The Unknown Reflection - Return of Keiko


Nanashi (as Keiko), Itami, Rikuto, Arika, Jiro

Date: September 15, 2015


Miyako finally breaks down, and Keiko returns with a vengeance!

"The Unknown Reflection - Return of Keiko"

Sunagakure - Village Entrance

Days after having absorbed some rather vile liquids during the mission where the team faced off against rats that had been experimented on, Miyako sits near the village gates. She seems to be tracing some sort of pattern in the ground over and over, muttering to herself. "Stop it… Stop… Please… If you can't wake up, neither can I," she whispers under her breath as she clenches her other fist. The lines around her eyes have started to bleed through the facade, clear signs of intense stress in them and on her face. It's almost like she's started to check out.
A sensor guard tipped off Itami that there's something off about Miyako's chakra… and she's sitting directly where she can see the Administration Dome from her position, and in kind one can see her from a window if they look close enough. She did produce the toxin back to give to Sousa after the mission, but what if she had already been infected with what the animals in the laboratory were infected with that made them run rampant….

Itami had received some reports about what happened and determined to look into them. She had been trying to delegate some actions to other officials and shinobi so that they could participate further in the village and it has worked! But…there are some problems that just need to be handled by her and this seems like one of those moments. She had a small team accompany her to see into Miyako's issues that were told to her.
Upon arrival, she drew closer, signaling for the team to stay back for a few moments. "Miyako…" She looked down at the drawings she produced in the sand. "I'm here to assist. What's happening with you?" She could feel the chakra as she drew closer, knowing that something was off. Bijuu chakra is very particular.

While he had originally been called out to assist Itami if the young woman began to hide to run away, as soon as he began to draw closer he steadily began to become physically uneasy. Bringing his right arm across, Rikuto began to nervously scratch at his left arm before grumbling. "Why am I getting /that/ feeling again? It's been over a year, I shouldn't ache.." Looking over towards Itami when she signaled for the group to pause, he simply nods but doesn't appear to be able to shake the feeling. Shifting his gaze towards Miyako, he furls his brows before closing his eyes, focusing attentively. "Lets see.. is she the reason?"

And Rikuto might discover an Arika trying to tug on him! Arika is totally there, and the girl is definitely tugging on his cloak, even as another Arika is over by Itami and (in lizard form) trying to dart up the Kage and take perch on a shoulder. "Rikkun! D'you know what's going on?" the girl asks curiously, tilting her head a bit.

Jiro is just out and about, likely causing trouble as he tends to do when he notices the little gathering with Itami. Hmm, she didn't often come out of hiding, so just what the heck was going on? After bouncing across a few rooftops the boy drops down near Rikuto, hands flopping on his head lazily as Arika beats him to the question.

As Itami approaches, Miyako continues to stare at the ground. "The drumming… The noise… It's closer than ever before," she almost growls as she brings her hands up to her head as if to try and block it out, but it obviously does no good. "I can't… stop it now," she more growls out as her the irides of her eyes grow completely black, eyes turning to completely match those of Shukaku. "My name… is… Keiko… and you…. need to… RUN!" With that her form shifts, taking on the more insane look of Keiko, her multi-colored hair of black, yellow, and blue in giant braids with completely black attire. A massive spike of chakra is then felt before she slams her hand down on the ground. That chakra is basically felt surging through the whole area around them before enormous bijuu-like hands of sand come up around the Administration Dome and literally yank it down into the earth below, the foundation under it apparently having been either broken through or turned to sand itself by her jutsu. This, of course, causes the ground all around to shake as the structure is pulled under before the eyes of the entire village.

COMBAT: Miyako focuses 7225 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Miyako attacks target 1 with SAND-DEMON-GRAVES with a roll of: 69

"I thought you were still being…" Itami started off softly enough, but it appears she doesn't have much time to speak with Keiko. She immediately braced herself as she began attackng, though the attack wasn't aimed at her group. No, it was very clear that the attack was going elsewhere. The cries of people in the village lifted up into the air as they attempted to scramble and make their way to safety in any district that would host a mass exodus of people fleeing from danger. Dust soon climbed into the sky and rose over the village while the Admin Dome took its plunge into the earth. Any structures within the immediate area quaked violently with the ground churning at the epicenter of the attack and any structural integrity was soon to be lost if this continued.
"All of you disperse! Gather with the shinobi of the village and engage in safety measures immediately!" She shouted to the team with her. "That means you two as well!" She pointed out Arika and Jiro specifically. She really didn't want them here having to deal with Keiko in this state even if she did need their assistance. With little else to say, she began to channel energy into engaging the jinchu and placing an end to this attack before the destruction could take a turn for the worst.

COMBAT: Itami focuses 6165 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!
RP: Itami transforms into LIZARD'S-HEART.

