Ties of Friendship


Hiroshi, Jinchi, Hoiishime, Amani

Date: May 16th, 2010


Clay Bomber Hiroshi defends Kumogakure.

"Ties of Friendship"


After finishing his last clay mines to blow up the side of the mountain to blow it up and since the rocks down to the nearby lighting village he smirked. "Man this job is too easy." Sitting down he started to laugh as he was now ready to set it off. With two cracks of his neck he placed his hands and the seal and smirked once more before pause to see the sites.

The land of lightning and all of its beauty. The teen hyuuga would find himself at the mountains peak, peering out into the great beyond. Hiroshi would be garbed in his green and black suit, complete with a black mid back length cape. The pale eyed teen would look rather depressed as he peers out to that which lies before him. The mountains peak would be high upon he clouds, high enough that breathing is rather hard unless one is use to the high altitude. Luckily for hiroshi with the time spent in Kumo he has found the altitude was not a problem. Just as he was about to bring his wooden orcarina towards his lips from his brown pouch a loud rumble in the mountain would catch his attention, "What the, a land slide here?"

"There we go that should end it." With an slight yawn he was about ready to leave. Picking up his sacks of clay he unzipped then as he was about ready to activate the other one he had place just incase this one was stopped. Jinchi is careful like that. Placing his hands inside to create a clay bird to get him around he looked and noticed a shadow figure in green he smirked. "I guess I have to kill one more then so be it. I'll make this one go boom." As he finishi eatting the clay he was ready at long last.

Amani heard the boom, but wasn't sure of what caused it. It shook the area barely, but it was enough for people to give notice. Being curious, she leaves the village to try and discover the source of the problem, but has this feeling in the pit of her stomach growing with every step she takes outside. As much as she's been warned not to be out here, this is probably the only time where she actually feels the need to take heed of the words. Yet, something was around here, whatever it was, and she wanted to be familiar with it. Besides, the authorities needed to know this, right?

Meanwhile, not realizing that Hiroshi san would have gone so far for just privacy, he would then have to follow the young man to as far as the heights of the mountain peaks. He would finally see the young man at a distance, but not before he would soon have saw the explosions. This would not bode well. Looked like the Konoha Chuunin had noticed as well that this had been a bit odd. Landslides don't happen this far north, unless something like a outside source, whether it be sound, or even an explosion causes such. Hoiishime knew this was not a good thing. Not to mention with him having to track the Chuunin's where abouts, as ap part of his personal escort, it would look bad if the monk had not been doing his job.
Running from behind the Hyuuga, Hoiishime would say, "Naw mon!! Landslides be Avalanches up here. Something fishy bout dat." He would come to about the side of chuunin and crouch, saying, "You wouldn't be havin none to do wit dis, eh, Konoha-san?" , the monk producing shifty eyes, at the Hyuuga chuunin.

Hiroshis pale eyes would dart around the area as he attempts to locate the source of the explosion, but is soon joined by weird looking monk. "hey, don't I know-" But before he could ask the question Hiroshi would have been questioned about the explosion. The pale eyed hyuuga would only blink as he looks rather suspicious. "Me, well, no, unless my music is so bad it has caused the mountain gods to roar with anger." He would say looking down at his wooden instrument he has yet to play. He would then slide the small wooden weapon into his pocket before approaching the monk. "Perhaps you should contact your villages special operations team and ask them to investigate, but I doubt they would find I am the source of this, I have been here more than once simply to peer out into the beauty that this land has to offer." He would say not yet noticing Jinchi.

Making a clay bird he smirked as he jumpped on its back. "Boy boy boy theres a loto of bugs today." THe vird dropped his right infront of Hiro and Hoiishime. "Hello hows it going?" Placing his hands in another seal he unleashed another explosion this one was to activate the last one this one was a lot stronger then the last as it sent rocks crashing down onto the village."Don't you love art that go boom?" Is said with an smirk as the bird was on the right side of Jinshi as he placed his hands back in the bago fo clay.

