Fortune and Infamy - The Will and the Way


Reina, Nanashi, Shemri (as Bea)

Date: August 11, 2014


The critical will signing has come, when Daichi inherits a part of the entertainment district in Fuuma Alley.

"Fortune and Infamy - The Will and the Way"

Fuuma Alley

It's the day to fulfill the will of "Daichi's" father. And in fact, no one has managed to assassinate Daichi in that time. It'd be fairly routine. Daichi, his brother Saito, and his business partner Takeda would show up to oversee it. If any legal objections or questions should be raised, now would be the time to say it. Saito and Takeda's attorneys show up, as well as Daichi and two Hakumei members. But of Saito and Takeda themselves, there is no sign. They wait in silence. One hour goes past the deadline, two, four, and five. Both attorneys give assurances their clients will be here.

The room is a spacious office, luxuriously decorated and furnished. Reina, sitting in a chair, drums her fingers against the armrest. Her face is neutral, showing neither pleasure nor distress. She's hardly spoken in five hours. If the two don't show up, Daichi would get the casinos uncontested.

Sitting in his chair with a glass of tea in hand, 'Daichi' seems to eye the clock as well as the door fairly often. As the hours go on, he seems to start to relax a bit more. This is almost too easy… Of course, if this goes over easily enough, they will pretty much have this in the bag. Then again, this seems like a perfect way to setup an assassination attempt so that things get jumbled up between the brother and the business partner until there's only one left, thus he does his best to stay on his toes.


Bea's booted heel raps a staccato beat on the floor as she sits in a chair that's a bit too small for her. >.< Some instinctive urge makes her want to pass the time by singing a song from the GLORIOUS MOTHERLAND, but she doesn't know which glorious motherland is hers. e.e Maybe something a little more ubiquitous…99 Bottles of Beer? Nah, Bea's not that good at counting, especially backwards. Oh hey, maybe this'll work! "o/~ This is the song that never ends…yes it goes on and on mine friends… o/~" If assassins are going to make a move, they'd better do it quick before Bea puts them out of a job. X)

That's when Saito rushes in, sweating and panting. "S-Sorry," he says. "I thought the meeting was at five. I was out on a business call." The meeting started at noon. Saito looks like a man who has run five hours late for the most important meeting of his life. His attorney goes and whispers in his ear. Nanashi and Bea would hear, "The meeting was at noon. We looked everywhere for you. We've been tricked."

"Where is Takeda-san?" Reina asks.

Saito frowns. "I don't know. Maybe he believed the meeting was at five too."

Reina says, "My my. Can't you guys even glance at a clock? This is an important meeting. I hope you're taking this seriously."

Saito grinds his teeth. "I was led to believe the meeting was at five."

"Your attorney came on time," Reina says. "Clearly, he understood the meeting was at noon." Saito's attorney whispers again in Saito's ear, "We need Takeda-sama here to stand against Daichi. Where is he?" Saito shakes his head slightly.

Saito's attorney says, "This is sabotage. Saito-sama and Takeda-sama were misled about the meeting time. It's clearly a ploy to give Daichi an advantage in signing the will. We should wait for the rest of the day, until Takeda-sama arrives." He states he accusation boldly. Everyone looks towards Daichi/Nanashi.

'Daichi's' eyes narrow when the man finally rushes in. "… The meeting time was stated quite clearly to all parties," he says firmly. "Whatever your reason for being late, it is either of your own fault or someone within your party." A glance is cast toward Saito and Takeda's lawyers, an accusatory look donning his face. "Perhaps your hired him had something to do with it. Each could easily be playing double agent against you. Or perhaps they are aware you've no real stance here and wanted to just call it a day." That said he'd sip on his tea again.

Bea stops crooning when something FINALLY HAPPENS. A welcome change, even if it's just the arrival of a weak little man who gets out of breath from a bit of running. :P "Is too long waiting already," Bea snorts. "What is needs doing here anyway? Just putting mark on papers? I could do that. Is easy, just make scratches like bear's claw and is everybody knows it is mine." n.n

"Daichi-sama insisted on waiting this long," Reina says. "You should be grateful. It's only Daichi-sama who showed up on time, and named us as his proxies." Legal proxies like Bea. That's a far stretch. "Ryo-san, what do you have to say in this matter?"

Ryo is the overseer for the will. He's an older man with little hair on his head, but a thick white mustache that covers even his upper lip. He looks troubled, as he glances between the two parties. His mustache gives a twitch before he says, "Daichi-sama is correct. The time was clearly stated, and inarguable. And beyond that, this tardiness is mere speculation. Let us begin."

With that said, he starts reading the will. Saito is furious. And he raises numerous objections. The will clearly states that Daichi will inherit the five casinos in full. But at the end it expresses a wish, yet not a command, that Saito might get part of it. Ryo looks to Nanashi. "This is optional. Do you wish to give your brother some portion of your inheritance?"

