The Unbuilders


Ryuusei, Shuuren, Imire

Date: December 18, 2015


A Rival company to the one Shuuren had purchased the help of for creating the roads needed for the Great Tea Races has gone out of business and refused to work for Shuuren. They have instead turned to a life of crime, which is soon rectified by the Daimyo himself. A newcomer also rears their head into the ranks of Tea.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Unbuilders"

Nagi Island, Port

Running a country is tough business. Little trouble pops up everywhere, and it is the duty of the Daimyo to cut down all who oppose his laws. While by no means the Yakuza, a growing bandit organization that seeks to replicate what what they had done before was starting to form upon the Nagi island. Recently Shuuren might have been involved in hiring help from an old man who owned a building company and wished his name placed upon the road where the Great Tea Race would be held. The other company attempted to assassinate him, based on how much he was cutting the price. This company, also known as the O'uzu Construction Branch, sadly fell out of business due to the price of hiring ninja and because they hadn't received a contract in such a long time that eventually they crumbled. That left more than one hundred strong individuals without a job, and quickly they resorted on using their muscles to start dealing in illegal things and throwing said muscles around to survive. Lately, they haven't been just surviving, they've been doing quite well. The Tea peninsula was all safe, but the islands needed some cleaning. Spreading from the O'uzu to the Nagi, these bandits are starting to terrorize the people there for 'protection' money and opium has been distributed for great profit.

Anyone who find themselves on Nagi right now will not only likely be heckled by these gangsters, but will also likely lose their money. This includes Shuuren, whom might be losing profits to these thugs. It's time to assess the situation, at the very least, and find where the head of this rising organization and cut it off as soon as possible… Before the infratstructure of the land is affected. For the meantime, Shuuren's ship has recently arrived.

Ryuusei would have been upon this ship, and would be proudly displaying a blue-paintedd lamellar chestplate that she had recently begged Shuuren for, yet she still wears a white dress that makes her plenty un-samurai. Still, as she walks down the boarding plank to the dock proper, she waits for the Daimyo himself. The last time she was in this very port city in Nagi, she got into a fight with Takigakure shinobi. Back then, Mika and Shuuren did all the work. Now, she feels she has better tools for handling the job. Still, the only way they were going to find who was a gangster in this city was if a gangster tried to attack them… Truly, if only there was someone out there who wasn't a part Shuuren's entourage that would be an easier target for them… But… who?

These guys' bosses must have failed to tell them that Shuuren offered to hire them out of spite for his preventing them from killing the old man. While he'd much prefer to just hire them to do the kind of work they were doing before they turned to a life of crime, he must first put an end to their idiotic actions.

Standing beside Ryuusei as they arrive at the port, Shuuren oddly enough maintains his usual calm, though there's a hint of annoyance at the situation that she might recognize somewhere in his eyes. Still, he didn't expect the path of Daimyo to be a peaceful one, so dealing with its treachery is simply second nature. "Keep your guard up. These men aren't of shinobi strength, but don't underestimate them too much and get yourself hurt."

Imire is but a victim of unfortunate circumstances. The teenage boy had traveled from his home in Kadomai, Land of Fire to the Nagi Island, Land of Tea, to do a bit of shopping for the rarer brews. His mother was, after all, the owner of a bakery, and all bakeries should have a selection of delicious drinks. "No, I do not have any money on me," the dark-haired youth tells yet another bandit with a sigh. He has a sword at his side, but no hand moves to take it. His hands are bandaged, as if he were badly burned. He certainly acts as if he held something that had scarred his hands recently, as they hang limply at his sides. All in all, he looks to be no threat, which is likely why the bandits are so inclined to hassle him.

The bandit eyes Imire with a scowl. "Then gimme your sword, boy. Y' h'ain't any need fer it, do y'?" The man burly figure would approach the young lad threateningly. "'nd a purty face too …" he says upon closer inspection. "Makes me wanna ruin it …"

That burly figure was flanked by two equally burly fellows. "I wanna do more than ruin it, eheh." Called the man who flanked Imire to his left. The one to hiw right, wearing a most manly of bandanas would cross his arms and tilt his head. "Lad would make a right good slave, eh? Your fault for walkin' round the wrong street at the wrong time. Well then! I'll 'ave you then. Give me that katan'!" The bandit clearly starts with the push to try and knock the boy off balance. This scene, sadly, wasn not happening far from the Daimyo.

