This... is 'Boar-ing'


Tosai, Chika, Eremi

Date: September 3, 2011


Konoha is in need of resupply, and now Tosai, Chika and Eremi are on the hunt for the 'Herdboar'.

"This… is 'Boar-ing'"

Countryside [Land of Fire]


Within the Rice Country it provides a path to the Land of Lightning, this path rather than the winding road is vast containing trees, flora fauna and even predators such as large jackals and the odd mountain lion. There is a small crisp lake set privately in the distance hidden among reeds. There are edible and poisonous fruits seen here, this area is kept away from development, the sights of huts are not noted here. The odd windmill to generate wind is however noted. Many a few people can be seen here walking the pastures discussing a topic or holding hands on a blanket. Further up the road to the north easterly border lies the border between the Rice Country and the Land of Fire.


Food supplies dwindled when rations were of central need during the war. An important factor in the turning of any tide in war, is making sure the troops have strength enough to fight. And though Konoha considered itself out of hole when it came to many of its recovery efforts, many of the needs still remained, and thus there was work for shinobi to do, even in peace time.

The menu for ninja rationing, as well as the soldier pills which fortified the troops with stamina, even during battle, required each a magnitude of ingredients and properties necessary to both the human body and Tenketsu. One of those had been protein, which of course was given by a variety of vegetables. But only a substantial amount of protein could be found in meat, which was short in Konoha's own supplies, and needed to be replenished in great volume. Therefore, the best Mednin, and Akimichi nutritionists came together, and compiled a list of sources from which this particularly need could be found, and several platoons were made as hunting and fishing parties. Their orders? Bring back fresh, and living sources of meat that could be both raised, and made available in the villages.

Tosai had duel reason for inducting Satonezu Eremi and Yamauchi Chika into his team. But for now, he chose simply to remain silent about them, even as the three journey to Rice Country. The trip was filled with walking and running, all the way to an empty and flat plain filled with tall grass. The grass was swept to and fro by a gentle breeze, and yet could be hid in by any normal sized, or taller human being. Even Tosai would have led the two Genin to a halt, where they now sat, seeming buried in the grass around them.


Since the news of hearing he was being sent on a mission, Eremi had been a tad bit excited when waking up this morning and leaving his house. It had been some time before the last one he was on and he was beginning to worry his skills as a Genin weren't required. Though that thought left his mind the moment he left with the current group.

He was equipped with his normal gear, black on black and a fully stocked pouch of rations, kunai and the likes. Even his hands were wrapped in bandages, to protect them from the punishment they may receive. The Genin felt as if he was ready for whatever may come his way. Despite his lack of experience, luck favored the prepared he thought and he always kept a look out.

Though as they moved through the tall grasses that at times he couldn't even see through, he was most anxious to be out in a more open area where he can be aware of his surroundings. Were someone to sneak up on him, he'd be completely taken off guard and that bothered him. His eyes would constantly scan around hoping to pick up anything were someone abound, but he saw nothing. As the team came to a halt, he looked up at the squad leader for a moment then back down waiting for orders.

Upon hearing the news that she was to go on a mission with Konoha-nin, Chika was somewhat surprised at the news. She had expected to be an independent ally more than a stand-in agent though she still came long with the rest of them, but not without her own questions. "I'm kind of confused about how you could get low on meat." She says, shortly after they stop, "I mean, when you have animals you can't lose them that easily unless they're poisoned or run off right?" she asks, "Besides, It also seems strange that we're being sent out when a merchant or farmer might be a better choice for us to escort rather than us just going alone."

Once the crew had been settled, Tosai would not say much for a long duration of time. He even held up gesture for quiet with one hand. The other would be on the ground, the Akimichi closing his eyes as he seem to concentrate on something. As soon as Chika started speaking, Tosai would yell out a loud, "Sshhhhh!!!", furrowing his brow angrily at the girl before keeping his concentration, closing his eyes once more. This was accompanied by an even longer silence, at least the next few minutes. Then suddenly, his eyes opened, before he would then smile, muttering, "Finally…", before calling the two in closer.

Words were whispered. "Okay… Firstly, Chika, this isn't the part of the mission where a briefing is open to question and answer.. I give a motion to silence, it is necessary for the mission and your survival… is that clear?" Tosai was smiling, as to let not seem much like a scolding but more like advice. Looking to Eremi, Tosai would also smile and say, "And cool down, Eremi. No enemies are around to worry about. Besides.. being to tense, makes you prone to hesitation and being to anxious makes you prone to haste. Relax." After patting Eremi on the shoulders and making sure he understood, Tosai then began to draw on the ground, speaking. "Some of the animals we raise in the village, do not have many of the special properties like the one's listed apparently. This meat is not just going to give us help toward rationing, but help develop better and more efficient soldier pills, and other health supplies." Tosai then looked the drawing and said, "The Herdboar, for example, has a special marrow that helps in the healing of Tenketsu circulation. Not only that, but its meat contains a higher protein than most, allowing for smaller rationing, but more calories."

