Third Promotion Exams - An Agreement


Katsurou, Hiroyasu, Fudo

Date: August 23, 2013


An agreement is made the first day of the survival round.

"Third Promotion Exams - An Agreement"

Training Grounds #44: The Bridge

And the genin were released into the wild. Literally. Katsurou's heart races as he races through the forest of death! He comes to a flowing river and stops for a moment to assess his surroundings. He takes not of a rotted bridge and its integrity. Water, fish, and a trap if he needed to make one. He had awhile before he needed to make his way to the finish line so he decides this would be as good of a spot as any to set up camp.

As his gate opens Hiroyasu finds himself likewise in the forest of rumor, it was called the forest of death for a reason other than marketing, despite the need for rush in honest fashion he just idly strolls taking in the surrounding looking for strategic resources, oh the sound of a river, water nice.. He also gets the slight inkling of someone already there, hopefully a friendly versus a foe. He can see it's Katsurou he says "Yo, Shirayuki-san" he says hesitantly but does so as not to startle him.

Fudo's approach to being released was quite different. Of course, he didn't have assassins after him so it was easier for him not to be as concerned. He took his time, takign in the sights lightly with his sharingan, getting familiar with the feel of the place, and the chakra. It was deceptively dense, more than most people would ever truly realize. As this entire forest was alive, chakra was everywhere. The sky, the ground, and in all directions. It was more like night vision, than true Sharingan sight. But it was also strangely beautiful to behold so much life. He would find the closest water source, and move towards it with his casual stroll, checking it out as he came along the river with his stride.

Katsurou turns at the sound of a voice and almost goes into battlemode due to his heightened nerves. "H-Hiroyasu, was it?" It seems tense between for a moment. Then the Shirayuki squints. "I am not sure about you, but…" He says studying Hiroyasu and his intentions. "I think we would increase our rate of survival if we had each other's backs." Katsurou does his best to read the Kumo nin's body language after his suggestion. "There is even another that we might be able to form an…alliance wit—" Katsurou's words are cut short at the sound of another approaching. His head turns to spot Fudo coming up along the river all casual like. Hiro would be able to hear the Shirayuki breath out a sigh of relief. "Speak of the devil."

Hiroyasu nods "Katayama Hiroyasu" before nodding looking the direction of the approaching chakra, it was familiar then again almost no one in the event was an unknown other than the horses in Iwa costumes. "Yeah, I have decent survival skills from my training, and well medicine is always needed.." he pauses and waves to Fudo "Uchiha-san" he was still unsure on their standing, they hadn't exactly talked since.. well anyways "This place is huge.. and the ambient chakra is surreal.. can you even see through this fog Uchiha-san?" he asks.

Fudo would wave to them both as if this was an ordinary day. He would continue to approach, listening to Hiroyasu ask of his ability to see, and he'd smirk, "Of course I can." Whether it was truth or a lie, well, it was hard for anyone that wasn't an Uchiha to know. "It would be quite the disadvantage if a few trees could blind me. I see we all has the same idea, given the river. I suppose at this point in time, it is all up to what we are willing to do in order to make it out of here both alive and victorious." Fudo seemed t ohint at something, but he didn't make it clear exactly what.

Katsurou looks between Hiro and Fudo as they speak. "Well, like I was suggesting to Hiro. I think of us having a three man unit will give us the best chance of survival. We help each other get the scrolls from the others, and we pitch in on doing what it takes to survive off of the forest while we are here. Hiro, you mentioned that you are familar with medicine? Oh, that is right. I do recall meeting you and your friends in the ramen shop that day. You were in Konoha working at the hospital there, were you not?"

Hiroyasu clears his throat, "Right your limited to visual range… of course you don't lose the forest for the trees." he gently rubs the back of his head, confused Sharingan for Byakugan again.. he really needed to study his konoha flash cards better. "Yes, I was at the time during the uprising they allowed me to practice medicine here despite not being from here.. I am a combat medic by trade, my specialty is mission longevity.." he says before looking to Fudo "I see no reason to violate our alliance or our mutual goal. Especially since so much is unknown rash and brash actions would be.. unwise.. don't you think?" he asks raising an eyebrow still keeping an eye on them both.