Grumbling softly, Rikuto tilts to one side and moves a hand to rest on top of Arika's head. "Shh.. we'll be told soon enough, just stay quiet for now, okay?" Turning his eyes back towards Miyako, he arches a brow when she calls herself by a different name before giving them an order. The color in the young man's face fades almost instantly when chakra spikes not only within the woman before them but throughout the sands around them.

Bending his knees, Rikuto began to shift his footing while trying not to fall, "T-the..!" Shaking his head suddenly, he turns his head towards Itami to shout, "She's controlling the ground meters below us! Don't stand on the.." cut off as he begins to warn the Kazekage as she issues her own orders that shockingly wasn't to engage the crazed woman. Looking down towards both Arika and Jiro he says, "Move now, high. Never touch the ground. If the building moves get to another one!" Without much pause, Rikuto jumps into the air only to have a burst of air bellow below him, half throwing himself up into the air to scale a building quickly and to what he thought was a safe position.

Arika blinks a bit at Rikuto and *POOFS* from existence while the small lizard on Itami's shoulder peeks at the 'Keiko' before her. Miyako… Keiko… Hmm… Wasn't there an old creepy lady in a cave that was talking about that? The girl kept to Itami for the time being, using chakra to keep herself anchored as a surge of chakra comes from the tiny girl. Her mind was still racing, though. Miyako… Keiko… Her home…

Jiro just kind of watches, head tilted to one side as he tries to figure out what the heck was going on. And then weird things started happening. When the rumbling began and he heard Rikuto's words the boy vanished, reappearing on a nearby building, standing sideways and glaring down. Itami expected them to just leave her there against whatever Miyako is turning into? He ain't buyin' it!

COMBAT: Jiro focuses 4300 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

RP: Miyako transforms into SHUKAKU-MINIATURE-BEAST-FORM.

As the Administration Dome is brought into the ground, another surge of chakra is felt from Miy-… Keiko, this time even more malevolent as one can feel the power of the One Tails surging through her as she harnesses his power, though still an enormous size compared to a human. "I SAID RUN!" she roars out in a voice that seems more distorted by the second as the drums begin to be heard by anyone and all nearby who don't guard themselves from the Genjutsu pouring forth of her chakra. That soothing, dark, haunting rhythm, now at a deafening volume to all those who hear it. It seems what was Miyako is gone, but it's not only that, not just Keiko, but a version of her driven even further by an infected Shukaku who's only pouring more and more of his malevolent chakra into her by the moment. With the cage door no longer in place to hold his chakra back from her, there is no resistance for her, no way to keep from heeding the drums, the never-ending drums… The call to war and destruction.

COMBAT: Itami defends against AURAL-PHANTASM(59) attack from Miyako with a SELF-INFLICT-II…73

"Clones…" Itami grumbled to herself as she heard the distinct poof of one disappearing from existence. Well, hope the little lizard enjoys the ride because the Watanabe is about to get a quick boost in size amd muscle as she took her reptilian form. "I'm inclined to agree with her in this instance," she growled, but there were more pressing matters here that she needed to deal with than insubordination. There was a distinct ringing in her ears that came from that commanding roar, but further, it lingered in her mind and body, thumping with a rhythm. She could feel her body's energy leaving her, but she was quick to couneract it with a fierce bite and gnawing of her own arm, painful as that was. She had to really reconsider doing that again. Grief, that was painful. Is that what it felt like to be bitten?
Shaking off the effects of the genjutsu, she states. "Rikuto has a point. Avoid the ground as much as possible," she related back to his words. "Given the bijuu's abilities, you don't want to be anywhere near it!" That being said, she rushed forward, hoping that she may draw some of this chakra off her as it continued to pour out. She absolutely /hated/ bijuu chakra, but she had to do something about it.

COMBAT: Rikuto defends against AURAL-PHANTASM(57) attack from Miyako with a WILL-BREAK…42

Staggering slightly, Rikuto brings a hand to fan out over his face while resting his fingertips against it. "Quiet.. It isn't real.. Qui-" Shaking his head, after not being able to shake the feeling, he coils his hand in front of his mouth, trying to keep his stomach's content inside. Breathing in the young man would begin to hold his breath until the sensation began to pass. Looking down towards the ground below them only to watch Itami start to close the range between her and the.. creature.

Quickly bringing his hands together, Rikuto begins to make several seals in rapid action, but no flames or winds formed around him. "An illusion.. I can't help her much but.. Disappear within the sands and the wind." Only to Miyako would the genjutsu begin to effect, causing Itami to to at first partly become little more than sand, breaking down into litter on the ground while the other half of her twists and then explodes into a sudden and violent gale, leaving foot prints leading away to the administration building.

