The Usual Suspects - Out of Time


Michiko, Hiei, Yori, Naruko, Hisomu, Hanami, Asato

Date: June 19, 2015


Kumo takes down the last of the more common criminals that had escaped so many months ago. While three are still out there (Ox King, Goat, and Captain), they’ve taken down who they could.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Usual Suspects - Out of Time"

Land of Lightning

It's been days… weeks… months, even, since the escape of 37 prisoners. Since then, 27 were captured, various nations assisting in such. Kiri had 8, Suna and Konoha had 1, and Kumo had gotten the others. And now, Kumo is working on cleaning up the final pieces of their mess. Excluding The Goat, The Captain, and The Ox King, seven criminals remained to be captured. These seven have finally been found in a single location to the west of Kumogakure. They created a secret base that was located by Kumo-intelligence (such as Yori and Michiko), and it's been noted that they were planning to break out others that were within the prison.
Acting swiftly, Michiko decided to send a large team. And, knowing he was getting a bit antsy, Yotsuki Hiei was going to be a part of the team. He had the last word on everything, of course, but naturally he could assign another to give out the orders.
The group would have been told to meet at the gates of the village. They needed to travel quickly, so horses were strongly recommended but not necessary. The day was young, sun just peeking over the horizon since the meeting time is shortly after dawn.

After spending so much time inactive, Hiei was chomping at the bit to do /something/. The last time he'd even fought anything was when that lizard creature attacked the village. And he only really got a taste of blood then. So when the opportunity came about for this mission, he added himself to the roster. After having his warhorse Snake Eyes saddled for him, Hiei is at the gate at the appropriate meeting time. He's wearing his normal shinobi gear, the hilt of his two chakra swords peeking over his right shoulder. Mounting his horse, he looks around to see who else has answered the call. He smiles faintly as he decides that he wasn't going to lead this mission. He would give that right to someone else. Someone he had in mind already.

Yori had helped in locating this band of criminals and was not entirely surprised when he was asked to attend the mission. He would have his notes on each of the criminals, after all, and would be able to help out in that way if nothing else. Borrowing a horse from the stables, the boy arrived at the front gates at the appointed time and stopped to bow deeply to Hiei once he saw the Raikage. "Raikage-dono. I, um, didn't know you were coming on this mission." Only a little bit of surprise there, but, hey, Hiei hadn't been on a mission that Yori knew of in quite a while!

Hanami got the summons and suited up, making sure she had all her gear packed and ready to go. Once done she heads out on time, meeting up with Yori and Hiei, giving the two a wave, "Hey there. What a surprise to see you on this mission Raikage sir."

Having been called out to this mission, Hisomu frowns as she approaches, not sure what to say. She looks at Michiko and then Hiei as she approaches. She clears her throat and then waves to both before approaching Michiko sheepishly, "I'm glad to see you are ok." She nods her head and then looks bakc over at the area around. She then looks to Michiko again, "It is good you have recovered." She nods again before looking at Hanami and Yori. She nods to Yori and then looks down at her feet.

Naruko soon approached also, mostly followed by Hisomu. A soft sigh escapes her lips as she considers exactly what needed to happen. "These are the last criminals right? What sort of battle level are we expecting?" Naruko asks out loud. reading over a small scroll and politely resting an arm over Hisomu's shoulder, more so using her as an arm rest if she didn't refuse. " Raikage-sama is here so this should be ezpeasy."

Michiko stood at the entrance, not quite awake. She didn't need to be, though. She wasn't going on this mission. "Ganbatte, Hisomu-san." The girl gives the Hebisuuhai a small pat on the back. Then turns to the team. "I'm just here to see you all off. In terms of these criminals… Deal with them how you wish, Hiei-san. I personally suggest death so they can never escape again, but that's neither here nor there." Then she looks at the others. "This is the final batch of your typical criminals. Some have been Jounin-level. Some have been weaker. Others have been stronger. Regardless, this journey is about to end. The group today is mixed. Which is why you all have been selected." Then she offers a bow. "And since I'm just here to see you off, good luck, and I await the mission report." Then she disappears into the ground.

