The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part II


Shuuren, Juudai

Date: January 29, 2016


Juudai begins to work on practical application of medical jutsu

"The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part II"

Land of Tea Daimyo's Office

After taking a few days of study, the time has finally come to begin practicing. By the time Juudai arrives at Shuuren's office, the Daimyo has brought in an

aquarium and laid out scrolls on two of the tables. There are fish laid out on the scrolls that seem to have all but stopped breathing, which will likely be the jutsu

practice subjects of today. There are plenty more in the aquarium because, well, Juudai's jutsu tends to be explosive, so he expects there might be casualties.
Sitting as his desk as he waits for the Tsuchikage to arrive, the Daimyo sips from a glass of tea poured from a fresh kettle he had his secretary bring in

before he arranged the tables.

Walking into the area, Juudai's nose twitches at the smell. She arches an eyebrow and nods, "I have seen this before." She states, "In the classrooms." She looks

over at Shuuren and then at the fish, "I see, so I am to attempt to bring the fish to life, so to speak? OR at least save them from the clutches of death." She then

looks at the fish and then looks to him.

As Juudai enters the room, Shuuren looks up at her and nods in return. "Yes, that is basically what you'll be doing today. I do warn that studying is a bit

different from practice, but that is why we're starting with fish from the market rather than letting you practice on actual wounded people to get started." He takes a

final sip of his tea before standing and walking over to one of the scrolls. "Observe." After making a quick handseal, he places his hands over that fish, creating a

green glow of chakra that heals it instantly and allows it to flop back into the aquarium. "I've been doing this since I was a child, though, so don't try to pull it off

as quickly as I did. Take your time."

A look at the situation and she hmms as she watches him work. S he then nods and then states, "I know how learning occurs, Shuuren. I once was the head of the

academy of Iwagakure." She then steps forward and focuses for a moment, her chakra flowing through her body as she focues on the task at hand and then she works quietly

at the fish. THe first fish dies due to her trying to be too careful however, as it simply lays there and passes away as she puts too little chakra into the effort. She

then simply pushes it aside and moves to the next, "You forget that I was essentially a teacher."

"I'm not unaware of your accolades, Tsuchikage, but you did come here to train with me, so I wouldn't think simple advice would be out of the question," Shuuren

replies with a quirk of an eyebrow. He moves to grab his tea again then, taking a seat in a nearby chair while he sips and watches her begin to practice. "You'll need to

put a bit more chakra into it, but not too much. Finding the proper balance is key, but I do have maids around if you make a mess."

A look to Shuuren and then she nods, "I do believe that perhaps too much of my chakra could be quite a bit more of a mess than your maids would like." She states

simply and looks at the fish before her. She takes a breath and closes her eyes before she attempts to mix that same green chakra that Shuuren had. Moments later the

belly of the fish bursts open and she frowns as she looks at it spill out. She then nods and pushes the fish aside before moving to the next, "I am attempting to not

blow up a table."

"Perhaps," Shuuren says, chuckling a bit then taking another sip of his tea as she continues to practice. He nods to her words after the fish is gone, saying,

"Well, if you prefer, we can take this elsewhere and practice a table I carved from obsidians, though this is actually a pretty good practice in balance for you as it


"I think we'll be fine here unless you prefer me to actually try to blow up a table." She states and looks to him, "And I doubt very much that the table of

obsidian is any more exempt from explosive chakra than any other material." She then looks at the fish and attempts to focus again, "This just seems very odd. It is

flexing muscles I have not flexed in a couple of years."

"Perhaps, but it would withstand it a lot better than wood," Shuuren says with a shrug of his shoulder. He sips his tea again, commenting, "That's the idea.

It'll take a while to build them up properly, but, with your degree of Ninjutsu skill, I'm sure it won't take you just months of practice to pull off the first jutsu

like it does most people."

"I'm sure, frankly, I don't have months, Shuuren." She nods he rhead and Juudai goes back to practicing, something she'll continue to do for a while, far longer

than even Shuuren probably expected. Even as she starts to do better she continues as if there was no victory in even a partial success.

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