Through a Child's Eyes


Noab, Takkaa (left partway through, spoofed thereafter with permission by Tosai), Berii, Tosai

Date: September 16, 2011


Noab arranges a special training exercise with…unusual conditions.

"Through a Child's Eyes"

Training Area #26 - Genin Training [Konohagakure]


The Special Genin Training ground, in Training Area #26, is designed to suit all of a Genin's training needs. As well, it serves as an excellent place for Jounin to teach their Genin team members. The area is mostly a large expanse of grassy field, surrounded by forest, with a nearby lake, and various poles and tree trunks for practicing attacks on. There are boxes, carefully camoflauged, containing supplies of shuriken, kunai, smoke bombs, and similar basic ninja equipment, as well as racks nailed to a few trees, with weapons stored on them. They are all covered to be protected from the environment, and regularly checked to make sure they are clean and in good condition.
There are also medical supplies hidden around the area. Most of this equipment can't even be found by most Genin, since their containers are meant to be known to and used by Jounin only, but a Jounin teacher may point out the location of a few for when he or she isn't present and the Genin want to train anyway.


Noab kneels on the ground in the training area of Toshiba Forest, putting the finishing touches on something. A large section of the training area has been cordoned off by ropes, with signs warning passersby not to set foot within. Something rather special is planned for this place, that much is clear. Noab finishes his work and pushes himself onto his feet. Going overboard with these training exercises for the young'un's, he thinks to himself. e.U Must be a part of him that's enjoying it for its own sake too much. Well, we'll soon see if the results are worth it. Noab plods carefully over to the rope barrier to await the arrival of those involved in this particular exercise.

Takkaa shakes his head, stumbling through the forest. Looking left to right, he grimaces as his rubs the back of his neck with his right hand. "I haven't been here a week, and already I'm lost," he mutters. Spying some signs, he wanders towards them, reading it. "Stay away, eh," he says. "Well, there's probably at least a few people here. I might find a road, and find a way to get back to the School." With trepidation, he sets one foot on the other side of the rope to see if there's some kind of trap.

Finally out of the hospital! Well her reasoning for the last day or two was to avoid her from opening wounds beneath the Seal Calligraphy embroidered bandages. All in all, she was at least at 90% of her normal power and easily made her way through the forest at a run to her destination. Streams of pink zipping through the forest trees and eventually pulling up in front of a sign. Skidding to a stop, she sort of just pops up next to Takkaa. "Neh?"

Berii leans back a bit to get a better look at the sign and then turns to the rope ahead. This was the place it seems and assuming the rope was nothing more than a fence of sortsm Berii just hops over it and jogs up to Noab. Stopping in front of him she goes rigid and bows.
"Aye! Good morning, Akimichi-sensei!" Yes, she was obviously very eager to train. Sure she liked getting stronger but, all that laying around led to pent up energy.

Soon after a few of the younger nin arrived, Tosai seemed to wander in aimlessly. Afer a moment however, his intent was made clear, looking toward the training area his elder had finally finished. "Looks like I got here alittle to late to help. My appologies.", was said with a deep bow. Tosai seemed to even crouch some, making himself shorter in comparison to the shorter Clan Head. Looking to those gathered, Tosai smiled saying, "Boy. Seem like we are making ninja smaller and smaller everyday, eh, General?", looking down to his clan's leader.

