Second Promotion Exams - Those Left Alive


Usagi, Sakuryu

Date: December 4, 2012


Sakuryu speaks with Usagi, after Usagi decides to disobey Ryo and stay in the exams.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Those Left Alive"

Shadowy Canopy, Blood Marshes, Kirigakure

It was quiet in this area, perhaps because the surrounding areas had sense the loss that had happened not so long ago. It was almost haunting, and the mists had somewhat reclaimed this area, a soft, red hue evident in their midst. There was but a shadow moving around though….one moving quickly. One of a familiar form, but her movements are somewhat precise at this point, nothing wasted as the form returns to this area once more.

Sakuryu sighs a little bit, she was fixing and cleaning her bandages with new herbs and clean water for her wounds. She had torn open some of them during her fight and needed to rest yet again. "I hate this weak body…." She sighs as she looks down at herself, slowly patching herself up as she looks around. "I bet my *team* all got scrolls and left me here…..good for them…" She smiles softly before looking down again

"You were in no shape to fight him" Usagi is near the thicker branches of a tree, holding there sideways, her tree walking coming in handy as she watches from above. "So how badly did you injure him, and how badly did he injure you" She's completely business like now, her face a set, blank, mask. She has her hair tied and covered by a dark green handkerchief, masking one of the few sources that makes her stand out.

Sakuryu sighs a little bit. "Well I threw out a field of razor ice spikes, he got hit by a few and got cut up. Then he threw some tiny fire ball that turned into a vigorous explosion, luckily it hit my ice clone so I'm not too bad from it." She huffs. "But it did open some wounds and I did get my clothes burnt more." she pouts as she adjusts herself again. "i thought you were leaving?" she asks a little happy that she had someone here.

"No. I'm not. I'm staying this out, one way or another" She takes a deep breath, coming to the ground. "I'm not running….I wasn't either way. But I'll honor their deaths by staying to this. Do not tell Ryo if you see him, as I honestly don't want him knowing yet" She is serious again, inspecting the bandages.

Sakuryu smiles a little bit "Well I'm glad about that." She sighs a little bit, settling herself down a little bit. "I won't tell anyone." She giggles a little bit before nodding. "I'm glad you are doing them the honor of trying your best " she gently pats her bandages a bit more
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Usagi nods once, the bloody headguard still wrapped around her arm. "I'll carry this with me until one of his clan asks for it" She closes her eyes. "For both of them" She looks at the bandages for a moment, nodding. "You're learning, at least…though I hope not for purposes of self practice"

Saku looks at her bandages "Huh? Oh I already know basic first aid, how to use some herbs nearby to help myself, I just can't do alot to help myself." She chuckles a little bit more as she pulls her Kimono back over herself. "I'm gonna hate having to do a ritual suicide, it kinda animates since I think I can do more." She shrugs

Usagi gives Sakuryu a look. "Don't. You 'can' do more, and you can do it well, given enough time. This year, the odds were very stacked against us. We couldn't help that…but there is still a chance, and still hope. And you'd best not, especially after telling me not to run from the death of my teammate and his clansmen…do not run from trouble, face it. You can prevail"

Sakuryu chuckles a little bit "Are you from a clan? things are a little different in those standings ya know… lot's of honor, family face values, junk like that. I need to show I'm even worthy to be a shinobi since they thought I was pretty useless from birth since I have this disease in my blood.

"Yes. My clan is the Nara, and we do have one…" Usagi furrows her brow, and sighs. "Then they're mistaken. There can be purpose for all things, and from what I heard from ryo earlier, you have potential. Do not let it go to waste….do not let it be dismissed by others" She sighs softly, closing her eyes. "You can do it"

Sakuryu sighs a bit more "I might be able to just be disgraced, I faced an Uchiha and wounded him badly, and I survived so it may give me a bit of a boost." She cringes a little bit before looking down at herself. "What do you think?" She asks with a little sarcastic chuckle.

Usagi nods. "That would actually likely boost your ratings….the Uchiha are notorious for being good and stubborn fighters" She sighs softly, then shakes her head. "Fight to stay alive…"

Sakuryu nods a little bit "Well hopefully it will count." She chuckles a little bit before nodding at her "I'll see what I can do, but I haven't given up yet, we still have two sunrises, and I want at least one scroll before then." she grins

Usagi nods slowly. "If we get two between ourselves, you will get mine….I do not have my life upon my win or loss in this round, and I do not want to see any more death than we already have…." She looks away, the only sign that she's still not really alright with what's happened so far.

Sakuryu shakes her head a little bit "Hey! you're just here telling me you know what I was talking about for the honor of your freinds memory and you're gonna *give* me a scroll? What kind of thinking is that?" she asks with a little glare. " she softens her look soon though. "I'm not upset about the gesture just….. charity isn't how I wanna get honor.'

"Fair enough" Usagi shrugs, nodding. "I simply wished to save a life….if I could" She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "We will earn it, then" She doesn't smile, simply nods at her to acknowledge her statement.

Saku smiles a little bit "Thanks, I think we could have some mental battle rather than a fight." She chuckles. "Being a ninja is about more than power, It's about strategy, focus, planning, skill, emotion control, stealth, and mental power. Those that just rely on power and jutsu are doomed to fail as true shinobi." She smiles a bit more to her.

Usagi nods once, slowly. "we're not experienced enough to do that head on right now, though…so we need to focus more towards strategy, focus, and planning. With that, I think we can get somewhere" She shrugs slowly, and looks up. "So we will have to have surprise on our side"

Sakuryu nods a little bit with a smile. "Let's try fot it, we have less than a day for four scrolls…. we need to head out and move towards the gate. If we get them right as they're leaving they will be tired, I'll ambush with my mist, you use your bindings to hold them, I litter them with ice needles and then trap them in my ice lotus, then you finish them off with explosive tags." She grins wide.

Usagi sighs softly and nods. "That's a good plan. But who do we attack? Who has that many scrolls?" She looks over and shrugs. "I can think of one or two….but that's about it" She takes a deep breath. "Or a few that we could possibly double team"

Saku nods a bit "Let's double team, it will save energy and make up for our dual lack in um… physical features." She chuckles softly before running her fingers through her hair slowly "You know these people better than I so you pick the target and I'll start the attack." She grins.

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