The Usual Suspects - Kenri


Rise, Michiko, Ryouji, Luna (emitter)

Date: March 26, 2015


Kumogakure ninjas have tracked down one of the escapees, Kenri. Now they have to apprehend him.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Usual Suspects - Kenri"

Land of Lightning

One would think the target known as Kenri would be wrecking havoc along the open seas but honestly this wasn't the case. Despite Kenri's track record he hadn't been causing any trouble what so ever. The terms of his capture was quite straight forward… Wanted dead or alive for CarriageTheft Autos… many of them. And while he had a heart of steel, today was he just lounging off on his fancy and expensive wooden yacht. Not really a yacht. Mostly just an oversized fishing boat with it's sails pulled down.

The day itself was beautiful. Vibrant glistening skies, a warm ocean, birds chirping with only a fair bit of clouds. Absolutely stunning. Kenri himself sprawled out along the base of his boat. Back against the hard hot wood, eyes staring up into the sky, shaggy brown hair fluffed in his face. Nothing could get better than this. Various fishing rods were lined up along the rails waiting for a bite, while a net was set along the rear of the boat, hoping to catch any straggler fish.

Today, Michiko is wearing the clothes of a KRD Agent. She has on almost all-black clothes, the only exception being the dark grey-blue of the Kumogakure Chuunin vest that she wears over everything. The girl had requested that Ryouji and Rise join her on the mission, detailing explicitly that the mission was to take down Kenri, a Bingobook target that was supposed to be a C rank criminal. She had hired a boat to take them all after Kenri. And while they weren't entirely sure /where/ in the ocean he would be, they knew the route he was planning to take and made sure to follow a similar path.

Fox's mask is on, white except for the red 'flames' that lick across the right side. "Hmm… We should try to disguise ourselves as best as possible until we see Kenri… The captain looks normal enough, but…" she says to the others, eventually making a handseal and transforming into a man that could pass as a fisher. Fishing pole and everything provided!

Ryouji stands on the deck as well, looking out over the water. He slips a boars mask over his features and says, "It'll get us closer than wearing the masks." Then makes a hand seal and POOF, he transforms into an old man with a conical hat with slits in the front carrying a fishing net. "That should do it."

Rise took no pleasure in the setting itself. Such a thing was impossible for her. Still, she kept the weather in mind for the sake of the mission. It would be best for the team if someone at least kept an eye out for sudden chances. She did on the other hand have some difficulties. Unlike the rest of her team, the ability to sustain even a simple henge was beyond her. So, she camped out with the excess supplies and sort of built herself a fort out of them with her body at its center; sprawled out and facing up towards the sky.

"Maybe it would've been best to hide within a barrel?" She mused quietly aloud.

The act of henging or filling up space within a barrel honestly wasn't going to help much in terms of capturing the fellow, or at least not yet. Kenri himself remains flat along the base of his ship, a soft sigh escaping his lips before finally he begins to close his eyes. Now was the perfect time to relax…

On the otherhand the hunting party would finally stumble upon the boat in the middle of the ocean. Not anchored down, but the sail remained stalled to keep the ship floating on wherever the waves carried it. There was no sign of any alarm or detection as of yet.

Michiko glances to both Ryouji and (the hidden) Rise, saying, "That's likely his ship… It seems to be the correct model and its appearance matches up to what was described when we were gathering information… I think we should try and climb aboard carefully. Jump into the water and swim until we reach it, then climb up its side and sneak in. Grab him without too much of a struggle if we do it right." That's her own plan, at least. "What do you two think?" she would ask them.

Ryouji says, "Knew I should have brought my swimming trunks. Oh well, guess that'll have to do. Even if I used my speed, it'd create such a wake over the water, I'd be spotted. So sure, swimming nice and slow it is. We should let the ship continue passing by though, if it suddenly stopped, it might look odd." He walks over to the rail facing away from the other ship. So it won't look like an old fisherman just lept into the water. He gestures to the water, "After you, old man." he smiles at Michiko.

After a moment of silence on her part, Rise carefully peeked over the edge of her barrel fortress. "… You should remain behind, Iwata-sama. Your specialty is distance fighting. And if he should try to escape, you can destroy his means of transport easier than Ryouji and I," She suggests in that toneless fashion of hers." The raven-haired berserker lingers behind her safety fort long enough for an answer before mimicing Ryouji's actions.

