Second Promotion Exams - The Will of Fire vs. The Power of Speed: Eremi vs. Ryuunosuke


Eremi, Ryuunosuke, Usagi

Date: November 27, 2012


Walking through the swamps, Eremi bumps into Ryuunosuke and some how Usagi was there as well. Small chit-chat ensues before a fight breaks out.

"Second Promotion Exams - The Will of Fire vs. The Power of Speed: Eremi vs. Ryuunosuke"

Blood Marsh - Swamplands

Day two of the Chuunin Exams and despite the many contestants that qualified, making it into the second round, a good match was still something hard to come by. Most were in hiding, biding their time until they can pick off an opponent that had just barely finished a fight claiming their second scroll, only to lose it moments after. Others completely vanishing within the thickness of the marsh and swamps, their screams the last thing heard, but where they went no one was sure. There were rumors of vicious predators lurking about, creatures far bigger then what most genin have encountered. To those that manage to survive such an encounter, the day to live another day, for the rest…
Eremi heard the rumors from other competitors about giant beasts roaming the marsh, but he wasn't too concerned about such a thing. In the last exams he fought not only a spider three times his size, but a scorpion as well. Both times leaving the creatures slained, while he was the victor. Sure he had an accomplice with him during those fights, but he was stronger now, smarter and more skilled then before. If things got too tough, he'd use his immense speed to high tail it out of their. Otherwise, it'd just be another victory for the boy. Assuming he lived.
Until that time came though, Eremi had other things on his mind, such as procuring another scroll. The best way to do that he figured, was to walk straight out in the open for all to see. He wasn't trying to mask his intentions with each step he took on top of the algea covered water, free hand pushing the strange plant life aside, while the other grasped tightly to the strap of his backpack. Even though it was only the second day of the exams, the sooner he grabbed a second scroll meant the sooner he could just survive out the rest of the 9 or so days in the marsh.

Etsu's advice did more good than Ryuunosuke had expected. He was watching his step at every turn more concerned with surviving rather than acquiring another scroll. This was his first time in the Chuunin Exams so he wouldn't be as reckless as usual here. Ryuu's first objective was to survive the night. Day two came around and he awoke after getting about six hours of sleep. He was hidden in the basin of the trunk of a rotten tree. Ryuu knew he couldn't remain in the same place for too long so he abandoned the tree after awaking. He caught himself a few snakes the other day and that would be his food supply for the time being.
So far the Blood Marshes were terrifying and horrendous. Ryuu had trouble sleeping at night because of the sounds that crept around him. A shriek of something in the dark distance. The sound of some beast feeding…on other contestants. The situation was completely nerve racking. Nature was a cruel mistress. Right now Ryuu is currently looking for another spot to rest for the night. He's walking on land keeping himself out of the swamp. Ryuu keeps an eye out for any potential attacks as well as predators. He looks over to notice some fungi growing. "Purple and tan marks a dead man… dot hit the spot?" Ryuu blinks "I think the guy said something like that." He moves over to investigate the mushrooms. When Ryuu comes within range a serpent masquerading as a vine dips down and hisses at Ryuu. Startled the young Senju stumbles and fumbles back falling and rolling down an apparent hill and onto a main trail of sorts. Ryuu grumbles picking himself up and dusting himself off. He doesn't notice that Eremi is right behind him along this path, not until he turns around and recognize the young man.

Usagi was still not fully recovered from her fight with Etsu, but between the two, she'd gotten decent rest. She was hoping to catch someone else weary to hopefully pick up a scroll, having lost hers, but so far, she was staying out of the way. Seemed Ryuu and another leaf nin were going to rumble…this is why she stuck to aboveground, and in the shadows.

