The Uchiha Armory Pt. 1


Berii, Naru, Ryo, Hinotori

Date: October 23, 2011


A squad of Uchiha head to Sora-ku to gather munitions for the war.

"The Uchiha Armory Pt. 1"

Land of Fire

The sun was high and it was yet another day in the war, something that had dragged on longer than expected. Despite Kirigakure's unreasonably powerful weapon, things were still going peachy. Especially now that information on the cannon's mechanics were getting out. Even though it may possibly be the start of the end of the war, the Uchiha clan needed to prepare for another possible threat from a different nation or affiliation, especially with how often people seem to attack Sunagakure and Konohagakure.
"Hnn…" Berii unrolls a small scroll, looking over it with a bit of a frown. Scrutinizing the calligraphy within before looking up ahead at their leader for a moment, eyes eventually lazing left and right for a possible enemy attack. Nothing of interest, just more trees. "Neh, sensei? How faw is this pwace?" Berii rolls up the scroll and tucks it away into her sleeve where it simply disappears. The girl raises a hand up and yawns into it.

The child was a bad combination of bored and scared. While nothing was happening to make this mission interesting, there was always the thought of some scary Kiri ninja hopping out and stabbing them. With sore feet from previous missions, Berii wasn't her usual optimistic self, a nap would be great right about now. "Why do they need awe of us to pick up weapons anyway, hnn."

Naru was next in line to follow up with the others, moving along with Berii and the others she moved rather casually. Her eyes, a sweet pumpkin hue every now and then gazed around to check out her surroundings, and every now and then breathing into the mic in here headset to make sure she was able to be heard. "Well thats right… You never really told me what is is we are doing, Hinotori-sensei," Naru spoke softly, smiling just lightly to herself it didn't seem to be a very dangerous mission…And hopefully, unlike her previous battles things would go smoothly..After all they did have Hinotori… " Can everyone hear me fine?" Naru went on to speak, as they continued on the path that they went on unopposed.

Then came the youngest of the group. Ryo followed behind the two older Uchiha girls. Despite the smile on his face the boy kept silent. He was just happy to be on a mission. He had been giddy since Hinotori had sent for him. So giddy he did not care nearly as much that he had no clue exactly what they were doing. His eyes would move from Berii to Naru, then towards Hinotori. 'This is soo cool.' The boy told himself. His excitement was pretty evident.

Hinotori didn't really tell anyone what the mission was about, granted for him this was to be pretty much a cake walk and to get the genin out of the village doing something other then fighting. With so many ninja lost, he wasn't about to have the genin growing up knowing only just the horrors of war. Not like he had to. Covering the rear, he chuckles a bit as various comments are made. "Well we are going to an old place, one only is known to us." he says in a low voice. He has had the genin plot out a path that would get them to their destination but not using regular routes and paths to get there. Granted he's made a few alterations just so that they could pass by some nice scenic areas which didn't cut into their time too much.

Berii winces, adjusting the volume on her ear piece, no other reaction was made to Naru's testing as they both seem to find a reasonable setting. Berii looks over her shoulder to see what the rest of the group was up to at the moment. A glance given to the gleeful Ryo, which causes the preteen to simply grin his way before looking back on ahead as Hinotori explains the mission to them.
Berii was disappointed, that wasn't really much of an answer to make her feel any better about the trip, it just made it appear that this area would be even /harder/ to get to than she originally thought. Maybe it would make for something interestingly fun, "Hrm." Berii reaches into her other sleeve and pulls out a map. "Hnn…" Her eyes scan over it for a moment, trying to think back on another map she had, which actually labeled the names of all the towns. "Oh!" It seems she made some sort of realization as to where they're going which leaves her to ask.

"Neh… sensei, why exactwy aw we taking this woute?" Berii had quickly traced multiple routes that would've been much less time consuming and comes up with a fitting reason as she is completely unaware that Hinotori was just being nice and giving them sights to see "We avoiding Mist stwongholds?" The girl looks up from the map, a large X marked on the map somewhere up ahead for no apparent reason, there seemed to be nothing of obvious interest in the immediate area. She'd stop in place, rubbing the back of her neck with an obvious look of confusion. "Um…"

"Hmm? Whats wrong? Berii-chan?" a voice finally spoke, It seemed as though Naru herself was at a lost of words on what was going on, and instead she kept to herslef for now. Occassionally glancing at the thers to make sure she herself didnt wander of too far, the joyful expression on Ryo's face was enough to make her smile… he was finally getting the real missions he had been craving. " Ha…" Naru exhaled, letting out a tired sigh to healp replax her muslces, she too stoped as Berii stoped however, ocassionally looking at the map. " I have no idea on what sort of place that may be…" Naru spoke softly, into her mic this time, still looking around for anything that may catch her interest.
You paged Hinotori with 'I'm going off the idea that hinotori made the map and this could be a landmark if you want to make one up or something. If you don't want it so that Hinotori made the map I could try and make something up.'