Noab feels a tug in the rope barrier and quickly looks over to see the source. "Halt!" he barks out at Takkaa. "Can't you tell a do-not-cross line when you see one? I didn't crack my old back all morning so you could play tiptoe through the tripwires." >P Seeing the other participants starting to arrive, Noab makes a beckoning motion toward Takkaa. "Then again, this is good timing. Get over here, scrub." Noab gives a grave bow in return to Berii's rapt salutation, and snorts at Tosai's apology. "Nonsense. Who ever blamed an opponent for showing up too late to help out with trap-setting?"
Noab clears his throat. "'Ten-SHUN! We will shortly begin a tactical training exercise! This exercise will simulate a travel-through-hostile-territory scenario. There will be two teams, one consisting of myself and Uchiha Berii-san, the other being Akimichi Tosai-san and…hrm, remind me to get your name in a minute, son. Tosai-san and I will be blind-folded, with our respective team-mates riding on our shoulders. It will be your responsibility to guide us, by whatever means you believe best."
Noab points out several poles with brightly-colored rags tied to them. "Tosai-san's team has the objective of crossing the war-zone to the check-points. My team's objective…is to make this process as miserable as possible for Tosai-san." >) Noab indicates a pile of wooden training weapons, swords and kunai and shuriken and such. "We'll be using these for the exercise. Focus your attacks on us jounin, I'll be handing out demerits to either of you young'un's who hits the other. You're free to order Tosai-san or I to take part in the skirmishing, but you'd better think carefully about how we can attack without dropping you on your bum. Any questions?"
Takkaa blinks as the Genin pops up beside him, and then strides by. Shaking his head, to clear the shock, he's immediately greeted by another one as Noab yells over at him. Hearing the word traps, he gulps, and hurries over, jumping from spot to spot like a large wading bird. Arriving, he looks up at the mountain that is Tosai, and wonders aloud, "How am I supposed to get up there?" Looking back at Noab as he finishes his explanation, Takkaa shakes his head to indicate no, and mutters, "The things I get myself into."

Berii was a bit throw off by the sudden volume of the shorter Akimichi and she suddenly straightens up. "Neh? This seems a bit…" Berii didn't want to immediately point out that she was bad for this sort of job given her difficulty speaking, she decided to go with the flow for now it seemed fun enough anyway. Though her hand does shoot straight up in the air with a question, "Aye! Akimichi-sensei!" She doesn't realize this is fitting for both of the Akimichi and does not correct herself, "I don't know what you can do."
The girl starts making her way over to 'her' Akimichi, not worried so much about scaling this one as she would've been getting on top of Tosai. She stops for a moment to gather some wooden shuriken and kunai, the weaponry just disappearing into her sleeves as she slides them in.

"…Opponent?", was smirked at, while a questioning eyebrow was raised. This was classic behavior for the old war vet sure, but Tosai still had no clue of what was going on. "I am aware that you had something planned, O-ojii-sama… But I didn't thi—…" The words of Tosai were interrupted by the sudden call to order. Tosais chin was lifted, while his arms were placed at his side. Once feet together, training told the Jounin to listen in silence. Hearing the task, Tosai's stance was interrupted with a grave look of surprise. The old coot had finally lost it.
Tosai's look to Takkaa was that of a silent threat, and an order to not screw up. His eyes became slits that stared Kunai into the soul of the boy. Hearing the objectives of each team, was what soon became the kicker. His expression changed, becoming one of reluctance and concern, not for himself, but whom he would soon carry. Takaa was faced, or at least looked down to. "Either you could climb me or…" Tosai then grabbed the boy by the collar like a puppy, placing the child on a single shoulder. That spot was more than enough of a seat. "You fall and you'll have worst than the ground to worry about.", was said with a mutter.
The Akimichi Jounin looked to his superior, with a sigh, saying, "You hunting me. Never thought I'd be hearing this one. Hope the clan doesn't find about this."

Noab smirks, picking up a wooden club. "What's the matter, big guy? Afraid they'll make up barrack-room ballads about how I smacked your kneecaps in?" >) Noab assists Berii to get comfortably perched, then pulls his headband down over his good eye. "Remember to look and think ahead," Noab advises the children. "You'll need time to communicate what's going on, and the team that can make the right choices and execute them quicker will have a big advantage." Noab shuffles off into the field a short ways, stopping by a large tree. There's a fairly obvious length of tripwire blocking the path on the other side of the tree, so Takkaa's first conundrum is obvious: should he try to guide Tosai past the trap, or go for a direct confrontation with the foe? Or maybe try to go way around both? "All right, let's get started!" Noab barks.

Takkaa looks at the field in front of him, while settling himself to be comfortable on Tosai's shoulder. His left arm hangs limp, sliding across the bigger mans chest with every one of his movements. His right arm crosses his body, settling on the hilt of a katana. Adjusting its position, so that it doesn't jut into the larger man's neck, he sighs. "This task is like moving mountains," he says with a smirk. "Still, which way is the best to proceed." He looks to the left, and to the right, and then eyes the tripwire by the tree. "Other than the ropes, there doesn't seem to be any kind of out of bounds… Oi, Tosai, make for the left. You can use the boundary ropes as a well… guide rope to move forward. That way we only have to worry about what's directly in front… and of course the most-venerable sensei by that tree."

