This Job....


Ryuunosuke, Berii

Date: November 7, 2012


Ryuu and Berii are on a mission awaiting a delivery.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"This Job…."

Forest Crossroads

The sun was high and there was a sweltering heat about the land this afternoon. Senju Ryuunosuke and Uchiha Berii, an unlikely team of genin that were awaiting the arrival of a group of Grass Shinobi to deliver information. This information was classified so Ryuu and Beriii wouldn't know what it was for only that they are to meet at this rendezvous point and deliver it back to Konoha for the Hokage to possess. Ryuu would rather be training for the chuunin exams right now but he still was a shinobi and had other obligations. He leans against a tree in the Forest Crossroads looking down the pathway for the Grass Shinobi. Patience was a virtue Ryuu was lacking however. They've been waiting for about an hour and a half. Ryuu glances to Berii a few times thinking about starting small talk to pass the time….but he can't think of the right words. "So…" Ryuu starts rather reluctantly "Not how I had imagined I'd be spending the day hehe. How about you?"

The Uchiha looks down the pathway, legs locked onto a thick branch leaving Berii hanging upside down. "Bweeeeh." She was visibly irritated with the current events or the lackthereof. From the hanging position she'd do a few sit ups finishing just before Ryuu decided to speak to her. "Neh?" She looks to the younger teen and smirks, face slightly flushed from being upside down for so long. "Hnn, you know, you we'we just unwucky to be signed up fo' a mission with me." She pulls herself up and adjusts the crouch on the branch.
She'd scout out one more time and follow up with a sigh, "I kinda get missions this bowing awl the time. So I vewy much expected this to be the way I spent the day." Letting off a pathetic half of a giggle she looks to Ryuu. "Neeeeh, you think something happened to them?"

The young Senju chuckles partly at what Berii was saying and at how she was saying it. "Well I usually get missions that send me home sore. So this isn't so bad. Kinda glad your luck won out." still no sign of the grass shinobi. Ryuu shrugs "Maybe. I don't know what kind of information they're holding. But it sure is taking them a while." Ryuu lets out a large sigh "You think we should head back and say they never showed or wait a little bit~" and slinging by striking the tree Berii was perched upon was a kunai with a scroll attached by string to the handle. IN the distance now they can see two shinobi from the Land of Grass, bleeding from head to toe running towards them. "TAKE IT! TAKE IT AND RUN!" one shouts. The other suddenly slows down and stumbles to a fall. When he lands they'd notice a few katana have pierced his back killing him. The other continues on. Ryuu goes for the scroll "Nice parts over I guess. Let's get moving."

"Heh, yeah? Most of the time I just come home with sowe feet, hnn." Berii smirks and nods, "But, you'we wight. I just gotta keep tewwing mysewf that these kind of missions awe fo' the best." Not to mention her last mission left her with a stab wound which they specifically said to avoid stressing the area but, hey she couldn't see the wound anymore so it's obviously fine, right? Crazy med nin don't know what they're talking ab- "Ow." Berii holds her stomach, the sit-ups taking effect in a negative way.
"Neh, I say wait about ten mo' minutes if they don't show up I'w do a bit of scouting but, then we head back, hnn."
Berii yawns and shuts her eyes moments before the kunai comes flying into the tree causing to jolt awake, nearly falling off the tree. While she flails to regain her balance the man shouts out. Her Sharingan reflexively activated, she makes no effort to ignore the advice of the Grass shinobi once one drops.
"Okay." She drops and lands behind the Senju, summoning a Fuuma Shuriken from her scarf. "I'w covew if need be, hnn. You just focus on getting back to the viwwage."

As Berii lands and arms herself to give Ryuu cover the young Senju would unfastens the scroll from the kunai. He then looks back to the remaining grass shinobi then to Berii. "Uh…ok." he nods and starts to take off. The remaining grass shinobi would reach Berii but the enemy was nowhere in sight. He falls to his knees before the young Uchiha. With her sharingan she would see that he's nearly out of chakra. Another katana is launched first at grass shinobi which pierces his heart. While spitting up blood he mutters "R-run…he's a monster." before falling dead he reaches for Berii's leg. He dies there though and now Berii would find herself under the assault of an airborne katana coming at her. Ryuu meanwhile looks to the scroll then back. He too would find a katana coming his way. Ryuu's eyes widen "Did he make it past her?"

