Theft In Konoha

Author: Tonberry

Date: July 13, 2010

"Theft In Konoha"

It was a cool spring morning when the hand of one of the Jounin Captains
of the Konoha ANBU Corps beat on the door of Hashiramako's house.
"Hokage-sama, Open up!" is heard from the man's lips as he continued to
beat on the door. Inside, the Kage slowly rose and draped a kimono over
her body, tying a sash lightly around her waist as she made her way to the
door. She opened it slightly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"What is it, Ataru-san?" she asked, still seeming half asleep as the man
relayed the story to her.

"The scroll vault was broken into. We're trying to figure out what was
taken." Ataru started. "Uchiha Kirin and Uchiha Satoru were on security
duty last night at the vault. They are also missing. I suspect treachery,
probably masterminded by Uchiha Fuyu. We know she doesn't like the Senju."

As the man attempted to continue, Hashi lifted her hand. "Tut tut tut.
Don't jump to conclusions until you know the full details. I may ask
Fuyu-san if she knows of her two clansmen. For now though, don't worry so
much about identifying the missing scrolls, I'll look into that. Just
spread out teams out from the village, and seek to intercept the two
missing Uchiha. If they are responsible, I'm sure they are well on their
way by now." She added. "Apart from that, I want an all points bulletin
sent throughout the Land of Fire and to our allied countries, informing
them of the disappearance of two of our Uchiha. I'll head to the office
after I take shower." She added, lifting her hand to her lips as she
stifled a yawn.

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