at the supplies, getting hit in the process thanks to his sudden change in objective. But none the less, his body, despite the few arrow shafts sticking out of his body, gets between the raining death and the supplies, bringing his sword up in a quick sweep to knock away a few arrows, only to take another couple in the shoulder and arm. Well that's not the way he wanted to start this fight. "Darn it… I knew they were going to attack this camp. I -knew- it." he says, his arm coming up, accessing the storage seal in the palm of his glove, he flung 3 Kunai directly from the seal at a few of the bowmen. "Protect the supplies! That's the goal here!" he yelled out, trying to keep the focus in the ensuing confusion.

There was a small growl from the young Uchiha as Naru's look confirmed that his eyes had missed something. Soon the voice and the sound of arrows would only add insult to injury. Now dashing from the limb that he was on to a limb of another tree, Ryo managed to avoid the barrage of arrows. In a normal circumstance, Ryo would have drawn his blade and dropped to the ground for a close fight.
Instead, the boy takes into consideration the wind and that it blows away from the camp. Soon his hands are making firestyle seals. His mouth opens and a cloud of embers moves towards the enemies below him. A few more hand signs and oil begins to shoot from his mouth. Then there was that one flame shot to complete the Flame Bullet Jutsu. The oil and the flames seem to be more in effect to keep the enemy at bay.

Naru's movements became fluid, along the high ground she managed to shift and slide, moving away from the arrows and chucking a kunai at the few that managed to cut close to her. " Those supplies are top priority!" Naru calls out to the group, of course Soren and Yuya was already on it, Soren was a little more worse for wear but he was actually doing quite well… With Ryo's attack coming to flourish Naru began to act in unison with him, the bleeding ember managed to sweep into the forest while he coated the area with flames to keep them at bay… It was a great idea. " Raiton…Raikouhira no Jutsu!" With an out reached hand Naru followed suit, sending a barrage of lightning surging through the fire to shock into the combatants, while sailing a kunai of her own into one of the soldiers.

The shinobi attacks were working far better than anticipated, with each attack making way towards the small battle group they managed to bring down quite a few of the armored soldiers. Some of them dropping to their knees wounded, some burnt to crisp while others shocked and electrocuted, it was demoralizing to see so many soldiers attacked so easily but only a small hand ful of shinobi. " They are shinobi! You know what to do! Keep the charge!" voices continued to shout and rage. While from Ryo and Naru's side, for the most part the men remained at bay, attempting to find a way around the fire, Soren and Yuya became swarmed with swordsman, attacking and attempting to cut them down, Naru and Ryo instead became showered with tags of chakra and senbon, the explosion would have been enough to catch some of the supplies within the blast radius… Gradually the soldiers began to work their way around the fire as well…

Swordsmen were known for being formidable in direct close combat something Yuya had a dabble of experience with. He utilized genjutsu at this point trying to safely evade each blade and slash. A triplicate of slashes managed to connect with him in the blink of an eye. He couldn't let too many of those make contact. They were relentless in their assault. Yuya would move closer to Soren's position in the hopes that they could help each other fend off the swarming force and refrain from being overwhelmed. Yuya watches the tags approach the supplies alas he wouldn't be able to intercept and handle them. He'd entrust that to some of the other shinobi. His next maneuver is to mentally weaken and attack a few soldiers. He'd create illusion for them, horrifying illusions that could send them into a panic and even have them assault each other in their frenzy.

Soren winced, the arrows riddling his body burning as he moved. He glanced up just in time to see a few of the swordsmen were charging him, and Yuya was bringing their groups closer together. Smart lad. Hopefully Naru and Ryo would think to do the same. Wait wasn't something just happening? Woah! The flash of steel barely misses his nose during his thought, as he pulls back leaning back until standing on one hand, flipping back, the sword still coming. Soren stepped in, pushing his sword into the ground, using it as a vault to leap over one of the soldiers, avoiding his twin follow up swipes, before ducking between another two swipes from his comrade. "Look, I don't want to kill you guys. Just drop your weapons, and leave, before someone gets seriously hurt." he says, a quick handsign charging his chakra, before swinging, aiming to snap a couple blades, and leave the swordsman injured, but alive. Killing needlessly just wasn't his way, even if death was inevitable in these conflicts.

