Thieving Bunnies


Kaneko, Hotaru

Date: October 29, 2015


Kaneko and Hotaru happen to be around to help a nearby cabbage merchant.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Thieving Bunnies"


It's a great day for the fair, is it not? Well, this isn't so much a fair as a market, and there are all sorts of things being sold! Produce, furniture, pets, and everything else in between are for sale, and there's mass amounts of chaos when it comes to children. But, rather suddenly, there is a call of distress amidst the crowd… It comes in a very thin, slightly whiny, old-man voice.


At the cry, the hundreds of heads that are packed within Yotuna Square turn to the old man who's flailing his arms unhappily. "Come BAAAAACK! My livelihood! Noon…" Then he breaks down crying, and that's that. … Or is it?
Kaneko is in the square, likely with Hotaru since the pair are nigh inseparable, and she and the young dragon are just passing by when that cry rings out. Kaneko pauses in her spot and blinks, glancing around to find the old man. Then she tugs Hotaru in that direction. "We should go help him, Hotaru-chan!" she says, making her way over. "Excuse me, sir. What's wrong? What happened to your cabbages?" she asks, kneeling by the merchant so that he doesn't feel tiny. After all, she's ten. If she's making people feel short, then there's a bit of a problem…

Seems like a case of theiving animals! Hotaru is definitely right by Kaneko's side. Yotuna square is the place to be, and the recent fair is till under way. Hotaru would sit cross-legged right beside Kaneko as she talked to the poor individual whom was victimized! "This is definitely something genin should do." Hotaru says as she taps her cane on the ground several times. "Were they stolen, sir? Who stole them? Describe them. Just point to a direction!" Hotaru would ask in short order.

"ROBBED! The nasty thieves robbed me of my produce!" the man sobs out. "Right under my nose! Cart 'n all! First the little buggers wanted to play, but I told them no. And now they've gone and done this! Those little foofoos better come back with what they owe me!" The cabbage selling man shakes a fist. Then he looks to Kaneko and Hotaru. "They headed towards the south. You might find them there."
Kaneko nods quickly to the man. "Alright, sir. We'll find them. But what did they … Well, were they kids?" she asks with a frown. It certainly sounded like the culprits were such… Upon a nod from the man, she would grab Hotaru's hand and drag her off towards the south. "Hotaru-chan, do you sense anything? I don't know if that would work, but… It's worth a shot. I'll just look around for now." She begins to look high and low.

Hotaru would rub her chin a little, eyes furrowed as she hears the bad news. "Clearly he was robbed!" Hotaru would say as she stood up, cane clicking the ground. "By what? Kids!? Kaneko-chan I'm not so sure about th-Waaaah!?" She would squeak as she was tugged by the hands to get going! "Kaneko-chan! Calm down!" She says as she runs behind with a pant, closing her eyes to get a read. Chakra signatures that were moving, if they had signatures at all!
"We've dealt with far worse than that, Kaneko-chan! Hmm… I… I feel two distinct signatures… They're… They're heading towards… If that's them, then they are heading south towards the poor houses… Kaneko, I can't be caught in the poor area!" Her reputation! … Being a ninja is tough!

Kaneko nods a bit to Hotaru. "Hai, let's go, then," she says, only pausing for the brief moments that it took for Hotaru to get a lock on the targets. "Hmm…" She murmurs. Because the homes in this part of the village were actually not bad off. They were about middle class. "Let's go, Hotaru-chan. If you don't go here at all as a ninja, they might think you're not doing your duty." Then she tugs Hotaru again, dragging the Watanabe if she doesn't keep up.
Kaneko would rely on Hotaru a lot more for directions that she'd like, as the streets end up criss-crossing. The most direct route would mean going through a building, which the pair can't do. "Ugh.." Kaneko huffs as they meet another building in their way. "This /is/ the right way, Hotaru-chan, right?" They were currently traveling south and east, though at the moment Hotaru would feel the signatures moving towards the west.

Middle-class is actually quite poor to someone as well-off as Hotaru. "Hai, Hai Kaneko. I know." She says as she waves her cane as she held herself up by her own two feet. She relies on her feet to give her a short burst of speed, in order to keep up, which wasn't quite enough for Kaneko. Poor lizard. "K-Kaneko! We're chasing a bunch of kids! … Probably our age… Keh! I hate running so much!" She would track them, relaying this information to Kaneko the best she could. "What? Why west? That's stupid." What was west anyways?

To the west is the village entrance! The targets were no longer moving south, but straight west! Kaneko frowned a bit and nodded, skidding to a halt and dashing off in the other direction. "Hotaru-chan, we need to get to the village entrance. They're probably going to try and escape or something!" She nods a bit, somehow not out of breath at all despite the hard running. Or she's just keeping it even by force. The young Murasame wanted to catch these thieves! "And even if they're our age, we still need to get them!" she adds as an afterthought. The race was on!

"KANEKO! I'm -NOT- a racehorse!" She would pout. "I'm better making things burn, you know that… Still, I bet I can hold them off." She says as she makes Kaneko let her hands go a moment as she makes hand-seals on the fly. "Hehe, I was going to save this to pull a prank on you, Kaneko-chan, but sometimes being a shinobi just drains all the fun stuff out of life." As Hotaru focused, she caused the area ahead to be subject to a very sudden bout of thick mist. "I can see them, but they might get lost, ne?"

Kaneko eyes the sudden mists that appear and says, "… That really takes the fun out of it for /me/ Hotaru-chan," she huffs. The village would continue on, confused but not completely blinded. The two targets, though, were surprised by it, and they stopped in their tracks. "Well, where are they? Do you think they're the ones?" Kaneko asks, relying all the more on Hotaru with her latest stunt. It was impossible to navigate through the mists, it seemed, for the Murasame.

