Tides of Blood - The Head Diplomat


Sakuya, Nariko

Date: September 7, 2016


Sakuya recaps what has happened so far involving the Jashin Cultists who took root in the southern beaches of the Land of Lightning, and the Daimyo's Hand of Religion's involvement with possibly upsetting the cultists

"Tides of Blood - The Head Diplomat"

Head Messenger's Office

The story of the Jashin cult that had come to Land of Lightning almost six months ago has spread through the the village like wildfire. A people who had broken off from a more violent branch of a religion that had come from the Land of Demons. Just like the Land it Inhabited the Jashin Religion was violent and bloody. War was created on behalf of the god of death, known as Jashin, and violent human sacrifice. It is already known from records collected by Shinobi, like Sakuya, whom have been to the site to check for illegal practices that this more moderate branch is a little less violent. They actually pay taxes to the Daimyo, and will be cultivating their first crop within a month. Sakuya has arrived to file her findings officially with the Head Diplomat, who will be very key for the integration of these people in the coming months… If… Nothing terrible happens in the mean time.
Sakuya of course, waits outside of the Head Diplomat, Yotsuki Nariko's Door. With Zuzu curled around her waist, Sakuya would slip her hands behind her back as she waited patiently. Does Nariko have a secretary? All offices have a secretary! Michiko has Yori as one after all!

Sitting at her desk, with a cup of tea on it was the Yotsuki known as Nariko. Even though she had been brought back to Kumo just a few days ago, she didn't seem bothered, but a little weak. Anyway, that doesn' matter because she was already back to work and working hard, or hardly working, depending on how you looked at it with a bunch of papers. She let out a sigh as she saw one specific piece from the Land of Tea. That was something she was worried about. As she heard her door creak open she looked up, unfortunately she does not have a secretary just yet, she's in the process. "Ah, come in. Something I can help you with?" She smiled and let the papers in her hands drop to the desk.

Sakuya would unclasp her hands and move in, immediately saluting Nariko. "There is, Nariko-sama. I have been asked to inform you of an issue of interest in the Land of Lightning. It is about a cult of people that have taken root in the Land of Lightning." A cult similar to her own, who took refuge in the Land of Lightning's mountains before the Clan Wars. Now her cult is a clan of people.
"I will begin, if that is okay." Sakuya would wait until Nariko approved it's continuation, "This cult was found in the Land of Lightning about six months ago. They settled on the southern coast, apparently they were turned away by the Land of Water. Their presence here isn't illegal, and they clearly wish to live in peace. Originally, the village was going to have no part in investigating them. However, we received a string of requests from the Daimyo's head of religious affairs, Yokoma Hazusashi. A staunch Buddhist. When I say a string, I mean that we are being paid to strictly surveil these people week after week. I was a part of the first mission to determine if these people broke any laws and I determined that they did not. They practice animal sacrifice instead of human sacrifice, and they use their own blood for their rituals rather than the blood of others. Still, the requests seem endless. Each one asks for a different shinobi team to inspect the Jashin people." Sakuya would take a deep breath, "May I sit, Nariko-sama? This next bit of information is going to be disheartening…"
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Nariko nods as Sakuya walks in and begins to talk. "Of course." She says before she begins the lengthy description of what was happening. "I see." She motions to a chair as she finishes. "Please. I would like to hear more. I am glad to hear that we have been requested and as such, this sounds like it could be a difficult thing to accomplish." She lets out a sigh. "Please, continue."

"Thank you…" Sakuya would sit at a chair in front of Nariko's desk as she goes through the information in her mind. "I've met with the head of the Jashin cultists. His name is Jashin Tomoyo. A fun fact about this clan, is that they abandon their last names when they join. They take the last name of their god… Sorry… It's slightly fascinating… Still, these people are very dangerous. They are warriors from the Land of Demons that are far beyond the capability of a normal individual. They have some sort of strange Jutsu. From my research, they attack the enemy, seeking to draw blood in some way. Once they have drawn and tasted their enemy's blood, they take part in some transformation that allows them great strength and the ability to damage themselves to hurt the enemy as long as they are within a sacred symbol drawn upon the ground… That is what I know of them. They remain loyal to the Land of Lightning in exchange for being allowed to remain in the Land of Lightning, but there have been… Things happening…"
Sakuya would reach into her Chuunin vest, pulling out a scrolled-up parchment and handing it over to Nariko. "Read this…"
It was a published article of news, likely utilizing printing presses. It stated that a member of the Jashin faith was sent to make amends with the religious council run by the Daimyo's head of Religious Affairs. It stated that the individual proposed peace between religions, and was told that he would be considered… The next morning, the Jashin diplomat was found brutally murdered in the streets…
"… We're closing in on a flashpoint between the popular religion, and this religious minority that has settled in our land. Given the violent nature of these people, I doubt when news of this attack reaches their ears that they will be very happy. Don't get me wrong, I am not the leading shinobi on this case. In fact, I've been told not to bother with it at all. Yet, the Hebisuuhai was once a cult as well. Though I hate the methods of these people, I would like to see peace on the streets of my village. The Storm Brigade has robbed us of peace, and has brought fear into the hearts of the people of this village."
"I want nothing more than to prevent that from happening a second time… If possible…" Which is why she went to the person entrusted as the Diplomat of Kumogakure. Someone who is level headed enough to perhaps prevent another war before the last one has even been laid to rest…

Nariko's hands clasp together as she places them in front of her mouth, listening to Sakuya as she presents her findings. She reaches for the scroll and skims it over reading it as fast as she can while also listening to Sakuya. "I understand that this matter must be handled lightly. As for the result of the death of the member, we can not go around with shinobi who are willing to destroy everything in their path. I think what we need to do is gather a group of shinobi that, while understand that they have to protect those who are beng harmed, will also be willing to sheath their warrior natures and handle this in a peaceful way." She drops her hands on her desk. "And I'm hoping, since my release has come so soon that the end of the Storm Brigade is drawing to a close. Which, is why we haven't sent anyone to help you deal with this current situation." She hmms. "But, as soon as we have all the forces neccessary to take care of this we will make this a priority. Especially since it is a disagreement between religions. One that I know all to well." Afterall, she did practice it when she had a chance.

"I know. The Storm Brigade was… far more important than a cult of people. I'm not even supposed to be on the case. I just… Took it upon myself with Yori's help." Sakuya leans back in her chair. "I want to thank you for your time, Nariko-sama. Honestly, I believe that the reason that the Daimyo's Head of Religion kept attempting to switch shinobi for each mission to visit the village was to increase the chance that a bloodlust-driven shinobi would start a conflict. That is why I'm going to request that all missions involving Jashin observation be stopped until we've set up a real dialogue between their leadership and ours…" Sakuya would stand up. "That is all I have to tell you."

Nariko nods and looks at her. "The Storm Brigade is still out there, it hasn't disappeared yet. It is still at the forefront of our minds. So, it isn't that the cult isn't important, it is just that the brigade has taken most of our resources and has caused a world conflict. The cut will be handled in a delicate manner." As Sakuya stands up she rises from her seat. "Please keep me updated. I will send a message letting the Head of Religious affairs know that we understand their concern and will help take care of it. I will attempt to make sure no missions involving the Jashin are held, but I cannot promise that they will listen."

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