[NPC System]: Thug roll(s) Punch vs Imire from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

Even Ryuusei, being unperceptive as she was could easily see everyone clearing off the streets as the bandits seemed to coral around the poor boy, getting ready to give him a hard time. "My guard is up, Daimyo-sama. I am ready…" She grabbed the hilt of her blade, moving herself into a stance. "I think I could get him from here, if you wish it." Indeed these thugs refused the Daimyo's offer of work. It appears that there are still some places on earth where honor drove men more than money. Sadly, the honor that drove them to refuse to work for the Daimyo drove them to have to find money in places that were deemed illegal… Ryuusei holds her blade until the order is given…


COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with BODY-FLICKER-II with a roll of: 61

…. Oh deconstruct no. These guys have overstepped their bounds more than Shuuren thought they were. Turning people off the street into slaves? That will not be allowed in Tea Country. "…. I think we might go in a little more directly," he says before reaching into his coat. A puff of smoke lets out around him, the suit-clad man vanishing within it and reappearing with a flicker in the air to the side of the man attacking Imire as he spins into a powerful roundhouse right at the side of the man's head. "I am Nagamura Shuuren. If you realize who I am and just how badly you've screwed up, I suggest you look very afraid right now and think of how you're going to make amends."

Imire gulped audibly, fear turning his mouth dry as sandpaper. The teenaged boy coughs lightly and says, holding up an injured hand, "Well, I must admit, I'd be a horrible slave. My hand, you see, are quite worthless for any task more than picking up a pair of chopsticks, and even that is a very big struggle." Sadly for Imire, the crooks are not inclined to listen to him. One grabs at his sword, and Imire is forced to jump back right into the arms of another. And then he gets knocked again, this time in the back. The dark haired boy lets out a grunt of pain, but then his assailants are … gone? Green eyes turn to look to the suited figure before him, and his eyes quickly go downcast. Nagamura Shuuren was famous, not just because of his status as a Daimyo. Imire would turn his gaze to the other almost-slavers and try to eye at them with a calm expression.

Ryuusei wanted to get her moment of glory in there too. After all, what good is a bodyguard that is more likely to need the person they are guarding's help? She would slice the air twice rapidly, before sheathing her blade. Each slash expelled a dense mass of floating water in a crescent pattern that seemed to linger in the air. As she slowly sheathed her blade, the water remained. Right as her guard clicked against the edge of the sheath, the blades moved rapidly through the air, towards the two bandits. Ryuusei inwardly closed her eyes and prayed her aim wasn't terrible. "Come on… Come on! Don't let me down…"

COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT with a roll of: 29

COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 2 with DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT with a roll of: 29

The one man received a punishing blow to the side of the head, one which sent him flying. Skidding across the pavement even. The man didn't seem dead, for builders were tougher than that. Yet, the individual on the ground didn't seem to be having much success getting to anything more than all fours. The other two appear to pull out weapons. One had a sledge-hammer for breaking rocks on his hand. The other had a generic knife. Scary. "We know 'xactly who you are. Nagamura. We had a good prideful living till you decided to take underhanded deals with our competitor. You're a dismantled snake is what you are. Waitin' in the grass to strike at our liveliness wherever it is threatened…" The other would raise his hammer over his shoulder. "This one is a pretty-boy too! Heh… You know what? We'd make a fortune off him, and we'd live like kings. Plenty reparation for what you did! It seemed as if they were going to move forward to attack, but dense phases of water knocked right into them, knocking them off their feet. They all seemed like the fight was knocked out of them. Especially the builder whom was round-housed by the Daimyo…

"If you think you're strong enough to even try selling me into slavery, you must not know too much about who I am," Shuuren says as watches Ryuusei decimate the men. He holds up a hand then as if to signal for her to wait before attacking again. "So your bosses failed to inform you that I had offered to take over your contracts since they had wasted all their money hiring assassins to kill an old man who was trying to do his home country a favor, hmm? How pathetic… But my offer is still on the table. I can forgive this lapse in judgement on your parts in lowering yourselves to such depths and let you come to work for me, but you must take me to the others so I can make the same offer to them. I don't seek to drive any of my subjects into poverty. I want to see my country prosper as a whole, and that includes all of you. Why else would I be putting so much effort into restoring every part of Tea Country, including the islands?"