Amani was outside near the bridge when the secondary explosion occurred. The dust from the explosion rose into the air and the tumbling sound of rocks rang in her ears as she witnessed a few take their toll on the village rooftops. Some suffered minor damages while others were more moderate. Maybe that gut feeling she had was something of a bit of good luck for her in this case as she didn't want to be in the village with the rocks falling around it. Time to get to the top. That's sure to notify the authorities now.
So, she makes her way along the rim and makes precaution not to move when minor rocks come rolling by. Some land breaks under her feet, but her reflexes spare her from making a plummet for the worst. Inhaling deeply and sighing the breath out in fear, she continues her run until she reaches the peak to see two familiar faces and some kind of other person. What kind of bird was that, anyhow? She doesn't remember that species being here.

The monk would see the man…flying? On a large bird? This was getting ridiculous? It was a really large one, that seemed…fake. But how the hell was a fake bird, moving and flying around, and being so large. And what was that seal just now? Hoiishime didn't know but what ever it was, it made a large boom, the likes of which Hoiishime had only seen done with explosive tags. He would look to the man, and say, "Why ya be tearing up da terrain like dis? These mountains be protected domain of da Village Hidden in Clouds. And by settin dem off, ya be only drivin ya self right into a wall you not be able to steer clear fr-…" Hoiishime would see the mans hand, go into the bag…. this itself prompting the monk to drop his foot back, and inhale air deeply in, tensing the muscles of his body before exhaling and releasing into a swaying stance, slow and still placed.
He would then say, "Ya be in trouble if ya don't move on, stranja. I be sure our nin be seein ya go boomboom cross da range.", the monk putting in all hope into the bluff he made.

"I see you really wanna piss me off." With an flick of his head the bird that was above him flew high in the air with an smirk because all eyes was on the bird he threw the clay that was in his hand at the feet of Hiro and with an wave of an sign he attacked with an clay octopus. And with that the brid went into an nose dived at Hiro. "Now get serious before you die!" Is said at Hiro not lookign at anyone else. As he started to unwrap his left hand and placed both hands in the clay.

Hiroshis pale eyes would dart around the area as he gives the bird flying attacker a passive glance. "You heard the monk leave now, or the Kumo Ninja will lay waste." But before Hiroshi could make his threat the tentacles of the clay monster would constrict around him, binding the hyuuga as he would look towards Hoiishime. "Get out of here, and get the shinobi of your village please." He would request before being engulfed in a huge explosion. The gray smoke would rise high above the hyuuga as his entire body is unseen, could he have been a victim of the huge explosion, or was he able dodge out of the way. A moment would pass as the smoke would begin to swirl around in what appears to be a cyclone. "I will not fight you, leave now, or I will lay waste." The hyuuga would say appearing to have several cuts and scratches upon his face, but his pale eyes seem to be focused upon his opponent.

Amani closed her eyes and lifted her hand in front of her face before shaking her head and looking at the terrain being torn up from this guy and his explosives. "Hey! What are you doing!?" She calls out, but then soon realizes what she did. No taking that back now. To her, it looked like the mountain was about to go down if this kept up, but the damage may not have been that serious yet. She isn't sure what's going on in the village anymore, but there are sure to be authorities. At least, she hopes.
As more explosions occur and clouds rise up, she coughs and thinks it's time for her to leave. That's if she can see her way out of here.

Seeing the poor Hyuuga being attack, Hoiishime, would be seen pausing in shock, as the creature he had thrown, had come from his bag. Clay? A ninja that uses clay that he can bring to life? Hoiishime would be in shock, not knowing that such had been possible. He would then seem to snap out of it, just in time to see Hiro, seem to get blown up, right after he had been warning him to run. Hoiishime, would dart out of of the way, before the boom, and then say, "Konoha-san!! Don't worry! I be back for help." And with that he would handseal, and inhale, then blow out what had seem to be a blast of water vapor, seeking to hit Jinchi with it. An attack? No… a diversion, which would go from vapor to a foggy mist, in order to hide his escape back to the village. On to get help!! Run Hoiishime, Run!!