Plop plop was the sound Kenri could hear as the two shinobi slipped down into the waters below. The sound stirred him slightly from his rest, reeling up into a standing position as he found the time to look about the open seas… a boat in the distance. " Hmmm…" Kenri muses under his breath as he looks down into the water, shadows approaching from below. He doesn't appear to to be too alarmed. Instead he simply reaches down along the side of the boat, picking up a tag and thrusting it out into the option sea.. It fizzled briefly and then BOOM! A scattering depth charge was forced through the waters, enough to make any fish sit with their bellies in the sky…assuming they were fish.

Michiko just stays in her boat for now, busying 'himself' with making sure the fishing poles are all upright. The boat she stands in moves lazily along, but not too far as she sets up a sort anchor that the captain had directed her to. Moving along, she would carefully create mud from her chakra, spitting it out so that it covered certain parts of the boat where it could prove useful. The explosive tags make her jump a bit, and she hustles over to the side of the boat to get a better view of just what's happening, inwardly cursing they were already noticed.

Ryouji grips lightning cutter and pulls it free, sending a white line of force across the water towards the outward expanding bubble of force of the explosive tag. When the two meet they stop each other, one force meeting another. He pops up out of the water and makes a hand sign, shooting out a pair of streaming jets of air from his mouth towards the boat.

Rise acts truly like a fish in the water. The explosive tag comes no where near close to the woman before she is long gone. The fact that it dropped in place so soon however is enough of a warning. She cannot signal Ryouji in time to avoid engaging, so she opted to take advantage of the chuunin's distraction. Moments later (if all went well), a dolphin pops out of the ocean not too far from the explosive aimed at Rise and would seem to be taking the long way around the man's boat. Which.. was true up to a point. As soon as she got within Kenri's supposed blindside, Rise would try attaching to the boat and taking a moment to reflect.

Wind began to pound along the side of the boat. And while they didn't manage to harm Kenri in any way, it did swish away the fishing rodes in a whirling mess. "Hey! Those are expensive! Why are you trying to steal my BOAT?" The man cries out, reaching out along a henge of the boat and tugging loose a full tang gleaming Katana. He noticed a /woman/ not a dolphin slip over to the side of the boat. He found now would be the best time to simply take them out one at a time. Ryouji was the main target. Kenri heaved off the edge of his boat and buried down the weight of his blade in 6 rapid fast swings. Arms, shoulder, legs. Whatever the case he was sure he would find his mark. "Beat it little boy! I don't kill children!"

Michiko's chakra flares up around her as she focuses on the ship, watching Kenri and Ryouji go at it. The girl takes a breath, then rings a bell loud and clear for Rise and Ryouji to hear. Hopefully they would remember from an earlier discussion that the ring of the bell meant to watch out since she planned to take the 'yacht' down. It takes a few handseals, but she eventually blows outward, and a tiny ball of fire races out to the ship. When it makes contact, it explodes, creating a blast wave of heat as well.

Boar sees how fast and skilled this guy is and tries cranking up his swift release by surging it quickly through his body. But he's stuck in the water and those vulnerable seconds it takes to get out and moving will cost him. The blades find their mark each time, digging some nice size holes in the KRD agent, but thankfully it's nothing vital and nothing too deep. He winces inside the mask as he finally leaps out of the water and onto the surface. He growls, both of his swords in his hands now that he's facing him. But a wave of nausea hits his body as his attempt to crank his swift release too quickly causes him to pause a second to let his body catch up to the sudden release of chakra. "Fry it…" he grunts out behind the mask, "…you're fast."

COMBAT: It's not your turn.

With her mind clear of all distracting thoughts, catching the warning bell is simple enough. Rise falls backwards into the water, abandoning stealth with a big old splash, but hastening her departure from the boat. Even from deep beneath the water Rise felt it boil from proximity to Michiko's explosive attack. Her eyes remained narrowed until the light finally dies down. Then, it is time to play dodge the wreckage unless Kenri happened to be a water manipulator. If so, Intel reeeeaaaally dropped the ball. :|

Either way, she would find herself standing atop the surface, and immediatly seek to lock Kenri in place with a gravity shift before racing closer. With an expressionless mask, Rise would either try and pin Kenri's hand into his boat or bury her kunai deep into his back. The former was preferable, but without something solid nearby, improvising was all that remained to her.

Kenri appeared to be quite the bold swordsman. Even as the fireball came buzzing in his direction he remained unmoved, and instead positioned his blade as if he was going to cleave right through it. Part of which was moderately successful. The expansive fireball was lessened in it's magnitude, causing some fires to steer while knocking Kenri back against the bulk of his boat. The moment was just enough to knock some sense into him and allow him to reel back away from Ryouji unscathed.. " You're too slow you little rat!" Kenri boasts, while then his hand is pinned down into the boat right after his weight was magnified completely… "You little pancake…" Kenri cursed as he unpins the kunai from his hand forcing his body forward. Both of his hands unite with the handle his his blade and he literally tries to run Rise through with a single strike.