Imire watches the display of strength from both sides, impressed by the strength of those from the Tea Country. His right hand twitches a bit, the young man wanting to join in, but he held himself back to allow Daimyo and Guard to handle this nonsense. As he was watching the men scramble to their feet, though, Imire feels a hand come over his mouth. "Yer comin' with me nice and quiet…" the menacing voice says in his ear. Imire is too shocked to even yell. His green eyes show clear alarm, though. Perhaps because Shuuren is nearby, he actually stands a chance of being able to escape…

It was likely that the person that the person who placed his hand over Imire's mouth was taking him to use as a hostage. From what he saw in his place in the alley, the Daimyo clearly knew him or thought he was important. Else he and his military wouldn't have gone to such great extents to save him! It's the only logical course of action! He would drag Imire back, whispering even more into his ear, "I don't know who you are kid, but you must be pretty important if the Daimyo stuck his neck out for you." This was perfect, and it wasn't long until he pulled Imire into a large dark warehouse, where several more strong looking men were all sitting around lazing at the easy wealth they had come across. This was it. This warehouse was their base of operations. Shuuren likely could have used this to track them down. Imire has already, unwittingly, provided a service to Tea.

Ryuusei would dash to Shuuren's side, keeping her hand on the hilt of her blade. She looked at Shuuren with a little pride, before drawing her blade to try and add to the tone of the situation. Though, she wouldn't open her mouth or her stuttering might give the bandits reason to resist.

"Demolishit… We're done… Heh… I'll tell you where we're holding up." The one that had received a round-house kick would finally speak up. "After all, that kid you apparently love so much just got taken by Royo to it! Think you can stop three of us, well… If you go down that alley to the end, and take a left, you'll find plenty more people who will take your 'offer'." Seems like there was venom in his voice, anger doesn't dissolve easy. The thuglife has certainly pocketed them some easy money.

Over at the warehouse, Imire might have likely been tied up if he didn't struggle too hard while ten people prepare to take down the Daimyo… They each feel like this is the best path to easy money. Ryuusei would try to keep ahead of Shuuren, but the Daimyo was far faster…

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SAGE-ART-CHAKRA-SENSE…53

Shuuren seems to not notice the boy being taken, simply watching the men in front of him and waiting for them to answer. "Actually, I let him be taken to be sure your friend would lead me to your actual hideout since it's quite likely that you would lie when I demanded an answer of you. I'm just going to follow your buddy's trail right to the correct place," the Daimyo points out with a smirk. "I have your chakra signatures. Do yourselves a favor and just lay here and lick your wounds. There's nowhere you could run fast enough."

With that Shuuren turns and starts walking down the trail to the hideout, a rather determined look in his eyes. Continuing to rack up more ways they've managed to piss Shuuren off is a rather dumb move on these guys' part. Maybe, if they're extremely lucky, he'll choose to remain merciful and still allow them to come to work for him rather than decimating them or putting them all in jail. Through his chakra sensing ability, he is able to know exactly where each person in this place is already. Thus, he reaches into his coat and draws what appear to be two small balls of metal, about the size of golf balls, with seal paper attached to them. Each of them is thrown through a window directly at a man on the side of the house opposite of where Imire is taken to absorb chakra from the person struck and then explode to announce that their reckoning has in fact arrived.

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with CHAKRA-DRAIN-BOMB with a roll of: 34

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with CHAKRA-DRAIN-BOMB with a roll of: 43

RPCOMBAT: Imire defends against with a PERCEPTION…13

Imire could hardly respond with his mouth covered. One moment he's in the bright lights of the island, next thing he knows he's being bound and gagged… Well, this has been a pleasant adventure. To top it off, they grabbed his sword! The moment his weapon was taken from his side, he would start to put up a fight. Bound arms would strain against the bonds, and his green eyes flashed with an anger that they likely didn't see earlier when the bandits first took him on.