"Hnn." Berii decides to stick back for a moment, trying to spot the enemy they were dealing with because seriously, who throws a katana?

Evidently, this guy does and very accurately. The dying grass ninja impaled right in front of her. "Neh?!" She didn't have time to feel sorry for the loss of the two grass ninja as another katana comes flying her way, not giving her a chance to deflect the second one going for Ryuunosuke.
Stealth? No she would've picked up his chakra… unless…" The sword is monitored but, her over thinking slows her just enough to get cut along the side. Berii, only now realizing her Sharingan was already active, would power it to its full potential, still no chakra signature in the distance. "How the-" Whatever, she was going, now.
Berii's muscle flex and tense for a moment as chakra courses through them and she zips from the area. Once somewhat caught up to Ryuu she calls out, "Aye! Okay! Not much I can do to hewp you. We just gotta move, fast!" She'd continue to gather chakra now, the full on Sharingan a bit more taxing and there was no room for error with whatever was hunting them.

The katana hits Ryuu right in the arm and he drops the scroll. Ryuu winces and yanks the katana out of his arm before looking around. "Where is this guy!? And how is he doing this?" When Berii shows up there is a look of relief on Ryuu's faace. "Oh good you're ok. How is he doing this? Whoever it is?" Before Berii and Ryuu can make their escape they're cut off by a prohibitory scroll the seemed to entrap them in a confined perimeter. Ryuu grits his teeth and snatches the scroll up before back up closer to Berii. "Looks like we've been caught."
"Indeed you have. And it's not 'He' it's 'She' thank you very much." A voice echoes now answering Ryuu. But he sees nothing. Berii's eyes would find no one near the scroll barrier's perimeter or inside that is until she looked at the katana. Chakra began to fluctuate within the blade and then something unreal occurs. A hand, then arm, and finally a head lurches out from the katana. Crawling out like a newborn a woman with scarlet hair appears. She stands a bit taller than Ryuu and his wearing a purple kimono. A skull mask is half worn on her face. She extends her hand towards Ryuu and Berii. "Hand it over and you won't feel a thing." she order. An unprecedented amount of chakra is swelling up inside her. She was easily out of their league for the time being. (edited)

"Hnn, I don't know I'm not seeing anything." Berii looked a bit agitated with this situation, she didn't like not understanding an enemy especially after Sharingan has been activated, that didn't make any sense and now they were cut off. "Ugh." Once again she was stuck in a difficult mission, nothing should be that fast but, it is explained soon enough sort of. "So." Berii watched the woman carefully. "We won't feew a thing meaning we die anyway?"
Berii clutches the fuuma shuriken tight her stance becoming a bit defensive. This information was much more important than it should've been it seems. Genin on something like this? "Neh, Wyuu…" The Uchiha glances between the woman and her teammate. Assuming she'd let them live, then they /could/ hand it over. Though could also just destroy the information and most likely die or, find a way out and have a chance of living.
She attempts telepathy eyeing her teammate but… that, obviously doesn't work so now it was a standoff.

The woman grins at Berii "Oh smart girl~ And so cute with those wittle red eyes. But yes. I'll kill you quickly if you don't put up a fight." Ryuu hadn't been in a situation like this before but he had an overwhelming feeling that the woman before them was too much for either of them to handle. Ryuu looks to Berii then back to the woman. "This?" he holds up the scroll. Ryuu then looks to Berii. He holds it out towards her. "If we're going to die anyway then why not just have her burn it?" Ryuu trembles slightly. The woman frowns "Because then I'll make you suffer pains so severe Hell seem gentle."
Ryuu shakes his head "And? You want this scroll then you better be willing to make a deal. Because we have the scroll which means we have leverage." The woman folds her arms and groans before looking to Berii. "And how about you smart girl. Are you as foolhardy as your friend here? Willing to suffer for a decision he's making?" The woman grins "I'll make you a deal….smart girl. Give me the scroll and I'll let you live. You friend here seems ready to die so I'll oblige him. But you don't deserve to die because of his stupidity."