As he scatches his head in the response to the hyuuga's request. "Sorry but I have a mission to complete, and I can't leave witnesses so for those of you running don't go too far or to your loved ones….because they'll die along side you." He crossed his hands locking the thumbs making a bird like figure out of them. This was a distraction as his hands were also chewing the clay. He smirks and laughs a littles "Please do better than that last Konoha ninja that I fought. He didn't really last long, poor shadow boy. What was his name….Nano..to? Yes thats the one, snapped his neck like a twig." He scratched the back of his head, then smiles as he easily sees through the mist and decides to deal with the hyuuga first. "So then, what are you gonna do? Hyuuga?"

Would smile lightly at Hoiishimes escape technique hoping he could avoid fighting this shinobi until Hoii returned with kumo assistance. Hiroshi would be shocked, though who else was this who just happened to find their way into this bout. Amani?!?!?! Hiroshi would turn peering back towards the mist as it seems The unknown shinobi was having a hard time seeing through it. Hiroshi would make way towards Amani appearing in front of her, "Amani what are you doing out here? You have to get out of her, please get far away from h-" but hiroshi was caught off by Jinchis words. At the mention of another Konoha shinobi Hiroshi would pause in place shivering in fear almost. "Na-na-nanoto?" Hiroshi would say in a sad tone stuttering as he turns his head slowly to peer over his shoulder. "You killed Nanoto." Hiroshi would obviously be full of sadness something rarely seen in the teen hyuuga, but something strange begins to happen as the vains on the side of his face slowly bulge out.

Kid you're pissing me off with all these questions. Yes I killed him…and it was fun. I just wish he put up a better fight. That strangle thing hurt a bit though haha. You Konoha nin are such trash, trying to obtain peace in a world like this, I will set off the destruction of it all." Dashing at Hiro he did feint kick and jumped into the air dropping a clay octopus on top of Hiro he then takes hold of a clay kunai with wire attached and used it to grapple to a near by rock formation. As he does so he flicks his right hand and released a claybird. With a quick handsign all one hears is "Katsu!!!" the bird dived toward the hyuuga. He knew this wasn't enough to finish the hyuuga so he placed his hands into the bags if clay and prepared for the next assault.

Amani was still trying to recover from all the smoke in the area. She couldn't see a thing, but hearing a voice close by helped to soothe her a bit. "Wh-what?" She asks as she opens her eyes to see Hiroshi to some degree. "How am I—?" She gets cut off as he turns his atention on Jinchi once he spoke about some unknown shinobi he killed.
"How am I supposed to get out of here?" She inquires only for her to suddenly grow dizzy when she's grabbed and spun around rapidly. She didn't know what just happened, but she did hear an explosion. How it didn't hit her was a mystery as she didn't understand the way Hyuuga moves worked.

Hiroshi would enter into a panic as the clay assault was set forth against him again, but not only was he in danger but Amani was as well. "Darnit." He would shout as he grabs a hold of the girl, "Hold on." He would say clenching her firmly against his chest as he enters a spinning rotation. His tenketsu points would open releasing a stream of chakra from every point. Although the clay assault connected it posed no threat to the two. "Darnit darnit." He would repeat as he slows the spinning rotation as he comes face to face with Jinchi. "Amani was it, Amani, get somewhere safe, and far from me." Tears would obviously be steaming down the hyuugas eyes as he turns to peer at Jinchi. The hyuugas crystalline eyes would burn with intensity as the bulging veins on the side of his face extends from eye to ear.

"Even with what you just said I refuse to strike revenge upon you. If I did I would be no better than you, and I wish not to stain my hands with your blood in front of my ally." He would say flickering from view for a moment appearing behind Jinchi, "But I will delay you from running until the Kumo shinobi get here, and see you are trailed for your crime!" he would say delivering a three strikes towards the shinobi one strike towards his kidney a left hood towards the side and a right open palm strike to his spine.