"…Yes.", was said in response to Noab's question accompanied along with a nervous chuckle. Pulling out some bandaging, Tosai wrapped it about his head in layers, blind folding his eyes to what was around him. Meanwhile his other senses were opened, especially to the words of Takkaa, his guide. "I guess this puts uou in charge then.", was said moments before he listened to the suggestion. Tosai gritted his teeth saying, "Can't get to dependant upon the rope, Takkaa-san. You gotta give me better." The jounin started left, moving of his own will, going in the direct direction. His speed came with a bit of recoil. Takkaa may have to hold on a bit tight.

Berii more or less just gets up on Noab's shoulders with a hop, her facial expression taking a huge shift as it is flooded with determination to make this as miserable as possible. She didn't know what the trip wire did exactly but, hoped they attempted it. Disappointed, she'd reach into her sleeve and pull out a real shuriken, raising it high as if she were about to chuck it at the other team.

The shuriken is let loose and goes whizzing on a bad course, perhaps she wasn't ready to tr- Oh… the boundary rope is cut. "Uh um…" Berii had a plan-ish but, at this range she might actually light the two on fire over there. "Hnn, ah!" Presses her right heel into the right side of Noab's chest. "Tuwn! annnd stop!" Her foot would ease up as she now has the man facing the walking Tosai. "Arms up, pawms fo'wad. Mo'ti-size yo' awms."
Berii was too busy trying to get her job done to worry about attempting to adjust her speech impediment to something more understandable but, she holds on tight and hopes that Noab grasped what she was saying.. Her current goal was to push off into the direction of the cut rope to disorient.

Noab grimaces slightly. "Points for lateral thinking, Berii-san, but you shouldn't have cut that rope. It's for keeping people from wandering into the trap field." Noab turns and raises his arms as instructed. "You know what that means, don't you? You're going to have to go fix it. Better hurry, I'm not going anywhere without you." That doesn't mean Noab won't carry out his current orders, though. ;) His arms shoot outward in Tosai's direction like spring-loaded boxing gloves.

Takkaa blinks, watching the shuriken fly by and slice the rope. Watching the hands of his opponent move, he is shocked by their sudden enlargement. "Watch out," he yells, trying to draw his blade, only to have it snag in its sheath. "Arms! Seven o'Clock!"

Wandering aimlessly was worst enough, but being attacked while doing so… just aggravating. The curses Tosai uttered would probably cause corruption to poor Takkaa's ears. And yet still, the Akimichi kept moving ahead in that same direction. Still, the old man had a point. This could happen in battle. May as well get it done. Tosai's tense muscle only got tighter the moment Takkaa gave direction and warning. "What?", was shouted moments before Tosai spun, shouting, "Hold on!" The speed of his pivot was ended with a stomp, before a bigger hand served to catch Noabs, and block it. Tosai gulped, before pushing off the older hands, and begining a slow jog. Of course, the attack did throw him off course, sending him into a nearby rope in the opposite direction. "Takkaa?! Where?!"

"But, they…" Berii should've thought that through though she will hopefully have time and slides off Noab's shoulders, running across the extended arms, pulling out a few senbon right before she takes to the air, flying towards the fallen rope. With some quik hand movements she makes a bit of a knot and stabs a few senbon through the rope to keep it in place. She runs back over to Noab and leaps into the air, back on his back again, "Mmmkay. Uh…" Berii scans the area and begins start flinging wooden shuriken at Tosai. Her foot would dig in again to angle Noab to face the other Akimichi once more. "Hnn, push him again. One arm after the other." It appears as if she was just aiming to annoy him now.

Noab grunts lightly as Berii lands on him. "I don't have unlimited range, y'know," Noab mutters, nevertheless complying with her request. "We're going to have to chase them soon." Sure enough, Noab's second arm push fails to even reach Tosai's vicinity. Tosai, meanwhile, by luck or judgment, is approaching the first of the checkpoints. Noab's work earlier was not haphazard, however; he made sure to set plenty of traps in the vicinity of the checkpoints. Tosai's footfalls are treading near a tripwire which will result in a FRYING PAN TO THE FACE if he sets it off! What will happen now? :o

