Third Promotion Exams - A Gift


Sosuke, Fulgur (emitter)

Date: August 29, 2013


Sosuke encounters a cheerful exam participant.

"Third Promotion Exams - A Gift"

Training Area #44 - Inside

These exams are nearly over! The modest kunoichi couldn't believe it! She had worked hard to secure a scroll and was now working on trying to get another. She hadn't run into anyone so far, but she didn't lose hope. She was going to find someone soon, even if she had to draw attention to herself. She cheered to herself and laughed. One more scroll, coming her way!

"Time is winding down." Sosuke mentions as he soars through treetops. He lands everyone in a while to inspect a random deadbody. It seems like this forest has claimed many over these days. Sosuke kept an eye out for the Kumogakure shinobi as well as Katsurou but he's not met either so far. "At this point I need to prioritize the scroll." He concluded. The young Gansao comes to a stop once he detects the sound of laughter. He changed directions and headed that way. He stops when he spots a laughing young kunoichi. Sosuke has to frown at her elation. "Is this a trap?" He thinks. It has too be…she's too obvious right now. Or perhaps she has that much confidence. "One shot." he says getting closer and gathering chakra. His scythe wasn't drawn yet.

The kunoichi was brimming with confidence. She was skilled, that much she knew, but there were others around here that were even more so. Still, she wouldn't have gotten this far if she couldn't hold her own. "Now…" She started as she scanned the area. Who around here took the bait?

Once the proper chakra had been gathered Sosuke starts performing handseals to cast a genjutsu. Since he had the element of surprise the genjutsu wouldn't give him away. It appears she's not a sensor type either, or a very bad one elseways she would've sensed him gathering chakra. The elated girl would soon find a large moon obstructing her vision. It's glorious pallid glow would shine brightly, too bright. Her visionary senses would be overloaded if she didn't break the genjutsu. Still though that was the least of he worries as Sosuke had descended on her with his scythe drawn. He figured that even if she did break the genjutsu it would take time. Sosuke's aim lead the scythe downward in a reaping fashion to land a critical blow from behind.

That large noon was most certainly bright. A little too bright. She winced and focused her chakra to defend against it. Just in time, too. She had to dodge out of the way of the scythe that was headed her way. "What kinda weapon is that?" The girl questioned. What nerve she has. All of her abilities have to do with tools, after all. "I was almost fooled until I remembered that I haven't seen the moon here in a while…much less the sun," she shook her head. Oh well, enough about that. Now to go on the offensive. She drew out some shuriken and tossed them toward Sosuke. Though, she begins to manipulate them to ensure that she can secure a cut against him.

"Quicker than I expected." Sosuke said after he missed his initial take down. Sosuke is quick to defend though. His eyes notice the way her fingers move after she's thrown the shuriken. Sosuke is able to evade the shuriken using graceful stepping methods. Normally he'd close the distance to ensure that the girl didn't get away. But he kept his distance for some reason now. Sosuke rings his scythe around. "It's a crescent scythe." The young genin sighs and takes a stance in which he stands with one foot directly in front of the other. She's confident so Sosuke knew she wouldn't retreat, this he could use to lure her into a trap.

Time to concentrate. "A crescent scythe?" She paused. "Never heard of it." She took this time to gather her chakra to fight this guy. With a weapon like that, she's sure she doesn't want to suffer by it too many times. Sure, everyone gets hurt, but not by one of /those/.

Sosuke sees that she's preparing herself and she's taken note of the scythe. Most do after all unlike other scythes a crescent scythe can hack, slash, and slice since its blade is rounded, like a crescent moon. Sosuke twirls the scythe before stepping slowly towards the girl. "It was a gift. I doubt many other shinobi use such a weapon. Still…" Sosuke says before dashing out of sight. He reappears much closer to the girl and his scythe has come around ringing through the air blade hungry for blood. He slices and is carried with the momentum of his slash which brings him into a second hacking attack against the girl.

"That's a weird gift…" The kunoichi remarked. She found herself on the defense when Sosuke flickered before her and slashed at her. She busted out with a mesh wire shield to defend. It held up well but broke under the second slash. She received a cut across her midsection that, needless to say, was painful. She stumbled back and winced in pain. That wasn't good. It had a wide arc and reach. She was going to have to watch it. "I don't think I like that gift," she remarked. With wires at the ready, she cast them out only to draw them back in with an attempt to bind him in place. She then jumped back and tossed out an explosive tag clone nearby to burn him.

Sosuke was already at work with his next move after his last strike connected. Seeing her retreat he gathers she is indeed a distance fighter adept with shinobi tools. From there he knew what sense would be the most important for her. "It is rather unorthodox. But so was the person who gave it to me." he explains. Sosuke can see that her fingers were at it again. Surely enough the wires came but Sosuke had already cast a false image of himself to be the target of the girl's attack. However he didn't expect the next tool in her repertoire to be an explosive clone. Rather impressive. It's blast radius gave Sosuke little time to evade even with the genjutsu acting as the target. But the amount of debris swept up by the explosion hid Sosuke. It was here he could formulate a counter attack that might secure him victory. First Sosuke would manipulate the terrain to present him with an advantage. The cloud of dust would appear to sweep over the girl clouding her vision. Whilst that was being done Sosuke would sneak up beside her and try once more to land a blow, but not a killing blow. His scythe once again came sundering down at her.

Shoot. She can't see a thing in here. The smoke was incredible. She regrets using the clone and even more so after she received a full cut across her body by that had her bleeding out. She shouted, as there was no way to hold that in with that much pain. She thought the least she could do at this point was take damage against him in some way, if at all possible. She gets the idea that she's outclassed, but by this much is a bit hard for her to believe. She thought she could go on, but then she only falls to the ground, holding the last wound she took. She wasn't going to do much more, even though she wanted to. "Here…" She offered softly while reaching a bloodied hand behind her to retrieve the scroll. "I just have a request…Can you get me to the proctors?" She wasn't on the verge of dying, but she was losing enough blood.

Sosuke watches as the girl falls. His strike must've been rather successful. He was relieved that she wasn't dead, useless deaths didn't sit well with him. Sosuke figured she wouldn't want to continue with injuries like that. When she reaches for her scroll Sosuke nods. "Just toss it here if you can. After which you have my word that I will take you to a proctor. Gansao like to honor deals." he explains a bit. "Your wounds aren't dire yet but you won't be able to continue as I'm sure you've gathered." Sosuke places his scythe on his back where it is held in place a holster designed for it. "I'll carry you."

"Thank you," she lowered her head in thanks to him. She tossed her scroll out to Sosuke and then said, "I would like to be taken away now."

Sosuke takes the scroll and nods. 'That makes two…..Dad.' Sosuke says before securing his scroll. He moves over to the girl to pick her up, being careful of her wounds. "You fought well. Don't be discouraged." Sosuke stated. Right now it didn't register to him what he was doing but he was trying to comfort. "You remind me of the person who gave me this gift. Just a little. She was cheerful." And that is all he says to he for the remainder of their trip. Sosuke tries to head for one of the gates in search of a proctor.

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