Hiei smiles at those gathered before he looks at Yori. "Well, not really. You see I'm not the Raikage on this mission. I'm just a village Jounin." He swings into Snake Eyes' saddle and transfers his swords from his back to the custom sheathes on the saddle itself. He picks up the reigns. "For this mission, Yori is our leader. And I expect everyone to follow his orders as if you would mine. That includes me. So.." He turns to the younger shinobi. "Lead on, Yori-Taicho." He flashes him a smile, knowing that he's probably freaking out right about….now.

Yori's eyes widen as he hears Hiei's words and he's pretty sure his heart lept up and out his throat and is halfway to Kiri by now. There's no sound for a second but he somehow manages to pull himself together and quickly bows to Hiei. "H-hai…" he says with a little less conviction than he should probably have. The youth watches the others arrive, then Michiko leave, taking the time to calm his nerves and get his head in the right place. Or as right as possible at this point. After people are all there and such he mounts up and waves to the others to get their attention. "It's going to be a few hours hard ride," he says, his voice a tad shaky but all in all there doesn't appear to be a heart attack in his future. "Raikage-dono and I will take point, Naruko-san please take the rear. There shouldn't be anything between us and them but just in case be on the lookout." A deep breath as his still slightly widened eyes scan the group…"Questions?"

Hanami stands quietly, smiling a bit at the announcement of Yori being in charge. When it's clear he's working on getting everyone together she thoughtfully listens then shakes her head when he asks about any questions. She was worried about this mission, with so many enemies together but then again Hiei was here along the others, so not too bad.

And then Michiko is gone and…Yori is in charge? Well, that makes perfect sense. Just like a fish flying through the air, a bird burrowing into the ground, and moles of the sea. She nods simply and then raises her hand, "So, am I to assume the rest of us just kinda line up in the middle?" She then prepares for the journey and climbs up on to a horse that seems particuarly unhappy and skittish with her on it.

"Hai, Yori-taichou!" Naruko spouts as he mentions for her to take things by the rear. "Nothing like making sure the rear is safe and sound. You never know when someone might come up from behind and…" Well she pauses at that point and just short of slips back. Behind the group. She too was on horseback, clicking along the path as she waited for everyone to slip on ahead of them.

The group would begin to travel, following whatever it was that Yori ordered them to do! (hopefully). Considering the Raikage is with them, they probably should follow his orders. The journey itself is nothing special, and it gives them plenty of time to prepare and strategize. Of all people present, Yori should remember the Intel that he, Michiko, and the others were able to gather while investigating this place. It was a very plain, two-story compound from above-ground, but it extended deeper than many might realize on first glance. A total of five floors stood below, all created by earth jutsu. There was even a stream nearby that ran its course, giving the inhabitants fresh water. And what they needed for food… Well, that's another story.
Those who ran the place were those who ran the mill that the compound was so cleverly disguised as, which is probably why it escaped detection for so long. Who knows how it was overlooked! But normalcy is probably the best disguise.

Upon arriving at the location specified in the mission parameters. Hiei brings his horse to a slow stop a little ways away from the building. It didn't look like much, but that was probably by design. Though Yori was in charge of the mission, that doesn't stop Hiei from doing what he would normally do. Try to spot anything amiss and to sense for the strongest chakra signature. While he waits for any orders from Yori, he does just that, not bothering to dismount until their team leader gives him a task to do.

Yori would have filled in the team on what informatino was known on the location while they traveled, from the mill and it's apparent owners to what they knew of the underground tunnels. When they got close Yori would call for a stop so that they could figure out what it is they wanted to do. With the task clearly of making sure no one escaped, the best plan was, of course, to make sure all possible exits were covered.
"We'll cover both entrances of the mill with myself and Asato-san at the front, and Naruko-san and Hisomu-san at the back. There is only one entrance into the tunnels beneath and it's through the mill. Hiei-san," at this point Yori pulls out a sketch of the information on the tunnels, "just behind those rocks is where the tunnel ends beneath. I would like you to make a new opening there as loudly as you can to cause confusion. It will also force some people to flee. We will clear the mill at the same time and begin working our way through the main entrance. I expect that the stronger of our adversaries will come to the explosion point while the others below will try to flee so that the tunnels don't collapse, including some of the wewaker prisoners."

