Thickening Blood - The New Patient


Shuuren, Saishi

Date: October 7, 2013


A new patient visit Shuuren with a request for a specialized soldier pill.

"Thickening Blood - The New Patient"

Tea Village - Daimyo's Office

With the coming of the evening, Shuuren finds himself in his office catching up on paperwork that stacked up while he was in the Land of Fire for the Chuunin Exams. While he'd normally do it the normal way, it seems he's taken to doing it a quicker way for now. What appear to be copies of him sit on each side, a pair of shadow clones assisting him in the work as they go through mountains of paperwork and set things to be sent out or file them away properly. While there is a lot of paper, he doesn't seem to be stressed. It's all part of the job, after all, and he did basically volunteer to run this country, and it's not like he had much choice but to inherit the family businesses. The smell of freshly brewed tea wafts from his office door through the halls, a lightly steaming cup sitting by him on his desk.

Shimizu Saishi, she'd made an appointment and had sent a notice of arrival before coming to the office. She now stood outside the door. She would have to be quick, concise and say as little as possible. No reason to let this guy steal her powers with his medical powers.
Saishi closes her eyes and breathes out, slipping into the office. "Hello sir, I am Shimizu Saishi… I sent notice of my arrival?"

As someone comes in, Shuuren looks up and smiles, giving a nod. "Ah, yes, welcome to the Land of Tea. Excuse the mountains of paper here," he says, standing to give a quick bow before gesturing to a seat across from him. "Please have a seat. I understand you have a request you'd like to bring before me, though it doesn't seem like something political, so I'm guessing it's something medical or to do with the shinobi world."

Saishi nods a little and takes a seat. "Well, to not waste either of our time." She sits and looks at him and the office. "I need some pills that will help with my blood volume as well as dealing with some…..fixing out some kinks in a jutsu I am working on trying." She breathes out a little and looks at him. "What we are researching never leaves the room, records will need to be concealed in the highest prospect and anything you find out from my blood, cannot leave your mind."

"Pills, huh?" Shuuren asks, pondering a bit as he assesses the girl's words mentally. "So a variant on the Blood Increasing Pill that will help you in combat is what you want then." At her next words, he gives a simple nod. "Of course. Doctor-patient confidentially and all that. I also don't find it too profitable to try to deal in Kekkei Genkai in the manner of sharing information since that tends to lead to chaos between villages, which is the opposite of my goal." After a light pause, he asks, "So are the effects you want from this pill exactly? I can make an initial one and up its effects with each stronger dosage as we go along so you have options for more intense combat. I suggest making do with the beginner one at first since your body will need to adapt to it."

Saishi looks around. "I hope you don't mind blood on things…" She moves to a not too busy corner of the room to take a couple of her knives, slashing open her arms to let the blood move down her arms and over her hands. From there she forms a few quick hand seals, the blood forming out into wicked razor like claws extending from her fingertips. "This is my signature jutsu, developed from my Kekkei Genkai. " She sits and shows off the claws forward and back, front and back. With a little roll of her neck she looks at him. "I've noticed that upon deeper cuts there is a feral rush, this mixed with the blood jutsu has created a strong form of…almost like a blood beast…the problem is exanguination, or my natural healing powers." She shows her arms as the wounds slowly close.

At those words, Shuuren would blink a few times. "Eh… It's cleanable. Just don't get it on any of my papers," he says with a shrug before watching the girl show off her signature jutsu. He tilts his head curiously as he studies it for a moment. "So a Blood Release of sorts? That's rather interesting. Bit unhealthy but interesting." He reaches into a desk drawer and withdraws what appears to be a blank clipboard, quickly making a few notes. "So you want to be able to pull off your jutsu more effectively in combat basically." He then withdraws what appears to be an IV syringe and a set of five testtubes from the drawer. "I'll need some samples," he says as he picks them up and walks over to her, though he does wait for the okay before he'll start drawing blood.

Saishi nods a little bit before looking at the notes. "I can't pay in money, but I can pay in help and apprentice-ship if you need." She nods a little bit before letting him take her blood. "It's a family trait I'm told." She hmms a little bit before looking at him. "It's not quite as unhealthy as you would think. My wounds heal closed and I seem to have more blood than I need." She chuckles a little bit before watching the blood in the tubes. "What I want the pills for is to help my jutsu I'm developing. I want to be able to drop into an adrenaline fueled primal state while being able to keep my claws and other jutsu handy. I've tried doing it myself but I've noticed that I either heal and it cuts off the fury or I start to pale from too much blood loss."

"I frequently do business with your village," Shuuren comments with a smile. "Your Kage and I will work something out." He watches the blood go into the tubes, rather curious at what he'll be developing as he listens to what the girl says. "It shouldn't be too hard to create such an effect. I've created a rather wide range of soldier pills in the past." Once the tubes are filled, he caps each one with skill and sets them in a holder on his desk. "I'll be working on the pills. I may need more blood later, but I think I have enough to do my testing for now."

Saishi nods a little bit to the man. "I will help as I can. I've done some………independent study on anatomy and medicine…" She says somewhat cryptically before watching him store the blood. "I hope that I will be able to keep my regeneration and have the volume of blood I need without dying or losing the high edge." She smiles at the doctor. "What else do you need from me? Would you like another demonstration of the blood release technique?"

"Is that so?" Shuren asks, smiling slightly as he looks back to Saishi. "Perhaps you should consider becoming a Medical Ninja yourself one day. It's a noble profession, though perhaps not for everyone." Giving a nod, he says, "We'll be able to accomplish it." At her next question, he replies, "That won't be necessary. I'm a high level Sensor Nin as well. I've gathered all the data I need."

Saishi nods as she looks at the man. "I just might, some of their techniques seem useful to my…situation." She hmms a little bit as she looks at the room. "So how soon can we start development of this drug? And can we keep this secret?"

"In general, yes. Being able to heal yourself from normal wounds along with the ones you inflict on yourself in combat with your Kekkei Genkai is a good idea since your regenerative powers may not be able to keep up with some wounds," Shuuren comments, picking up his tea from his desk to take a sip. "As far as development goes, I'll be in my lab working on it tomorrow after my clones and I finish this mountain of paperwork tonight, and it will remain a secret so long as you keep it that way."

Saishi nods and looks at it. "I would also like to make sure you remember that I want the regeneration to stay in effect so I don't die, but I need the adrenaline, and non-exsanguination."

"Your regeneration is a natural property," Shuuren comments, lifting an eyebrow at her. "I wouldn't try to shut that off with a drug that is supposed to help you in combat. We're simply going to introduce other factors." With that, he takes another sip of his tea, savoring it a bit. "Any other questions?"

Saishi shakes her head. "Just show me to where I might find accommodations."

"If you go out the path from here, you'll see the Tea Suites on your right. There is a sign on each building that tells you which is a hotel and which is an apartment complex," Shuuren replies simply before moving to sit at his desk. "I'll be seeing you around then. I'll let you know when I've created a formula that I feel will be sufficient as a starter pill."

Saishi nods. "Thank you, I'll be awaiting your attendance." She bows and leaves, hoping a few of her secrets remained secrets in the blood exam.

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