The little lizard would be ginning sheepishly. "Being a Ninja can be a bother, ne?" She asks as she would rush into the mist. "I can't be sure until we see they have produce in their arms!" She notes. If the kids have stopped, they'd certainly both come upon them… At that point, as she surrounded them with Kaneko, she would release the Ninjutsu. "Well, well, well… What do we have here?"

The cart is a small cart, but it has very good cabbage in it. There are two people in front of the genin, one boy and one girl. With them, atop their heads, are rabbits. One white and one brown. Kaneko blinks a bit when she sees the rabbits, who each have a cabbage in their paws. "Umm… Apparently two thieves and their pets," she responds.
The two children have small noses and slightly larger than normal ears. Their eyes are wide with surprise when they're caught. "Umm… W-we didn't … s-s-s-steal them!" the girl would stammer out. Her partner in crime would nod lightly. "Our rabbits were hungry! We didn't want to let them starve, and we don't have money to actually buy this. And… It just looked so tasty…" Of course, something in their story doesn't add up. The two kids don't look like they're dressed in tatters…

"That's no… excuse… for…" Her lip twitches as she looks upon them. So innocent. They're like… younger than they are. Seing how poorly dressed they are, and how big their ears were… Why, that must have changed her mind right then and there! Suddenly, Hotaru's cold noble heart grew three times as big!
She would bop both of them gently on the head. "… I can't turn them in." Hotaru said with a bit of a grunt. "I believe in the law, but I'm kind of… wondering if the law applies to this kind of situation… Can't I just pay for it and let them go?" She wonders. Her resolve is wavering!

"They're hardly poor, Hotaru-chan. Just look at how they're dressed," Kaneko points out, indicating their clothes fit well and aren't in tatters. They may be a bit worn, but they weren't falling to shreds. "At the very least, they need to pay what they owe. If they can't pay everything, then they should work with the cabbage-seller." Kaneko glares over to the two rabbit-owners. "Well? What do you think? Fair, or no?"
The two children look over at Hotaru, apparently liking her a bit more. The bunnies take the bop for them, of course, since they're on top of their owners' heads. "Ha… Hai… Arigatou, Onee-san. We won't steal anything more," says the girl. The boy still looks like he might have a bit of mischief left in him, but he eventually nods slowly. "Fine, we won't steal. And we'll pay for what we ate…"

Well, sorry kids, but Hotaru isn't going to play good cop bad cop with Kaneko-chan today. "Ne, Kaneko… mmh… Yeah, you're right!" She bops both of them with her cane again. "You both will return, and give the cabbage back to the old man. I want to hear your most sincere apology, else I will make sure that you are arrested!" She liked the power, that's for sure. She could order little kids around. It made her feel… special! "Hmm." Hotaru would grin, as she looked at Kaneko for a moment and back. "Once you've apologized, and returned the cabbage… I'll make you a deal." She raises her cane and slaps it onto the ground.
"In return for your expressed promise to never steal again, I will pay for the cabbage… No, you still have to apologize, but let it be known that Iwa shinobi are not mean, but just!" … Well, they were poor compared to what she wore anyways… "That sound good to you Kaneko?

Kaneko eyes Hotaru a bit, but she nods quickly in agreement. "That sounds fair," she says with a small smile. The girl would glance to the pair before her, and they would nod in agreement. "Arigatou, Onee-sans!" the pair would chorus. Kaneko gives an inward sigh of relieve. "Okay, let's get these cabbages back. And no more eating them!" she warns, holding up a finger at them.
The duo nod quickly and the four humans + 2 rabbits would return to the cabbage man. They would apologize most sincerely, and the man would eventually find it in his heart to forgive the pair, though he'd be stern and tell them that he wanted them helping him every week as punishment! If Hotaru had the money then, he would accept it gracefully, otherwise he'd set up a time to pick up the money, which came to around 3000 ryo.

Hotaru had that on her. "Keh. Expensive plants." She would have had to have complained in the end. Yet, well, she did pay… So, after having parted with her money, Hotaru's heart once against shrinks to it's previous size… She sort of wishes she could have jailed them. "Well, that's over Kaneko-chan. I hope we did the right thing… … I might as well file a report anyways." Paperwork is bothersome, but she's able to write rather well. She would place her hands on her hips as she watched them advertise the old man's cabbage stand… "I don't even get paid for this, either…."

Kaneko points out, "They were only 300 Ryo a head, Hotaru-Chan. That isn't bad, and they're really good quality, too. I think that's worth it." She nod at the mention of a report. "Good idea, Hotaru-chan," she says warmly, taking the moment of calm to hug her friend rather suddenly. "You did really well on the mission, Hotaru-chan! I don't think I could have done it without you." It would have taken her a while to find the bugs, after all.

Hotaru has to rub her nose a few times at that. She did do pretty well this time didn't she. "All it took was having a skill that wasn't fire-based." She says with a chuckle. She was rather suddenly hugged, causing her to blush a little. "K-Kaneko-chan! Uhm… Ano… Thanks… I'm glad I was useful this time…" Her eyes would widen softly as she rubs tha back of her head and looks away. "So… Uh… Want to go to the clubhouse?" She asks.

"Hai, let's go!" Kaneko says with a small nod. The girl takes Hotaru's hand again, but she isn't as forceful this time around while tugging. She would just make her way to where she and her friends had built the clubhouse. The mini-mission? Success! And all parties were at least content by the end of it, too.

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