"Right! Right!!!", was being kicked into Tosai's shoulder like a mule by Takkaa. A rope line as vast approaching, and for the most part, the Jounin hadn't the ability to see. Forcing himself into a skid upon hearing the words, Tosai's grunt was loud, audible, and showing true signs of annoyance. "Where then?!!" "You can make your way five big steps, and turn. I can see the first checkpoint!" Tosai then lunged forward, taking the oppurtunity while it still seemed clear. But still, without his eyes, avoiding attacks was made even harder. Being a big and blind target, Berii would have no difficulty spiking him in the keister with her first throw. Tosai would yelp a bit before panicing. "Arghh!", was said with a hop. "There right behind us! Strafe left!!", was shouted by Takkaa. Nodding Tosai's arme reached out, before exploding to a large size. The ground before him was grabbed and with a twitch of muscle the Akimichi threw himself forward, evading the second senbon. The burst of speed he gave himself helped make dodging the second senbon pretty simple.
But still, there was the General to worry of, and as long as the he was able to give Tosai a random push every now and then, things were going to go wrong. Even now, the moves by the old man is a success, forcing Tosai off his feet and into a trap. "Hold on!!", was shouted by Tosai as he stumbled forward, triggering some tripwire on the way down. Soon, 'Kaboooonnnnnngggg!!!' rang through the air, the sound give as Tosai's head smacks clean into the large pan, causing him to dizzy. "Tosai-sensei!!", was let in a scream by Takkaa, who could do nothing but hold on.

Berii continues to turn Noab with her feet, assuming he gets the picture now she no longer calls out for him to turn. "Okay." Berii smacks a fist into her palm and then presses both feet in, "Stwaight!" Berii tries to think of the Akimichi technique name as they approach Tosai but, ultimately fails to recall it's true name. "Hnn, he's wight thewe… big hand gwab aaand pull him back. Then spin him!" This was not designed to simply confuse Tosai, no she wanted his guide-nin to get dizzy and confused too! Berii herself doesn't do much at this time, just holding on to make sure all of Noab's movements don't make her fall off of his shoulders. Right now, she was so glad she was on Noab's side.

Noab tilts his head slightly as he jogs after their quarry. "'Right there' where? I need to know just how far if I'm going to try and grab — " Noab suddenly bumps into Tosai. "Oh." :P Position established, Noab follows Berii's command to spin Tosai around with an enlarged hand, then adds his own little touch. The wooden club smacks down into the dirt, gathering up a large clod of earth. Noab then swings the weapon at Tosai's leg level. Y'know, because he can't risk hitting Takkaa. Definitely nothing to do with kneecaps. c.U

Feeling another large and soft mass bump into, Tosai's disorientation from the pan faded and just in time too. Takkaa was screaming into the Akimichi's ringing ears like a wild rooster. "He's behind you!!!", was said in time for the two ninja to be spun around. Tosai kept his balance, unaffected, but Takkaa didn't have so much luck. "AAAaaaa!!!!", was screamed, as the smaller boy was thrown off Tosai. The Akimichi, feeling something missing, could only reach an arm out randomly, hoping the smaller boy could grab hold. Takkaa only catches a fingers grasp before Tosai throws the boy straight upward, at high speeds! Takkaa's screaming and flailing could be heard and seen as the boy sailed pasted the trees. Then the sound of wood cracking into leg enters the air. That mean club of Noab clobbers the ninja in the knees, causing him to be lifted airborne before hitting the ground back first.

"Ugh!! Not fair!!", was shouted by Tosai. Even while on the ground, and blind, Tosai would take a stab at where the hit came from, and stomped near the ground where Noab stood. But this was no ordinary kick. His leg and foot doubled in size, attempting pen the other Akimichi in place, and help himself up. From there, an leg sweep was issued, the force being used to both right himself, and knock Noab's own legs from under him. But wait… what of Takkaa? Well, Tosai would hope the boy knew to land in the enlarged hand he had waiting.

"He- Sto—" Noab bumps into Tosai, it was a good thing she had a good hold! Berii just continued to hold on as Noab continues on into a beat down and actually does end up going for his knee caps to her surprise. It seemed a bit extreme, Berii wincing when the hit connects.