As luck would have it, while walking on top of the swamp, the direction Eremi was going managed to end with that of a dirt covered trail. It was most likely used by that of the beasts of the Blood Marsh or created by the Shinobi of Kirigakure when needed to come in and collect the fallen bodies of those unable to survive. Though the thought of Kiri shinobi being that considerate in the first place, when making their genin fight in such a harsh environment immediately had Eremi reconsidering the latter of the explanation for this makeshift trail.
Regardless, the young teen counted his blessing as he followed it around the base of a steep hill until being forced to come to a stop as a rolling body catches his eye. The arms flailing and the grunts escaping the individual was enough to let Eremi know they were still alive, though either robbed of their scroll and pushed down to their demise or they were just clumsy. What ever the case, as the other stood up and turned around to face him, Eremi raised a brow and tilted his head just slightly, "Are you ok? That looked like quite a fall." Instantly recognizing Ryuunosuke as the one talking with Etsu just yesterday, before the exams had officialy started, he figured he had nothing to worry about. That is until he felt another pair of eyes on him some where in the shadows. It meant this could be a trap or one of them was going to be picked off if a fight was to ensue.

Ryuu's head was all jumbled after the fall and though he'd easily recover he wasn't able to maintain his awareness during so. Usagi's presence goes unknown but Eremi's doesn't. Ryuu waves at Eremi after nodding "I'm fine yeah." he says looking around "I've fallen harder before. This isn't so bad." he looks around now to make there were no enemies or the like around. Ryuu then is struck with an idea. HE figures he should try and track down Ryo and Usagi. He did promise Taiki that he'd look out for them after all. Ryuu looks back to Eremi noticing that he was of the leaf. "Hey…"
Ryuu approaches "Uh you're from the leaf right? I was wondering if you've seen my friends Ryo and Usagi. Ryo is super bald. He isn't hard to miss…unless he's trying to hide." Ryuu blinks realize how pointless this was way. "Uh nevermind." he waves a hand dismissively at Eremi. "Anyway you better get moving. This trail is out in the open. Won't be hard to get spotted." he notes. "Easy pickings hehe." he chuckles at Eremi

Two leafers…and Usagi had no idea if they had their scrolls. One she recognized, the other not so much. The two weren't fighting yet… "oh gee thanks Ryuu. Don't even give me a description" She slips out of the shadows. She does look a bit roughed up, but still in this.

Keeping his stance, he would watch the other rise, only for them to assure they were ok after such a tumble, "That's good to hear." Though with Ryu constantly looking around, as if waiting for something, it made Eremi tense up some, feeling like this might definitely be a trap. If so, he was ready for it. Well aware of his surroundings that were any one to pop out at him, he'd already be expecting it. It didn't mean he would survive the encounter, but at least he was ready.
"Uh…"With Ryu approaching, Eremi shifted a foot back, changing his stance some, "Yes, I'm from Konoha, the names Satonezu Eremi." Eyeing the younger boy closely as if they might try something, "I know who Ryo is, but I have not seen him or Usagi, and I…" Staring blankly with the waved hand to silence Eremi, the other no longer caring about the location of his friends. The best reason to this was probably because they were nearby, evident to a girl slipping out of the shadows and talking to Ryu as if close friends, "I believe I've found Usagi."
Now two individuals stood in front of Eremi, making this two versus one. Sure they were all from Konoha, but when it came to surviving the exams anything could go. Especially with both of them being on the same team, the chances of them fighting each other was slim. "That's sort of the point. I'm looking to be spotted. I want to collect my second scroll to be done and over with the hunting part so I only have to worry about the surviving portion.

Ryuu blinks spotting Usagi. It was a stroke of luck she happened to be around. He waves at her once Eremi reveals that he's spotted her too. Ryuu looks back to Eremi as he explains why he's on such an obvious trail. Ryuu inclines his head "Well I guess that's one way to look at it. But you're also putting yourself at a disadvantage don't you think? I mean what if you attract a lot of attention…attention you can't handle or escape from?" Ryuu asks. "It's called a survival exam for a reason ya know?" Ryuu points out. He then notices Eremi's caution as he kept the distance between them fair. Ryuu looks Eremi from head to toe
"Uh I'm Senju Ryuunosuke. Nice to meet ya." He bows his head slightly. "You still have your scroll I'm guessing." Ryuu states. He then grumbles rubbing his head. He'd rather not fight a fellow Konoha Shinobi, especially given how exposed they were on this path. Usagi might not have been the only one sneaking up on them. Ryuu then smiles "Oh I've got it. How about you challenge me for my scroll we fight….err over there out of plain sight…" he motions just somewhere off to the side. "No hard feelings or anything. I'd just hate to see you get ambushed trying to go about acquiring your scroll this way ya know?"