A place only known to them. The obvious connection between all of them would be the Uchiha blood line. At least thats the connection Ryo was making. He listens as Berii begins to ask questions. He also stops as both Berii and Naru did. He still keeps quiet, though his eyes turn to Hinotori to see how he answers Berii.
Ryo shrugs his shoulders and glances around a bit. According to Berii they might have been avoiding Mist Strong holds. While she seemed to know where they were heading, the boy figured it could not hurt to keep an eye out for possible attackers. You never know when they might run into a recon squad.

Figuring that he would need to explain a few things he leaps ahead of the group and lands in a crouch and gestures for them all to halt. He takes a moment and lets the others catch their breath, "Now if you look closely, there is a path further up that leads into nothing." he states as he looks to everyone. "That is where we will be going. We are not far from where we need to be." he says. "Now the reason why we are on this mission is primarily to get supplies and weapons. I will not say where and what they are, but you will see that soon." Hinotori looks to each person in turn then smiles. "But I want you all to still keep a look out, because the reason we came this way is to bypass strongholds of Kirigakure as well as make sure that we are not followed, so I hope you all have been keeping an eye out."

"Neh… nothing?" Berii frowns at the thought, well that didn't seem to promising at all but, perhaps it was a secret door of sorts? Berii would shrug and continue down the path. "Stwange…" The captain of the assembled team would not be questioned, as she keeps a sharper eye out after Hinotori reminds them to.
Close to their destination, what a glorious day! Maybe they could stop for a while to sit and eat! That would be pretty good maybe they have a ra- "Nani?" Berii cuts off mid thought as strange wind shifts her hair and clothes, a strange cold wind rolled through, suspiciously cold and rather ominous. So ominous that, Berii draws a kunai followed by a glance given to the left and right but, nothing was spotted. Berii becomes a bit lax in her stance after a while, responding to the wind for no true reason, the other's may probably even disregard it altogether. "Anyone ewse feel that?"

Berii sighs and begins to walk again, little did she know within the shroud of the forest trees, something large lurked, watching them with a large grin on its face. Whoever this was, his hand would grip tightly around a sword hilt as he begins to quietly approach the shinobi…

Naru didn't feel…anything? At least not until Berii had spoke about it, the strange wind which slowly began to roll through the forest was enough to send shivers down Naru's spine. Instantly her eyes looked towards Ryo, mostly hoping to make sure things would be okay for him, causing sweat to trickle down her cheek. " Our first mission together… But Hinotori-sensei is here…" she championed herself, however instead of pulling out a kunai she herself began to focus her own chakra, stopping in her tracks, she continued to look around… This time with a little more clarity…

She didn't tell anyone but soon enough her Sharingan would activate, her pumpkin eyes turning into a scarlet red with single tomoe's swirling in each iris, she looked carefully, seeing if she could spot any sort of chakra other than there own… Or even spot if they were in a genjutsu… " We should stay close together…" Naru spoke out loud… The suspense was finally starting to get to her..

The boy continued along behind the two girls as they were suppose to be getting close to their destination. Everything seemed to be going fine until Berii stopped and drew the kunai. It was an automatic response from the boy to draw his own kunai. As Naru glanced back at him, she would find him still smiling, this time though he was looking directly at her. It seemed to be more a sign that he would be okay over anything else. Then the boys eyes began to dart through the visible surroundings. He had come up empty but does not put the kunai away. He simply waits for the order from the captain.

Watching the others as their attention went from him to their surroundings, he too was alerted but didn't say anything. He's already given his team enough information that will help them to their destination. Slowly standing up but acting like there isn't anything going on, he activates his Sharingan but when he does three tomoe are in each eye. "Keep calm." he says to them all. "Trust your instincts, relax." he says in a low voice as the team seem to move as one, each readying against an unseen possible threat. His eyes scan the area looking to pick up whatever it was that got Berii's attention.

"Um…" Berii would continue to relax as instructed, looking about at the group as half of the team apparently had Sharingan. Though neither of them seemed to have noticed anything important with their "legendary" eyes so Berii shrugged it off. She would not lose the weapons though, just in case things suddenly got out of hand. Berii glances around, not a fan of the ominous wind at all, despite how little it of a reason it was for her to get all jumpy.

"Hnn, sowwy."

