The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part IV


Shuuren, Juudai

Date: January 30, 2016


Shuuren allows Juudai to actually heal him to prove her ability

"The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part IV"

Land of Tea Daimyo's Office

After managing to heal the fish, the time has come for Juudai's final test. She was told she'd be healing human flesh today, but not who, though she was at least told to meet Shuuren back in the office. When she arrives, she'd see that all but one of the tables have been removed with only some scrolls and cloths upon it as well as a fresh kettle of tea and some glasses. Actually adorned in something besides his suit today, Shuuren sits in one of the chairs sipping on a glass of tea while he waits for the Tsuchikage to arrive. He wears simple clothes today, a black jacket and pants with a white t-shirt unerneath, indicating he doesn't think today's exercise will exclude him physically from the mess like the others have.

Arriving in the room, Juudai looks at the man as she walks in and then at the display that is set up, so to speak. She considers the area and then considers the man again, "So, you had mentioned I'd be healing a person today." She states, "A human." She then nods to him and looks at the table. Prior to the end of their last session, she had successfully and completely healed several of the fish. She had been successful prior but did not stop till she was successful repeatedly. Now, she seems calm, and cool as she walks in, "Who is it you are to bring to me?"

As Juudai enters, Shuuren looks up at her and waits a moment for her to speak. Since she hasn't figured it out yet, he just pours her a glass of tea and slides it over toward the chair across from him. "You will be healing a human today," he says as he then sheds his jacket and places it on the back of his chair. He reaches into one of the pockets of the jacket, grabbing a bundled up cloth that he unrolls on the table to reveal a set of field surgical equipment. Once it's unrolled, he holds his right arm out on the table with the palm facing up and picks up a scalpel with the other to slice his upper forearm open. A sly grin tugs at the corner of his lip as he sets the scalpel back on the cloth and says, "It's just someone there's very little chance you can do any permanent damage to in your practice."

A blink as she watches him step forward and then prepare, she hmms, "I see." Juudai then walks around as he slices open his arm. She peers at the arm and then at him before saying, "Well, that's a decent amount of trust. Not afraid you won't be the first person in history to be charged with explosive chakra?" She tilts her head at him, "Besides a Toujitakumi sacraficing themselves?" She chuckles and peers at him before looking at the arm, "I suppose we ought to begin." She then raises up her hands and looks at him as if awaiting an affirmative.

"I'm certain you're not foolish enough to try something like that," Shuuren replies simply enough. A mixture of trust and confidence, really. He nods to her question about beginning and waits patiently for her to begin attempt to heal the wound. Juudai may be the first person to truly see Shuuren's endurance for pain since getting this right on the first try is… unlikely.

Looking at the arm, she takes a breath and lets it out slowly. Her gaze goes over the wound and then she finally lets the chakra mix and flow in her hands. Slowly, green energy flows over the area where he is wounded and she looks at the area which begins ever so slowly to start to heal up.

Watching the slow healing of the wound, Shuuren lets out a 'hmm' and waits several moments before he finally say, "You're going to have to try a bit harder than that. I can heal any wound you inflict." With that he simply waits again to see how she does the second time.

A nod and then she focuses more chakra. The chakra she uses begins to burn moments later and SHuuren will have to test that ability to take pain as she stops and hten takes a breath as she notices that instead of healing, the wound bursts a bit and burns as if electified around the edges. She clears her throat a moment and hten nods before looking to SHuuren and then goes back to working on the wound.

Despite most definitely feeling that pain, the Daimyo doesn't even wince or flinch. He simply glances down at the wound for a moment then looks back up to her as he waits for her to begin attempting to heal it again.

After that, things go a bit more smoothly. THere's a mix of chakra she has to find in the person to make things work right. She doesn't get it perfect right away but after a moment she is able to start pouring chakra into the wound and make it so that the healing processes in his arm start to move more quickly. Even as she continues, she nods and smiles, "Better." She then nods to him even as the wound closes though it isn't fully healed it isn't bleeding anymore.

When that wound finally closes, Shuuren looks it over and nods before looking back up to her and nodding. "Good job." He then grabs another scalpel and slices the wound open once more. "Now do it again." No slack, but she wants to be able to do this properly, so there's no room for slack.

A look at the wound and she hmms as she watches him cut himself again, "OK, if you wish." This time, however she ends up burning him again with electrical chakra as she sends the wrong through. She then immediately turns to the process of healing again.

Feeling the electrical burn, Shuuren smirks and says, "And that would've probably finished off a wounded Genin." He then nods as she starts to heal him again. Hopefully she'll do better this time.

The next attempt is better by Juudai. She fully heals his arm. She nods her head as she finishes leaving a pink scar on his arm before hmming to herself, "I imagine you usually don't act as a test subject?"

"Normally I do not, no, but you have more chakra than most of my trainees, so letting you practice healing villagers could be wind up with limbs being amputated," Shuuren says, looking down at the area where she healed him. "Hmm…. Not bad… You've pretty much got it down. All you've got really left to do is keep practicing and study."

A nod is given and she hmms, "I see. Well, then that is all I can do from here." Juudai nods her head and continues to abuse Shuuren for her practice.

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