The Whole World's Going to the Dogs part 2


Kaido, Atsuro

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"The Whole World's Going to the Dogs part 2"

Training Area #26 - Chuunin Training [Konohagakure]

It's a few weeks since Atsuro first taught Kaido the basics of the Shadow Clone technique and since then, Kaido's been practicing it diligently, being careful not to overdo it. He's called Atsuro here because he wants some more instruction and his two nin-ken have also been working on their own version. He waits, having replenished all his chakra before calling Atsuro over.

Hands shoved in his pants pockets, Atsuro strolls into the training area, followed shortly by Taizen. "Hi," says Atsuro as he walks up to the three of them. Taizen woofs to them in greeting. "So," says Atsuro through a grin, "My brilliant instructions weren't enough for you to have the whole thing figured out in a few hours? Hm, weeeeeell…" He shakes his head. "That's fine, I guess. So then, what seems to be the problem?"

Kaido makes a face at Atsuro and says, "If it was THAT easy, everyone would be able to do it…" He sighs, "I can get as far as making a clone that /LOOKS/ like me, but I can't seem to make him /LIKE/ me or act independant of me and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong honestly." He takes a breath, gathers a good amount of chakra and makes the hand seals for Shadow Clone and out comes a double of Kaido, but, like he says, more of a shadow, than an actual clone.

Nodding, Atsuro watches as Kaido makes the lacking clone. He waits for a moment to see exactly what it is the clone can and can't do, eyes narrowing slightly as he watches its less than overwhelming performance. "I think," he says, "that you're thinking of this move too much like the basic clone technique. Remember that this isn't just an illusion; it's like a… fragment of you, mind and all. If you just focus on making the form, you'll get the form, but it won't have a mind of its own. You need to copy your mind as well as your body."

Kaido listens to what Atsuro has to say and frowns, "Copy my mind as well? Huh…" He pauses to try and think through how he can do that. Finally he takes a breath and tries again, he's only going to have enough chakra for 2 more attempts after this before he will be too drained to continue. Once again he makes the seals and this time as he releases the chakra, he focuses on his mind being transfered over, trusting in his skill at copying his body to work properly.

"Something like that," Atsuro says, nodding, "Really, the jutsu /wants/ to bring your mind over with it too. It's really just a matter of making sure that your mind is open and free for the copying. So try not to be too distracted—and that includes focusing too much on the shape of the clone to the exclusion of everything else." He steps back and waits to see how the clone turns out.

Kaido turns and then… looks at himself and goes, "Did it work?" Clone-Kaido goes, "Well, DUH! And you say you're the best strategist in Konoha." Original-Kaido makes a face and says, "Oh, ha… ha… I get enough lip from Bandit, now I gotta take it from my clone?" Clone-Kaido smirks, "Hey, it's not everyday I get to harrass myself!" Both Kaidos turn to Atsuro and say in unison, "Wweellll?"

Atsuro lets loose a small sigh as Kaido forms a comedy duo with… himself. "Don't quit your day job," he says, deciding to play along in the least compliant manner possible. "And don't quit practicing either, but that wasn't too bad. Keep on doing whatever you did there, and you'll have the technique more or less down. Of course, I hope the clones will be a little more… focused in an actual combat situation."

Kaido releases the clone and says, "I think I have the idea down, now it's a matter of practice, and yes, I'll be more focused once I have the technique down perfectly and I can do it every single time correctly. But that'll be a few weeks from now, at any rate." He takes a breath and tries one more time, wanting to leave a bit of a chakra reserve in case he needs to go on an emergency mission or something of that nature.

"Yep." Atsuro nods as Kaido mentions the practice taking a number of weeks. "Like I said before, the technique drains chakra from you like nothing else. And as I'm sure you're experiencing, that makes for short, short training sessions." He grins, "But at least they don't last long enough to get boring, eh?" Since he backed off to an acceptable distance earlier, he doesn't need to step back as Kaido makes another set of seals. When this clone appears, he gives a low whistle. "Hey," he says, "Not bad."

Kaido and Clone-Kaido grin and give each other high fives and Bandit speaks up, "Oh great… it was bad enough when there's one of them… but two?" Bolt just looks between the two of them and says, ~I can't even tell them apart!~ Clone-Kaido moves experimentally and does a few very light techniques and Kaido says, "Wow… that's… different, I feel like I'm in two places at once!"

Atsuro shrugs. "You sorta are," he points out, "It's a useful technique for scouting, if you're willing to spend that much chakra. Make a clone, send it into that scary enemy base. It gets whacked and you get the memories of the whacking. Hopefully ones that tell you what happened and what to look out for. If not, well… you wasted a whole lot of chakra." He shrugs. "Anyway. It seems like we've solved that problem. Need any other tips from Atsuro-sensei?"

Kaido shakes his head and as he dissolves the clone says to Atsuro, "Nope, I think I have the basic idea down, now I just need to practice and get it down so that I can do it every single time without fail. That'll take the most time I think, anyways, thanks a lot… this technique will be super useful to me!"

"No problem," says Atsuro, "Don't overdo it now." He glances over to Bandit and Bolt. "Just imagine having these guys drag you into the hospital. When you regain consciousness, you have to shamefully admit to the doctor that you just used your techniques too much." He grins, "That should provide the proper motivation, shouldn't it?" He waves as he turns around. "See you later." Taizen woofs a goodbye and they head out of the training field.

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