After summoning his clay statue Jinchi transformed it into an octopus to take the attacks, as it nulified the hyuuga's strikes the tenticles of the octopus lash out at the hyuuga. As the hyuuga deals with that octopus Jinchi released two more exploding birds at the hyuuga. The birds were small and swift and they made their way within inches of Hiro before exploding. Jinchi smiled and retreated to higher ground to prepare again for the hyuuga's assault. He stared at the hyuuga silent and arrogant with the hint of bloodlust in his eyes. The ingenious and murderous intent inside him was unreal as his gaze bared down on the hyuuga.

Amani wasn't sure she wanted to leave considering how intense this battle was, but her skills left a lot to be desired and she didn't think she'd have the means to help Hiroshi should things get worse than they are now. Taking the time that she has to escape, she begins dashing off the mountain and following an opposite trail around that was less affected by the explosives. Hopefully she'd be careful enough not to fall to the wayside. There's no guarantee she'll escape with how the odds are now, but they're more favorable now than staying up there and being directly in harm's way.

Hiroshi would smirk lightly as he swiftly spins and dodges the spiders strike, the hyuuga obviously un phased by the assault. As the birds come crashing down they would create a large explosion shaking the very base of the mountain. The teen hyuuga would have, or should have been attacked right, I mean he didn't escape that did he? Yes Hiroshi did and using his dash step he would appear behind Jinchi in an instant, "Leave now, I will not ask again." He would say in a rather calm tone. The tears in his eyes had dried up by now, his facial features were neutral, but he could not stop asking himself the question, why, why did this unknown enemy attack, why does he kill, why did he kill Nanoto? Hiroshi would want those answers and he would want them now he would brace himself before turning around to deliver a two light palm taps onto Jinchis back and finally a balled fist towards his spine. "Unknown Shinobi! State your village and your name." he would ask jumping back a small distance, "And state the reason why you kill? Why did you kill one from my village, and why do you show up now to kill more?" he would ask, leave it to Hiroshi to ask questions during a fight.

After dodging the attack the Jinchi would turn into a clay statue as Hiro's punch collides with him. Jinchi, the real one would appear on a lower ledge. He dusted off his jacket and smiled at Hiro. "My name well since you'll die shortly call me Jinchi, Jinchi Yuri. I am from Kiri and I was sent here on a destructive mission." Jinchi takes out a headband with the Kiri symbol on the forhead protector. "See?" Jinchi stated. Tying the headband around his neck a serious look comes into Jin's eyes "Now I will kill you for the honor of my village, I will not fail my mission." A bird will soon be revieled to be attop the statue's head. Two more would be located at the hyuuga's rear. "Now, perish in my ART!!!" The explosion is huge as the ground gives way. The land slide would obstruct any trying to get to the mountain peak. He then hops atop a gaint flying clay bird.

"Jinchi from Kiri, well then Jinchi from Kiri." He would say quickly dodging the birds as each one connects to the ground exploding hiroshi would find some way to dodge them, whether it was turn jump back or even twirl out of harms way he did so. "Well then Jinchi, I do not plan on dying, but I do plan to bring you in for your crimes!" he would shout out dashing forward to flicker first striking from the right side, then left, then returning to strike the back with an open palm strike. "There is no such thing as killing for your village, no one makes us do anything, nor does it justify why you killed Nanoto, and attempted to assault my friends!" he would scream, the teen hyuuga seems to react more and more to the thought of nanotos name causing his hits to be more fierce.

As jinchi was stunned, he could feel himself rapidly falling to the ground. The clay bird from before swooped in and caught jinchi in its mouth before carrying him back higer to circle the area. As he looks back down towards the hyuuga, jinchi starts analyzing the hyuuga's tactics shown thus far. Jinchi started to laugh quietly to himself as the last bit of the clay in the mouths attached to his hands spit out two clay birds into the larger one's mouth. And with those jinchi's plans were complete…

Hiroshi would sigh lightly as the long battle was starting to take its effect, "Time to end this soon, and make you bleed." He would say jumping back and in mid air taking out a single kunai slitting his thumb enough to draw blood. The teen hyuuga would then throw the kunai to the ground before placing the blood in the palm of his right hand working through a hand seal to make sure every finger had blood on it. "Now witness my Cursed 8 Trigrams-The Bleeding Palms." He would say flickering from sight only to appear mid air as he enters a round of palm strikes, "2 palms, 4 palms, 8 palms, 16 palms" and with a spin he would deliver the final strikes, "32 palms and one more!" he would say aiming at his tenketsu before finally moving to deliver a juuken strike to the shinobis stomach. Hiroshi would land on his feet tumbling to the ground before regaining his composure panting lightly as he peers at the shinobi.

