The Unknown Reflection - Rise of Keiko


Nanashi, Kiji (as Nina)

Date: October 1, 2014


Nina assists Keiko in her inner battle against Shukaku.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Unknown Reflection - Rise of Keiko"

Land of Rice Paddies - Abandoned Temple

Fading back in…
As Keiko looks back down to Nanashi, it seems to hesitate a long moment, but it can feel itself getting weaker by the moment… Finally it reaches up extending a hand, which is promptly met by that of Keiko who grins madly as Nanashi is literally absorbed into her.
Outside, Nanashi's body quite literally changed before Nina's eyes, growing taller and more voluptuous, clothes and hair even changing to those of Keiko. Finally the woman opens her eyes, that same made grin crossing her lips before she leaps to her feet and starts to stretch out a bit. "Finally! That cage was such a cramp," she says, voice completely changed, replaced by the mad voice of Keiko. It doesn't stop there, however. She turns to look at Nina, saying, "I think I paid you for more, right?… Unlock the other one."
Nina watched the change with wide green eyes, enthralled by the curiosities of her employer. Keiko's final form was attractive, yes, but Nina could also see she was not exactly stable. Nina set her food aside and stood up, dusting off her behind lightly. She peered at Keiko closely. She considered offering energies, but she wasn't sure this person would accept such a thing.Nina did not exacly understand the push and pull inside Keiko's mind either. She stepped forward and formed several seals, lifting a hand on which glowed a seal. "Would you like to recharge first? I understand you plan to face the beast within, but that beast has it's own powers. You are drained."

Keiko cants her head slightly at that offer, pondering a bit then nodding. "Alright then," she says before moving to sit down and allow Nina to do her work. As she simply waits, her eyes study the woman, curious as to just how frightened she might be in this situation, especially since she literally witnessed Nanashi vanish and turn into and completely different person, personality and all, before her eyes.

Nina nodded and moved over to Keiko's side, laying her hands on the woman's shoulders and utilizing a complex seal. For a moment Keiko's body was covered in glowing seals as energy and chakra was transferred from Nina to Keiko. She showed little fear, but a lot of interest. Curiosity as well, but as she restored Keiko's energy, she took a closer look at the woman as well. Once the glow faded she moved around in front of Keiko and once she gave consent, Nina would flash through several hand signs, lighting her fingers ablaze with pale blue light. She reached foreard, her fingers, forming a specific configuration as she turned her hand literally into a key.. and turned it.

Keiko watches curiously as she seals are made, taking the restoration of vitality with ease. Then comes the main part. She closes her eyes as the key is made, once again entering the realm she just woke from to open her eyes in the same place she was just standing when Nanashi was absorbed. As she stands there, the drums begin once again, starting out at a fairly high volume this time.
"It's time, Keiko," Shukaku's shrill voice rings out from his cage as he lifts a hand and bangs against it a few times. "Give me control, and we'll take our revenge."
Looking over at Shukaku, Keiko smirks up at him and nods before she'd float up to where the seal rests on the cage on a large chunk of sand, tearing the paper off and allowing Nina's work to unlock the door. The doors easily flings open then, allowing the beast to step out of the cage. "Just one thing," Keiko says as she floats eye to eye with him. "Did you really think I'd let you play boss after I did all the work to take back over this body? You must be more out of your mind than I thought." With that her power begins to build, growing to a larger size, except she maintains her current look in amazonian form as she grows to well over ten feet tall. It seems she has much more control than Nanashi. "I wonder how loud the drums will be after I put you in your face," she says as she lifts a hand, an orb of sand forming in it and taking on a massive size before flying directly for Shukaku's face.

"YOU INSOLENT BRAT!" Shukaku's shrill voice rings out as he lifts a hand and swipes the orb of sand aside. "I train you all these years, and this is how you repay me?! I'll tear you to shreds then use your body to tear this world apart!" His massive tail then swings forward, slamming down on Keiko with incredible force intent on crushing her to bits here and now!
Keiko, however, has different plans. As Shukaku thinks he's crushed her, her body literally reforms out of the sand of his tail, the woman smirking up at him as she leaps up, pointing her hands at him and sending a wave of huge sand orbs flying up at him from all around, intent on draining his chakra and bringing him down in a hurry. "Yes, this world /is/ going to get taught a lesson and that scientist that captured us too, but by me, not you, you tired old beast."