Agreeing with the assessment by Yori, Hisomu takes a breath and looks back in the way they came. She frowns and grinds her teeth a little before she looks to Hiei. She finally simply nods and starts over next to Naruko and smiles a little to her before looking down and looking at her feet. She grips her fists tight before looking up at the area where they are to enter after eveyrone else.

Naruko nodded off to her orders, knowing fully well what was necessary at this point. She smiles off next to Hisomu and merely begins to ready herself. Focusing her chakra and turning her eyes back upon Hisomu. " Alright let's get going, we should be bgood to go, Hisomu-chan…" Naruko states slightly thumbing at her cheek. She wasn't too worried about things going forward.

Asato was frankly surpised that Yori had been selected as team leader by the /Raikage/, of all people. He wasn't one to outright object to the Raikage's decisions, but he was curious exactly what he had planned, with this one. Observing the plain-looking mill, Asato nodded as Yori spoke. So they would be taking the front…. Excellent. Right in the action. "You got it," he says to the kid with a glance and the slightest wink. If they were gonna do this, might as well do it with a bang.

As Hiei gets his orders from Yori, he slides down off his horse and turns to him. "Boss, I sense three strong chakra signatures in the area. Two are down below the buidling in the tunnels, the other one is way off in that direction." He points north. "Still, I haven't been able to detect any anomalies in the structure itself. Guess they went all out to make it look legit." He nods. "Now, I'm off to make you a very big hole."
Hiei forms a handseal. "Release: Lightning Movement." A light blue aura surrounds his legs before he smiles at Yori and the next moment there is a gust of wind where he was only moments before. The Raikage's speed is legendary, and this is only a fraction of it. Reaching his target area quickly, he leaps high into the air and begins to spin, the soles of his feet light up and glow along with sparks of lightning surrounding them. When he impacts the ground there is an earth shattering KABOOM, and the area is blasted out into a huge crater. That would definitely get their attention.

After everyone seems to understand their orders and prepare, Yori dismounts and makes sure the horses are all far enough away to be out of danger before motioning for the others to follow. The trip to the mill isn't long and they arrive just as the Raikage makes his very loud explosion. Right on time. The boy takes in a calming breath as he looks over to Asato, then nods before turning to the front entrance. Raising his arm, the elongated sleeve slides back, showing lightning around his vambrace before he hits the door, shattering it invward. Confusion time!

A look to Asato to wait for him to follow the plan and go after Yori, Hisomu races in afterward to pull up the rear, looking back a little to see if anyone was going to be followign them besides Naruko. She is prepared for whatever might come next, just watching the scene as it unfolds to find out where she might best fit.

"This should be easy," Naruko states as she 'poofs' up a clone of herself and shoves it forward. Within a just a few seconds the clone bumps into the door from the rear and explodes in a massive fireball. Hopefully taking the door along with it. "We will storm it asap, Hisomu-chan. Get ready…and don't restrain yourself. These guys mean business,"

With that large *BOOM*, the whole structure rattles. It's enough time for people to start getting into position, on Kumo's side. In terms of the enemy, two people rush out of the front entrance. Or at least they would if Yori hadn't broken the door down… Inside, there would be a man and woman, the man looking scared but determined while the woman looked flat out scared. "Wh-who are you?!" asks the man, raising his fists as if e could totally fight Yori and Asato by himself. "And why're you here?!"
Then Naruko and Hisomu charge in through the back, and the woman there spins in her spot and taps her husband twice to indicate that two more have come in. Well, dang… They seem a bit outnumbered. "Umm… Could you please pay for the damages?" she asks unhappily towards the Uzumaki that is revealed after the flames disappear.
Hiei would notice the chakra signatures he sensed were on the move. The signatures flared as their owners flexed their chakra and prepared for a fight. Near where Hiei had stomped into the ground, he would find the end of the tunnel system leading into a passageway that had many branches. Fortunately (and somehow…) there are lights installed.

After the dust settles from the impact of his jutsu. Hiei climbs out of the crater and walks into the tunnel. He picks up a stick and blows on the end of it, causing it to catch on fire. Using it as a torch, even though there are lights, he walks inside. Stretching his senses out again, he moves towards where the two charka spikes are. They're expecting a fight now, and the Raikage would have it no other way. He briefly wonders how he can report this to Yori, but he figures he'd find out anyway once the fireworks began.