COMBAT: Arika defends against AURAL-PHANTASM(49) attack from Miyako with a GENJUTSU-KAI…31

Arika-lizard squeaks and tumbles backwards off of Itami's shoulder, breaking the Henge to reveal the real Arika covering her ears. ~Hmm… I can't tell if this is Shukaku or his host… Regardless, you know my feelings on Genjutsu…~ rumbles a deep voice in the back of her mind. 'Nnn… Hai…' ~You should probably-~ 'Hai…' Then suddenly Arika is surrounded by a cloak of purple chakra. One… two… four… eight tails of chakra form behind her, and four horns are surrounding her head as she takes on a miniature form of the Eighth tailed beast. Arika's not gone, though. Her training prepared her for this form. Though she doesn't feel like talking too much… It's still strange! Instead, the tails lash out to try and grab Miyako/Keiko and throw them into the air… or something.

RP: Jiro transforms into STEEL-RESOLVE.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against AURAL-PHANTASM(59) attack from Miyako with a SELF-INFLICT-II…45

Jiro makes sure to stay off the ground as he prepares to try and help in some way. But then before he can even consider it he covers his ears at the sound that invades, his concentration slipping as he falls off the side of the building. Somehow he is able to reach out and grab a window ledge and hang there while the genjutsu passes. That wasn't cool! With a huff Jiro looks as the others start attacking. He might be the weakest there, but at least he might be able to cause a little distraction! Putting his feet back on the building the boy launches himself at the Miyako his sash slipping free as he quickly lashes out at her.

COMBAT: Miyako defends against GENTLE-MIST-DRAIN(58) attack from Itami with a SAND-REFORMATION…83
COMBAT: Miyako defends against GENTLE-MIST-DRAIN(70) attack from Itami with a SAND-REFORMATION…55
COMBAT: Miyako defends against FALSE-SURROUNDINGS-TECHNIQUE(33) attack from Rikuto with a GENJUTSU-KAI…45
COMBAT: Miyako defends against FALSE-SURROUNDINGS-TECHNIQUE(35) attack from Rikuto with a GENJUTSU-KAI…54
COMBAT: Miyako defends against BIJUU-CHAKRA-GRAPPLE(52) attack from Arika with a SAND-REFORMATION…62
COMBAT: Miyako defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(58) attack from Arika with a SAND-REFORMATION…84
COMBAT: Miyako defends against STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL(54) attack from Jiro with a SAND-REFORMATION…83
COMBAT: Miyako defends against STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL(49) attack from Jiro with a SAND-REFORMATION…64
RP: Miyako transforms into SHUKAKU-FULL-RELEASE.

As the miniature Shukaku brings her hands into a seal, the Genjutsu is evaded and most of the attacks coming her way literally just pass through her body without doing any harm, though Itami does manage to rob her of some of her energy. "If you agree, you should've taken the advice," her dark voice seethes before another massive spike of energy shoots from her, and suddenly her form shifts again, turning back into that of Keiko but in an armored dress state with blue seal markings all over her and the eyes of Shukaku. They are now battling a perfect Jinchuuriki and a mad one at that. All the while workers may be perishing in the sunken Administration Dome, but there's not much time to worry about that, as she brings her hands into a seal and causes the same enormous hands to shoot up out of the ground at them. Staying above the ground doesn't do a lot of good if you can't avoid being grabbed.

COMBAT: Itami defends against SAND-DEMON-GRAVES(97) attack from Miyako with a DRAGON-SCALES…87
COMBAT: Itami loses the roll and sustains 844 damage.

"I couldn't just sit here and allow you to continue attacking, could I?" Itami inquired of Keiko, though what chakra she did drain was painful to come in contact to. That caustic aura is frustrating to deal with. She had hoped to prevent the dome from sinking further by cancelling her jutsu, but as is the case with bijuu, they're always harder to deal with than first impressions give. Now that she's retaliated, Iami attempted to defend herself against the attack, but it appears that she wasn't quick on the draw and as a result, her energy and chakra is robbed of her. That's the least of her problems, because she's taking the plunge much like the dome had done just earlier. " why…I told you all to LEAVE!" She shouted out, sinking into the depths of the earth.

COMBAT: Rikuto defends against SAND-DEMON-GRAVES(120) attack from Keiko with a WIND-CLONE…46
COMBAT: Rikuto loses the roll and sustains 1878 damage.

"Itami-sama!" Snapping his attention in front of himself, Rikuto starts to make a few seals causing himself to explode suddenly when touched, nothing but a clone. Looking to down to ground, he takes in a deep breath, preparing a flame ninjutsu release but then it's choked out when the sands suddenly wrap around him despite the initial evasion. "W-what is this?!" The more he fought the more tired he was rapidly becoming and along with that spread panic, sadly no matter how much he began to shift and tried to wiggle free he couldn't manage to even free a single limb.

