Abel, Daichi

Date: November 17, 2010




Peach Pit Stadium Lobby

Abel would be sitting here thinking and reflecting on himself as a person starting to stand he would turn his site to the ring as he walked in there he would sit down to watch a match or two and watch how these some of these fighters are fighting to prove themselves not for the killling blow, while others had something else on their minds. "Some of these great fighters have great control…how do I obtain that?"

FOOM! A speeding blur crashed into a wall. A fient grunt could be heard as a cloud of smoke encompased the area. From the smoke caame a hobbling Daichi…as he swayed left and right he couldn't quite navigate his body yet, Daaichi would give a shakey chuckle as he stepped forward. "Ehehehe it work?" Daichi said as he lurched forward. His eyes swirls of confusion he managed to see Abel with a goofy uncoordinated wave "Aaaaaabel!? Wha-what are you doin here? Ehehehe" clearly Daichi hit his head pretty hard.

As he watched the match he wouldn't even look over to Daichi he would shake his head is the only thing he'll do. Abel would then stand as he started to walk out. "I've seen enough for today." placing his hands into his pocket his eyes closed he would walk right pass Daichi.

Still a little disfunctional Daichi watches as Abel passed right by. Yet another friend that just gets further and further away from him. Daichi frowns "What is the point?" Daichi sighs. He places his hands in his pockets 'Can't save anyone….so why try anymore…' he begins to think. Without someone to protect Daichi's reason for attaining power was lost…and so was he.

You have lost no one…..I'm am in fit to be called friend by anyone." Abel would start up his pace again still with closed eyes he would be in feel step, the statement was made so Daichi could hear it and anyone else that cared too. (There are things I still need to take care of.)

Daichi turns at Abel's words, looking at Abel as he walked away. Daichi felt…..darkness an overwhelming feeling remorse and sadness. Daichi would almost reach out o Abel. But he wasn't able to reach him…"He's too far…too deep in the shade." 'Weak, weak, weak, you can't reach him, you are too weak.' Daichi would cringe his eyes lit up with a new resolve "I've got to pierce the darkness…..and save them…." Sekisetsu, Meruin, and Abel. Daichi couldn't reach them because of his weakness, he was afriad of the dark….now in order to fight in the dark he would have to plunge in and bare whatever he may have to….

Each step would pain Abel as he is unable to shine a light out as he walked each step taking him deeper into a place he was unwilling to go. "This darkness is my home and it is here where I will protect my friends and my village." Abel hands where clitched as he moved pass people who came here to watch the fight. Abel would smirk as he walked "there is a change coming to the village hidden in the leaves…who will be there to welcome it?"

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