"We know you're harboring fugitive criminals. Give yourselves up now and you won't be harmed," Yori tells the two that are standing near the entrances. He motions for Hisomu and Naruko to keep going towards the tunnel entrance since there aren't exactly any dangers up here at the moment. Asato he sends to check the second floor to make sure no one is hiding. With that done he pulls out some wire to tie up the two inside the mill unless they try and fight. In which case he'll just have to knock 'em senseless. But now the main part of the play is in motion; both the main entrance and the newly created ones are blocked by powerful Kumo nin. There is no possible escape.

Looking at Naruko as she blows up the back door. She walks in and then she looks at the other girl before looking at the people inside. She glances at the people in there one to the other before looking at Naruko, "I'm not sure me cutting loose is wise." She tehn swallows before looking at the couple, "We'll pay you with your lives if you reveal the fugitives." She nods her head, "Or in this case you may be fugitives yourself given your part in this."

"If this wasn't a mission specifically sanctioned by Kumogakure intelligence I would believe you…" Naruko states as the woman while eyeing them both. "We are going to have to restrain you as this is a hostile environment. You won't be hurt… unless you resist." Naruko states pretty calmly as she reaches out with her hand, a blue flame shifts out in the form of a massive paw, catching them aflame and 'burning'. It was a cold fire though, sapping away at their internal heat to freeze them in place. Uncomfortable by not painful. "Hisomu-chan, want to wrap them up in something a little more sturdy?"

The two look like they're about to resist, but then Naruko is able to grab them and drain them of their energy. The two weren't really expecting that, and it allows the whole group to get them pair tied up. Well, that worked well. While Asato explores the floor, he would find no one. However, there are a number of weapons areas. Places devoted to swords, rooms devoted to armor. It looked like this place was fixing to supply an army!
As Hiei went on the move, he would find no one for quite some time. Then the ground would tumble a bit, and a hand made of earth would shoot out from behind the Raikage to try and grab him! Somehow, the jutsuist knew exactly where the Yotsuki was, too, as no matter how many times he tried to dodge it, it would continue to try and grab him.

Hiei attempts to dodge and block the jutsu attempts. Some of them he is successful with, one of them he just punches the earth and shatters the hand, but eventually he's caught. And he's already figured out how he's being tracked. You don't work with an earth jutsuist for years and not know the nature of their abilities. For now, he remains silent. Hopefully, now that he's caught, they'd show him their faces.

Sadly there is nothing known about the Raikage and, well, perhaps Yori's faith in him is too high, but then what /can't/ the Raikage do? That will be something to take into account for future missions if they survive. When Naruko saps the strength of the two he quickly ties them up, nodding his thanks to the Uzumaki. Then he leads the way to the tunnel entrance based on where their information said it was and throws open the entrance, looking down before motioning for the others to preceed him. "Be watchful," he tells them softly. "We have information on the escapees but not on anyone that may have joined them."

Helping to tie up the pair, Hisomu looks to Naruko with a nod. Then she nods to Yori, too. She follows after Yori to the tunnel entrance and keeps her eyes open. She's not got some kind of special senses, she's just good at keeping her eyes open and does just that.

Naruko sagenods back to Hisomu and Yori. "Thanks, Maybe Asato can make sure no one else gets out while we go in deeper.." Naruko then just keeps closely behind Hisomu. Not using her senses to seek anything out, she just wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to the girl and Yori combined… Her focus was on being protective. " Two down… Let's get moving…"

Before Hiei comes a man, one of the escaped criminals. On his face is a rather sadistic grin. "Well, if it isn't the Raikage himself! You put me in that jail, did you know that? I've gotten stronger since then, though… Watch!" Then he changes handseals, and the earth around Hiei begins to squeeze his bones, crushing the man. It would really only hurt him, not kill. But it would definitely be painful!
The group that just entered the tunnels would find themselves with nothing to do until they came upon a rather large clearing within the tunnels. Men would begin to surround them, all armed with swords. The tunnels were spacious, so they had plenty of room to fight without fear of getting a weapon caught on the walls. The men start charging headlong into the fray, slashing at the Saito and both Jinchuuriki.

