Thickening Blood - Prototype


Shuuren, Saishi

Date: October 8, 2013


Saishi gets an opportunity to test out a prototype of the pill Shuuren is making for her.

"Thickening Blood - Prototype"

Land of Tea - Beach

A few days after the initial meeting between Saishi and Shuuren, a message would be delivered to her room to meet him at a beach southeast of the village before sunset. Adorned in his normal suit, the Daimyo stands on the beach, his feet not sinking into the sand and ruining his shoes due to application of the Tree Walking Method. He looks out to the sea as he awaits the arrival of his client for this experiment, deep in thought about something by the look on his face.

Saishi gets her outfit ready and despite a few strange glances from the townspeople arrives at the beach with minor interference. "Is it ready?" She asks eagerly, her eyes looking at him as she steps forward, kicking off her sandals to better walk on the hot sands.

As Saishi arrives, Shuuren would turn to face her and give a nod. "I have a prototype ready, yes," he says as he withdraws what appears to be a red soldier pill inside a small clear box. "The effects should be about what you're looking for." Holding the box out to her, he says, "Keep in mind this is the prototype for the first pill, a D-Rank if you will. It won't have you running with the Kage, but it's a start."

Saishi nods. "I did a little math last night thinking about that. If I was given a pill beyond my current strength limit, the surge in power could effectively tear me apart from the inside out and ruin my body due to lack of conditioning and understanding of the advancement." She sighs. "No, step by step." She smiles and puts her hand out for the pill. "So…I take this then slash myself open and it's going to do what exactly?"

"Pretty accurate calculation," Shuuren says with a smirk as he hands the pill over to the girl. "You can actually use this at any point in combat. Since you'll have already had wounds, self-inflicted or inflicted by your enemy, this will increase your amount of blood as well as create an extra spurt of adrenaline and other hormones that will temporarily increase your strength, reaction time, and ability."

Saishi nods and looks at the pill before taking a breath. "Guess it's time to test it out." She takes it between her teeth before swallowing it down, waiting a moment before cutting her arms open letting the blood flow down onto her arms. It takes a moment but soon she feels it, the increased blood flow, the adrenaline…the overwhelming boost…

As the effect hits a deep swing, her eyes roll back, muscles tighening and contortning slightly. Her blood claws form and keen as her demeanor becomes almonst feral. She turns and spots a nearby (Insert object here) dashing at it with lightning paced feet before slashing into it wildly.

With a nod, Shuuren would stand back and watch as the girl tests out the new pill. As she does so, he uses Sensory Diagnostic to keep watch on the effects it has on her vital signs. So far, things seem to go as expected. "Very good," he says, reaching for a piece of paper in his jacket and a pen to take a few notes. "I'll make a few final adjustments then I'll make you a starting set of them to keep on you."

Saishi continues her feral rampage, pushing her body to a hard limit, her heart pounding, brain racing, and muscles pulling before she explodes into a heavy fury on a nearby tree before finding herself, settling on the sand and bringing her body back to zero, using her regeneration and blood control to force herself to be calm. "NNgh….powerful>" she grins wide. "Thank you very much, should I try to make some myself or leave it all to you." She says before letting the blood fall from her body to stain the sand below her. "I'd also love to learn medical jutsu if you'd like to offer." She chuckles a little bit.

As he continues making notes, Shuuren glances up to Saishi, smirking slightly. "Leave it to me for now until the formula is solid," he says before tucking the tablet away. "As far as actually training you, you'll have to take that up with your Kage first. I'm a busy person, and I travel a lot. I wouldn't be able to stay in Kirigakure to train you."

Saishi nods a little bit before hmming. "Well we could both learn from each other, though it would have to aid the kage." She nods. "need anything more now or will the blood pills be finished soon without any more input?" She asks with a smile, carefully wiping the blood from her arms and blades as she looks to the medical ninja daimyo

Someone offering for him to learn from them? That's a rather amusing notion for him. "One thing at a time. This is creating something that would help your clan as a whole and even perhaps give your village a small edge." With that, he'd turn to begin making his way back toward the village. "I'll send you a message again once the batch is full."

Saishi nods and adjusts her knives with a little stretch. Time to go back to the room then… I hope I can get something to drink besides tea when I get to my room." She grumbles a little bit as she heads off in her own direction.

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