Pointing to the drawing, "Now. Where we are, is here. The Boars we are hunting, are in a large herd moving from the northwest, about here." Tosai looked to Eremi, smiling saying, "I here that the Satonezu are one of the fastest clans in Kadomai, Eremi-san. That is why I am making you chaser. I want you to scare and direct the boar to this point. You think that can be achieved?" Waiting on the response, Chika would be looked to next, before saying, "You will be the one to prevent any strays from escaping away from the group. Keep an eye on where Eremi is heading, and make sure all the boars go in that direction. Understand?"

As Chika spoke, Eremi had looked over in her direction briefly before looking over to Tosai. They were valid questions he thought, but he wasn't going to be the one to ask them and for good reasons. He didn't like to draw unnecessary attention his way. But it happened regardless of him staying quiet, as his behavior was easily picked up by the mission leader. Eremi would let out a half smile as he did his best to not let his panic show, trying his hardest to just focus on what's in front of him. The boy looked down at the drawing, studying it before looking back to Tosai.

It appeared that a lot of this might be riding on him for achieving part of the mission. He needed to be quick and not let his Satonezu namesake down. It was a heavy burden he felt on his shoulders, almost as much as the Akimichi's hand that was there moments earlier. "I understand." Saying with a nod and a look of intent in his eyes. He wanted to prove that he could do what was expected of him. It's one of the things he's always wanted to do…Be reliable when needed.

Although somewhat disappointed by the apparent need for quiet and the businesslike manner that Tosai displayed, Chika looks down at the plan on the ground for a few moments before she nods and says, "Alright" in a somewhat hushed tone as she looks over towards the herd of boars and readies herself to run out after Eremi as soon as he starts herding the boars, planting herself in a position similar to that which a runner uses to ready themselves. "I only have question regarding this." she says, "What methods are unacceptable to prevent the boars from breaking off of the herd?" she asks.

"Do not harm them. No harm what so ever.", was whispered as he faced the direction for which the heard would come from, turning away from his team. Upon that gesture, Tosai would simply sit and wait, the gesture for 'hold' before held in his right hand. Soon, the group would hear the rumble of the ground, as if a soft tremor had suddenly come alive. In actuality, forty boar, each the size of a single cow, would come over a nearby hill. The point at which the group of ninja had stopped was on the other side of a nearby watering hole.

While Tosai, Chika and Eremi had been on one side, hidden in grass, the large group of Herdboar, had been on the other side drinking in silently, except for a large amount of communicating snorts and oinks. Tosai would look over his shoulder to Eremi, giving two signals. One for 'silent', and one for 'execute', to start. Once Eremi had gotten closer to the heard, Chika would get the same to signs along with the words, "Time for some real stealth practice." along with a soft chuckle. Meanwhile, his own quiet was maintained, as Tosai was suddenly off and running, to objective point.

The soft rumble caused Eremi to jerk a bit and look around his surroundings only to realize that it must be the herd, but even that was a little unsettling. The genin looked to Tosai for direction, watching the squad leaders hand signals and movements. He would follow in the same manner attempting to make a little noise as possible and blend in with his surroundings.

Then the signal to execute was given and as quickly as Eremi was there, he was gone. Running through the tall grasses, pushing them aside as he did so while trying to stay low to the ground. The watering hole was visible and so was the immense size of the herd. He swallowed back his anxiety then took off once again moving along the outer perimeter until he was behind that of the herd.

He stayed hidden while glancing around, trying to get a bearing for where he was and the point to where to direct the herd. Feeling sure, it was time to begin. Eremi moved from where he was and ran behind the boars while clapping his hands and shouting a bit. He did his best to sprint to the left and back to the right while doing this to keep the herd in line and move to where Chika was waiting.

As Eremi starts to bring the boars over to her, Chika sprints out off to the side as she notices a boar attempting to break away from the herd and sprints up to it and shouts at it, startling the boar as it runs back to the herd before she starts running alongside the herd though a bit off to the side, watching for boars attempting to break away from the rush. She then looks up at Eremi, attempting to follow his lead as he directs the herd itself.

And Tosai? Well, he was further away of course, just flickering into the target area where the Boars were to be herded. It was atop of a hill just a half mile away from the watering hole. The distance could be covered easy by ninja, and beast, however, it had other reasons for being perfect for the circumstance. From that point, he could monitor the two Genin, guiding them and making sure the did not need any extra help. "Okay guys… Bring em' on in.", was said as a well wish, as the Akimichi kneeled, looking over the crest of the hill with a smile, and some binoculars.