Usagi takes a moment to shake her head at the two. "You two do realize a fight with three shinobi present could get lopsided" She sighs and closes her eyes. "I will watch, and not interfere if you two wish" She's not saying why she's offering that either.

Eremi would simply shrug, "I have about nine days to worry about surviving, I can't use it all up the first two. Besides, I'd like to think there isn't a single genin in these exams with a high killing intent just to get mine or anyone elses scroll. It might be hopeful and maybe a little delusional, but considering I survived the first exams, these ones shouldn't be much different." Shifting his weight and repositioning his backpack while watching Ryuu and Usagi. He knew very little about them, only that they were under the toutalege of his best friends, Taiki. Beyond that, not enough to make any quick assumptions.
Bowing his head slightly, "You as well and yes, I have my scroll…" He thought about pulling it out to show them, but figured his word would be enough. "Challenge you…over there…" Looking off in the direction Ryuu had motioned toward only to shrug his shoulders once again. "Here or there or anywhere, we're being watched. Standing here in the opening makes us easier to spot, but moving to a more secluded location is quite possibly where the ambush is waiting. Either way…If there is an ambush, there's three of us." Glancing between the two, Eremi would head off in the direction Ryuu suggested.

Ryuu gets a better look at Usagi and cringes "Yikes. Usagi it looks like you had a rough day. Yeah you better sit this one out. We can go look for Ryo-san after this." he mentions. Ryuu moves around to head to a location that was better for combat. Ryuu chuckles liking Eremi's reasoning. "I guess. Well you're the senior here so I'll just take your word for it." Ryuu glances around once more checking the area. "Here should do." he notes with a soft nod. "I don't plan on taking any lives but i can't say everyone feels the same. I mean we're in Kirigakure this time….the Blood Marsh. I like to think it got that name for a reason." Ryuu says to Eremi.
Ryuu sets his backpack over by a mossy stone. He then looks back to Eremi while tugging on his gloves makking sure they fit well. "Feel free use any technique you deem appropriate." Ryuu was perhaps a little too accommodating. He forms a few seals and gathers some chakra to use in this fight. He didn't know anything about Eremi either but he does recall the weights he saw earlier in the meeting grounds. Given the confidence Eremi had when he explained his reasons for staying on the clear trail Ryuu figured he was pretty skilled. But Ryuu didn't consider himself a slouch either. "Alright ready when you are."

Usagi follows along, hopping up onto a root to sit and watch. She nods to the two, crossing a leg to watch. "I won't interfere"

Continuing to walk in the designated direction, Eremi would push a few vines out of the way that hung in his face and blocked his view. The area they were heading to was soft under his feet, completely different from the dirtied trail near the base of the hill. Upon passing a rotted out tree about four feet in height, the rest of it gone to the ages, he'd unsling his backpack and leave it to hang on what remained. The tree creaked and splintered some from the weight, but held strong in the end. His backpack was still in sight as he moved toward the spot Ryuu said would do. The young teen gave the other a look over, watching them go through several hand signs, before giving the go ahead. "If you're sure….Please, don't hold back, because I won't.
Shifting into his stance and pressing his feet into the ground, getting a quick feel of the environment. Eremi kept his eyes focused on the younger boy in front of him, going through the many possibilities of how he should attack. In the end it simply came down to him….attacking. With a quick lean forward, the Satonezu ran forward to the other, going in for a straight on attack, but moments before possibly colliding with Ryu he changed directions as if running away. He only took a few steps in a different direction before quickly spinning back around and jumping through the air with a series of kicks. Once landing, Eremi through one punch toward the others mid section and spun around with a backfist to Ryu's face.