Michiko glances to the man who was kind enough to take the trio out to the middle of the sea. "Try to keep away from the fighting, please. I imagine we'll be back shortly." Then she steps off the boat and onto the water, moving in quickly so that she could try and keep an eye on Kenri. When there seemed to be an opening, she immediate launched three bolts of fire at the target.

Boar shakes his head and clears his head since Kenri is avoiding him and facing down Rise for the moment. He makes several hand signs and begins gathering chakra around himself. Water splashes around him as lightning crackles and snaps in places. He says, "I'll show you how much of a bite this rat has. You…you stay right there." He really needs to upgrade this attack, it's slow even for an sloth's standards. But if he hits….

Rise cants her head slightly to the side and furrows her brow. "That is incorrect. I am not a fe—" She stops there, reflex having taken over to pererver her life. Faster than the eye can see, Rise side-stepped the thrust and calmly slapped Kenri forward so he carried on with his momentum. The movement placed her momentarily in the path of Michiko's flaming bolts, but an instinctive leap kept her from being burned. As soon as she lands, the woman narrows her eyes and focuses inward. In a matter of moments, alabaster skin turns almost bright red. She is gone before anyone can get a good look at her, and before Kenri in a second, striking relentless with a blur of kicks meant to keep him off balance. The final kick is a more focused and hard hitting rising kick to the gut. Applying so much force had the unfortunate effect of damaging the deck, throwing her aim off slightly.

Few attacks managed to make it through Kenri's defenses, none of which were enough to actually cause enough damage for him to stand down. The boy standing their zapping himself along with the woman turning bright red caused some concern however… She was moving quite fast…faster than he himself could even keep up with. He stumbles backwards, tossing his lade at Rise and then jumping back up to the helm of his boat. "Fricassee this, I'm getting the salad out of here. I don't have to prove anything to you guys!"

Michiko dashes forward, just arriving when she hears that Kenri's going to try to escape. "Don't let him go!" she calls out, taking her own advice as well. With a few seals, she's somehow able to make a metallic clone that launches itself up and right at Kenri. It would smack into the man, immediately turning into ropes that would wrap around his body and bind him into place. Good thing he's on the deck still, or he could drown.

Boar's output of chakra reaches its peak. Water sprays out in all directions as he raises his open hand above his head, "Lightning Beast Onikuma!" Lightning lances out into the water causing it to split into its component elements, only to crash back expensively in front of the chuunin. The bolt of electricity gathers and takes the shape of a giant bear. As Michiko gives the order, Boar says, "That's the idea! Onikuma, get 'em!" The lightning bear roars and flashes forward ripping water up with every stride. It nears its target and rears up before coming down with a mighty crash of paws, teeth, and electricity, followed by a huge explosion and upwelling of water.

Rise grits her teeth and risks a glance down before yanking her foot free. Small shards of wood remained buried in her leg, but the pain inflicted by them paled in comparison to the gate. By the time her foot is free, Rise is a little ill-prepared for the flying sword. Her shock fizzled almost instantly at the sight of the metal clone taking the blade for her and plowing onwards for the man.

Silently thankful, Rise lowers herself to start off after the man, but hearing the crackling sound of lightning forced her to take a more round about course. She still too close to the beast. Now sporting a nice new blue and black fro, the woman still leaped high to avoid touching the water for as long as she could, then dived feet first through the great pillar of water Boar's Bear Attack, using it as a cover for a hard hitting drop kick.

Call it happy feet or just plain lucky. Kenji was single handedly able to dodge every single technique aimed at him. He slid and weaved along the deck, metal things busting up the boat but avoiding his capture. The big beast of a lightning thing? Slammed and exploded into the hull of the ship, causing leaking holes which will inevitably submerge the ship. Rise on the other hand would find herself going right through the ship…deep down into it's hull. At this point the best way to slip out was just to create chaos… Kenji tossed some bait hooks down upon Rise while flinging more in Ryouji and Michiko's direction.. After that he began to slip, tummy tucked along the side of the ship, out of sight waiting for the perfect time to make a break from the ocean currents.

Michiko can't really fend off a multitude of hooks as she is at the moment, and she ends up with a number of them stuck in her. It's painful enough that she can barely focus. Fortunately, she can still make out his movements against the hull of the boat even though it's wood. It's faint, but there. She spits out some mud, and an earthen hand and grave forms, the hand reaching out to try and grab Kenri and pull him back.

