The Twelve Hunt - Part 1d: Enlisting a Kazekage


Goh, Mushi, Itami

Date: November 6, 2016


Goh and Mushi visit the Kazekage to discuss with her any possible aid she could lend.

"The Twelve Hunt - Part 1d: Enlisting a Kazekage"

Unknown location

Having now been in the village for nearly a whole week, Goh had been waiting patiently for his appointment with the Kazekage to go ahead. It was a long queue to get through, that much is sure. BUT! Today was the day. Finally he could catch up with Itami.
That is until he was bumped. Perhaps through some error in paper processing, or through one of Itami's secretaries doings, or maybe through Itami's direction herself, Goh's appointment had been bumped to 'this time next week'. Well, that just couldn't happen. According to Goh, anyway.
A few floors down from the office, the sounds of a 'hoo hah' can be heard. The rough rumble tumble of wrestling. This sound appears to grow louder… and louder… Until finally, it's right outside of the Kazekage Office door! What could it be? An enemy shinobi? Some sort of wild animal?! The door flings open, to reveal … Goh! "ITTAMMMIIIIIIII!" He cries out in victory, having kicked the door open. With at least /five/ separate security officers on him, the pickler falls down, face first into the floor of the office. The pickler had finally been wrangled.

"What in the world is…?" Itami heard the noise and wasn't sure of what to expect from it. When it came tumbling through her door. She braced herself as if she was ready to fight, but calmed herself upon hearing the voice. "Goh?" She inquired as she motioned for the guards to let him go. "You may release him. There's no need to fight him any longer. Let him pass," she states to them. Eventually, they release the pickler and exchange confirming looks with Itami prior to stepping away and returning to their posts.
"So, what can I do you for?" She chuckled. "You certainly know how to make an entrance."

Mushi had considered pushing an audience forward with Itami right away. Their matter was important after all, and could justify the urgency. But she rather liked staying in Suna for the week so she was content to wait. Still, time was of the essence so she decided to talk to Goh about pressing their appointment that day. It wouldn't be that difficult. She went to find him, to mention she knew a shinobi who could help advance their appointment. Only to discover he'd done something very, very stupid.
Now she's following Goh's path of destruction. She herself doesn't need to force her way through. She merely explains to her current escort that she'll help deal with him. So after a minute of his arrival, the door is cracked and an aide mentions that Nikumari Mushi has arrived. She treads slowly in, staring at Goh. With a stare that promises later consequences. "Hello Itami-san," she says. "I apologize for Goh-kun's…" She takes a deep breath, searching for a word that can grasp the scope of his idiocy. "Eccentricity. But it's partly your fault. You did help to cure him, after all." She smiles. "I did mention to him you were the one who recommended Inuzuka Taiki-kun."

Goh lays on the floor for a bit, feeling the bruises start to form from the security detail even as they let him up. With a wheeze he gets to his feet, dusting himself off with a small cough. "Thanks." He beams to Itami, though freezes a little when he can feel the icy cold presence of Mushi behind him. Biting his lower lip, he turns around to face Mushi with a welcoming smile. "Ohhh, hey!" Clearing his throat, he laughs a bit nervously. "Aaah, yeah! Thank-you, thank-you Itami." The pickler bows at the waist deeply to Itami, no doubt thankful about the suggestion.
"It's thanks to you that I live, Kazekage. With your help, Mushi and Taiki fixed up my chakra network." Pause. "What… er, what do I call you now? 'Tam? Like I did when we were young punks? Or Kazekage-sama? Itami?" Goh scratches his nose, a bit distracted. "Oh, uh. Anyway. I'm…" He corrects himself, looking over to Mushi again. "I mean, /we/ are here to talk to you about some heavy stuff going on. Not in Sunagakure. But elsewhere. We might need your help again."

"You're very welcome, Goh. I only did what I felt was right," Itami smiled. "I'm just happy to see you alive and able to liven up this office abit with your 'eccentricity'," she chuckled. "Now that you're all fixed up, it appears that you're roaring to life again. I couldn't have expected any less out of you, to be honest," she stood up from her seat to extend her arms for an embrace to him. "You can still call me 'Tam. I may be Kazekage, but friends are still friends." As the news is dropped regarding some heavy issues taking place, Itami inclines her ear to listen. "What sort of help are you both needing?"

Though Itami has forgiven him, Mushi is still looking less than happy with Goh. Finally she sighs and places a hand on his back. His wounds would start to mend themselves until he's restored. However, her hand remains on his back even a little after that. A comforting gesture. She has to smirk a bit at the rapport between Itami and Goh. They do know each other well enough. That will help. Mushi considers explaining themselves in a diplomatic way, but if Itami knows Goh she can be blunt.
"Itami-san, the damage to Goh-kun's chakra network was done by some monstrous creatures from far north. Further than Kumogakure, in a seemingly uninhabited island. They imprisoned him, tortured him, and…kept him captive for years." Her voice quakes with suppressed emotion. She takes a deep breath. "He escaped, and we hoped his survival had gone unnoticed. During the time he's been back, Taiki-kun helped to restore the damage that has been done. But he's weakened. And just recently we discovered one of their spies. I destroyed it. Sealed it off. But from what Goh-kun says, there are far more, and they're far more powerful than the one I subdued."