"This is the survival exams." Fudo would say quite bluntly. "How it is done is not necessarily what matters. That it gets done, is the most important part." Looking between them, he'd stoop down in order to cup his hand in to the cold water of the river. "The objective is to get two scrolls a piece. Given the numbers of people, a team of three would allow for such to happen pretty easily." Fudo stated before gluping down some of the water. Wiping his lips, he'd continue, "As long as there aren't too many other teams. The issue is, there are many other people and allies in this forest. Which ones are either of you willing to turn on, simply to survive?"

Katsurou watches Fudo take a drink from the stream and listens intently. Then after the Uchiha finishes, he turns to face Hiroyasu. "Fudo is right. I came into this round with only one person I cared to align with and he is standing right here." The Shirayuki studies the Kumo nin. "What say you Hiroyasu? When push comes to shove are you going to be capable of sticking to the original plan?"

Hiroyasu says "I believe the idea of a survival exam is to get through it, thus survive.. not exactly subtle or difficult." he looks at the water, "I assume its safe for consumption, running water does have a lower chance of parasites and water bourne illness.. I'd still treat if I could." before looking at Katsurou with a raised eyebrow "Yeah, but I think as uchiha-san reminded, the plan is only as good until a better one comes along.. as long as are 3 in agreement. I would hope should it be apparent, you'd give us some decency to defend ourselves" looking at them both, it was also kind blunt and cold in tone, but not threatening or condescending.

Nodding, Fudo would say, "That is the extent of it." The water, he wasn't too concerned about. He didn't drink too much of it, and it was an isolated area that had little contact with humanity, thus it was likely most things here drank from it any other water sources. If not well, he was just unlucky. "Though that is also Hiro's way of saying he will look out for his countrymen, at least some of them. Which is expected of course. But as I stated, the odds are good at first. I would suggest that the best plan, is to get the scrolls we need, and then focus on supporting any others. You can't help them if you can't help yourself, after all. Still, pack hunting is likely a bad idea. It gives away our advantage, and gives others the same idea. It decreases our likelihood of success if everyone pairs off in to teams."

Katsurou nods at Hiroyasu before turning to Fudo. He listens quietly to Fudo's suggestions before saying, "You have a point." The Shirayuki looks up to scan the area while making sure no one was lurking about while they three of them were discussing strategy. For the most part Katsurou just lets Hiro and Fudo do the discussing while he listened and observed them and their surroundings.

Hiroyasu shrugs "We are here to represent our village first, and I expect nothing less of either of you. I am afterall a resource to your success as you are mine, but that status can and will change and shift as the situations arise. I'm not naive enough to think you wouldn't do whatever it takes to advance if it meant for Victory for your village and/or yourself." he looks to Katsurou "You are an interesting liability you know, in here your protection from assassins is only by obscurity.. I might recommend a disguise anyone you feel comfortable in assuming who is not here with us?" he pauses and thinks about that "Perhaps that was too curt, I am used to dealing with a different genre of shinobi.. errh" he rubs the back of his head "It is something we must consider or we are overlooking something considerable.." he looks around as well "I don't think the question is of if or when, groups will almost immediately form until they get a better plan. It's far too early for anyone with half a brain to make any sudden or provocative moves unless they feel an advantage or have an agenda. The real question is, how do we deal with other groups as well." he says rubbing his chin.

"You would be amazed how disorganized people are without orders. However, it is most likely that same village teams will be formed. In our case, technically, that is not the situation on any side, and actually, it is still not quite the case. As far as the other possible groups however, you just handle the situation as it comes. That's all there is to it. You cannot plan for the unknown unless you want to spend the rest of your life considering "what if" instead of what is." Fudo would nod towards them both before saying, "It is time to gather intelligence. That is best done alone. If we are outnumbered, this will be our rendevous point, along the river, assuming there aren't too many out here. Other wise, take down your prey and get it over with."

"I agree." Katsurou says finally coming back to the conversation. "I will spend my first day setting up this area. I think I saw a few materials I can use to form some type of shelter along with traps." He says motioning to the unstable bridge not far from where they stand. "Do not fret, this area will merely only serve as a decoy camp. I think I will keep the rest of my plans and intentions to myself incase things turn sour." The Shirayuki says looking to the both of them. "I only tell you this much now in order to prevent friendly fire in the upcoming future."