Hiei tilts his head to the side, a look of pain on his face as the man addresses him. He listens to him gloat and Hiei winces as if the rock really was crushing him. "I did know that. And I can tell that you've gotten a lot stronger. There's only one problem though." Hiei's facial features change rapidly and he flexes his muscles, exploding out of the earth coffin. "I'm the Raikage. I hope that wasn't your most powerful jutsu." Hiei explodes into action, aiming a lightning infused elbow towards his face, and then brings a knee towards his gut.

Yori nods agreement with Naruko, leaving Asato to do just that. He gets to guard the entrance. Then he follows after the other two, a look of grim determintion on his features. Once they hit the clearing he realizes they're surrounded and quickly moves to block the sword strikes with his vambrace. "Take them down as quickly as possible. We need to keep moving further in." He instructs, though such instructions probably aren't really all that necessary. He turns on the men that attacked him and starts letting loose with a number of metal covered blows.

The sudden attack nearly strikes HIsomu as she uses the earth to move her back and out of the way of the attack. She then makes another gesture but not in time! Oh wait, the poof is a clone being hit and Hisomu is actually off to the side making mire hand gestures. Attacking an earth user in a tunnel is pretty poor planning. She makes several gestures and then creates pillars from above and below to try to smash the poor man who attacked her right between the columns. She then spits out a spray of green fluid upon the man to attempt to finish him off or flat out kill him if he isn't killed by the Earth.

Blades wasn't Naruko was expecting, but what happened happened. "Ugh.." Naruko groans as blood spills from the side of her arm, she counter attacks moving forward with a series of 4 succession kicks. "Leaf whirlwind!" Naruko exclaims as hopefully her kicks hit their mark, a gust of wind bellowing along with her as she applies her jutsu soon after… " Let's not waste time!" Naruko shouts in advanced.

Perhaps the people who were trying to strike the trio were a bit full of themselves. Perhaps… They just really sucked at fighting. Whatever the case, they weren't very good at avoiding getting hit. Yori's vambraces struck his opponents sword once… twice… Third time's the charm! The man ends up hit in the stomach, which forces him to collapse. A few more blows rain down and he's curled up and surrendering. Metal-covered strikes hurt!
Hisomu's pillars… Well, the one from below is avoided, but then the poor (?) guys gets brained in the head and couvered with that nasty poisonous green spit. 1 Hisomu, 0 Baddies. Naruko's enemy seems pretty cheerful that he got in a strike, dancing backwards and taunting the Uzumaki, only to get struck by one of those leaf whirlwinds and falling onto his face. The wind takes care of the rest of him, slashing his body enough that he will likely pass out or die from blood-loss.
Hiei's guy blinks a bit and flails mentally. "Wait, yer not supposed to- *ZAP*" The lightning-charged elbow crushes the man's noses and blood is all over his front, spit out at Hiei when the dude is kicked in the gut. Well, that was probably way too easy for Hiei, but it was probably super fun. Everyone is able to advance further into the tunnel system. Hiei's chakra-radar would probably ping up the two other strong chakra-users. one above, one below.

Hiei finishes off his guy by stomping on his face. Bones crunch. Then he continues downwards, looking for the next ping from his chakra radar. He takes a moment to wipe the blood off is elbow from the guy's nose. The expression on his face indicates that he's not happy. His blood was ignited from the last guy, and he wants to spill more of it. Reaching behind him, he silently draws his katana, and then holds it loosely in his right hand as he continues towards his next challenge.

With the destruction of these fools completely Yori motions for the otheres to follow him as he heads further down the tunnels. According to the map the main entrance and the new one that Hiei opened up should converge right about…here. "Raikage-dono," Yori says as he sees him, sounding relieved that he's okay. See, nothing can hurt the Raikage! He follows after the man as the tunnel deepens, ready to defend and strike as necessary.

Nodding with a small grin as she watches her opponent fall, she spits on him one more time with some poison. He'll die a slow death probably. She then looks at Naruko and nods to her as she finishes hers off when they are off again. As she spots the Raikage, she gives him a nod as well. Now she is considering where they are moving, "This seems to be going well." She nods her head as they move along. Perhaps there'll be no need to truly cut loose?