Berii peers at the woman, not taking compliments from their enemy all too well. She notes Ryuu's trembling, and wonders if he's going to be a hindrance but, that wouldn't matter they were both dying, no matter what. She always wanted an easy death, if it ever came up being tortured or dying slow and painfully were some of the bigger fears of hers. But, there was something much worse, the shame of sacrificing another, their enemy was strong but, the two of them were part of very prestigious clans. Certainly they could do something…

Or she could make up a lie about how she escaped but Ryuu didn't, maybe even give herself some injuries. There's no reason for her to die here, she had so much more to do and there were those strange memories that she had to figure out. The thought of… killing Ryuunosuke herself started trickling in her mind, coming from an unknown place. Her Sharingan glowing with chakra as the inherent hatred and vile ways of the Uchiha clan roll through.

"Hnn." Berii shuts her eyes for a moment, "Wooks wike I have no choice, Wyuu." Berii looks his way and shrugs. "Time to see if I can handwe what the exam thwows at me." Berii grins, this Senju lucking out that Berii isn't one of those jealous of his clan Uchiha-types.
Zipping through handseals as she takes in a deep breath and blows out a series of small but hard hitting flames at the woman and the barrier scroll in hopes that would give them a chance to flee or at least for Ryuu to escape with the scroll.

Ryuu looks to Berii wondering what she'll do. He didn't know a thing about her. He didn't know how she felt about the Senju clan at all. He'd just hoped that she wouldn't give in to any lingering amounts of hatred. "B-Berii-san?" he starts. But Berii had arrived at her decision. Ryuu is at first in awe at what she does next. She attacked the woman despite knowing her strength. With her Sharingan Berii had a better idea as to what this woman was capable of and yet she still chose to fight. Ryuu was ashamed but he became elated too. The young Senju tucks the scroll away. He grins and takes out a kunai "So you're taking part in the exams too eh?" Ryuu's chakra spikes as he takes a stance. "Well then I guess I've got no choice either." He rushes the woman with wind chakra cycling through his body. He attacked too now afraid for his life but more afraid to die without even putting up a fight. He slashes at the woman with his kunai. He channels wind chakra into it however to extend its reach and sharpen its edge. The woman who had just taken a fire bullet to the gut looks up to see Ryuu upon her. "You kids…"

Berii grumbles, squinting at the woman it didn't have much of an effect but, she didn't really expect much of it. Though she is a bit worried about Ryuu moving in close and attacking. Her teeth grit, she forms a handseal and moves in. "Howd up." The Fuuma shuriken is tossed high into the air as Berii comes in after Ryuu's slash, eyes spiraling she pops up behind him attempting to make eye contact with the woman before slipping off to the side, hopefully the genjutsu would take an effect as she tries to get in an attack while the woman is distracted by fake pain.
A few more shuriken, normal in size are whipped out at the large one above. Each one deflected off the larger in case the woman had enough focus to properly evade, Berii would at least make it difficult to do so.
"Aye! Just keep it up, don't give hew a chance to attack!" Berii holds on to this loose strategy tight as she started to form more handseals again, "Just need a injuwy to swow hew down…." She mumbles to herself scanning the woman for some sort of opening.

