Think About It, Then Do Something


Noab, Hotaru

Date: January 26, 2013


A clan head meets a genin in the training grounds and winds up dispensing a bit of sage advice.

"Think About It, Then Do Something"

Toshiba Forest - Rocky Area [Konohagakure]


Coming into a strange path in Toshiba Forest, the essence of tall trees fall away and are replaced by a majority of large and small rocks scattered all about creating not only a maze but a beautiful sight to behold. These rocks are sharp and are stacked upon each other creating small caverns and caves big enough to wander through. Allot of spiders can be found here within the corners and edges of these rocks.

At first glance it is logical to assume that these rock formations had been here long before the forest was created but somehow doesn't seem to fit with the location. Reptile creatures scale upon the rocks often basking in the sun. There are no birds seen here flying about due to the lack of trees, animals and shade.


Currently, a girl is now laying on top of a particular rock that has a soft slope at its peak. It's easily 10 feet high at its highest point and at that point is where Hotaru resides. Her legs hang down one side, bare, sandals on the ground nearby. Her arms hang down the other side. Kikaichu crawl here and there as she lays there taking in the sun, sweating some and breathing perhaps a bit heavily as she has just finished up her daily run around the village, being chased by a cloud of kikaichu.

Training, huh? That's certainly something Noab approves of. Even at over 50 years of age and bearing an old injury in one leg, he's out here pushing his body as well, climbing over the rocks with his arms tucked firmly behind his back. 'Course, he could use his Akimichi techniques to expand himself to the point where the boulders are mere pebbles to trod upon, or craft a path for himself using earth manipulation…but those are Monday's exercises. :P Noab grunts while pulling himself up over a rock lip, then stops and looks up at where Hotaru's resting. "Tucker yourself out?" he asks. "I hope so, you'll never get much stronger if you stop at the first sign of fatigue." :P

Grinning, she looks over at the voice, popping up like a puppet on strings and grinning, "I'm fine!" She declares with a grin and then wobbles a little with a giggle, "Seriously! I'm fine!" she nods her head, "Just ran around a lot!" She nods and then looks over at Noab, smiling as a kikaichu hops from her arm into her hair, "Who are you?!" She hops down off the rock and lands before Noab, "You're BIG!" She declares.

Noab quirks an eyebrow at Hotaru, not sure whether she has more energy she could be burning or is running on fumes and giddy. Even Noab knows that there comes a point when more exercise is counter-productive, after all…it's just a lot farther than most pansies think or can willingly push themselves to. :P "Akimichi Noab," Noab responds to Hotaru's question. "Rank, jounin. Most of my clan are big, bigger than me, even." Of course, there are exceptions to such things, as Hotaru herself appears to show…most of her clan are usually pretty reserved.

A grin as she nods, "You're still pretty big!" She points out and nods her head, waggling her finger before blinking and looking dizzy, "Whoa!" She declares and then unceremoniously falls on her butt. Then she laughs some more before nodding, "Tired!" She declares and flops on to her back. She leaves her arms spread out before saying, "I'm Aburame Hotaru." She nods her head a little, "And I like to run!"

Okay, definitely went too far with something. Noab pulls a canteen from his belt and drops it on Hotaru's stomach. "Here, take short sips with at least five seconds in between. You're probably suffering from heat exhaustion. You shouldn't do training without a good supply of water. Don't they teach these things in the academy?" :P Well, shouldn't leave a soldier with an ailment alone in the field, and Noab would like his canteen back, so he decides to stick around. He sits down cross-legged. "Does anybody else know your training habits? Where you go, when you expect to return?"

Taking a sip of the water, s he nods, "Uh huh." She looks at him carefully, "My family and friends know." She grins, "I just…I like to run." She shrugs and then takes another sip, smiling as she lays there, "It's fun and my friends get to chase me so they can get exercise, too." She looks over at him as she watches him sit down, "What are you doing out here? Does anyone know where you are training?"

Noab nods. "Affirmative. I'm a clan head, so my schedule is pretty rigorous. My subordinates always know where to find me, in case of an emergency." Noab looks out over the rocks. "Today's training regimen is to walk a straight line through the rock field, using only my legs to climb over everything. Wouldn't be that hard if it weren't for my old leg injury, but that's the point." Noab folds his arms. "So, you like to run. You plan on using that? Become a scout, or a courier?"

Looking at Noab, she smiles, "That is neat." She nods her head, "You are doing well then to fight your injury!" She nods and declares before taking another sip, "I don't know." She nods, "I just think it's good to run." She then hmms, "I could become a scout, I guess."

Noab snorts. "In this life, if you don't make decisions, someone else makes 'em for you, and usually not as well as you could've yourself. Well, nobody thinks of everything ahead of time, but that's a good thing to think about while you can. Don't just take the running thing into account either, think long'n'hard about what you really want to become. Then do something about it." Noab eyes the position of the sun, then shrugs and picks himself up. "Keep the canteen, I can get another and if it reminds you to take water with you on training it'll be worth it. I've got to finish this before my other duties are due." Noab heads off along the field, going up and down the craggy stones.

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