Third Promotion Exams - Handed scrolls


Katsurou, Amani, Nori

Date: August 27, 2013


Katsurou hands Amani and Nori scrolls

"Third Promotion Exams - Handed scrolls"

Forest of Death

"That is why I stepped in. Originally Fudo and I were to team up and go to the finals together." Katsurou looks away from Amani as a face of shame comes over him. "I betrayed a friend for fear that he might be going too far. That would be my second betrayal of this survival round." The Shirayuki faces the kumo girl once more. "I am not proud of the events in my life nor do I believe these will be my last. Though, somethings in life -must- be done for the greater good." With that said he pulls the shoulder strap of his bag over his head and begins ruffling through it.

Nori would be around Amani. Perhaps he had gone to go get food for them, or maybe he was looking for herbs. Either way, he returns to be by Amani's side. "Katsurou…san, Amani."
"I'm…trying not to look at you with anger. Forgive me, but…I know you're not at fault…" Amani struggled to say as she considered Katsurou's role in all this. He did betray him and help her, after all. There doesn't appear to be any hint of a lie in the sound of his voice. "You did what you must…I'm doing the same thing now. I decided to stay here, even though I had agreed to leave with my boyfriend…" She began to grow emotional once more. "I couldn't give up on myself. I felt I'd be doing that to him…even though he was badly wounded. I want to meet him outside with my vest on."

She coughed and cleared her throat. It was a bit too painful to start crying again. Her body couldn't take the muscles, however little…or many it'd take to cry, without responding back in dull aches. "Nori-san…" she greeted.

Nori goes about starting to prepare some food. It is mainly berries and…some bugs. He's preparing the bugs by squishing them and mixing them in with the berries. The bugs are high in protein and the berries will somewhat mask the flavor. Nori looks to Amani, "I want you to eat this. It will be…unpleasant, but high in food." And then Katsurou offers the scrolls and Nori blinks. "Oh, eh…but…are you sure?" He grows red out of embarassment. He's not entirely sure how to accept them, but he nods, "I'll take mine back that I gave to Hiroyasu-san and Atsui-san's too then. Thank you." Nori counts and states, "There should still be three of them right? So, you should still be in the running too." He nods.

"How can I do that?" Amani didn't have scrolls or so she thought. When the two were laid on her lap, she eyed Katsurou with skepticism, but behind it was hope. She still has a chance? She gripped the scrolls in her hands and held them there until placing them away in her pack nearby. This wasn't a trick…she hoped. "Thank you very much…" She looked to Nori then. "The food is fine. I'm not bothered by a few bugs in it. I didn't expect any of this."

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