Three are better then none?


Kawichi, Maia, Akane

Date: 27th June, 2010



"Three are better then none?"

Kanayama Hiko Training Center

Akane steps into the training ground after hearing some ruckus. "Wow what happened in here?" He scans the area and finds a note signed by Kawichi. "Wow how did he know I was coming?" Akane sits and waits for Kawichi to return.

Moving in he smiled at the site of Akane. "Yo sorry about that I had to rush Takeda to the hospital from our spar." Breathing heavy his should hurt and his cheek. <Boy today is just one of those days I guess." Shaking his head he laughs as he waved Akane to start. "Well Akane what are you going to do?" Is asked as he yawned and blinked twice.

Akane glanced at Kawichi and could see that he had a couple scrapes from something most likely the training. Akane smirks "Well knowing you this training must have been extreme, is the kid still alive?" Akane asked jokingly with a strand of straw in his mouth. He looks around the training area and felt to lazy to go back to what ever he was doing. Taking the straw out of his mouth he smiles "Well seeing as I have nothing to do, how about a sample of our basic skills."

Shaking his head his breath started to slow down. "Alright we're going to use the point system and we'll go to ten." He smiles as his arm hurt a bit. He had on a diffrent set of cloths then normal he was wearing his training gear which was an t-shirt and black ninja pants and tape on the feet and the hands to the elbow. Shaking his hands he was ready. "We'll Akane I guess I'm ready when you are I guess." He blinks twice as he yawns a bit.

Akane flicks the straw away and scan's Kawichi. "You seem tired, you sure you wanna do this? Haha what am I saying of course you do." Akane wondered who Kawichi had been messing with. But it didn't matter. As he flicked the straw at Kawichi it glowed an then exploded with tiny bits of clay that would scatter into Kawichi's eyes.

After moving out of the way of the last two he could feel his body warm up as he smiles. "He moved in and attacked with three punches each aimed at the chest of Akane the same spot as well. Kawichi smirked as he was sweatting a little more then normal.

As Akane appeared to take the strikes a log would take his place. As the log took the strikes chips of it would fly off into Kawichi's face and lightly explode. Akane appears again behind Kawichi at the far end of the training dojo. A new straw was in his mouth "So how many points are we going to?"

Dodging the incoming attack like it was nothing he looked at Akane and smirks. "What the hell don't you go think that I'm fatigued or nothing like that." He smirked as he went in and attacked with three more strikes. "You better move your ass." Is said after attacking his face and mid-section." A sweat dropped from the side of his face.

Akane smiles at Kawichi for his spirit and makes the mistake of underestimating him. "I see you have a little energy left, well then. Lets have some fun." Akane makes a couple clay spiders and have them scury to Kawichi and explode leaving a cloud of smoke. I wasn't dangerous just annoying. A spider fell from above as the smoke distracts Kawichi and would land on his head before lightly exploding. "So whats the score?" Akane asked as he wasn't sure what the rules were.

The first to attacks hit as he was knocked on his back. Then the next one came in faster then normal he dodged it as he popped off the ground as he jumps off the wall and attacked with and spinning slashes and then was a falling and rising slash attack. Breath heavy he stops for an moment and takes a deep breath.

There was someone watching in the training arena, but she wasn't exactly watching in the regular way. Her eyes were closed as she remains sitting in the lotus position on a mat, not too far away from the two sparring chuunin. A soft chuckle escaped from her lips as she purses her lips and sighs softly, a blue flame covering her body as she focused her chakra and continued to watch in ways other than her regular sight. Innnnnnteresting.

Akane turns to notice Maia sitting there, he wonders if she was awake and takes his eyes off Kawichi. Taking the three love taps Akane whistles. "Wow guess you are serious, well I guess I will too." Akane slaps his hands together and begins to charge a bit of chakra. "So lets go until we hit 10, you have 5 and I have 3 for now."

