The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part I


Shuuren, Juudai

Date: January 23, 2016


Juudai starts her training into the medical field.

"The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part I"

Land of Tea Daimyo's Office

After Juudai was given some time to settle into her suite, Shuuren would send her a message stating that he is ready to begin her training when she is via Shadow Clone so no one else knows the details of the conversation. Having rearranged his office a bit, the Daimyo currently sits in a chair in front of a set of tables with scrolls piled up on the one in the middle. A fresh kettle of tea was brought in by his secretary, which he now has set on one of the tables, having already poured himself a glass with an empty one on the tray waiting for the Tsuchikage. He probably has stronger drinks somewhere, but those don't tend to mesh with studying new ways molding chakra, so they'll have to stick with tea for now.

Arriving at the office, Juudai simply gives a nod to the Daimyo upon entering, "Good afternoon." She states and then looks at the various changes, "Different from when I was last here, indeed." She nods her head and then settles into a seat and looks to him, "I appreciate you taking the time." She then looks to the scrolls and to him again, "So, where is it we are to begin? I am simply to be reading scrolls or will there be more?"

"Good afternoon," Shuure replies to Juudai as she steps in, nodding in greeting before takin another sip of his tea. "I rearranged a bit for the purpose of your training….And it's my pleasure." He gestures to a seat across from him and picks up the kettle to pour her a glass while she asks her question, "Reading scrolls is a good place to start. You need fundamental idea of what it is you're doing to be able to perform techniques correctly. Some study in anatomy and physiology as well as how the way you mold chakra to heal is different from molding it for combat. The concept seems simple enough when you say it outloud, but in practice it's quite a bit more difficult to pull off that difference between healing a patient and finishing them off."

A nod and then Juudai simply shrugs and gestures, "You tell me where to begin then." She nods her head as she pulls up a scroll to idly look it over, "It seems we are in for a rather non-talkitive afternoon." She nods her head and chuckles.

Nodding to the Kage, Shuuren first grabs a scroll marked anatomy and physiology and slides it over her way. While there's more than can be learned from one scroll to know about these things, what's in that scroll is a good jumpstart on the basic knowledge one needs to know to be able to perform medical jutsu. "This is a good starting point," he says then chuckles a bit. "Afraid so, but I'll be here to keep you company so you don't get too bored and answer any questions you have."

"I see." She nods and Juudai takes the suggested scroll after putting the one she picked up first down. She then idly sits back and takes some tea. She begins to idly sip and read. If she needs assitance with any of it, that's not obvious. She reads at an alarming rate and seems to move quickly through the information. For the moment, she simply is silent and enjoying the read as she mentally stores it away.

While Juudai starts her reading, Shuuren withdraws a book from his coat and starts to flip through it. Rather than something to study, it actually appears to be a narrative of some sort. A bit odd perhaps, but he's not the one trying to learn a new type of jutsu here. So he remains silent and sips on his tea while reading the book as she reads, simply waiting for her to ask any questions she might have.

It takes a little while, but Juudai makes it through the read twice and then nods. She looks up to Shuuren and states, "Seems straight forward enough." She then nods to him, "I will have to go over it at least a couple times more to memorize it but I believe I have the basics."

When Juudai finally finishes that first scroll, Shuuren looks up and smiles. "Very good," he says then reaches to pour each of their glasses full of tea again. Once that's done, he grabs another scroll, which is about molding chakra to heal by the wording on its binding, and slides it over to her. "This is next. Study it well, and we'll begin practicing this in the next session."

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