Puzzle Master - Those Who Seek That Which Does Not Exist


Miyo, Chitose

Date: February 2, 2014


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Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Puzzle Master - Those Who Seek That Which Does Not Exist"

Border Nation between Land of Wind and Land of Fire

Three days prior, a trio of Sunagakure Shinobi had gone missing. These shinobi, reported MIA by a somewhat suspicious, yet oddly accredited source, had disappeared off the grid near the border of the Land of Wind and one of the minor lands nestled between there, and the Land of Fire. A mere patrol, for all intents and purposes, yet it would be important to recover their bodies and gather any information about their assignment as well as what might have happened to them.

Unfortunately, for the first two days there were no leads, no signs of any struggle or loss of life anywhere. No rumors, no witnesses, and no one had seen them passing through. Stranger yet, there were no records of anyone on patrol in that region at the time, nor had any other reports of missing shinobi come into Sunagakure.

Therefore, the report was chalked up as a form of deception using an alias and credentials that allowed the so-called informant to get away with their phony lead. That was all true until the second day after the report first came in. A letter had arrived detailing a meeting point for an informant that seemed to know more than they should and even claimed they had information regarding the supposedly missing shinobi.

While ‘headquarters’ was still considering it a farce, it was worth checking in on just in case there was some truth to it. Another patrol could have gotten side-tracked and not reported in yet, or have been reported as missing from their standard route, or if it did turn out to be a complete prank, it would be good to get a look at someone who was probably involved in orchestrating it. With the valid credentials present in the field of play, there was no way the higher-ups could ignore it.

The inability to ignore the possible negatives associated with the events in motion is what leads Yamauchi Chitose on the hunt. Along with two others, she was assigned a mission to investigate the suspicious disappearances, and if that proves to be a falsehood, to ascertain the identity of the informant. However, the latter proves more difficult than one would have expected.

Unlike a typical informant which is usually just some innocent bystander who probably works the fields or a beggar who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the man that Chitose and the others met was suspiciously well-prepared for their arrival. Not only was he covered completely from head-to-toe in faded-blue Hakama and a peach colored kimono, but his face was hidden behind a heavy, snow-white scarf and a straw sugegasa style hat. Along with his appearances being hidden, he made sure that none of the shinobi came to close to him, nor was he in an exposed area that he could not easily escape from.

The worst part about the informant was not that he was so suspiciously good at concealing himself and staying out of harm’s way, but that the information he gave them would lead to the three Suna-nin splitting up. He told Chitose and the others that it had not been one, but three assailants that had neutralized the patrol, and to catch them they would have to act swiftly. They would not be able to apprehend them one at a time, but would need to get them all at once.

This left the Suna-nin in a bit of a bind and thus they split up. They were sent to three different locations along the borders of the Land of Wind and Land of Fire, as well as within the minor land between. Each of these locations was a small, mostly remote village that would serve for a very good hideout.

The only information they received was that of the appearances the three attackers had. One was a male in his late twenties with long red hair and a scar along his right cheek; the second was another male, short-cropped black hair and blue eyes, carried a staff and had a thing for drinking; and the last was a grey-haired girl with yellow eyes who dressed in all black. Lastly, each and every one of them was affiliated with Konohagakure which only made matters worse.

None of them knew exactly which target they would have, but they were sent to particular locations. Chitose would find herself being sent to the central location in the minor nation, a small farming village along a river. Population roughly thirty families with more goats than people to care for them. In that goat-village is where Chitose would begin her search, but how would she begin? Certainly someone would have seen one of the targets?

Moving along toward her destination, Chitose frowns as she moves. Absolutely nothing about this mission felt right. Her eyes were focused ahead but she couldn't help but feel like she was being played. Her eyes go back from time to time as she moves, almost expecting an ambush before even arriving at her final destination. She runs her hand along the top of her head as she moves, pondering the world before her before she looks back again.

A mission that wasn't a mission. People who weren't missing who are missing. No one knows who. And now an enemy who doesn't stick together? Doesn't make any sense at all.

Making sense was not always the prerogative of the Shinobi world, and this was one of those instances. Chitose would find the village bustling with people as it was midday, and she may even be accosted by a few curious and hungry goats looking for a snack that comprised of her clothing! It would merely earn the goats a swift swat and a scolding from their herders who would apologize and move on. “Sorry, sorry… they are hungry little devils, no?” One would comment as he shuffled off.