Ryuu nods to Eremi and takes a stance. "Alright then." When Eremi came in quick Ryuu was surrounded by a layer of wind. The wind allowed Ryuu to move lightly and quickly on the soft land. He was impressed with Eremi's speed. But when Eremi exposed his back Ryuu saw an opening. He directs a gust of wind at Eremi to knock him away. As Eremi was blown back Ryuu retrieved some shuriken from his tool pouch. He launched them both at Eremi while he was recovering from the gust of wind. Ryuu remained where he was. Ryuu didn't want Eremi to pull some kind of a maneuver and catch him off guard.

Usagi raises a brow as the two begin, watching them fight. She raises a brow, obviously impressed, whistling softly as they go at it. They're fast…far faster than she is. She's glad she's staying out ofnit, she could get creamed…

Getting closer to Ryu, Eremi felt a sudden, yet light gust of wind that blew through his clothing slowing his attacks while in turn making his opponent just a touch faster. It was obvious with each kick and strike directed at the younger Konoha nin, that the wind was being controlled by them. Though it wasn't until spinning around with the backfist only to feel like being shoved with a great force all throughout his body that he could be sure. Using the moment of the wind push, Eremi flipped to his hands and shoved himself off the ground to catch air, allowing him to miss the first of the thrown shuriken that he was unware were trying to dig into his back. Seeing the second, he stuck a hand into a pouch strapped to his waist, pulled out his own kunai and chucked it at the other to knock it off course.
Finally landing on his feet, Eremi spun around to look at Ryu while sticking out his chest, stretching out the muscles in his back from the wind push. "Ninjutsuist? I would have never guessed it…" Leaving that to be all he says before racing at Ryu once again, his steps that much faster while pushing against the ground as the fight progressed. He didn't try to confuse and distract this time, instead going head on, leaping in the air with the same first attack as before, only with far more power behind the kicks. When he landed, Eremi would keep close to Ryu whether the first attack hit or not, then crouched down, leaned backwards and shot his leg straight up to kick into Ryu's chin.

Ryuu is sent off by Eremi's movements. He recognized this style though. "Konoha Strong Fist?" Ryuu winces as Eremi's streaming kicks connected. Ryuu reels back feeling a bit dazed from that. Then when Eremi's kick came Ryuu is sent skyward. Eremi hits rather hard but Ryuu was merely stunned by the kick to the chin for a moment. He regains himself and flips into the landing. He spits blood from his mouth and rubs his head. "Figured that's what the weights were for." Ryuu smirks as he comes to a stand. Ryuu takes out a kunai and prepares for the second round. He lowers his stance before stepping skillfully forward as if demonstrating a kata as he throws a punch.
The punch sent a vicious cycling cyclone towards Eremi. The cyclone rips up land and strips trees of branches and vines. The obstructive vortex would be used by Ryuu as he maneuvers himself strategically to attack Eremi with a slash of his kunai. The distance Ryuu was at made it unlikely that the kunai's edge would reach which is why augmented the blade with wind chakra. The wind blade would reach Eremi without Ryuu having to be so close.

So this was Ryuu's style…Usagi watches closely, not having seen him fight like this before. And Eremi was strong…almost frighteningly so. A master taijutsuist, at least at this level. She shivers slightly, shaking her head. "Damn glad I didn't"

As Eremi moved about trying to stay close to Ryu, he was getting thrashed by the wind created by the other to avoid Eremi's blows. It was annoying to say the least, like trying to fight in a wind storm, but he did his best to endure while keeping his eyes squinted and just pushing ahead. As he noticed Ryu throw out a punch, he was able to side step out of the way, but the cyclone created afterwards caught him by surprise as it ripped through the land. It took more effort to dodge that, practically needing to dive out the way. When he corrected himself, Ryu was on him, giving Eremi little time to avoid the wind slash created from the kunai. Surprisingly enough, the sharpness of the attack cut through his clothing and deep into his flesh.
Jumping back and away, Eremi clutched at the wound while eyeing the other. "Not bad, that really hurt." Pulling his hand away and flinging the blood to the ground, the young Satonezu braced through the pain while slowly unravelling the bandages that wrapped each hand tightly until a few feet hung next to his sides. It was a risky move, to use against a wind user, but Eremi was running out of options…Raising his arms up toward his face, the boy quickly sprinted at the other, making up the distance between them rather quickly. With a deft flick of the wrists, the bandages lashed out to wrap around Ryu and constrict them in place while he followed up behind with another quick and powerful kick of his feet from the air.