Three more of his attacks hit he smirked and started to yawn. "Man I think I might just pass out right here." Is said with an smirk and low eyes as he was trying to watch Akane. <Stay with it Kawichi!> an inner voice he hears to himself as he smiles. Looking over to where Maia is he smiled. "Just join right in the fun." He says with an lite smile as he attacked Akane again with three punches.

"You know, if you look for openings instead of just trying to have the witty banter, you may land more hits." Maia says softly, a soft chuckle escaping from her lips as she continues to remain in lotus position. Her hands are gently resting on her knees while she breathes in slowly, in and out, her chest inflating and deflating as she sighs softly.

Kawichi was getting faster? Strange seeing as he was getting tired. Akane brought up a statue to stop Kawichi's first strike, takes the second one due to misjudgement and stops the third. Akane sighes and throws a bunch of clay doves at Kawichi. The circle the area before comming in one by one. The explosions where light and they didn't cause too much damage.

Looking over at Maia he was at the part while she was doing here breathing. He frozen for a moment which made him slightly open for Akane attacks. But he was still able yo dodge them with an smile turning over to Maia once more. "Damnit Maia did you have to do that now?" Is asked with an light laugh. Kawichi was getting to that point at which he felt kind of drain but his Reizei blood started to boil. <Kawichi stay with it damnit!> Shaking his head keeping his eyes open and on Akane he smirked as he moved in and attacked with three more punches working the rib cage this time.

"I'm simply watching, Kawichi." she says matter of factly. There's a soft snicker escaping from her lips as her eyes are closed. How exactly is she watching? Still, she continues to take in deep breathes, inhaling through her nostrils only to exhale through her mouth. It's as if she's meditating. That is what she's doing, right?

Meanwhile, peering eyes, at the top window of the outside of this building, would have been definitely watching the whole thing, just in time, to duck down, and wait for a time. Tosai was in Kumo, with a couple of others from the Konoha, just for the landing of a escort to this place from the Land of Fire. Of course, word had gotten back that Kumo, was under some strain from Kiri, but Tosai, hadn't be hear for that. He needed a test, and only one girl could make that possible. Tosai would note a door nearby, and while outside, he would whisper, in a silent tone, only Maia could here. He knew she used sound.. maybe she could hear well… or couldn't she? "Hey, Maia… guess whose back in town.", and with that he would use Shunshin no Jutsu, and appear above her, and with a smile, come in for a heavy landing.. but first.

"Did she just say she was watching? But her eyes are closed." Akane looks to Maia as he substitutes himself with logs. A man appeared over her head. Figuring that Maia can see beyond normal means he didn't worry about her too much and turned his attention to Kawichi. Akane vanished in a cloud of smoke and appeared on the ceiling above Kawichi dumping clay mines in the form of grasshoppers on him. Getting a little creative now Akane was hoping to end the game soon but ot without a little fun first.

All three of his attacks missed their marks as he was breathing heavy his eyes started to change. He could see things better as the first attack hit he smiled and dodged the last two. Again his Reizei blood boiled as he stood up and placed his hands on the hilt of his sword. Running towards the walk he flipped and went into a spinning slash. Jumpping onto the celling this time he came down with an falls slashs to the arm and then a side ways slash to the left side of Akane.

Even as the big hulking and rather rotund brute does his impending doom from above, the young kunoichi remains impassive. She heard the voice earlier and chuckles softly. "You realize I just got out of the hospital after a Death Hand attack not too long ago, right?"
But it's too late! Tosai hits his intended target as the petite form of Maia suddenly flails underneath the Akimichi's weight. That is, until he flumps down and just feels the mattress underneath him as he's surrounded by a white smoke from her clone. When the nheck did she get out of there? Who knows? She was watching afterall.
suddenly and out of nowhere, a blast of pure concussive force heads towards the Akimichi, intending to make him feel a bit weary. He's a big guy afterall and she can direct sound waves into powerful waves of force through most mediums with her chakra. Woooosh! Go Maia go! Where is she?
And should he actually succeed in finding her, she's hidden behind a few of the wooden practice dummies…