Luckily, Chitose didn't wear much to start with and secondly, she was defensive enough to avoid a goat or two. She moves along toward the center of the village, attempting to get a good look around as she walked. Her gaze turns around the village as she moves, trying to locate any of the targets she had heard mentioned. If she doens't find anything at first, she will move to the top of a building to get a better look around.

There is nothing obvious to see from the rooftops. They are merely one-floored, one or two-roomed shanties and none proved a very good vantage point that would allow for Chitose to see a good lay-out of the village. Perhaps if she moved around a bit more she’d have better luck – at least she’d be able to view the streets easier without having to look over and through crowds.

Without any solid leads, Chitose is forced to roam the rooftops of the village, moving at speed as she peers at the various people (and goats) about the village. She hmms as she looks from person to person, peering here and there. She then rolls her shoulders after a while of looking, grumbling at the lack of solid information.

Chitose’s scouting efforts soon pay off, or perhaps they do. As she is moving from rooftop-to-rooftop, she may catch a glimpse of what may have been a girl with an incredibly long ponytail wearing black robes slipping into a building that could have been a tavern, or perhaps an inn. Either way, it was assuredly the largest building in the village and the first potential lead that she would have.

Slipping free of her rooftop perch, Chitose moves to the inn tavern thing and looks at the front of it, sizing it up a little for possible exit points before going inside. She slips into the place and peers around as she does, hmming and pondering the place as she goes in and looks for the girl in black.

The girl-in-black is certainly inside, standing right in front of her, back turned towards Chitose as she looks around the room, apparently looking for something as well. She seemed confused, as if whatever she was working on was far too much work for her current mental capacity. After a few moments, she holds up what could be nothing other than notecards. The girl busies herself consulting them, as if checking everyone in the room off one after another.

The room itself turned out to be the inside of a inn/restaurant, with an assortment of tables strewn around the room, a bar in the corner near the kitchen, and two halls leading off into the rest of the building. Beyond the main entrance, there appeared to be no other doors, though there were several small windows. The room was not filled to capacity by any means, but there were people, maybe twelve at best, not including Chitose and the target.

Walking up to the girl, Chitose is relatively good at staying silent as she moved. She steps up to behind the girl and states, "Looking for someone?" She asks and hmms as she peers at the girl from behind, tilting her head and putting both hands behind her back, "Because I am and I found her." She nods her head and peers at the girl, awaiting response."

Miyo lets out a squeak when Chitose asks if she is searching for someone and practically jumps out of her boots. After whirling around, the girl's yellow eyes narrow. The Uzumaki gives her a analytical look before raising the notecards she had. Her eyes dart across the first one before looking up to Chitose. "Nope." She then moves that one to the back. "Nope." The second one goes to the back. She then holds up the third one. "Ah! Its you!" She scowls at Chitose. "I wasn't expecting you to find me first!" She hops backwards roughly five feet, dropping the cards in the process. "I won't let you escape! I will prove I am capable!" She them thumps her chest with her fist.

Watching the girl, she stares and then tilts her head, "Prove…you are capable?" A blink and then she points, "Of what? Crime?" She steps her right foot back and rolls her shoulder. She raises up her left hand while placing her right hand behind her back, "You really don't want to do this." She nods her head, "You are out matched and out gunned." She stares at her before looking around, "And also…there are a lot of people around. Of course, from what I understand, you don't care who you hurt."

“Crime?” Miyo inquires. “Defeating the enemy is not a crime! It is an honor, and a duty that I must see to!” When Chitose enters what Miyo perceives as a combat stance, she seems a little flustered and quickly stumbles into one of her own. “I don’t know if I am outmatched, I have a few tricks of my own… and I do care!” She points accusingly at Chitose. “I would never hurt someone who didn’t deserve it, not like you evil people!”

"I'm confused." She states and eyes Chitose, "Are you evil or am I evil? I am stating we take this outside and yet you seem to become more violent while inside." She nods her head, "I don't believe this is the way things go." She gestures, "You have killed one of my shinobi and now I've come to bring you in." She nods her head, "And you are calling me evil."