The binding bandages actually managed to ensnare Ryuunosuke. He found himself constricted by them and then send hurling by Eremi's kick again. Ryuu was sent spiraling into a tree. He grumbles and groans hitting his head pretty hard. "This guy is quick…" Ryuu noted. He stood having decided to use a bit of thought here. With Eremi getting the better of him now Ryuu had little option. He flicks some blood from his cheek and looks back to Eremi studying him. The strong fist style was powerful and if not for the Hyuuga would be the strongest Taijutsu in the village. Ryuu knew it well enough and knows of the stress it can put on one's body. Ryuu smirks "Youu aren't half bad either. No wonder you were so confident. But you've been through the exams once already. So it makes sense that you'd be tough." Ryuu reverses the grip of the kunai in his hand. He stirs up a fair amount of wind chakra then dashes off. The boy's second wind kicked in. He barraged Eremi with two kicks that flourished on the wind. They swept consecutively sending debris and whatnot upwards into Eremi's line of sight aiding in the probability of them connecting. Afterwards he launched a punch into Eremi's solar plexus augmenting the strike with wind hoping to knock the air out of Eremi.

Oh, now things were getting interesting…..Seems Ryuu was getting his wind back in him, no pun intended. Usagi sat forward, watching carefully now as the two continue to go at it. What Eremi did was definitely worth noting, and something she'd most certainly have to look into before too long. That style could prove rather dangerous in the later section of the exam.

Landing on the ground, Eremi turned to face Ryuu while at the same time grabbing at the remaining bandages that dangled from his arms and simply ripped them off and tossed them aside. "Thank you." He'd reply while observing Ryu's movements. It was clear the other was hurt a little bit more then Eremi was. The blood from his own own cut already congealing, but would take rest to fully heal and turn into a scar most likely. A reminder of this battle. "The first time I took the exams I was foolish. I forfeited after six days, and I've always regretted it. This time around I'm not going to be giving up, and I will make it to the end."
Raising a hand to cover his face as the wind began to pick up once again, only far quicker and more destructive then before. It meant Ryuu was giving it his all finally, but it was already too late for that. The fight had gone on too long and Eremi had reached his groove, his body was already warmed up and there was still so much further he could go. The first kick would come and he'd jump over it, but just barely Upon touching the ground however, he simply shifted his feet and twisted his body to miss the second kick and the follow up strike. It allowed Eremi to remain closer to Ryu and retaliate if need be. "Unless you truly want to keep going, I'd suggest ending this now and handing over the scroll. I see a burning spirit in you, which is good. It means you too will see this until the end, but that won't happen if you keep pressing this fight. It was well fought, but if you don't have some secret move you've been holding back with. This is over."

Ryuu pauses as Eremi gives his input and considers it for a moment or two. "You do have a point." Ryuu states folds his arms "It's just a scroll but if you're wanting an easy pick then I'm gonna have to disappoint." Ryuu shakes his head. "Yeah it's apparent you have me beat at the moment." Ryuu sighs and checks for his scroll. "You can have it. After all if I persist and get thrashed I won't be able to help out Usagi or Ryo." Ryuu states. He then grins "So I'll let you borrow it. But I'm going to get it back." he tosses Eremi the scroll. He turns away to meet up with Usagi.

Usagi sighs and nods at Ryuu as he….goes blazing past her. She sighs and shrugs, giving Eremi a look and a shrug, looking rather amused. But, she had work to do. "I wish you well, and success" She offers him a bow before heading after Ryuu.

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