Meanwhile, the boar had been set quite in the uproar by Eremi's noise making, and were on a steady course away from the watering hole. The course looked good, for about a half second, until suddenly, the larger male upfront, had other choices in mind. With him, suddenly, the large group of boar would follow, veering southwest. Meanwhile, two smaller boar, were still at the watering hole.

Continuing to follow from the rear, it looked like the herd was moving in the correct direction. Eremi kept up the pace of moving about from behind while making noise when he thought necessary to keep them from stopping. It all seemed to be working, until he noticed the pact starting to change direction.

Without hesitating he quickly sprinted toward the front, moving past boars left and right to avoid running into them and causing more to stray. When he finally managed to catch up to the one that seemed to be leading the pact he kept a steady pace at its side while he unraveled the bandages that covered his hands and let them drag on the ground next to him for a moment.

Once again he would swallow, hoping this would work, then he snapped his wrists out causing the bandages to fly forward to wrap it around the male boars body. If it did, he'd attempt to pull back on the makeshift reigns and change the boars direction.

As Eremi gets a hold on the lead boar, Chika runs off for the watering hole and moves around behind the two boars before shouting at them in an attempt to scare them over towards the main herd and starts trying to chase them back as they bolt and head towards the main herd, fleeing in an almost disorderly manner. However, leans forwards for a moment, thrown off balance by going too fast for her own legs before she catches herself again and continues on.

While Eremi's attempt was very admirable, he didn't account for a few things… One of things being his own weight, versus the near 2000 pound male, or his own speed versus that of a 2000 pound boar. Prepared to be yanked, Eremi, because its going to be a bumpy ride!! The Satonezu would soon find himself airborne, being pulled along with the herd, as they continued south west. "Oi ve.", was said by Tosai, accompanied with a face palm, and a sweat drop. "I guess I can throw em' a bone, this time… Though I am really going to have to work with him later on his muscle." Tosai looked to where the herd went and figured a smart idea, especially since he couldn't move such a distance in that fast of a hurry. He had to work long distance. Hand seals worked lazily, as Tosai spoke even lazier… "Earth Style!! Earth Ramparts Technique!!"

And with a shout, a large, near mountainous ridge rose as wall, blocking the herd, and steering the stampede on course again, but only slightly. Big Boar was determined to lead elsewhere. Meanwhile Chika's effort prove well in running the missing two boar in the direction of everyone. They catch up fairly easily to the larger whole. Yet still more comes her way as one of the younger piglets seems to be thrown upward, whining before then landing hard against a random rock nearby. A closer inspection prove it to have a hurt leg!

Eremi's bandages wrapped around the lead boar and with what he thought was a mighty tug to the reigns, it clearly wasn't enough as when he tugged the boar kept on going. The boy tried to correct his feet to keep up with the speed, but it wasn't enough and he ended up going straight to the ground. Now being dragged on the ground behind the boar he couldn't just let the bandages go or he would face being trampled by the rest of the herd that followed suit.

He had to act quickly for he wouldn't be able to take being dragged for ever. The damage would become unbearable in no time. So, he started to do the only thing he could think of. With one hand over the next, he started to climb up his own bandages attempting to mount the boar. If it worked, he would once again attempt to pull on the makeshift reigns and correct the course of the boar.

Noticing the injured piglet off to the side, Chika halts for a moment before reversing her direction shortly and rushing to pick up the boar as she leans down and scoops up the piglet in spite of its squirming in her arms as she attempts to both carry the piglet and catch up to the rest of the herd in an attempt to keep the boars in the herd on track. She then looks up at Eremi before looking over at Tosai and motioning with the piglet in an attempt to communicate a question as to the appropriate action to take regarding the piglet.

Binoculars set across Tosai's eyes once again. "So far, so good.", muttered as his own efforts seem to help steer the herd on course. Tosai wasn't to excited however. The way things were going with Eremi, the only thing keeping him from being stampeded upon was his luck. Tosai winced at the boy being dragged along, rooting for him as he seemed to pull himself upward. "Yeesh… Hope you know what you are doing.", was said with a sweat drop, before suddenly another furrow of the brow was caused by what was to happen next. See, having the bandages tighten around its body from all of Eremi's pulling wasn't all that comfortable for Big Boar. His reaction was enough bucking to make Eremi's efforts a little harder. That bucking was also throwing the heard in disarray, causing them to now stray north now.

Chika waving the piglet at Tosai made the Akimichi laugh loudly from his post. Shaking his head, he'd shout, "Run!!!!", while pointing to the herd as it suddenly began moving northward at a faster rate.