His fighting is short-lived. Not because he was knocked out, thankfully, but because Shuuren decided to take action sooner rather than later. The teenaged boy forces himself into a roll so that his back takes the explosion if it reaches him, and he's pretty sure the commotion meant that all the bandits were in chaos. It's a perfect opportunity to take the time to find something to cut his binds on.

Already, the chakra-absorbtion bombs strike two of the ten resisting individuals, absorbing their chakra and exploding afterwards to knock them out. This left eight individuals left. Six of them would burst out the door to attempt to hurt Shuuren before he even entered the house. One by one they would raise a builder's tool up over their heads, seeking to knock Shuuren and Ryuusei each out and claim them for the slave trade. Clearly, though, they did not know what hell they hath awaken.

[NPC System]: Thug roll(s) Large Blunt Tool vs Shuuren from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

[NPC System]: Thug roll(s) Large Blunt Tool vs Shuuren from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

[NPC System]: Thug roll(s) Large Blunt Tool vs Shuuren from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

[NPC System]: Thug roll(s) Large Blunt Tool vs Shuuren from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 27. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

[NPC System]: Thug roll(s) Large Blunt Tool vs Ryuusei from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

[NPC System]: Thug roll(s) Large Blunt Tool vs Ryuusei from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a RAPID-PARRY…35

RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT…25

Ryuusei was glad that there were less eyes on her. She clearly would crumble under the attack of large men, and sledge-hammers did not seem like they would feel very good. Shuuren was a world-reknowned medical ninjutsuist, so she could be brought back from the dead if it came down to it. Heh. Well, sort of. She would draw her blade and knock a heavy blow to the side, before swinging the sword in vertical arc parrying motion. A crescent of water like earlier would leak from the blade as it arced through the air, creating a floating dense shield of water that absorbed the blow… Then as she drew her blade back behind her, water burst from the blade propelling it forward at high speeds across one of the large men. "I'm starting to feel as if they don't really want to work for you, Daimyo-sama…" She stands firmly in place as she hopes her blade dug deep enough into their chests to not kill them but to try and scare them off. Not that she was strong enough to kill a man in a single blow. She is a swordsman in training. Her bronze colored katana with an undulating blade seemed to have strange properties that involved expelling water, for it wasn't long before the streets were coated in water. Her blade, like a storage vessel, created water that she could now use for basic ninjutsu. She would quickly sheathe her sword and place her hand in a seal to try to concussively knock the other bandit who was against her back with water. A simple water ninjutsu…

COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with WAVE-BREAKER with a roll of: 31

COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with HEAVY-SPLASH with a roll of: 23

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…60

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…43

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…54

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…42

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 54

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 2 with HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 46

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 3 with HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 56

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 4 with HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 46

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 59

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 2 with HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 63

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 3 with HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 49

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 4 with HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 45

Watching as the men burst out the door of the house, Shuuren rather easily sidesteps again and again to avoid the strikes by the men. "I'm beginning to think you're right," he says with a glance over to Ryuusei as she goes through her own defenses and attacks in return. "Time to cut our losses then." He extends his hands out, though doesn't actually strike at anyone. Instead, four snakes each come out of his sleeves to go at the men attacking him, leaving each man with a snake attempting to end him with a vicious bite.

Imire has to scrounge across the floor, getting his clothes scuffed and dirtied at the cost of freeing himself. The boy has enough strength to worm his way to a shiny object off a few feet from him. As luck would have it, it's a dagger that was dropped by one of the slavers when the bombs went off! The teen quickly goes to work sawing at the ropes around his wrists, thinking that the others could follow in short order once his hands were free. Unlike how it seems, they are in perfectly fine condition. The green-eyed teen breaks himself free, and then he starts to work on the ropes around his feet.