There it was. The first battle of a war that Ryo had ever taken part in. As the soldiers began using tricky weapons, Ryo was forced to quit messing around. The boy dodges a senbon before another cuts into him causing him to explode into flames. Then Ryo appeared between the supplies and an explosive tag. Realizing that it was too late to draw his blade, the boy whipped a single kunai at the tag and then held his arms up to shield his face from the blast.
Now that the supplies were safe for the moment, Ryo draws his Shin Gunto blade. Now its on. The boy dashes to the line of fire and leaps off the side of a tree to clear it. His blade comes across slashing to kill each soldier he moves across.

Naru continued to move and dance, her body taken in by flames that Ryo had created earlier.. As the soldiers began to drone in on them Naru began to slip out her own katana, finding it near impossible to use the bulk of her ninjutsu with so many people around. She swooped in with her blade, her eyes shifting from her light powered sharingan to the full powered 3 tomoe, lightning crackled along the edge and swiftly she moved to Ryo's side, attempting to impale and slice away at those who had gathered around, and finally… " Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" A massive sphere of energy was formed, burning and thrusted out towards another group, tearing away at the ground and hopefully colliding with any soldiers in the distance.

Horribly decimated after the second furry of attacks the once wounded soldiers actually began to collapse and die, some of them completely began to turn tail and run away from the battle, however a few actually stayed… Remaining close to follow through with the fighting. Ryo's blade cut and cleaved killing and wounded the few in his way, Yuya's genjutsu had managed to bring a few more soldiers to tears and forcing them to flee, Naru's blade of lightning cleaved through a few and the fire ball slammed into a duo of soldiers scorching them. There was absolute chaos on the battle field yet the few which remained began to take a few steps back. "Do it now!" One of them yells and each of the mercenary digs a hand in their pocket, placing a pill in their mouth and swallowing it down.

The Uchiha could instantly see their chakra replenish, while the physical effects of the pills began to show…Stronger muscles, rapid hair growth, the soldiers became more burly and large, and it showed with their physical attacks… Two soldiers ran straight for the supplies, bringing their blades down to slice into some of the wooding and ammunition, while once again each of them would be barraged this time with fast paced sword techniques to completely slice them into dozens…

Soren's warning is heard and Yuya can't help but to wonder why he'd offer such a compromised on the battlefield. He must be strong in his convictions or so Yuya would think. In times like this however all Yuya could think of was kill or be killed. The enemy forces appear to be dwindling. The combined effort they all were making proved to be enough to force back the soldiers. However Yuya hears the command and notices the soldiers all take out pills. Yuya's eyes widen "Are those?" he starts before the soldiers bulk up and invigorate with frightening amounts of energy. Yuya curses under his breath as he suspected they've employed the use of soldier pills. The enemies became tenacious and even more frightening. Yuya couldn't evade their flurry of blades. He found himself laced with cuts along his chest, shoulders, stomach side and more. His hair had come out of its ponytail and he staggered back bleeding nicely.

Yuya had little option but to engage the enemy on his terms of combat. Directly he stood no chance and so in the midst of combat under the chaos of battle and war cries Yuya would use the darkness and his ability to disappear and vanish. His attacks would be most effective from the darkness.

Wait… what were those pills they just… holy crud. Those pills… they turned them into… w-w-w-WEREWOLVES! Or probably just boosted their metabolism at the cost of several years off their lifespan. Either way, those pills were nasty, but had some really awesome benef-OW! A series of three lightning quick slashes cut into Soren's chest, his half distracted attempts to avoid them failing miserably. But he focuses back in, glancing at them, before noticing the two going straight for the supplies. A flash of anger across his face, as he weaves and bobs through the next set of slashes, still being forced back unfortunately. Either way, as soon as he's up again, his sword segments separate by a few inches. "Yuya!" he cries, before he swings out, the blade extending to it's full length, the repeating heavily chakra charged edges threatening to cut down all in it's path, sweeping out to slash at all the attackers in front of him, a few fighting against Yuya, and both going for the supplies, even if he wouldn'

Ryo saw an opening and moved forward to close the gap between him and one of the soldiers. Unfortunately the gap closed quicker than he could move and he ended up paying the price. The boy was slashed down the center. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. As he rebuilt his chakra. He was not even aware that someone had rescued him from one of the blows.