And Saito turns to Daichi. "Daichi-nii-san, I only ask for one casino," he said. "Paradise." The second largest one. Reina scoffs. She rolls her eyes to Bea.

Daichi is silent through the reading, seeming to basically ignore Saito's fury and questions. When he is finally spoken to directly, the man looks over at Saito for a moment then looks back to Ryo. "We are brothers always… However, Saito is still a child and is not fit to single-handedly run one of these businesses. He is aware of this himself, or at least he should be since he makes such childish accusations after /I/ am the one who took up time to take care of the old man and make his passing comfortable. The inheritance will not be split, but Saito will be placed under me in running the Paradise. It is not ownership, but he will have a job, and a high-paying one at that that I suggest he accept so that he may one day own a business of his own when he's grown and learned enough to be able to do so."

Bea scratches her head. "Pair of Dice? That is measly excuse for casino. Needs at least table to roll dice on." :P Bea listens while 'Daichi' outlines his terms for 'his' little brother, then folds her arms and beams at Saito. "Da, is not such bad deal for little man. Make good money running Pair of Dice until you drop pair." n.n

Reina looks immensely pleased. Her team is doing very well in this. Takeda's attorney has been curiously silent. He looks afraid. When any question is aimed towards him, he answers that he will discuss it with his client at a later time. Saito's coordinated attack with Takeda is ruined, and now it's clear they were allied, at least in this. "Please sign this, Daichi-sama," Ryo says, holding out a quill.

But just before that can happen the wide windows in the office blow apart in a million shards. Seconds later, arrows are flying in. Two at Bea, two at Reina, and another at Daichi. The arrow towards Daichi however would narrowly miss its mark, so the businessman wouldn't have to dodge. Reina however takes an arrow straight to the stomach, and to the shoulder. She gasps in pain, and keels over.

As the arrows come his ways, Daichi glances to the woman diving in front of him, yet she is paid little mind before the man dives behind Bea. "I knew this had to be a setup!" he growls out, though he doesn't look too brave for one seeming so angry. He keeps something between himself and the windows at all times, cowering a bit and hoping Reina and Bea can handle this.

Explosions! Yay, finally something EXCITING happening! n.n Oh but wait, it's probably bad news for them. c.c Bea grabs the closest solid object to hand — the chair she was sitting on! Swinging it around in front of herself, she sees a couple of arrowheads suddenly materialize through the seat. o.o; "GET BEHIND ME, DOCTOR!" >.<; Yeah, no idea why Bea referred to 'Daichi' that way, probably a linguistic mix-up in the pressure of the situation. At any rate it seems like he already had that idea. Bea glances aside at Reina, oh shoot, looks like she's down. XP Hopefully she won't die from those wounds though, looks like they're not bleeding too excessively.

The shards from the windows that spray everywhere get Ryo. The wounds are superficial, but it's enough to make him screech and start brushing the shards painfully off. "A-Assassin," he yelps. "Security! Guards!" After that, the attacks stop. Saito is transfixed in horror and fury. At last he points to Daichi and says, "This is a setup! He is clearly trying to frame us!" At that point, Reina gives a pained groan on the ground, and says through gritted teeth. "Protect Daichi-sama."

Security floods in, trying to restore order. Some go after the supposed direction of the attacker(s). The only ones who haven't been attacked are Saito, his attorneys, and Takeda's attorney. Everyone is bustled into a "secure" room, carrying a bleeding Reina. Security runs to contact nearby medics. Ryo has lost it. With his own safety threatened, he's in no mood to hear Saito's argument about a /pretend/ attacker. He's bleeding from many tiny wounds.

Once security comes in, Daichi seems to settle down about. He follows them into the secure room without hesitation, breathing a bit quickly and having to try to calm himself down. He almost hyperventilates until he starts taking deeper breaths, starting to slow them down a bit as he looks around at the people in the secure room.

There's security here? e.ea Besides Hakumei? Gee, would've been nice to have a few of them in the room when the attack happened. :P Oh well. Bea backs out of the room behind Daichi, holding up the chair in case of further projectiles. Once they seem to be in the clear, she glances at her charge. "Ho, do not being afraid, is safe now." Bea gives 'Daichi' a few hefty pats on the back to help his breathing. n.n

Much later, the result of the will reading is finalized. Daichi signs the will with full approval and backing from Ryo. Men are sent out to locate Takeda. Saito and his attorneys withdraw for some time. As for Reina, her critical situation turns to 'stable,' but she is ordered to several days of bed rest. Reina and Bea get a generous thanks for their protection of Daichi, who makes them official proxies for him. In the meantime, two assassins are still on the loose, and no contracts have been heard to be cancelled.

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