The Unknown Reflection - New Beginning


Kuoroke, Nanashi (under the name Miyako)

Date: October 22, 2014


Kuoroke welcomes Miyako to Sungakure.

"The Unknown Reflection - New Beginning"

Sunagakure - Medical Center

Kuoroke has been filling his time his Miyako's room with activity, albeit quiet activity, hoping not to disturb her: he's been reading up on her earlier behaviour, as well as going through some less-important paperwork he has to do. Occasionally, he looks up at the body. Once, he even speaks to her. "I don't know if you can hear me in there, Keiko, but I'd prefer if this weren't necessary." He murmurs, after checking the girl isn't conscious. then, he returns to his work.

There's not a lot of movement from Miyako thus far. Her body seems to be keen on recovering before anything, though the nurses would have noted she has a rather inhuman recovery rate for the type of wounds she sustained. Finally, after about an hour after Kuoroke's last words to her, she'd start to stir and finally lift the covers off her head. "Ow," she grumbles, bringing a hand up to run it through her brown hair. It feels oddly strange to do so, almost new, but she tries not to make anything of it, figuring she's probably just dizzy from her injuries. "What the heck happened?"

Kuoroke rushes to the patient's side as soon as she awakens. He appears worried. Maybe he even is, who knows? "Careful, don't try to move too much. Just… rest. You need your rest right now." He promises. "You've… suffered some trauma. How much do you remember?"

"Trauma?" Miyako asks, blinking a few times in a rather dazed fashion as she looks up at the Councilman. "I… uh… I remember there was a fight… Something to do with a giant raccoon dog…" She then closes her eyes, resting her forehead on her palm as she tries to make sense of it. "Ugh… My head is killing me… Who the heck is playing drums in a hospital? That's so rude."

Kuoroke frowns. "There's no drums… The trauma might have been more serious than I feared." He puts his hand on her shoulder. "I know this is the last thing you want to hear, but… this dog was the Shukaku. The One-tails… In an attempt to save your family, you asked us to trap it inside your body. I'm very, very sorry."

"No drums?" Miyako asks, opening her eyes again and looking up at Kuoroke as he puts a hand on her shoulder. Her eyes widen a bit at the explanation of what happened, trying to piece all that together. "Attempt?" she asks, frowning a bit and letting out a sigh, seeming as if she's starting to remember… if one can call recalling a fabricated memory that. "So they didn't survive then? I've got nowhere and no one to go home to…"

"I'm… I'm truly sorry." Kuoroke says. "The life you had, the person you were, are both gone, and I really am sorry for that loss." He says. "You- What you did was admirable, to say the least. I will see to it that you're well taken care of, here, and that you… have a roof over your head. This I promise. I hope one day you'll be able to make it a home. For now… for now all I can offer is my condolences in your loss."

Miyako is silent for a long few moments, pondering things over as she listens to Kuoroke's words. She lets out a long sigh, laying back in the bed again as he looks toward the window. "I hate to ask, but things are still kinda fuzzy right now… and those drums are sort of clouding my head worse than it already was… Where are we?"

"We're in a hospital. The Shukaku injured you… and your mind went through a lot, taking its personality in." Kuoroke answers. "You are here to recover from this ordeal…
or rather, start recovery. It will be a difficult, long process, I fear, but…" He smiles weakly. "Just let me know if you need something, alright?"

"I recognize that we're in a hospital," Miyako comments, smirking just slightly up at the Councilman. "And I appreciate it. I was actually asking what village we're in. This doesn't look like the one in my home town."

"We've had you brought to Sunagakure." Kuoroke answers. "You needed more thorough medical treatment, and when you were no longer in immediate danger, we had you transferred here. So, I suppose, welcome to the Village Hidden in the Sands. How are you feeling?"

"Sunagakure?" Miyako asks, trying to recall what she knows about the village… other than it being surrounded by sand. "Oh," she replies, pausing a bit then saying, "I appreciate it, though I guess it helps you all be sure the One Tail doesn't go on a rampage again to." She glances out the window once again before looking back to Kuoroke and asking, "Well, if I'm to make a go of it here… How long do I have to stay in the hospital?"

"You're free to go when you feel well again, but I would urge you to stay a bit longer. At least a few days. We have to keep an eye on you. This… these 'drums' you told me about worry me, and you've been through a lot." The girl's resilience worries Kuoroke: she seems quite comfortable in her new role. "In any case, you should return a few times, and… I'll try to guide you. I'll also assign someone to watch over you as you get acquainted with everything."

"That's probably a good idea," Miyako says, nodding and flopping back against the bed a bit to show her exhaustion. She listens to him silently for a bit, seeming to space out perhaps, though her fingers start to tap a bit on the edge of the bed in that haunting rhythm… 1 2 3 4… 1 2 3 4… 1 2 3 4… 1 2 3 4… "I appreciate it… This is going to take a lot of getting used to…"

"I'm sorry for your loss." Kuoroke says. "I really am. The best thing for now is to look to the future. I'm sure you've a bright one ahead of you. And… if you need anything, let me know. I'll let you rest, for now?" The Kuroki gets up.

"… Thank you," Miyako says, letting out a sigh. "Yeah, I need to get some sleep and try to sort this out. Thanks for all your help." With that she'd pull the blankets back up on herself and close her eyes, trying to drift back off to sleep…

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