Third Promotion Exams - Survival Round Start


Noab, Fudo, Nori, Katsurou, Hel (emitter), Hiroyasu, Tatsu, Sakuryu, Amani, Fulgur (emitter)

Date: August 23, 2013


The examinees gather, and the contest begins…

"Third Promotion Exams - Survival Round Start"

Unmarked Path [Konohagakure]


The thickest wooded part of this path is here, at its end. With the beginning of a line of trees, the path stops. A path to the west leads to the training area. Other than that, it looks like the only path to travel here is towards the Inuzuka Village or back toward the village or one through the trees to likely get lost.


The time has come! the Narrator said, to talk of ninja things! Of scrolls, and seals, and shuriken, on razor-metal strings! And which of those who've gathered here can earn their chuunin wings. :o Yep, time for the chuunin exams to continue! And the Walrus — erhem, sorry, Akimichi Noab is standing ready to turn the chuunin hopefuls loose in the Fooooorest of Deaaaaath. :P He waits for the examinees to finish gathering, eyeing them critically.

Casually strolling in to the area, Uchiha Fudo would gaze at the gates that lead to the massive, untamed forest that was considered a proper testing ground for the genin who wish to be chuunin in this world. He'd cant his head to the side a bit and slick his hair back lightly as he considered the possibilities. He considered his obligations, his conversations with friends…. with family. His family that he earned, that he has fought to have and that has accepted him as the same. He'd smirk then, he was ready to give this his all.

Nori would walk towards the Forest of Death. He's been here before, not necessarily inside, but at the gates of the forest. So, when they are about ready to open the gate for the next Chuunin Exam, Nori would be there. The boy has his burlap sack attached firmly to his back. His hair is up in a bun on top of his head so as to not get snagged on anything inside the forest, and he looks like he's slept and eaten a fair amount. The young Yamanaka is ready.

Katsurou is off to the side speaking to his trainer, Ruko.
"Just remember your training. Keep your head clear and calm. Any sign of foul play and I want you to run for the fences. Got it?" Ruko places a hand on the Shirayuki's bare shoulder. "You're ready for this. Now is when you start proving it." Katsurou gives nod to the older Shirayuki then notices Fudo strolling by. Ruko dismisses Katsurou with a smile and a pat on the shoulders.

(Hel) A small group of Genin that really haven't been out and about within Konohagakure proper are standing off to the side away from anyone else. These Genin sport the forehead protectors of Iwagakure. They must have taken the test and hidden away until the start of the survival rounds. Some of them look younger, but some of them are built like brick houses it seems. The unknown threats could be fun, or they could be deadly.

Hiroyasu strolled to the starting point, it was his first time having really been down to even the gates of the forest. A casual glance around reveals that the others are as ready if not more than he is. He pauses to give a nod to Yamanaka Nori , Uchiha Fudo, and even Katsurou. He takes in a deep breath and sighs before slapping his cheeks.

Tatsu is just here to watch, and perhaps cheer on any Konoha or Uzumaki he spies in the crowd of possible future Chuunin. He even has a little flag with the Konohagakure symbol on it that he's waving from the back of the crowd as he cranes to see who is around and going in.

Arrives with a somber gaze, adjusting her supplies over her back as she looks around. She was still in her Pirate outfit, a set outfit using the bandana style head protector as she looks around to judge her opponents.

The exams finally started and it's about time. Amani was nervous, but much of it was converted into excitement. She awaited its start, wondering what all would take place once she entered the field.

Noab looks over the amassed genin. Seems like they're pretty much all here and ready. Right then, time to get things started. "'TEEEEEEEN-SHUN!!! All right, maggots, it's time to begin the survival test! There is a HIGH possibility of fatality in this event! You will face extremely hostile territory for a protracted period of time, and will be competing with each other to pass with NO STRIKES BARRED! If any of you don't think you have what it takes to survive or would rather earn your stripes in actual missions, NOW is the FINAL CHANCE to bow out!!!" Noab leans on his cane in silence for a moment, then gestures toward a tent. "Otherwise, report to the examiners within for your scroll and gate assignment."

Fudo would nod towards Noab as he would state that this was the last point of decision. And with that, after he would look to those he knew and nod towards them, waving to some, he'd move straight for the tent without hesitation. At the very least, this would be good experience, if he survived it. But life risking jobs was what this whole lifestyle was about in the end.

Nori nods to Noab too. Nori's been on missions with the elder Akimichi before, so at least he knows the big guy (otherwise he'd probably be staring…I mean, just look at the /SIZE/ of him). So instead of looking at Noab, Nori looks to the others. He's studying them, watching them, looking for the ones that are fully confident versus the ones that are nervous about this but going through with it anyway. The young Yamanaka, for his part, just has a bit of a smirk on his face. He waits for a while, and then starts off into the tent.