“You’re obviously evil!” Miyo declares confidently, however she nods her agreement on going outside. “Fine, fine. Let’s go outside… these people don’t need to be caught up in me whoopin’ your butt!” She waves her arms frantically at her sides before she chuckles. “So, one of my comrades was successful, that’s good to know.” She moves closer, apparently intent on going right past her to get outside.

Watching the girl go out, she follows after her and growls, "Now you are laughing at the death of on my fellow ninja? You are going to get it." She states and then rolls her shoulders and focuses on her inner power, strengthening her chakra.

Once Miyo has gotten to the streets, she turns to face Chitose. “Oh? You’re upset? Too bad!” Miyo waves a fist at her new foe. “Gonna get it? Pfft! I will whoop you!” Having confirmed that Chitose is indeed dangerous, and likely her primary target for the mission, Miyo wastes no time getting all over the offensive.

She darts to the side, twirling away from Chitose and using the momentum to fire a trio of kunai in her direction. The first was to target a leg – the thigh, specifically. The second, abdomen, and the third would strike her chest. Miyo’s throws were generally on target, but with her moving that may not be true.

Spinning aside, Chitose simply seems to spin and spin and spin and she is completely out of the way of all the attacks within a second and looks at her target before shaking her head, "Too slow." She states and then takes a breath and then makes a few quick hand signs before she simply fires out a glob of ink at her target in a spray. Then two kunai follow it in, one for each of Miyo's thighs, "This will be over quick if that is all you got!"

Miyo grimaces when Chitose comments on her being too slow. She was definitely not slow! She was the fastest of the genin! Or at least she believed that. Miyo whirls around, just in time to see the handseals being performed. As the ink flies towards her she flings her body to the side, narrowly avoiding it and ending in a roll. The Uzumaki is swift to getting to her feet, as if it were one simple motion and with the Kunai coming at her, she twists her body, narrowly moving out of the way of the first, but the second is too slow in getting to her and the girl vanishes after performing a simple handseal.

The Uzumaki reappears immediately at Chitose’s side, a sweeping kick for her ankles being performed immediately in an attempt to trip her up before she slashes out with a kunai, intent on skewering the girl. Miyo follows the slash up with a tag-filled hand, preparing to slam a tag on the girl’s body.

Flicking away from the attacks, the girl is fast. Very fast. She doesn't play around and stares at Miyo as she moves and shakes her head, "No, I don't believe this will do." She states and then rolls her shoulder, "I assure you that you are definitely fighting a battle you cannot win." She then licks her lips as she sucks in a breath and then states, "This ends now." And with that she spins down low and attempts to take Miyo's legs right out from under her before she unleashes a full force blast of ink aimed carefully to only take the enemy shinobi in it. The pure ink melting anything they touch, sizzling like acid.

Miyo is about to respond to her comment about the battle ending then, however, she is certainly taken unawares, somehow, and knocked from her feet. She curses to herself as she begins falling to the ground, especially when she sees the jutsu being prepared. There is only one option for the poor Uzumaki, she turtles into her robes and hits the ground just as the burning ink washes over her. Thanks to the robes she wears, the ink doesn’t actually get to her, not yet, at least. Instead, she is roasted like a lobster.

However, as the ink and associated burning smoke/mist/etc begins clearing, Miyo is on the offensive. She has left behind her robes, shrugging them off to escape the immense, growing heat of the burning ink. At the same time, she has somehow procured a very dangerous-looking sword which is lashes out at Chitose like a viper, the second swing following in the wake of the first with such velocity that it is almost imperceptible. Miyo is clearly furious, scowling at the previous predicament she found herself in and as soon as the slashes are done she is spinning, lashing out with the butt of her sword, intent on bludgeoning Chitose in the head.

Flicking away with a few stutter steps back, he shakes her head, "You really aren't very good at this." She shakes her head, "I don't know what you are planning to do but I haven't even begun to use my greatest ability. You need to focus on saving yourself and admitting what you have done." She nods her head, "And then giving up." She then proceeds to send three strikes straight at Miyo…though at the last moment, each forward punch has her arm bending in odd ways. The first bending her arm downward suddenly and aiming for Miyo's gut then upward to her nose and then her arm bending outward and then inward for an angled shot at her side.