"Phew, that's good." Goh gives Itami a welcome hug in return, releasing her with a smile. "I'm happy to hear that power and stuff hasn't gone to your head at least. Not that I was worried about that. Heh." Goh rubs the space under his nose with his index finger, a cheeky chuckle escaping from him. But then? Straight onto business.
"I need to tell you this first. Me telling you this information? It's going to put a target on your back. And look, I know you're strong. You're the Kazekage, with a whole village behind you. But the risk I am putting on you by telling you this information is real. Even for someone like you." The pickler grows serious, a glance going to Mushi, then back to Itami.
"If you don't want to be a part of it, I understand. But if you're keen to hear more, I can tell you." Of course, these sentences are quickly undermined by Mushi outlining the situation anyway. Goh turns a bit to look at the healer in some surprise, his eyebrow arching. Well, too late now! With a slow breath he nods, a hand coming up to grasp Mushi's shoulder to comfort her quaking voice.
"Twelve of them in total." Goh confirms to Itami. "And the phantom, a sort of scout, engaged us right here in Sunagakure. They aren't afraid of crossing borders. Mushi and I are working out a way to engage these beasts and bring an end to this whole saga. But we need firepower. Strength. Mushi and I likely aren't enough on our own." He pauses. "What we were wondering is, whether, should the time come, we could call on your personal aid. Not Sunagakure, not Sunagakure's forces. But yours, 'Tam. You're one of about four or five legendary shinobi we're going to ask directly. Inuzuka Taiki is also on the list, for what it's worth."

Itami looked between Mushi and Goh carefully as she made her return to her seat. She could hear the gravity of the situation within their voices before it was revealed, but now that it has been, she takes everything in and allows it to steep. "Color me surprised to be considered 'legendary'. I don't think I've ever been granted that title before," she jokes to alleviate some of the tension in the room. "But…I don't see why I couldn't help. A threat of this magnitude means a threat against my village and other villages. I cannot stand by and allow this to happen," she states. "This would not be the first time my life has been risked for the benefit of people and it won't be the last. The fact that one of them has engaged you here already is enough for me to work by. If they are not afraid of borders, then that means I'm free to retaliate however I please."

"'Tam, come on." Goh muses. "You're the baddest shinobi this side of the Land of Fire. Probably even including that. Present company excluded, of course." Goh chortles in sarcasm, his head thrown back to cackle. "And yeah, that's right. It's a mistake they made crossing into Village borders. I don't think they expected me to have Mushi by my side, so were hoping it'd done nice and easy." The pickler smiles to the healer, though he shrugs. "I don't think it's a mistake they will make next time."
Goh snickers at Mushi's comment, shoving her in the shoulder playfully. "Yeah, she ain't got no choice." Watching as she dissembles her gear and hands it over to Itami, the pickler twists his head and stretches out the joints in his neck. "Based on what little evidence we have, we think that the Twelve are perhaps a group that possesses some sort of bloodline limit. They're all at least eleven feet tall, and I think use senjutsu to fuel their skills and prowess. I don't know if they naturally draw natural chakra or what, but they definitely show physical symptoms of mutation. As if they struggle to maintain it." His arms fold across his chest. "The thing that attacked us in Sunagakure is what they call a Phantom. A corpse, re-animated with their own chakra. They act as scouts." Chewing on the inside of his lip, he sighs a bit. "But we still don't know for sure. We're a long way from the endgame on this. We need more understanding of what we're dealing with, but we thought it would be good to give you as much notice as possible." The man then smiles.
"We're going to go to the Uzumaki Clan next. I know someone there who might be able to help with sealing senjutsu and natural chakra specifically."

Itami smiled. "That's why most people ally with Goh," she tsked softly. "But that is also why he may have many enemies. Unusual ones, at that. To match his personality, but onward to business," she leaned forward against the desk to see the scrolls Mushi was laying out. "So, another feather for me to take," she plucked it up from the desk and tucked it away safely. "I'll have a number of these soon, I imagine, but I think two is a good number to have. As for this scroll here…I think I'll have to partner with a sealing expert on this sort of thing. I'd best not try to open it and meet with this chakra without some security first. If you gain any information from the Uzumaki Clan, let me know. I think they may be best for this sort of thing," she states.
"I'll keep a note of what you've said so far. Re-animated corpses called Phantoms…" She repeated to herself.

"They look like death." Goh mutters. "You can't see their faces. Hoods and rags covering them from head to toe. Taller than normal, but not quite the size of the Twelve." With that said, he bows his head, before lifting a hand to wave. "Thank-you, 'Tam. I knew I could count on you." He smiles then, before turning about. "I'll keep you up to date. I can't… really perform any techniques yet." He frowns. "…but Mushi's summons are able to travel very quickly. If anything comes up, I'll be sure to send you messages. Be careful, oh Kazekage." With a final smirk, the pickler makes his departure with Mushi, exiting through the front door that he busted down earlier before hand.

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