This Is Stupid



Date: February 25, 2013


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"This Is Stupid"

Unknown location

Yotsuki Mune had been busy for a very long time. Busy trying to tear down
the Raikage and show everyone what an incompetent, cowardly, FAKE she is.
Busy trying to follow her own path in life instead of attempting to
complete the project her old master had left for her — the elixir of
immortality. She had been busy trying to find a way to help Kanami with
her reproductive issues… To make a stable body for Datura's deceased
sister to be reincarnated into now that the Tao Shih had the Stone of
So very busy.
And then Amuro had brought her this. This… Thing. An eyeball? One from
a dead Uchiha, yes, and one who apparently wielded the Mangekyou Sharingan
at an amazing level. But it was grey. Used. Powerless. Even if it weren't
so damaged, shrivelled, and… DEAD! Well, without a compatible Uchiha to
implant it in, it would never show its 'light' again. And it WAS damaged,
it WAS dried out, it WAS dead.
Mune would try of course. She would try to find some living cells and see
if she could clone them. But to be honest, she had no expectation of
success. Not with her current level of ability. She'd need some kind of
Space-Time Ninjutsu to reverse its decay to a "fresher" state… And she
had no such Ninjutsu and knew of no one who did outside of Senju
Tobiramako — the younger sister to the Hokage — or Amuro himself. And if
Amuro had the means he probably would have already fixed it. Mune wasn't
even sure if Tobiramako had the means. She just knew that in addition to
being the master of water, Tobiramako was said to be quite proficient with
Jikuukan Ninjutsu. And there was no way that Mune was going to her. How
would she even explain it?
'I have this eyeball that I somehow came across and I was wondering if
you could just warp time to make it alive again. Why? No reason.'
Yeah, no.
Still… The Hidden Leaf DID have many jutsu, supposedly… And if she
COULD get close enough she might be able to learn something of
Tobiramako's jutsu… She would have to try it. It wasn't as though she
had much else she could do right now. After all, she had overused a
powerful S-Rank Elixir. And now she was like… This.
"'What a bother'," a high-pitched young girl's voice said in place of
Mune's, sarcastically mimicking the Tao Shih leader's most frequently-used
phrase. But it wasn't just a young girl. It was Mune. See, that Elixir had
an unexpected side-effect…
…And it just might be the means by which she could enter the Hidden
Leaf inconspicuously.
…Or maybe she'd be caught and killed.
The younger version of Yotsuki Mune, no older than 12, just muttered as
she stored the eyeball in a vial, and then stored that in a scroll. "This
is stupid."

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