Miyo frowns, realizing that it was possible she was too weak to combat this foe. “I… No, I will win!” She declares proudly. Chitose’s strikes were certainly odd, but if there was one person who was familiar with strange movements and bodily contortion, it would be Miyo. She is nearly taken off guard by the first strike, the awkwardness almost getting her. The subsequent blows are not quite as close as Miyo bends, twists, and rolls out of the way.

Still scowling a bit, the Uzumaki flicks her wrists, two tags appearing in her hands. They were the same as the one she had attempted to use before, and the application method was the same as well. Miyo rushes forward, moving in quickly while attempting a spinning kick to blow through Chitose’s guard. Whether or not she’d be successful was not the point. The purpose was to open her up for the delivery of the seal-tags, one after another as she comes out of the spin. The girl attempts to slap them onto her opponent in an attempt to cripple her for the future.

The kick works and she is knocked away, stumbling and only able to barely stumble out of the way of the first tag into the second tag. She growls as it rips away at her chakra and then scowls at her enemy only to shake her head, "Ok." She states, "Time to end this." She nods her head, "No more games." She then flicks her right arm out and it stretches out. Even as she jumps away, she flicks the arm across, and it, like the tornado kick is a distraction for her true attack, another wave of brutal burning ink.

A bit pleased with finally getting a couple hits in, Miyo is almost prepared to follow up and continue on in the offensive. However, things suddenly go very poorly, and Miyo finds her seal wall overwhelmed by the fires. Thankfully, the barrier absorbs a great deal of the incoming attack and just leaves her with a few minor wounds – wounds that she could survive for the moment. Hopefully she could, at least. She’d need it, especially as she took some time to recover.

Watching her enemy, Chitose takes a step back to and looks at her, "Had enough yet?" She hmms and then girl takes a breath, stands up straight and cracks her neck. She then smirks as…is that bruise on her cheek…disappearing? It appears to be simply disappearing, "Come on then. If you are done, you can explain yourself and give yourself up. Otherwise I may be forced to actually use my true abilities."

Miyo notes the regenerating capabilities of Chitose and frowns about it. “Well, that’s quite the handy trick… but, it’s not enough to scare me away! Even if you talk big… I can still fight!” Miyo flexes a bit and then powers through a string of seals like a champ. As soon as she finishes she slams her hands onto the ground, at her feet. The moment her hands touch the street beneath her, a seal expands from her palms at frightening speeds, outwards around the Uzumaki girl, threatening to cover the entire area they had used as their battlefield. “Let’s see you get out of this…” She growls, and then activates the seals. It lights up in a bright teal energy, reaching for the sky. Even as it lights up the area, the Uzumaki is slamming her hands down again, preparing to dump everything her poor, unfortunate self has into a last attempt at victory, despite how futile it seemed so far.

Blinking at the attack, the girl suddenly bursts with chakra, chakra flowing out over her body and exploding around her. She suddenly has eight tentacle like tails behind and around her legs suddenly made of pure chakra that look like the tentacles of an octopus, a massive octopus. She attempts to simply disappear from the spot she was standing and out of the way only to unfortunately get caught up in the attack. She is able to fully escape the second part of it and stands there in her form before she stares at her opponent. She then suddenly stretches both of her arms out in long whips and sends them both at her from either side in two nasty whips before simply releasing her chakra into the atmosphere, releasing her chakra beast form and staring down her opponent, "Do not…make me do that again." She growls as the beast within her roils, having taken over for a brief moment to try to save itself.

Miyo is, needless to say, quite surprised to see the tailed beast thingy ‘standing’ before her. Even with her most powerful seal striking it, it seemed unphased – unphased enough to practically bludgeon Miyo to death. Chitose’s words go unheeded, as Miyo is lying flat on her back in the middle of the streets, unconscious and badly wounded. It appears she had achieved success in her mission.

A breath escapes Chitose as she looks upon Miyo and then takes a breath as she drops to a knee. She might have achieved her mission but at a terrible cost. She is completely exhausted. Her gaze going to the ground as she puts both fists into it to hold herself up. Practically out of chakra and nearly out of stamina, she wasn't as unphased as being a demon beast lets her be. She will recover fast but not soon. She looks up at her opponent and then licks her lips as she stands up and staggers toward her, "Jigsawit." She growls, "Why didn't you just give the crossword up?" She then proceeds to start to scoop the girl up and start her toward whoever in this village would be responsible for patching someone up.

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