The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part III


Shuuren, Juudai

Date: January 29, 2016


Juudai finally succeeds in keeping fish alive and repeats that process

"The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part III"

The Land of Tea Daimyo's Office

She had been at this for several days. She slept, ate, and came back to doing this. On day 4 she is actually showing impressive progress. She just refuses to give up. Even as Shuuren comes back in, he can see her make a fish actually start to flop about and try to move about only for it to gasp and then die. A check of it would reveal that its heart had been damaged slightly by something other than the problem with breathing. Either way she finally shoves it away and moves on to another fish.

Looking up as that fish dies, Shuuren self out a pulse of chakra to read the condition in which it died. He smirks a bit and comments, "You're getting a lot closer." Setting the tray of tea he brought in on one of the tables, he pours himself a glass of tea as well as once for her, which he sets on the table near her.

Looking at the man, Juudai nods her head as she looks that way before looking down at the fish before her. She then pours a cup of tea rather than continuing. She adds a small amount of honey and then takes a sip before she returns to her work. She pushes through this again, attempting to bring the fish back from the brink even as she considers, "What about healing yourself?" She looks to Shuuren and then at the fish, "Something to keep yourself going when you shouldn't be able to?"

"This is the same type of jutsu you can use to do that," Shuuren replies, taking another sip of his tea. "The higher you grow in skill, the longest you can last in combat. You just have to measure your physical energy against your physical condition. It's a bit of a game of chess, but you can truly be dominant once you master it."

"I recently have realized that if I fall in combat, so might many. I cannot allow that. As such, I need to master this concept so I can reverse any incidents that may take place." She nods and looks to SHuuren before she goes back to focusing on the fish, "I cannot simply heal others, I need to be able to reverse any damage on myself."

"I understand. Once you've started mastering these techniques, you'll be able to heal other as well as yourself," Shuuren says, nodding to the woman before he takes a few sips of his tea. "Master this first, and it'll be your first step toward doing just that."

Sending her chakra through this fish, she actually has it up and moving fairly quickly, it starts flopping about and rolling like, well, a fish out of water. She looks to Shuuren and then back down at the fish before she lifts it up and drops it back into the water. She then looks to him again, "I believe I might be about there. I will be continuing till this is perfect, though."

"Ah, good," Shuuren says with a faint smile as Juudai manages to revive her first fish. "Perform that a few more times successfully, and tomorrow's practice will be letting you heal wounds of on a humans." How good she gets will probably determine WHO that is, as her accidentally blowing up a villager could be disastrous.

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