While trying his best to climb up his own bandages, it was obviously making the situation only worse when boar began to buck. Eremi clenched tightly to hold on against the bumping, but he wasn't going to be able to climb up the boar like this. Instead, he decided to continue his hold on the reigns while bringing his knees up underneath him and eventually his feet. The force of the boar pulling and him holding on to the bandages giving him an extra pull to finally correct himself to his feet and run with the boar.

The boy felt out of options but he began to loosen more bandages on his wrists to allow his hands more free motion to reach into his pouch and withdraw a kunai in which he cut the bandages with, leaving them hanging on the boar. Eremi then tucked his kunai back in his pouch while he continued to run.

As the herd continued its move, he noticed they once again changed course and he was starting to get flustered that eventually he'd run out of steam and the boars would keep stampeding away and the team would have to try again later. Though he liked the idea of still being part of the team, he wanted to make this mission a success. Releasing all his frustration he began to shout loudly at the lead boar, even trying to push at it with his shoulder a few times and clap his hands together. Anything to get the boar to keep changing direction until correcting itself.

Chika attempts to speed up somewhat, rushing alongside the stampeding herd at Tosai's urging for her to keep up. Her movements are somewhat awkward as she carries the piglet almost like a football in her arms, though she still apparently manages to keep up fairly well as she catches up to a boar on the side that's still continuing to deviate from the herd as she shouts at it, causing it to jolt back into the stampeding herd. Noticing Eremi's impending loss of control over the lead boar, she runs up a bit to a place behind the lead in an attempt to direct it should it deviate from the intended path.

As the Big Boar and Eremi tussled, one was getting more tire than the other… So when the one seemed just as stubborn, the other chose flight, rather than fight. Eremi's release of frustration caused him to smack into the boar hard, enough so where not only did he frighten the beast, but caused a large and sudden change in direction, fully correcting the course, and with not a moment spare. And seeing Chika near them as well, only served to frighten the group of boar even more into the right path. The distance was quite close now to the objective point, and even now, Tosai was readying himself for his end of the strategy. Just as the imposing group of wild pigs would enter into his range, Tosai would shout, "Stay clear guys!! This is where I come in!!" Soon Tosai would be seen standing upon the horizon, looking as if he alone was about to stop the pigs. But, wait… he couldn't stop the whole herd by himself, could he? He could get stampeded at this rate, right?

Well, not really….

"Body Growth!", was shouted just moments before the boars would collide causing to explode backward, the Akimichi's sudden expansion enough to knock them all out without seriously injuring any of the herd. Once all them seemed to not move, the Akimichi would shrink to normal size, and remove a tag and a kunai from his pouch. The kunai would be thrown in the air, only for it to explode into a poof of red… some sort of signal apparently. The Akimichi then smiled, wiping his brow and saying, "Whew! …Good work you two."

Eremi was continuing his run with the boar even after it finally corrected itself and the herd was moving in the right direction. It wasn't until Tosai had shouted to stay clear that he moved away from the pack and came to a stop. While catching his breath, he watched the herd charge toward the team leader and he was quite worried about what was going to happen, but when the Akimichi used its trade mark ability the boys eyes went wide as it was something he had never seen before and it was quite a spectacle to behold.

To think this could have all been done with in a matter of moments if the leader decided to do it himself. Eremi was glad Tosai didn't however, as the learning experience isn't one he'll forget. Especially with all the scrapes and bruises he now has. It was fun, to say the least.

Eremi took one deep breath, then moved over toward where Tosai was and rubbed at the back of his head and smiled a bit. "I guess we just got lucky."

Chika slows down somewhat as the herd of stampeding boars is suddenly stopped by Tosai's quick application of his clan's signature jutsu. Having earlier noticed the strain that Eremi had been placed under, she walks up to him and asks, "Are you alright?.. It looked like you were having a hard time with the lead boar. I'm just glad that we were able to get these to the right place effectively, even if it did take… Well, whatever it was that Tosai used."

"Hehe… luck had nothing to do with it. That sir, was some hard work… well at least from you two's end." Tosai would rustle Eremi's help, before he would say, "Though I have to say… Not one of the smartest ideas, trying to lasso something ten times your own weight. Your not that strong yet, but with guts like that, you'll get there quick." Tosai laughed loud, before then patting the little piglet Chika carried, who in fact seemed to be having a good time being carried around. "And good eye, Chika!! This little one owes you it's life, don't you little fella?" The little pig would let out a little happy squeal. "You'll be taking care of him and that leg until we get to Konoha. As for these others… We need to keep them corralled until the transport caravan gets here." Tosai hand sealed once again, causing more rock and stone to surround the herd, allowing a small opening as an entrance. "We camp here until the caravan gets here. Good work everyone."

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