The commotion from the other team sets Berii's eyes wide as the older boy goes sailing high up into the air. She hopes they know what they're doing because she's got a Noab to protect. "Aye! Giant foot incoming!" The girl holds on tight in hopes that the other Akimichi doesn't overwhelm Noab.
Though when Tosai goes low she doesn't call out a command for Noab to protect himself, she takes a gamble and attempts to guage the timing… "Get weady fo' a mega wight weg stomp… now!" Could the Akimichi manage to counter blind?!

Noab brings up his club and braces for impact, not having much way to determine exactly where the attack is coming from. It strikes at an awkward angle for Noab, forcing him into a crouch. >.U; As such, he doesn't have much chance to avoid the leg sweep which follows, let alone counter like Berii wants. "Oof!" Noab grunts, falling onto his side. "Very good, you've managed to take back the initiative. Better make good use of it, we're coming for you!" Noab takes a moment to get back onto his feet and reposition Berii.

"You're not giving me much of a choice but to, boss. Good aim, by the way!!", was said with a wince, as Tosai lept to his feet. Meanwhile, Takkaa was screaming, "Behind you!! I'm falling behind you!!", on the way down. Tosai's hand would go above him, in hopes of enlarging. The hopes were a waste however. No chakra. His only choice, was to step back, allowing the boy to barely make falling upon his shoulders. "Did you have to throw me?" "Did you want to fall?" "…Good point." The exchange was made on the move, Takkaa using the older ninja's head as a steering wheel before shouting, "Go!!" Meanwhile, Tosai's pace was gradual, allow his body to make the chakra it needed to continue.

Berii had quite a grip or, so she thought, the girl would nearly fall off twice. "Hnn…" Berii readjusts herself to be safely seated once more. "Okay…" It would appear Tosai managed to take a few check points while they were down. Berii would adjust her positioning to have Noab guard the last point. Noab himself wouldn't be given any orders, Berii would just begin throwing wooden weapons at Tosai like mad. It was raining weapons on the big guy but, not really hindering him.

Noab awaits Berii's command…and receives none. Huh. "A commander can't get too wrapped up in personal skirmishes," Noab remarks. "Try to keep your troops in mind when you're in charge." Noab hates to let Tosai get too far away, but a big part of the point of this exercise was for the young'un's to learn strategy and how to give orders, so Noab makes no pursuit. He just stands there and replenishes his chakra. Meanwhile, though, Tosai still has traps to worry about. This time he runs across a sort of reverse leg noose trap — instead of jerking him into the air, it'll yank him into the ground headhunter-style! >D Will he, or won't he?

Command from Takkaa got Tosai pretty far and quick. The Akimichi still was being hit pretty hard, either not reading Takkaa's instructions correctly, or being just to slow. "Oww… will you stop aiming at my rear please???", was shouted back to Berii, as Tosai used his enhanced arms to pull, drag, and launch himself forward. It seemed all the ninja needed to evade the rest of Berii throws. Takkaa made sure to hold on pretty well too. But alas, the small traps were what ofter were missed. Takkaa, after all, did have a long way to look down. The last trapped worked pretty successfully to, draggin Tosai neck deep into a hole. Takkaa was tossed off with no problem. "Yeesh… Looks like I'm had.", was said with a chuckle.

Berii wasn't sure how to take Noab's advice if it was advice, she didn't really know what to do from here. There was the option of A) Make Tosai run around forever or B) Get a partial victory and hold just one spot. "Oh wait!" Berii's hands rest on the top of Noab's head as she looks down. "Hnn, we have the advantage…" Berii points forward forcefull and digs her feet into Noab's chest, "Aye! He's awot more weakened, non-stop assa-"
Just as Berii was going to give the order to mercilessly attack Tosai, he sinks into the ground and admits defeat! At least it seems that way.
"Neh…" Leaning forwad to properly look over Noab's head, she inspects the sunken Tosai, "Did we… win?"

Noab heads off in the direction Tosai seems to be in…but it's not long before it becomes apparent that something's thrown off the competitive mood of the exercise. Noab lifts his headband and blinks at Tosai's predicament. "Hrm. All right, suppose we'll call the exercise there. It's really not supposed to have a winner or loser, just the striving to do well." Noab releases the line keeping Tosai held in, then starts picking his way toward the edge of the training area. "Follow me, I'll get us out of here without setting off any more traps. So, the big lesson I hope you'll all learn from this is, when the head messes up, the body suffers. Keep that in mind anytime you're in a position of command." Noab casts a glance back at Tosai. "Or training." e.U

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