As Imire cuts himself loose, the bandits whom were attempting to guard him (The two that were left) decided to just drop their weapons and flee. There was no way they were going to win against the Daimyo. They also didn't want to work for him. Guess they would be hunted down later and forced to join or die. Outside, the thugs that tried to swing at Shuuren wouldn't be able to catch him at all, and soon enough they would all four be struck out by poisonous snakes in unison. The bites would likely cause immense pain, and eventually they would fall to the floor dead or incapacitated.

With knocked out bodies lining the alley outside of the warehouse, Ryuusei would finally walk up to the door and open it for the Daimyo to enter as he pleased… So that he would greet the young hostage who was nearly free of his ropes. Ryuusei would merely swallow hard and keep her mouth shut as she attempted to look far more menacing than she was. She thought the lamellar breastplate helped slightly, but the everything else just made her look like… a girl.

Shuuren decides to let these men go for now to see if they might decide to reform themselves before he meets them next. With the ones outside down, he walks up to the door and steps inside to see only the hostage remaining. "… You are fine as I suspected you'd be. Congratulations." He reaches into his coat, grabbing a small money pouch, enough to pay for participation in a D-Rank mission, and tosses it the boy's way. "Thanks for your help, even if it wasn't totally your choice."

Imire stands up and … The fighting is over before he can do much. Imire heaves a sigh and rubs the back of his head, green eyes scanning the room for his sword and eventually alighting on it. The bastards that took it were laying next to it, and Imire didn't bother to be careful when he retrieved the weapon. "Next time I'll beat you up myself," he mutters quietly, clipping sword to belt before turning to Shuuren. Just in time to fumble a bit and catch the payment. "… Thanks for the help," he says, bowing to Shuuren appreciatively. "I apologize for troubling you, but I am glad you were able to find these … rapscallions with my assistance," Imire says formally. Then his eyes turn to Ryuusei, and he blinks. He didn't get a good look at her earlier thanks to the whole kidnapping, but now he was surprised by what he saw. Not everyday you see a water-sword-wielding person. Much less a girl behind the whole thing.

Ryuusei self consciously wonders if there was anything on her face when Imire takes a look at her… A few moments later, a comedic drop of sweat falls down the side of her face as she stood straight and bowed at Imire from the doorway. She did want to say something, really. A 'You're Welcome' or such, but she wanted to remain professional in the line of duty. So she stood there, holding the door open and just looking back at Imire. If her blade wasn't sheathed now, she would slide it into her sheath and remain stoic before saying softly. "Daimyo-sama, does this conclude our… Our tenure in Nagi? Perhaps we can stay, and further monitor the issue. I-I mean, just in case." Then, they can head to the O'uzu, where the rest of this little criminal organization was rearing it's ugly head.

Shuuren nods to Imire then turns to Ryuusei, saying, "We're done here. Those that escaped should be heading toward the other island. We should head there, but we'll come around the other way in a way they can't see so they can't expect the way we're coming from." With that he turns to head out of the building and move back toward the port.

Imire pockets the money bag the Daimyo tossed him, not bothering to count it. He didn't expect it, so anything was better than the nothing he would have had were those bandits successful in robbing him. … And selling him… Imire takes a breath, then, and he strolls out of the hideout behind Shuuren, likely getting the door in his face if Ryuusei abandoned her door-man's job. Though should that happen, his foot would shoot out to halt the door in its spot. "Excuse me," he would call to Ryuusei. "But what is your name, miss?"

The Samurai in training wouldn't make eye-contact. Rather shy, after all. "Oh… Uhm…" She looked at Shuuren real quick before answering, but he appeared to not be giving her any guidance on what is professional here. She tries rather hard to look at Imire, but closes one eye in order to do so. Not a wink, but it could be misconstrued as one. "I'm… I'm Takaha Ryuusei. I-I'm glad you are unharmed…" When he was properly outside of the buidling, she would bow her head to him and turn before quickly jogging off towards Shuuren. She wasn't sure he would follow, but on the same note she did turn and give him a formal bow. "… Good luck on learning your blade… It's… a difficult art! I… …" Then, she would be off. How rude! She didn't even ask for his name back.