Katsurou's blue eyes set on Noab as he speaks and instructs them. Once dimissed to the tent, the Shirayuki takes a moment to look around at the participating genin. He wasn't far behind Fudo as he caught a glimpse at Sakuryu. His gaze lingers on her for a few long moments before an instructor's voice takes his attention away. He also notes Nori and Hiro participation and even sees Amani in the mass of bodies. Looking back up ahead he idly wondered what Fudo's battle plan would be after given the rules.

Tatsu actually cheers for the contestants, hollering and waving a flag. Hopefully not the only one trying to encourage his village to success. He looks to see if there are any Uzumaki out there, as well. But any Konohagakure nin gets his cheers as well. Tatsu seems to actually be in high spirits, perhaps because he's not going to have to compete this year.

(Hel) One of the larger Iwagakure shinobi cracks his neck, sneers at the others heading in, and walks towards the tent. He'd meet up with Katsurou right behind Fudo too and would probably try to beat Katsurou into the tent. Hopefully there is a large enough door for them both to fit through, or else trouble starts early.

Hiroyasu nods and makes no hesitation to make his way to the tent for his scroll, anything to move it along.. the call of the mountain were ringing in his ear, and he was quite tired of breathing the watery thick air soup.

Amani looked over to the tent immediately. She wanted to go and get her scroll and figure out which gate she'd be at. She only looked around momentarily at all the fighters gathered before heading in. It's in this space that she was able to see people more clearly. She'd greet them, but she needed to maintain her focus on the task at hand.
Sakuryu smiles and takes in a breath. "Time to go I guess…' She grabs her stuff up and walks to the nearest proctor to see about her assignment and scroll.

Katsurou frowns and eyes the Iwa muscling his way through to get his scroll. However, his frown soon fades and a smirk appears. It looks as though someone has just volunteered to be the first to give their scroll up to him. He lets the bull of Iwa ahead of him, but he does take this chance to size up the genin for any strengths, weaknesses, and specializations.

The Iwanin turns and eyes Katsurou. This kid easily has to be about 16 and has the body of a full-grown adult. The kid sneers again, but he doesn't say anything at least to Katsurou. The big kid just heads for his scroll.

Noab observes while the genin go about receiving their scrolls and being distributed around the forest. This is sort of the easiest part of the exams to administer, since once they're sent into the forest, there are essentially no rules until they're allowed into the tower in the center. e.U And everything seems to be going smoothly enough as far as getting them set up.
Hopeful genin go in woods, hopeful genin fight for goods. Some will live and some will die, silly ninja, just don't cry.

Sakuryu carefully stows anything she is given and looks around. As she spies Katsurou she narrows her eyes, breathing out slowly before nodding to herself carefully. "I need to pick my targets carefully." She moves to the gates to settle down and wait.

Fudo would move to a proctor, speaking to them lightly as he'd get his scroll. It almost seemed like they were having a conversation, as if they knew each other some how. A short laugh here, a small pat there, and then Fudo would leave with his document, ready to head in to the forest itself when the time came.

Nori would grab his scroll and his gate and head there quietly. Except for giving his name, he hasn't said all that much. For a small 11 year old, he looks sort of lost, but don't let looks be deceiving. The boy waits at the gate, looking around at all the other participants.

Katsurou continues following behind the Iwa bull and when it was the bull's turn to get his scroll, the Shirayuki might have "accidently" put his foot in between the bull's in a subtle attempt to trip him or at least tangle his feet up in his own mess. When it was Katsurou's turn to get his scroll, he does so with a slight bow then heads out to join the group of genin ready to depart for the forest.

Sakuryu did spy Fudo and decided to move over closer to him. "Fudo-san." She bows with a smile. "Let's hope we don't come to battle again in here." She grins and offers a hand

Taking up Sakuryu's hand gently, he's place a light kiss upon it and say, "Take care of yourself, Hime." before giving her hand a light shake and releasing it. He would look to the gates, look back at Katsurou with a smirk, Hiro, whom he nods to respectfully, Nori, whom he gives a familiar wave, Amani he'd remember slightly, Hiei he'd shoot a fist out towards, even if they weren't close enough to bump, Nariko he'd nod to politely. The rest.. well he'd see, but he didn't truly know nor had ever met. This was going to be hard for more than one reason, but… hopefully, no one would die.

Amani acquired her scroll and left the tent to the gate she was assigned. She waited patiently. It was sort of quiet to her, even though she had others around her. She'd tuned out everything, it seems. Before long, the world faded in and all the sounds with it. She inhaled deeply and sighed the breath out. Almost time…

Hiroyasu does not say anything instead goes for the peaceful prayer steeple and a bow as he receives his scroll. It would be better to let everyone think he is an idiot than open his mouth and prove them correct. He stands quietly and unabashed waiting for it all to begin.

BANG!!! Or really more of a very loud RATTLE, as the gates all around the forest are flung open and the participants are allowed in. The survival test has begun!!!

A modest soul from one of the lesser lands has come for the exams. She's gathered her scroll and went to her assigned gate. She was fairly quiet, perhaps a bit shy, but there was determination burning under it all. She clutched her scroll and slipped it away on her person. Just then, the gates opened with a loud thud. She wonders if that's some sort of sign. She came here right on time.

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