RP: Arika transforms into HACHIBI-FULL-RELEASE.
COMBAT: Arika defends against SAND-DEMON-GRAVES(124) attack from Keiko with a VANISHING-GALE…76
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 1250 damage.

Arika squeaks and tries to disappear from the sand that's grabbing her, her form shifting to that of the chakra beast within her. ~I'm pretty sure this isn't helping anything, Shukaku,~ growls a hulking version of the eight tails within Sunagakure. Its body is surrounded by sand, and it seems very trapped. ~Is there a reason you decided to attack /now/ of all times?~ Arika isn't as hurt as she could be, but that hit was still painful!

COMBAT: Jiro defends against SAND-DEMON-GRAVES(101) attack from Keiko with a STEEL-CLOTH-SHELL…57
COMBAT: Jiro loses the roll and sustains 1284 damage.
COMBAT: Keiko absorbs chakra from Jiro

Jiro jumps away after his strikes go right through Miyako and he grumbles inwardly, trying to figure out what else he should do…but then the ground is trying to grab him. The boy raises his cloth to surround himself but it doesn't stand against he strength of the sand. Jiro's teeth grit as he glares at Keiko/Miyako and he struggles to get free even as he feels some of his energy drained…

While the 8 Tails may talk all he wants, there is no real response from Shukaku. In fact, should he look inside their shared realm, all he would hear is sounds of madness, as if Shukaku himself has even lost control. "Now you di-" She is cut off, bringing her hands to her head again as if she's being fought by something. Maybe there is at least something of the person who was loyal of Sunagakure for a while left in there, as the follow-up attack to annihilate everyone in the gasp of the previous attack isn't done. Instead her body literally falls apart into bits of sand flies away from the village into the night like a miniature sandstorm that mixes in with real sandstorms in the area to make where she's actually going indiscernible. It seems this war against the 1 Tails is far from over, but at least she didn't finish the job as she was about to tonight.

COMBAT: Itami ESCAPES from Keiko's stun!
COMBAT: Itami defends against SAND-BODY(90) attack from Keiko with a CHEMICAL-RECOGNITION…81
COMBAT: Rikuto ESCAPES from Keiko's stun!
COMBAT: Rikuto defends against SAND-BODY(90) attack from Keiko with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…54
COMBAT: Arika defends against SAND-BODY(70) attack from Keiko with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Arika heals Arika for 1207 with MEDIUM REGENERATION.
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…37
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a INK-SCOUT-I…62
COMBAT: Jiro defends against SAND-BODY(70) attack from Keiko with a TENSE…14

Itami burst from the earth and a deep, full bodied roar echoed out across the village. She had escaped the grasp of the sand beast and further, possible death by being stuck underground. She was still tired from the effort she had to put into getting out. She watched the sandstorm head off into the distance. No telling where Keiko would be in all of that. With her quickly out of the picture, she had only the village to look at, absent one particualr building now and likely many lives with it. Now, the focus is on the viillage.

Arching his back, the young Miira begins to jerk to one side, though all he managed to succeed in doing was almost pulling his own out of socket. Turning to look forward, Rikuto watches the creature standing low on the ground before him until it simply.. disappeared, blown away with a mild breeze as if truly made of just loose dry sand. Looking down at his chest, he breaths in more deeply than before to watch the sand begin to crack and yield before breaking apart completely, falling down around him harmlessly. "Huh?" is asked more than a little confused.

Arika/Gyuki growls when Shukaku doesn't reply, and the latter even tries to invade the One-Tail's mind… But is confused by the sounds of war. Hmm… Something that they should report later. 'Miya-chan!' Arika squeaks unhappily, her body healing from the damage even now thanks to the Hachibi's chakra. Her chakra is sent along the breeze to try and find her, and a few little critters made of black ink skitter off to try and track the Jinchuu down, but there's nothing to find. ~Gone…~ 'But why?' ~Don't ask me! Change back, at least. There's no sense in staying in this form, and your body isn't used to it.~ 'Hai…'

Jiro lets out a grunt as the sand loosens it's hold and when he looks, Keiko is…gone? "Where she go?" Jiro asks loudly, eyes narrowed as he scans the sands outside the village as best as he can, grumbling the entire time.

"She's just gone," Itami replied to Jiro. "But we can't focus on her right now. The village is vulnerable and needs our help. We have to perform rescue efforts for those still trapped in the Admin Dome. Additionally, there are likely structures that have been damaged and compromised enough to cause more problems and harm to people either trapped in them or trapped under them," she explained. "I won't start about how upset I am that you all didn't listen, but if I didn't make clear why I tend to do things myself, this is one of those reasons." She began to walk off.
"Let's get to work! We can't lay around here for much longer!"

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