"With the Raikage here there isn't much to worry about eh?" Naruko states as she looks over towards Hiei with a slight grin. True enough Naruko felt she was in pretty safe hands, not that everyone else was competent. "Combined with the rest of us we are pretty much an unstoppable force." She doesn't say much after that, instead she snugs an arm around Hisomu, offering her a slight hug and just motions along.

As the three continue on, well, now four since Hiei joined them, they get to continue on with their travels. That little ping from above that Hiei would sense suddenly flares with the usage of chakra, and a sound could be heard. A sort of… rumbling. Since they aren't all that far from the entrance, they have very little time to react to the torrent of water that's coming down towards them! Oh no, it might wash them away! As soon as the water passes them by, they would feel a tingling sensation, and lightning would travel through the water, aiming to shock everyone!

As Hiei joins the rest of the team, he offers them a nod before giving his report to Yori. "Earth user surprised me with the demon graves technique. I'll admit, it would have gotten me if I hadn't faced it so many times from Michiko. Who says sparring doesn't teach you anything?" He adds. "He's dead by the way. Got his head smashed. Such a shame." As they continue down the corridor, Hiei pauses at the grumbling. "Sounds like water. Head's up." He leaps up into the air and flips, his feet sticking to the ceiling of the cave. He then flattens himself to avoid the lightning that follows. With a look of concern, he watches to see if anyone else gets hurt.

Yori nods to Hiei as they move, "This is now the only way out, at least currently unless they make another hole somewhere. Nothing should be able to get past us." When the water starts coming Yori hears it as well, but doesn't need to say anything since Hiei already had. The boy follows after his sensei's own movements, vanishing a moment before appearing on the ceiling. "Water and lightning users…" that matches some of the other escapees, so it would make sense. He looks around to try and spot the actual people that used the jutsu.

Blinking at teh one armed hug from Naruko, Hisomu looks over at her with a few more blinks. She then smiles ever so slightly before she looks forward at the water incoming. She then blinks and makes a couple of seals before she ducks down. The earth itself domes around her and covers her completely. She waits till after the crackling sound ends and she stands up before looking forward and around herself, considering the area around, "Where did that come from?"

As the water came flushing further towards all of them Naruko vanshioned also, swallowed up by the gushing lightning waters until Naruko explodes in a puff of flames. The real Naruko reappeared behind Hisomu's dome.. A soft sigh escaping her lips. "For Kami's sake… They are going to keep flooding us until we can get closer…" Naruko wasn't sure what to do at this moment…at least without burying them all alive at the moment…
Thinking that the group would be vaporized at this point, some huge guy comes bowling into the area, the man's body acting as a huge ball that seeks to squish everyone. "Heeerreeee Iiiiiii Cooooooommeeee" he yells as he comes crashing down through the tunnel system. Oh boy… This won't be fun. The two Jutsuists have decided to hide out on the floor just above the four Kumo-nin, waiting for their companion to clean up that mess before they sneak off. Sure, four of their friends may be dead, but this case was every man for himself.

Hiei watches as an Akimichi reject comes bowling through the area. He runs along the wall and then performs a corkscrew flip between the space of the guy and the cave wall itself. Untucking and landing on his feet, Hiei forms handseals before channeling his lightning through his sword. A huge bolt of lightning lances off the tip of his blade as he says. "I've had about enough of these guys. They are really starting to clock me off."

That's a big Akimichi, and unfortunately it's too big and he's in a bad spot to try and escape. He gets hit but manages to push off so he doesn't actually get crushed, landing a little ways off. Yori can't help but agree with Hiei. These people were getting mighty annoying. The boy follows up behind Hiei's lightning strike, lightning filling his vambraces once more as he strikes fast and hard at the rolling creature. Hope it likes lightning.

Smashing into a wall due to the incoming Akimichi, Hisomu groans in pain as she watches him roll on and then watches the others rush after him. She grumbles and pushes out chakra, flowing it around her body as she draws upon a degree of the seven tails chakra. She then growls softly and attempts to send two pillars, one from below and one from above to smash into the Akimichi for his actions.