Ryuu's attack was easily stopped by the woman. She held his wrist and grinned. "Ok you're both idiots." she starts. While distracted with Ryuu she didn't notice Berii's strategy. The larger kunai caught her attention briefly before she was struck by the smaller shuriken that bounced off it. After being struck her grip on Ryuunosuke's hand weakened and he broke free of her grip. He then assaulted with another slash of his kunai this time extending the wind chakra he put in and exerting a greater amount of force. She managed to evade him though with a leap back and she sighs. "Ok ok you kids…pass just calm down." She starts. The woman removes her mask completely revealing a leaf head band.
The scroll barrier fades and from further down the path the two dead grass shinobi could be seen, of course they were leaf Shinobi too. "Uchiha Berii and Senju Ryuunosuke pass. You two are ready for the chuunin exams. Might want to hone those skills a bit more but that was good." she smiles at the two. "Hardest part of this thing was fooling that sharingan though. I gotta tell ya those eyes…" she wags a finger. "Oh Ryuu-san you can go ahead and give me that scroll. It's nothing just a prop we used to examine you two." the woman chuckles but Ryuu is hardly laughing. "What…the gig is going on?" The woman seemingly ignores Ryuu and waves over to the other two shinobi "Hey check out their wounds ok? " Seh looks back to Ryuu and Berii now "Now if you're still confused well let me explain. This was a test, disguised as a mission, devised for you two. A preliminary to the preliminary of the up and coming chuunin exams, if that helps you understand." She walks over to the duo checking out their wounds. She seemed to be fine despite having taken a fireball to the stomach and two shuriken. "We were testing decision making, combat prowess, comradery, and heart." she grins. "Ok that last one I threw in. But regardless you both performed rather well under the pressure and passed." Ryuu still wasn't laughing. "I thought we were going to die…" he mutters. The woman smiles "Yeah that was the point! Hahaha"

Calm down? Pass? Berii now had two scrolls in her hands, she was about to go crazy on this woman and toss everything at her. "Wh..wha?" Berii stares at the woman, a harsh glare being fired her way. Berii, wanted to keep attacking anyway at this point. "That's not even." Berii back steps a bit as the large fuuma shuriken falls from the sky and digs into the ground in front of her.
Ryuu voices just about everything that Berii felt was worth voicing, she just grumbles and picks up the shuriken, folding it and sealing it away along with her scrolls. "Hnn." Turning she walks off. "C'mon Wyuu." She crosses her arms and starts heading home, eyeing the wound on her arm she doesn't wait for it to be checked out. At least not by them.

Ryuu points a thumb back at Berii "I'm with her on this one." He growls moving to follow behind Berii. This was a rather odd turn of events but after Ryuu cooled down he'd be thankful….perhaps just a bit. The young Senju catches up to Berii who looks just about as irked as he does. Ryuu smiles however finding one thing good that came out of this. "Thanks for not abandoning me Berii." he didn't know a lot about Berii but he at least felt that he could trust her. The woman from before grins at the two walk away. "They work well together. But so touchy yikes kids these days are so soft."

Ryuu points a thumb back at Berii "I'm with her on this one." He growls moving to follow behind Berii. This was a rather odd turn of events but after Ryuu cooled down he'd be thankful….perhaps just a bit. The young Senju catches up to Berii who looks just about as irked as he does. Ryuu smiles however finding one thing good that came out of this. "Thanks for not abandoning me Berii." he didn't know a lot about Berii but he at least felt that he could trust her. The woman from before grins at the two walk away. "They work well together. But so touchy yikes kids these days are so soft."

"Neh? Abandon you, that'd be cwazy." Berii giggles, turning her head slightly pretending to just look off for looking off's sake. "Wouwdn't even think of it, hnn." The look to the side was only to hide her troubled face, the issue was she did think of it and it wasn't a hard choice it all. The hard part was /not/ sacrificing him. "Neh… maybe we shouwd of gotten patched up." With adrenaline fading, the pain in her side was becoming a bit difficult to bear.
A glance is given to the wound, it gets an angered look and her head tilts back. "Bweeeeh…. This job sucks sometimes."

Ryuunosuke peers at Berii as she looks off. His eyes narrow before he grins. "Well it almost felt like you were going to. But I guess that just goes to show I need to put more faith in my comrades." Ryuu notes looking back ahead. He peers at his wound then looks to Berii. "We're not too far from the village. Are you alright?" he asks. His injury was bothering him but he was used to sustaining such damage. He rests a hand over the gash in his arm. "I'll be fine though."
Ryuu was worrying about his trembling back there. Fear had never affected him to this degree before. Not even when he was cut down by Madara. That fear lead to doubt which is why he grew distrustful of Berii. He had zoned out there in thought but when Berii commented on their job Ryuu could only offer a sigh "Yeah it does."

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