Back to leading, Berii starts to take a few catious steps before going back into her normal stride. "Neh, so cweepy out hewe huh? Feels wike the twees aw watching u-'


Berii is suddenly cut off, as a giant of a man appears in front of them, volume set to 14. Was he a ninja? That'd be a damn good guess seeing as how he just appeared in a flash, already down on one knee with a sword elevated in his hands, head bowed. "GREAT MEMBERS OF THE UCHIHA CLAN I AM SURE YOU KNOW QUALITY!" A fierce look in his eyes as he finally looks up to the group, pausing and squinting at Berii and they both speak in unison, the larger man of course, lacking the speech impediment.

<"You again?">

A sweat drop slowly began to trickle down Naru cheek as she felt a tad bit confused, the sharingan slowly began to evaporate away into her traditional vision almost felt up on a pint of half anger. " This is what the wind was all about?" Naru exclaimed almost angerly, side stepping the pausing man whom seemed to be selling something? Respectfully offering his blade to them, Naru didnt seem to have patience, and simply began to move along, whether it would be her undoing or not. " This is starting to get a little ridicoulas…" She spoke softly, moving just a little ahead to get a scope of the area. " I don't think we have much time to mess around…" Naru explained to the others, folding her arms behind her back..

Ryo gained a false sense of ease as the captain told them to remain calm. Then the man comes out yelling for them to take a look at his stock. For a moment the boy takes a defensive stance. He seemingly gets confused as the guy had just appeared and demanded they look at the stock. He pays little attention to the fact that Berii and this man seem to know each other. Instead he does something random and yells back in a defensive manner towards the man, "WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR KATANAS?!?"

Hinotori watches each member of his team as they react to the wind as it seems to have settled, allowing them to each resume what they were doing. Granted as Berii starts to move, Hinotori doesn't move. Only turning around and watching them move, to him this was a sign for something to happen and the fact that they really didn't continue waiting shows they still have a lot to learn. When the villager appears with a weapon in hand ot show them, Hinotori's dangerous eyes narrow. This wasn't normal for even a villager to get the drop on a group of ninja.
Eyeing the man, "Naru-chan stop, Ryo-san calm yourself." he says as he looks to each of the genin. Getting his team under control, Hinotori walks up to the man but doing a hand signal that the others would recognize as slow and surround. "I'm Uchiha Hinotori, if your looking to sell weapons, you should head to the village and not to us." he states. His hands and his whole body is relaxed and calm, there is nothing showing that he is readying for a fight.

As Naru walks by, Berii simply eyes the man for a few seconds then looks toward the older girl just about to follow suit, Berii steps to the right and the man conveniently moves to the left, continuing to stand in her way as he drops a large metal case. "SELLING WEAPONS IN KONOHAGAKURE HAS BECOME QUITE BORING!" He says, apparently explaining his situation despite no one really asking maybe he was explaining himself to Hinotori? "I SHALL NOW BE KNOWN AS HARUTOBI THE WANDERING SALESMAN YOU SHALL HEAR OF ME ACROSS THE WORLD!" The proclamation shouted to the heavens as he does a powerful fist pump, he then continues on to opening up the case, revealing a multitude of weapons, along with an elegant katana. "YOUNGs UCHIHA!" Another powerful gaze is created as he makes eye contact with Ryo. Suddenly he grows suspiciously soft, like some sort of creeper "… do you like what you see?"

His weapons have improved since Berii last saw him in Konohagakure but, why the sudden change to wandering /especially/ during a war. Not to mention, didn't he have a different name when he had that bug ridden shop in Konohagakure? "Neh, wasn't yo name so-"

"GREAT AND MOST EXCELLENT UCHIHA HINOTORI I AM SURE YOU HAVE A MOMENT TO SPARE!" Berii was instantly cut off once again, leaving a trickle of sweat to drop as she just sheepish takes a few steps back and shifts behind Hinotori for the time being, subdued by the man's volume. Now he simple continues, excited about his new sale which he assumed was already final. "AT LEAST GIVE THIS FINE YOUNG MAN A CHANCE TO ACQUAINT HIMSELF WITH HIS BRAND NEW WEA-" Thunk, the man is hit in the head by a rock from an unknown source.

"That was terribly annoying. I was looking forward to a fight but, ninja for miles were probably alerted by his yelling about Uchiha. I'd get moving if I were you, Hinotori. Have fun~" With that the man shrouded by tree leaves flickers away and disappears. It was up to the team leader to either pursue that sudden ninja, help Harutobi the Wandering Salesmen or, simply continue on with their mission.

As for Berii, well… she's just very much confused, her mouth slightly gaping as a lot of nonsense seemed to happen at once.

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