Shukaku lets out a feral growl of pain and rage and orb after orb strikes him, but this seems to merely serve to lift the Bijuu off. It opens its maw, and energy starts to spiral into a large orb in front of it before condensing into a smaller one that it chomps down and swallows. A moment later, an enormous blast of chakra fires from its mouth directly at Keiko, intending to blast her to bits before she can even throw another strike!
Though Keiko summons a chunk of sand to try to carry herself away from the blast, she doesn't quite make it and is sent flying backward, where she bounces and skids on the ground for what seems like several kilometers. As the smoke clears, she lays on the ground, almost motionless, except she moves a single finger to write something in the sand.
Outside, despite Keiko seeming to be in a great deal of pain, a bit of sand spills onto the floor from her body, taking on the form of kanji to detail out a plan to the seal master. Basically, what she's to do is create seal pattern locks on the gate structures once Keiko moves them on top of Shukaku to lock him down.
With the explanation done, Keiko looks up at Shukaku as he starts to move toward her. Her eyes narrow a bit as she looks up at him, waiting… waiting… waiting… She then feels it… the link of chakra has been made, and she sees red chakra flowing from herself, a sign the Bijuu is trying to take dominance. "…. Gotcha." Without notice the sand would literally start to yank the Bijuu down into it with enormous hands that look much like his own. Meanwhile pieces of the gates that had been submerged in sand are now lifted by it to slam down on top of him and lock in place using the sand itself to lock around him. Inward and outwardly at the same time, she shouts, "Nina, NOW!"

Nina watched Keiko carefully as the pain was evident on the woman's face. She wasn't prepared to heal her or give more energy just yet. She again would not be able to control who got the energy or healing and it seemed this woman's body was made up of sand somehow. She blinked at the kanji appearing on the floor, then, tilting her head to read the instructions. She pulled a bottle of ink from her pack and began painting and intricate seal spell on a sheet of paper. Then she forced chakra into it and transferred the marks to her arms and waited. Waited for a sign. When it came her hands reached out and she poured chakra into the marks, transferring the seals onto Keiko's stomach, overlaying and meshing with the original seal to become a new entity alltogether.

As he is locked down, Shukaku tries to struggle against these new bindings, only for them to be met by the rest of the gates being pulled from their hinges to add onto the structure as they are covered in sand and strengthened by it. Before he can do much to fight back, Keiko plants her hands on the ground, sending a massive wave of sand up behind her that towers even Shukaku and crashes down onto him with incredibly force to incapacitate him enough that the seals go into place on the structure to lock him into place with relative ease.
Once the sand settles, Shukaku looks up from his new prison he's still attempting to struggle against just in time to see Keiko floating above him with dozens of enormous orbs of sand floating around her with that link of chakra still attached. She gives a rather menacing wink before they begin to rain down on him by the dozen, allowing Keiko to overtake that flow of chakra to yank a massive amount of it out from the beast, taking in a mass amount of it and suspending it in the air high above him so that it now becomes more accessible without as much risk of being overtaken by the beast.
Dazed by the flurry of attacks, Shukaku is at last bound down completely by the gates sealed on atop of him to pin him to the floor. Floating above him, Keiko looks down at him with a dark smirk. "Good boy," she says before turning her back. "We're done here… for now." With that she at last opens her eyes, taking on a form even more massive than the current one, her clothes turning more armor-like, though not really more covering at all, her body growing to well over ten feet tall as she leaps to her feet, her face even changing to look more similar to Shukaku's with his ears like devil horns on a helmet that seems to be fused to her skin. Even a tail is sprouted, looking exactly like Shukaku's but a bit more slender to match her body.
Turning to look at Nina, the transformed woman grins evilly at her. "Much better, don't you think?" she asks as she steps forward to look directly down at her, towering above the woman malevolently. "Perhaps it's time to take this new form for a test drive and show the side Nanashi was afraid to show of itself," she says as she lifts a massive hand to cup the woman's cheek. "Now the real fun can begin."

Nina watched as Keiko opened her eyes and grew to a huge height. The woman blinked her green eyes and showed an uneasiness for the first time as she stood as well. Keiko's first comment made Nina chuckle lightly but the touch to her face made her blink. Keiko's words made her a bit uneasy. What would she do to test drive such a body. "I am glad you found my services useful." She smiled up at Keiko, hoping she wasn't going to try her new body out on her specificly.

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