Shuuren was quick to return to the ship so that they could prepare the ship to move to the next port. O'uzu Island, the sister island to Nagi. That would be where the heart of this rebellion would settle themselves! Call it rebellion, gang, or whatnot it was still a breach of the law… Upon this ship, Shiiru had likely come along but hadn't immediately come off the ship to participate in some bandit knocking. Shuuren and Ryuusei were also likely on board, though it clearly wasn't quite time to depart. This gave Imire a moment to catch up to the Daimyo and his entourage, and at the very least… Well… Ask Ryuusei the questions he had been wishing if he did so.

Ryuusei was up on deck, leaning back against the mast of the vessel and taking a deep sigh of relief. Now the professional attitude could drop. She would slide down the mast, placing her legs together and to her chest as she finally found a moment to properly take a break. She really felt the lamellar chestpiece made her feel a whole lot more confident this time. She certainly has to ask Shuuren for more armor next time, maybe she'll become as cool as Daoma soon enough…

Imire had stood there, shocked that Ryuusei would so quickly abandon him. Of course, she may not have been as interested in him… The boy frowns to himself, rubbing a hand through his hair as he thought where he stood … And he makes up his mind. He starts jogging after Ryuusei and Shuuren, finding the ship and climbing aboard with only a bit of resistance. "I just… I want to talk to Takaha Ryuusei," he would tell any guards. "Please?"

At the helm of the ship, Shuuren lifts an eyebrow as he sees the guards let someone by while he's planning to go after bandits that're causing trouble. He must've said something persuasive to them. Still, he looks back to his map and ponders, plotting out his plan of strategy carefully so as to make the mission one of least resistance and destruction.

Ryuusei would raise her head as she heard all the commotion at the bottom of the boarding ramp. She would stand up and look over as her name was called. It seemed that Imire would not be stopped, and the crew might have been knocked out of the way at his approach. She did tell him her name, she just didn't expect him to hop aboard the ship to do so. "Ano…" She places her left hand upon the hilt of her sword which rested upon the left side of her, before trying her best to stand straight and tall, attempting to command respect! She could not. "U-uhm…" She would walk towards the boarding ramp on deck, were she expected Imire was being apprehended at this very moment. "You just wish to talk to me?" She asks. "I… I don't know if this has ever happened…" No one has begged to talk to her, but she is happy to allow him. "H-he's okay… You can let him go…" She bows lightly. "W-what is it you need?" She asks.

Imire would brighten when he sees Ryuusei approach, and he bows to the girl as soon as he can escape the grip of any guards. "Ryuusei-san! I … I wanted to … You know how to wield a sword, yes?" he manages to ask, green eyes flicking to Ryuusei's side. "I … I have this sword. But I haven't any clue on how to use it. I would … I would like to learn from you, if it is possible …"

Shuuren keeps an eye on the two from his perch at the helm, though he continues drawing up his plans, which isn't taking too long really. When he asks about learning from Ryuusei, the Daimyo smirks slightly. Ryuusei is getting good in her own right, but she's not quite at the level of teaching others her craft. There's another bodyguard who's a bit more prepared, but that one's indisposed at the moment.

Ryuusei would swallow hard… The Ryuusei style of blade wielding? Well.. To be honest… She was working on a rather advanced technique right now, but… Her skill was… Rather self taught be scrolls so far! "I'm not the world's most reknowned… Swordsman…" She catches herself blushing a little at his enthusiasm. "I can teach you the basics, but… If you wish to know more, you'll have to work hard on your own or seek Daoma. I… I also would ask… The Daimyo… I am actually learning from him as well." While Shuuren is no legendary swordsman of the mist, he does have skill. More than she. "… Ehehe…" She rubs the back of her head as she closes her eyes with a nervous smile. "G-gomen…"

"Well … Something is better than nothing," Imire tells the girl. He grabs at her hand, holding one of hers in both of his if she doesn't draw away. "I don't care if you're not the best. The point is you can teach me some, and I can forge my path from there. I just … I want to learn how to use it. I hate having it and not being able to use it … I want to make my father proud. And I think learning to wield a sword is the way to do it." His green eyes spark with determination.

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