Since jinchi's plan didn't work, he puts his back up plan into action. The two birds from before fall to the ground and don't blow up since the haven't been actived. He hits the ground heavily and takes awhile to rise back to his feet, holding the shoulder he landed and smirking. He uses his left arm to pop the right back into place. "Ah, that was painful…I bet your wandering how I survived this." He wiggles his right index finger. "I'm not gonna tell you that." And gives a hair flip. Throughout the short speech he was building up chakra for his next move.

Hiroshi would sigh as he pants even more but soon begins to chuckle almost madly as if he hit his head, "Yes, I did wonder, but I bet you also didn't know one thing." He would say lightly chuckling even more now as he peers at Jinchi would his pale eyes, "Kumo's special ops team is on the way you stupid son of a b-" hiroshi would groan he is obviously tired falling to his left knee but keeping his right foot up, could he be planning something? The teen hyuuga has not taken much damage, perhaps he is just tired, or is he? The wide smirk would grow as he holds his head to the ground. Come on Kump, you guys are moving at a slow rate, but atleast you are withen my byakugans sight range. Now, as for this shinobi he is gathering a great deal of chakra, what is he planning to do, hmmmm. Hiroshi would think to himself.

"Alright, time for the real show to begin", He forms the serpent, boar, tiger seal. The two inactive birds on the ground, took off at hiroshi's back side in response; flying in a criss cross patern the suddenly taking to the sky. With that jinchi spins and threw a secretly made clay octopus at hiroshi. Right after, the clay birds go straight in for a nose dive; spining to increase the speed of the lethal attack. As this is done he dips his hand back into his clay pouch ,and as he thought to himself, he wonoders how far away the kumo ninja were. Then says aloud, "I have done my village proud ,and can't wait to show how weakness in the kumogakure ranks." His left hand flies from his bag and releases another clay bird into the sky. Unbeknown to hiroshi, this one was not meant for offensive purposes.

Meanwhile, we cut to Hoiishime, in all his hurry, had been running with all the monk he ever possessed, with a patrol who had been provided to assist him. A four man cell, led by Saito Hitarugi, a Jounin, as well as his team of assault nin, of the same rank. The Raikage had been generous this day, as the group had been anticipating of a high profile ninja. Hoiishime would have explained the situation on the way, as Hitarugi, a man well dressed, and sort of, well, pretty, with a main of long flowing hair, and dressed in an empty summer kimono only, would have come running, swords at his side, and speaking, "This… man….used clay bombs, made in shapes, Hoiishime-san?" "Yeah mon!! He be a tough one, spoutin out all manner of fire and hot words at da Chuunin-san from Konoha." "And..you are sure.. that they are not linked.. the two of dem." Hoiishime would think a moment, having no need to be suspicious, but still needing validation. "I be knowin him good, Hitarugi Taicho."
The words from Hoiishime would sway the normally cool, and stoic Hitarugi, into what had been a slow but sincere smile. "Yes…Monk-nee-chan. I understand. We should hurry. Men!! Assault speed… V patterned swoop. And somebody grab the genin!!" The team would utter a deep and pronuounce, "Yosh!!", as Hoiishime, small and light, would be grabbed by the largest of the Jounin, a Yotsuki Marta, who would say, "Hold on Little monk!!", before the men would seem to flicker with untold speed. Hiroshi would see a high speed approach.