"Duuooohh?!", and then CRRAAASSSSHHHH!!!!, would be the result of Tosai's being both surprised, and then crashing ass first into some bleachers. Tosai would come to rise out of the utterly destroyed bleachers. Waving his hand and coughing from the debris and smoking, Tosai would say, "Yeah… *cough*… I got the report.. You guys having some fuss with Kiri?" He would proceed to walk toward the girl, not even seeming to worry that she would attack, back, and with the first blacst of concussive sound, Tosai would seem to be hit!! Wrong… a poof of smoke would reveal a nearby practice dummy. And though the secone one was well placed afterwards, Tosai would seem to fade into nothing. Guess where Tosai would be once he flickered? Amongst the dummies whispering to Maia, "I don't think its safe right here.." He would then chuckle, and hop a few feet away, where he would then be seen, stretching.
Tosai would see the woman's eyes closed, and ponder.. "So you gonna fight me like that? Hmm. I think I can provide a challenge if you want..", and with that he would take out a large green pill. The Yamayuki would hear a large crunch come from the mouth of the Akimichi, before he would then say, "I guess I have to figure if the effects of this thing, would be to my—…..AcK!! EErrrrggg!!!", and with that, Tosai's body would start to steam, muscle on his body tensing and enlarging suddenly, before he would stand their, tanned slightly, and seeming warm to the touch.. "Whoa…."

Akane stumbles as the huge man made a crash. He then is hit by all of Kawichi's attacks. "Unreal, but I suppose that's enough fun for the day." Akane comes down from the ceiling and places the straw back in his mouth. "Well I've give this one to you, I have business to get to. Thanks for the warm up and let me know when you are ok to go again." Akane waves at Kawichi as he leaves. He looks back at Tosai and Maia "Those two are gonna tare this place to pieces and I don't wanna be here when they do." Akane leaves and heads home for a nap.

After watching Akane leave he smirked and passed out right there. Kawichi was drain three fights back to back was to much for him.

Awww! Kawichi passed out. Maia scrunches her nose as she 'looks' in nhis direction, even though her eyes were still closed. It was too tempting to look, and so she'd pull out a handerchief before wrapping it around her head as a blindfold before she peers backin the Akimichi's direction.
"There's a huge fuss with Kiri." she says firmly and resolutely. "We've only been at war for the past year." she continues, snickering a little as she purses her lips and grumbles a little. She 'glances' around the training arena, wincing a little. "And you know, it's discourteous to ruin one's training arena with your girth, Tosai. I'd hold back a little if I were you." she says teasingly.

Seeing the girl trying to make out whats going on, Tosai would laugh alittle, saying, "Hehe.. no peeking.." before he would look to his own body, the chakra he felt coursing in him, practically enormous. His skill with Taijutsu, he had no idea, would be heightened majorly, as he would seem to look feel and hear, everything around him with overwhelming sensitivity. "Aye.. Well, the clans there, have always been more trouble then their worth. I mean, hell, the ninja wars were too damn much, if you ask me, all cause they had the nerve to like blood." He would look to the woman, and smile, as she would talk of his going over board, and say, "Yeah.. I knew you wouldn't like that much. Looks like there goes next week's salary.", a mild sweatdrop and a frown on his face.

He would scratch the back of his neck, then say, "Oh! I forgot.. training. I am coming, Maia.", and with that the nin would flicker in.. with pure speed, and aim a shoulder charge to her legs, wishing to knock her feet clean from under her, before he would then pop her up, with a knee, and once airborne, Tosai, racing to find himself above the woman, only to provide an over hand slam to her back, and send her plummeting down again.. Man.. this was not taking it easy.

The sounds of battle still going on it was like he could see everything even though he was sleeping. Kawichi felt his body heal and regain some stam.

Oomph! the first hit connects and strikes! The second one does too! And so does the third! The hits were fast and hard as Tosai finished his combo! Maia's limp form gets slammed down into the mats before suddenly disappearing with a poof of smoke. Did he miss again?