Hiroyasu shakes his head "Whatever you both want to do, I don't actually see intelligence gathering as solo, in fact unless it is different in konoha; most intelligence and scouting squads work in limited 2 or 3 man squads.. lone wolves are easily dispatched and to be honest, Any intelligence you don't see or verify for yourself, is bad intelligence in this situation. " he looks at them both "It maybe rude or presumptuous but after having dealt with what I have in Kumo, Healthy Skeptism is what separates a live shinobi from a dead one." he does looking around, "Now the idea of false camps is prudent one, and perhaps rather unique given what I know about the others.." whom he has studied both in person and via his deck of flashcards.

"You are talking about scout teams that go in to enemy countries and villages and outposts, not scout teams that look for a hand full of people already looking for them. Fewer people means harder to detect. Doing preliminary scouting with a rendevous point allows for more ground to be covered faster. If we are going to go off of the basis of a lack of trust to start, then perhaps there is little point in allying in the first place." Fudo would say once again quite bluntly. "If I have to watch my back to make sure my ally isn't about to stab me, then there are far better things that I can do with far fewer risks." Fudo would then begin to make his way out of the area, moving from the river itself. He didn't feel he had the time nor inclination to second guess his strategy, even though Hiro had a point, it just didn't feel right to Fudo to travel around in a group before they even knew what was around. Of course, Fudo didn't believe that everyone else was grouped up to begin with.

"That went well…" Katsurou says as he watches Fudo leave the area. He turns back to Hiro and gives him a nod. "It seems like everyone is on their own page with an underlining agreement. I suppose we will just have to see how this plays out. Fow now, I have some gathering to do and things to prepare." The Shirayuki begins walking past Hiroyasu while giving him another nod.

Hiroyasu says "I fail to see a distinction, between being behind enemy lines surrounded by danger, and being here surrounded by danger. The whole purpose of a multi-member squad isn't to avoid detection, as you may or may not know. There is one if not two powerful sensors, and a hyuuga all capable of seeing past deception, singular or mutlititude.. and that is from our known supply of participants. Although I do not detect any chakra other than our own within my threat range or extended ranges.. if we are being watched then separation will spell our singling out and elimination." he looks between them, "And you even assume you can navigate unfamiliar terrain with unknown properties, and unknown variables." he reaches out to touch Katsurou on the shoulder as he passes "Unless you object, I will accompany you to help.. your just as much a resource to me as wood or stone.." he pauses "I'll provide you with advanced warning." he offers, "Otherwise, I suppose I could seek out more amenable terms with my skills." he says looking to Katsurou then to fudo.

"I have done so in many other situations where people have tried to kill me. And i can out wit and out manuver a Hyuuga, so i'm not worried about that. You two should probably stick together however, we will meet back here in… an hour?" Fudo stated as he glanced back at them both. "The objective, is merely to get our barings, and control the area. If there is opportunity, seize it, other wise, fall back and wait for reinforcements. This also allows us the element of ambush, where as us all being discovered at once doesn't allow for that. This is not the same situation, and there is a distinction. I desire to avoid detection for the time being, while we still all have 50% of our goal in hand. Then after we take measure of what is around, we can form a more cohesive team strategy. Information is key first, in my eyes."

"You are more than welcome to join me, Hiro." Katsurou says as he pauses at the touch of the Kumo. "But, you are carrying." A smirk develops at the corner of his mouth. "Let us begin. We will meet back here in an hour." He says giving a nod to Fudo in agreement. He looks at the Kumo nin one more time then turns to lead the way a little further into the nearby forest in search of materials for shelter, traps, and tools.

Hiroyasu nods "I expected you might suggest that…" he smirks with a chortle, "We should attempt to secure food or identify other sources. I didn't peek too depth into the water for fish, so I wouldn't just assume it. Given the make up of the woods, I'd bet mushrooms" which he would probably be the only one eating them, living out in the woods all the time has never seen like such a boon until right now.

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