Suddenly it seemed like the entire mission was going back to heck… "They.. have those…?" Naru suddenly whispers, watching with her own eyes as their chakra began to manifest and power began to build up, they became rampaging monsters in a mere instance, and just like that went on their rampage. Naru slipped in the way of the attack in front of Ryo, attempting to cast her genjutsu while her sharingan whirled slightly, instead a slash of blades wreck against her armor and finally the flesh behind it, slashing her into a chain combo until finally she regained her footing, "D…damn it.." Naru suddenly hissed, finally her blade catches on with one of the slashes coming at her, and she runs towards the supplies to block the few attacks upon them, repelling them from doing any damage while taking a leap back to the top of one of the towers, her blade becoming sheathed and blood trickling down her face and arms, she was panting heavily, obviously giving up a little bit of too much energy…

"We have to strike them now!" Naru cried out, motioning through a pair of hand seals a large orb of chakra began to form right in front of her, gradually becoming larger and finally… "Lightning Release! Lightning Orb!" The mass of electricity expels throughout the area, attempting to bite and stun the soldiers on the battle field, and hopefully giving way for the others to finish things off…

The burly soldiers were unforgiving, never ceasing to cease their attacks despite dwindling in numbers… The soldiers bob and weaved through Soren's sword play for the moment, however the massive lightning base which arced throughout the area managed to hit head on, spiking the soldiers instantly in place as they shook, jerked, and became cooked from within their armor… It seemed like the battle was coming to a swift closing, the soldiers unable the move, and the supplies were surprisingly intact. However bodies littered the floor, many had already began to retreat.. The only soldiers left were the burly ones shocked to a halt.

"I'm fine." Yuya remarks standing behind Soren. In the confusion he's managed to maneuver around. Naru's efforts have given them the opening they needed. The smaller weaker ones have retreated and all that remained were the juggernauts left with their muscles paralyzed and stiffened. "Let's deliver the final blow their moral is gone." Yuya nods before vanishing back into the battle. He slips behind a few burly solders and effortlessly slits their throats leaving a streaking red smile on their necks. He moves on down the list. He's in pretty bad shape so he doesn't want to exert himself. If any remain he'd leave them to the others.

Their morale is gone, and they're retreating. A rather one sided victory so far… although those pills did worry him a bit. Either way, as Yuya goes off on his tangent… Soren merely grits his teeth. It wasn't his place to intervene, even if needless slaughter made him sick. He turned away, simply walking up to the couple soldiers left standing there. "When you can move, drop all your weapons, and give up. You don't want to know your other options." he says grimly, ready to relieve them of their heads at a moments notice, his chakra strings reaching out, and grabbing a few Kunai littered about the battlefield, and hugging around him, a blade pointed at each of them. "Yuya! Don't get too far out." he yells back to the younger shinobi, worried he might get in a bit over his head.

Ryo had looked up in time to see the electricity orb from Naru's hand. Luckily his Sharingan was still active. She seemed to have grown so much. The boy turns and looks at the retreating soldiers as he sheathes his blade. His hands then form some fireseals before once more he spits out oil and then a bullet of flame. He doubted he would catch many, but anyone who thought about turning around might get singed.

The bleeding Uchiha let out a tired sigh, panting heavily while feeling a trickle of sweat tear down her cheek, the lightning orb began to fade away. She frowned slightly though, mostly at Soren who seemed to be wanting them to give up, while Ryo and Yuya was doing what was necessary… Naru slipped down from the tower, revealing her katana once again and allowing lightning chakra to flow down the blade, eventually impaling one of the rabid pill eating soldiers. " You… can't be afraid to give it your all when it comes to war… Soren-kun," Naru spoke to him, tired…exhausted… She could feel the blade go through the man, puncturing his heart, hopefully all of them would be dead at this point… Her eyes look to Ryo, offering a very weary smile. Towards Yuya as well…

With the given retreat and the death of the stunned warriors, a calm silence filled the air as each body dropped to the ground. The last strike being Ryo's fire technique, scorching and burning away at the remaining flesh. Blood and the stench of death filled the air, but somehow the Konoha group managed to resist the first assault of the revolt… With the supplies intact there would be no set backs, and perhaps besieging the fortress would become swift… The only thing that mattered was blood had finally been spilled… And the ensuing battles would only prove to be more difficult than the last.

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