The answer to that would appear from behind him as there was a bit of a jingling. There were two bells down on the mat on which he landed, and there was the blindfolded kunoichi, tugging at them with a pair of strings. A smile curled onto her lips as she started forming the genjutsu link before jumping up and flipping into the air. As she flipped in the air, she snapped her fingers, sending yet another shockwave of concussive force in his direction…

So that begs the question, what were the bells for? "Come on, Tosai! I know you can do better than that." she chirps.

As strong and powerful as Tosai felt, he still felt pain.. The more he fought, he knew well that the pill he had been so foolish enough to try, would have him in the hospital if he had gone to long. It was poison, even in its least potent form as the Spinach, pill. But Tosai had to confirm his suspicions, and while the light twinge had not been enough to divert him, he knew well, that his not hitting of Maia, would drive him even more nuts. :You, ma'am, are a slipper one." He would seem to flicker, even in midair, and with that, be seen falling out the sky, for an attack to the woman, below. But she had been strong… even forcing an attack as the nin would fall. Tosai, would however, extend his left arm, and grab a nearby rafter, to escape the onslaught, only to use the same momentum from his swing, to propell himself, leg first into the women, and with amazing agility, for a man of his size, he would swing another kick, into the shoulder of the woman. Meanwhile, he had not been noticing at all of any genjutsu.

It's really hard to dodge when you're in the air. It takes a skilled nin to dodge in the air. A really ridiculous speedy nin. Unfortunately for her, she is not that nin. Instead, she braces herself for the impact, forming several quick handseals as she's hit with the kick which sends her flying into the rafters with a great thud!
Still, she doesn't come out. At least not initially. Even as she's crumpled under the mats where she made the impact, she can be nheard singing. She remains there, as her singing starts to warp Tosai's sense of his surroundings, the images starting to change as he's brought back to happier times. Happier memories. He's no longer in the Kumogakure Training Center.. he's happy….

&#09; Or at least he would be probably happy, in a better world. Or in one where Genjutsu was being used more accurately. Tosai would hear the singing, but it wouldn't seem to have any effect. WHY? Well, for one this Houren Gan Pill was no joke on pain. One sharper twinge would seem to hit the boy, as he would land his blow, causing him to shake his head alittle, and wack himself. Perhaps the pain was enough to actually keep him from enduring genjutsu. &quot;Thats a nice tune… No wonder I was a fan of yours back then. I just wonder why you are singing instead of fighting me.&quot; He would then seem to duck into a starting stance, for running, and with a sharp push, launch himself up toward Maia.. at high speeds! He would cock back a fist once, and then… booom!, only to grab the girl by the arm, and after spining twice… perform something of a seismic toss, into a set of mats nearby.

&#09;Maia knew it. Tosai was a fricking pokemon. A Snorlax or something like that. She let out a meep as she was grabbed! That was her own damn fault for not moving out of the way quickly enough, and she was spun twice. WHEEEEEEEEEE! Before she was slammed down into the mats…

However, she must have gotten away somehow as the body that slams into the ground with another white npoof. Where is Maia now? Oh, she's probably hiding, waiting for a chance to attack

And if he finds her, she's in the mats once more…a different set of mats.

Watching the girl land, Tosai, in his more, heightened state, would seem to wonder if he had gone to far. When the clone would poof, Tosai would sigh in relief, and with that, he would smile, knowing full well, that this girl was still around. &quot;Maia… please come from under the mats. I can't fight you if you are under there.&quot; With that he would move over to him, steam emanating from his body, and say, You know.. you if you were actually attacking me with your all, you would have nailed me a couple of times.

And poof! Maia peers up from the mats as she dusts herself off and scrunches her nose while taking off the blindfold. It was then that she opened her eyes. It would be then that Tosai might notice her pupils had dilated and had a spiral shape to them before they reverted back to normal. She sighs softly and stretches her arm into the air.

"If I fought you with my all here, we might destroy the training arena and Raiko-sama would get cross with me." she says matter of factly. "So I went at you with how I usually go against my own students."

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