Boar gets stabbed by the blades, stabbing into various parts of his body. It'll take a while to get the hooks out. He 'was' going to pull out his blades and go killer B on this guy, but the pain plus the stealthy way he's getting away isn't allowing Boar to do this today. He winces, holding one arm against one of his worse cuts. If this guy is bugging out of here, there's not much else to do. He kicks the water, spraying out in front of him, then closes his eyes. He's getting basted and that's not a good idea. Boar isn't going to win them all, and maybe not even most. It's best to learn from this and find this guy at a later date. He's alive now, that's a minor win in itself considering the damage he got and the speed at which he was given it. It could have been worse. Still, he looks farther down where Michiko and Rise is, they're still perusing this guy. He'd follow, but he's got too many wounds to continue his pursuit. He pulls a kunai out, spinning it in his fingers and starts to dig out some hooks.

Down and down and down she went, straight into a watery abyss. Rise recovers quickly and makes a break for the surface. She gasps for air the moment she breaks through. However, her reprieve turns out to be a short one. A simple turn of her head helped her avoid the bait without breaking her concentration on locating their target. As soon as she did, Rise climbed back atop the surface and pursued, forming seals as she went. She meant to call out for Boar to follow, but seeing him busy digging out hooks prompted her to focus back on the prey. Twice Kenri would feel pressure weighing him down, though the second came with an omnious feeling. Something evil was approaching rapidly from behind…

It was pretty obvious at this point that fighting in the open seas against so many people was going to cause problems. As Michiko's attacks rolled on in he simply leaps out into the water, the grave attempts to swallow up portions of the boat instead. "There not going to give up… I'm as good as dead," Kenji mutters quietly under his breath before finally he raises his hands defensively. "Alright! You guys win, I'm not interested in dying here…"Kenji grumbles… The harsh reality was without his boat he would be long dead anyways. " Promise not to kill me and I will go along quietly… I don't want to be shark food,"

Michiko eyes Kenri for a moment, wondering if he's actually serious. The fact of the matter was that they really were in the middle of the ocean. If he tried to escape, he'd have to have enough chakra to walk to land or he'd have to hijack a boat. And considering his condition, he was probably not going to do either. "Fair enough… We'll have to tie you up, though, just to make sure you don't try to escape when we reach the shore," Michiko would reply, still not letting her guard down.

Michiko glances to Rise and Ryouji, saying, "Watch him… Make sure he truly doesn't try to escape…" She would move, then, so that she was behind Kenri, binding him around the wrists so he couldn't try anything. "Don't resist, please," she would say. If he did try to escape, then he'd have to deal with the other two anyway.

This guy rips Boar and his comrads apart and then he gives up? Boar's hand reaches for his sword after removing a painful hook and dropping it in the water. He glares at the guy for a while, his bloody hand flinches and clenches as if stopping himself from doing something. ~This guy hurt you, Ryouji, why not end his life? He's going to cause trouble later, it'd be better if he was dead now. Besides, it is dead or alive still, right?~ Boar closes his eyes tight, banishing those thoughts. He nods to Fox and grips the blade with his left hand, almost pulling it out so he can guard Kenri at blade point. That might not be such a good idea, way to tempting. So his other hand grabs his left and the hand lets go of the sword.

Rise didn't say a word herself, but instead gave Michiko a sidelong glance. The mask made it impossible to read the girl's feelings ahead of time, so Rise remained at the ready to punch Kenri's lights within moments. Upon hearing the new orders, Rise followed them to the letter. Her mouth in particular is clamped shut in fear of Kenri getting nervous, what with her having shark-like teeth and all. Temptation gnaws on Rise fiercely once Kenri is bound properly. This was another man of the sea, so perhaps…

Rise subtly shook her head, dismissing the odd ball question and asking something more 'sane' in favor of it.

And just like tha tthe metal bindings found its way along Kenji's body, hugging him snug and closely so that he may not escape ever again. A slight sigh does escape his lips as he merely shrugs his shoulders at this point. It was pretty pointless going against what was inevitable. And he truly didn't want to die… "This is my best option. I'll be nice and not resist, fishermans honor," Kenji explains with a slight bow of his head.

Michiko nods, saying, "Good" and leads Kenri to the boat that she and the other Kumo-Nin took out to the seas. "Boar. Rise-san. We're heading back. If you have any injuries, I'll tend to you on the way back. One of us should keep an eye on him at all times until we turn him in," Fox tells the others. When they're back in the boat, the driver would take them back, and Michiko would heal where she was pierced by the hooks. Then she would heal Ryouji.

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