A shadow clone was ready avaliable to help Naruko not receive the brunt of the attack. It did end up poofing after getting crushed however. Naruko used this time to come up with her own attack, forming a sphere of chakra with the help of matatabi, she forged it and quickly began to move forward, hoping the combined attack would force the Akimchi away, and follow through with a rather contained explosion. " Hikyuugan!" Naruko exclaims attempting to plant the sphere home.

Well, with all the attacks, the Akimichi is a bit…. toast. And that's putting it mildly. There's really no way for him to avoid all the attacks, lightning flowing through his body and keeping him from moving all that much. And Hisomu and Naruko have some good teamwork going, the pillars slowing him so that Naruko can come in with the fire orb, which KOs the Akimichi. The dude deflates, leaving a wilted figure in his place. Two more to go, but Hiei might be able to tell that the signatures are fleeing.

Hiei sheathes his sword after using it as a lightning rod. He turns to look at everyone else. "Everyone alright?" There is a look of concern on his face. Afterall, the last mission he was on..Yuzuna died. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if someone died on this one. He'd probably do something stupid like quit being Raikage and move to his beach house in the Land of Tea. "I can still sense the other two. They're running away down this corridor. If we're quick, we can still catch them." He reaches out to slap Yori on the shoulder. "Come on, Boss." Then he takes off running down the cave, arms flung out behind him.

"Hai," Yori responds to the Raikage, his usual uncertainty stowed away from now as he instead focuses on the task at hand, his mind in the game so to speak. He follows after Hiei, moving at top speed to get the last two escapees before they can escape again! Everyone looked okay for now at least. They would have to take stock injuries later but for now, there was some more death to be dealin'.

Looking at the others, Hisomu grumbles a little as she brushes off and looks at the others, "We must move." Her voice is filtered slightly by the fact that she is in her first level cloak. She keeps it together though as she looks to the Kage and Yori. She then creates a hand seal and races after them by moving the earth under her feet as she races after them using ninjutsu as she is faster that way.

"Are you okay…Hisomu-chan?" Naruko asks curiously as she watches her with a hint of worry. The cloak was about… Hopefully things wouldn't press much more or else they'd have to deal with Hisomu once again this time around. Nevertheless she continues forward, slightly scratching her head. "I wonder if everything is okay outside the tunnel… Just a few more bad guys right? Let's make sure we bring them down as quick as possible…"

Asato had spent too long on the inside. He'd been ordered to stay at his post and catch any that escaped, but he /heard/ what was going on down there, and he didn't like the sound of it. "Date this," he growled as he finally turned and took off down into the tunnel to join the others. There wasn't nobody coming his way, so they must all be trapped down there. And like /hell/ he was gonna let that lot get all the action. Following the trail of bodies, Asato was quick to find the rest of the group, approaching Yori from behind and clapping him on the shoulder firmly. "I'm right here, oyabun. Let's finish 'em off."

Hiei turns to glance behind as Asato joins them. "Glad to see you've caught up. We've got two on the move." He turns to face Yori. "I can catch them faster. I'll be able to slow them down enough so that you can catch up with us quickly. We can't afford to let them get away, but I'll only do it on your order." Throughout the entire mission, Hiei has followed Yori's orders to the letter. If he denied him, he would maintain his current speed. But if he gives him the go ahead, he'd stop holding back and activate his Lightning Aura to catch up with them in a fraction of the time.

Yori looks back as Asato reappears, offering the man a small smile and a nod before looking back to Hiei. "Hai Raikage-dono. Please do it. We'll catch up to you as fast as we can. We don't want them to get away." Orders so given even Yori pushes himself to run faster, to try and close the time gap between when Hiei gets there and the rest of the group does.

When Hiei catches up to the two runners, they both pale a bit. Then they stop, drop, and cower. "Ahhh… We surrender," one says weakly, the man holding his hands up so that Hiei can arrest them. The arrival of more Kumo-nin encourages his partner to surrender, too. In the end, the group of Kumo-nin are able to apprehend these escaped convicts and take them back to the prison cell where they belong! A successful mission that marks the almost-end of the Escaped Prisoners Arc. Now, if only the Trio could be found… Then that would put an end to this for good.

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