Hiroshi was able to dodge the first assault by the clay octopus, but would not be so lucky as the first bird came in crashing down damaging Hiroshi from the impact alone, but the second one was not so lucky. "Meh, alright time to put an end to this. Just a little bit longer and back up will be here." He would say moving forward stumbling at first before something catches the attention of his byakugan. "Two bodies, weak chakra levels." Hiroshi would mutter before turning his attention to Jinchi, "I may have to use that jutsu." He would say pulling up the sleeve over his right arm which is completely wrapped in bandages. He would hold his right arm up unwrapping it slowly allowing the bandages to unraveling the bandages before they sway and fly off into the distance. "Hmmmm, maybe not." He would say charging forward taking the kunai from the ground throwing it at Jinchi before jumping forward to strike jinchi towards the upper half of his spine.

Jinchi uses the chakra built up from before to dodge the kunai, but wasn't able to raise his clay defense for the second strike. It hits with enough momenteum to send jinchi into the air ,and grant the bird he tossed up earlier to scoop him up and carry him off. He thought to himself 'this kid..I can't let him live. And the next time I see him I"m gonna finish him off.' During the trip he smirks, and makes a silent command for the bird to search…then stops in thought. "Now I forgot what I was gonna do…and about sable-yami….Ah well! He'll find me eventually"
As for the kumo nins, if they weren't carefull, they would fall for his clay mines layered around the area before hand.

Saito Hitarugi's team had been approaching fast, only to find that the peak, to which Hiroshi, and Jinchi had been battling for their lives, had been blocked well by strategically placed charges. The mountain range was made of solid igneous, which when super heated by the charges, cause it to melt solidly after cooling, making a wall that was hard to penetrate, even with more explosives. Hoiishime would say, "Hmmm… I be taking da way down, but I not be countin on da trouble on da way up!! Noo…", the monk's face hanging slightly. He would get a pat from Yotsuki Marta, whose shoulder he had been on, who would chuckle and say, "Awww.. this ain't nothing lil guy… check this out. Hey!! Momentai!!" One of the shorter jounin, in the person of Yamayuki Momotai, would turn back and say, "Its Momotai, ya big oaf,", and sweatdrop, before saying, "And no need to tell me this… I am on it."
Casually walking up to the wall, the sound expert of the crew, would make began knocking on the stone, checking the sound it made at certain points. "Hey… what him be doin?", would be asked by Hoiishime as he would then be told by Hitarugi, "Momotai…works well with sound." Soon the Yamayuki would let out a scream, which would blast the wall wide open, just intime for the nin to see the clay bird, and Jinchi-san be scooped away. Hoiishime, would run to Hiroshi, and began to summon his chakra, saying, "Looks like we made it too late. You be okay, Konoha san?", the monk beginning to work on Hiroshi right then.

Hiroshi would truly be at his limits cough several times before shaking his head in protest, "No, the." He would cough more attempting to protest, "Kumo shinobi, injured in the rock slide. Two or three bodies they have low chakra. And-And traces of this guys chakra is everywhere. Becareful. But you have to try and get to those other ninja before its to late." Hiroshi would say more worried about the life of the other shinobi rather than his own. The exhausted hyuugas clothes would be burned and torn his dirty bandages lay resting on a nearby boulder. Hiroshi can only watch as Jinchi makes his get away sighing lightly before saying to himself, "Some day."

Hearing chuuning, Saito Hitarugi would call out, "Yamata!!" to a woman with a large scroll that had been on the team. Hoiishime would know Yamata, and say, "Hehe… they are in good hands.. just watch." Yamata, a pretty blond, with ample parts, would knick her hand, and handseal, smashing the ground, and say, "Kuchiyose, no jutsu!!!!", smashing her hand into the ground, only for three child size Meerkats, to appear, and salute saying, "The Ubori Triplets are here!!!" Yamata, would say, "Hey guys!! Could ya do me a favor. Search and rescue, and draw off my healing chakra this time!!" The triplets would then nod, and say, "We love you Yamata!!!", before backflipping and beginning to dig. Yamata would then be seen, sitting in a lotus position and concentrating her chakra. Hoiishime, in the mean time, would say, "I be havin ya back, mon. Just rest a spell. We be bring ya to the Unkei soon. Den we be needing ya info on whats going on."

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