The Wrong Pocket Picked


Ginrei, Rikuto

Date: January 14, 2015


A man tries to make off with Ginrei's money, which draws the attention of one of the locals.

"The Wrong Pocket Picked"

Land of Wind, Sunagakure

It is early morning in the Village Hidden in the Sand. The sun has risen over the horizon for maybe a whole hour. There is still very little heat in the air as the sun has yet to really warm up. People are on their way to their jobs or daily tasks. That means the merchants are already out selling their wares on the streets. It seems much like a controlled chaos. That is until something makes a disturbance.
Everyone seems to turn when the sound of shattering pottery fills the air above the normal noise. As everyone turns to look, they see a man in a turban running away from the area. He runs directly towards a wall. As he meets it he seems to run up it before jumping out and latching onto a canopy. After pulling himself up he takes off on the rooftops. It's obvious the merchant was going to have to eat the damages to his stand.

Ginrei was close behind the man. In fact he had watched the man he had been chasing turn around his attention back on him for a brief moment before crashing into the cart and ruining the man's wares. There was a feeling of guilt as Ginrei passed the man and was unable to help him pick up the pieces. He could not lose the man in the turban. If he did he would lose his life's savings.

Yep… only moments earlier Ginrei had been taking in the sight of the Mystic Garden when the man in the turban bumped into him. If he had not checked his pocket almost immediately after out of habit, he would have lost everything. Luckily though he was able to give chase and now that chase had lead him to Tree Walk up the wall giving away that he has shinobi training in a village that he was not from.

Becoming almost blind to the word around him for several weeks allowed Rikuto to become more sensitive to the world around him, namely his hearing as well as another sense. One of the main flaws with no longer relying on his sight caused him to almost forget the cycle of the days, causing his sleep cycle to rotate erratically. The young Miira was not only awake before dawn but was busy in the city, mostly following his nose for which merchant stall to settle at for a early meal.
The sudden crash steals his attention, and the further commotion and shouts did little to allow him to forget about things. Lightly shaking his head he begins to wade his way through the crowd, with an odd grace, slipping through without bumping into many beyond a light brush. He didn't dash after the chasing pair, he tries to make his way along that direction as they were the only ones move that quickly, unsure if both or just one was the trouble maker.

The man wearing the turban continues to dash from rooftop to rooftop knocking over, or bumping into different things that people left on their roof. At one point he nearly takes his own head off with a clothesline. The red haired boy behind him seemed pretty pissed and it served as motivation for him not to be caught. He did not want to meet with the authorities or get beat up today. As he reached the end of the last rooftop he realized the next rooftop was easily twenty feet away. With a grin he steps off the roof and appears to fall to the ground.

Ginrei moved with ease across the rooftops. He was gaining on the man until he saw the man reach the end building. "I have you now!" Ginrei yelled as he prepared to capture the man. Unfortunately the man simply walked off the edge. As Ginrei approached the edge himself, he was able to see the man riding on the back of a hay cart moving down the street. In disgust, Ginrei kicked the dirt on the top of the building.

He was not out just quiet yet. He spotted another cart coming through and decided to take his luck with it. "Please don't be manure…" he stated as he leapt. Luckily for him it was filled with feed for the cows. After thanking his lucky stars he got off the wagon and began rushing after the man in the turban. However now he seemed no where to be found.

'Just.. what are those two doing, okay?' Tilting his head to the side, the young Miira follows the pair, though with them moving more into the open, and most of all in wagons, the amount of people in front of begins to thin allowing him to break out into a rapid dash forward. Making two brief seals along the way, Rikuto moves his fingers up to his lips and breaths out rapid short bursts, what flows are a series of refined flame darts, which explode on contact with the ground with a mild flare. The young man was aiming in front of the first wagon of the pair, attempting to spook the mule dragging it along the village streets. Around the Miira was an additional flame sphere, no larger than a dried date but it lingered in the air close to his face.

As the flame darts land the mule is brought to a stop. The turban man leaps from the hay feeling the stoppage of the cart. When he sees the fire he lets out a string of curse words before he tosses the bag of coins to the street. Now that everyone's attention seemed to be on the money he was back to running on foot. As he reached the cross street, he turned the corner to try to cut their vision of him. His eyes are always searching for a place to hide. Now is no different.

Ginrei spotted the flames come down in front of the cart. He had drawn the attention of the locals. This was no good. To make matters worse, his life savings was now scattered on the street. He had no choice but to give up the chase and to grab the coins. First came the bag. Then he began to scoop up the coins that were within reach. The fact most people were running into the street now to collect coins did not help. This only served to upset Ginrei even more.

"Why won't he stop running?" Moving his hand up, the young Miira begins to form another chain of seals, slightly longer than before and comes to a full stop. Pinching at the air in front of his lips, he exhales and at first there weren't any flames at first until his tongue clicks and his breathing changes. The air Rikuto had begun to breath out was laced with a chakra accelerant, and the shift in his breath sparks it. The flames surge rapidly over the crowd and even twist around the corner and into the cross street with one purpose, to flare brightly in front of the man still desperately running. Using his own flames as a distraction he pulses his chakra, attempting to ensnare only the man within a genjutsu of his own beheading.

More flames! The man in the turban was not about to get cooked. He spotted some crates and moved behind them. Luckily they had not been stacked fully against the building. Once behind them he began to see visions of his own death by beheading. For a few seconds he remains behind the crates. Beads of sweat begin to form across his forehead as he starts to lose it. As he falls limp, he falls against the crates pushing them over onto the man chasing him.

Ginrei managed to collect most of what he had but not all of it. He was deeply upset. As he looked up he spotted the flames moving around the corner. Someone was quite skilled at their fire jutsu. He decided to keep his head down for now. He did not want to attract more attention when the thief was still receiving it. So once the man passes him, he steps off into a side alley. Maybe if he got lucky the thief would cross paths with him down the road. For now he had enough to keep his travels up.

The heavy crates topple over almost in an instant crush a dumbfounded Miira, but in the rubble there wasn't a body. Sliding to the side trying to still himself was Rikuto, just barely managing to avoid the trap. "That was close.. now where did.." raising his right hand again causes the young man to turn and focus where the thief was lost in a daze. "Still here? I guess it did work after all, good good." A light, proud smile appears on his lips before making his way over to the man and kneeling down. Carefully, he lightly pats the thief down, trying to see what he was so desperate to run away with. "Now I just need to bind you for the merchant to see you and have a chuunin take you away."

The man in the turban was just coming to from the genjutsu. He did not have any shinobi training. The words all kind of seemed like gibberish. "Just do not cook me." the man blurts out as if it were one of his main fears. He was done fighting back. There was little use when a shinobi was chasing you. So he hangs his head and resigns himself to his fate.

Ginrei was long gone by now. He wanted nothing to do with the situation. He needed the cut his losses and run. It was too bad too. He had enjoyed the village for the short time he had been there. For the moment he heads to the far end of town. Hopefully there he could arrange for a way out of the village. He was certain that shinobi could at least give a partial description to the other guards. "Screwed up yet again…" Ginrei states as he walks.

"I'll only cook you if you start running.. I could use target practice for some of my other jutsu if you are in a running mood." It was difficult to tell if Rikuto was being serious or was teasing the terrified man lightly. Once the young Miira was content the thief was going to stab him suddenly and make a break for it, he stands up and helps the man to his feet before guiding him back to the merchant 'hall' where they began, needing to find the one he likely stole from and broke the products of, the real victim was unknown to Rikuto, thinking of him as a second thief that got away for the time being.

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