Tiny Prick of Poison


Akina, Keiji

Date: September 3, 2012


Akina meets her Team Leader for the first time.

"Tiny Prick of Poison"

Training Fields [Sunagakure]


This training area is an open field surrounded by large rock formations that help keep the harsh winds of the desert from just erasing it from existence. The field is actually divided into four major areas. The main area is used by all ninja of Sunagakure regardless of rank. There are many training posts, a few obstacle courses as well as a number of sparring circles for everyone to use.
The other three areas are set up to better cater to the needs of ninja of different ranks. They are all accessible by three paths that snake through some of the rock formations and lead to them. There's one set up for students, which is also used to test students intending to graduate as Genin. Another area has been primarily set up for Genin usage, even though some Chuunin can usually be seen there as well and finally there's an area set up for anyone of with the rank of Chuunin or higher.
All three of those specialized areas mimic the challenges found in the general training area, except the challenges found in them are customized for the appropriate ranks.


It is early morning in the village. The sun has not quite risen over the protective rocks that guard the village from the harsh desert sand storms. The temperature is down in the moderate range so most of the shinobi and villagers alike are out and about doing their thing for the day. There are quite a few people training in the training grounds. Very few are actual kids though. Most of them are still sleeping.
Keiji however stands in the center of the training fields by the dummies. He was waiting for the latest addition assigned to his team. The Chuunin wears his full shinobi attire and mask.
"Shibata Akina. Age 12. Potential with poisons. Above average Taijutsu. Average Ninjutsu. Near average Genjutsu." Keiji whispers allowed. He was going over the girls file once more in his head as he prepared to meet her. He had to know where and how to test her.

Even at this early time in the morning she's already awake, already searching through areas of the village that no one else would normally expect plant life to thrive. Akina knew better. The dark of her cloak blends with the early morning shadows as she pushes just a bit deeper among the brush to one side of the training grounds. The hood dips a bit lower as she absently licks at her bottom lip and gently bites at it, her fingertips touching at the green, leafy stems of a particular plant. For the moment she's engrossed with her fascination, completely unaware of her company just several yards away from where she kneels.

Keiji eyes the girl for a little while. It looked sort of like the photo, at least what he could see of her. Ok, so he was able to tell that she was female and the complexion of her skin, not much more. "Ehm.." he clears his throat before speaking. "Are you meeting someone here?" he asks loud enough she should be able to hear him. He then moves slightly closer towards her incase she does not respond.

A pair of doll black eyes blink up at the voice as it calls out to her, followed by a faint quirk of a thin brow while glancing over the mask, his clothes. They offer little details just who this person may be, besides male. "Maybe." Akina murmurs. "Not originally, but you are obviously here." The corner of her lips tugs with the slightest of smirks as she returns her attention to the plant she holds lightly between her fingers, taking care not to damage it while she determines the plant species. "Is there anything Akina can assist you with?"

There is a moment of confusion as Keiji ponders the concept. "Akina. Shibata Akina is suppose to meet me here. She has been assigned to Team 2. The team I lead." He finally states. He is unsure if this was some kind of joke on him or if the girl was for real. Finally he adds, "Do you know where I may find her?" He then clicks his pincered claws over his fingers together. The boy's near black eyes scan over the girl for any sign that she might be messing with him.

Akina quietly turns over the leaf in her fingers for a thoughtful moment while she listens. "Oh? Akina was unaware she was supposed to meet you here. It is a good thing that she showed up when she did then, hm. It must be fate that we met." Tugging at the plant leaf, she carefully breaks it near the base before pushing herself smoothly to her feet, giving her found treasure one last look with the intention of tucking it away in her knapsack. The light click of the metal pincers pauses her movements and Akina glances up once more at the masked boy, focusing on his weapons of choice for a longer moment still. "Apologizes." Looking up at his mask she smiles lightly, though the expression is strange, off. "Akina speaks like this all the time so she is used to it. She apologizes for the confusion." Even the apology has an odd feel to it.

Yep… someone gave Keiji the local crazy. At least thats his impression. If only Akina could see the face beneath the mask. The girl was something else. "Ok… My name is Keiji. I am loosely affiliated with the Shippodoku clan." More like a borderline exile that has not visited home in several years. That she did not need to know though. "I am your near team captain. From now on you report to me." His eyes watch hers hoping that she seems to be picking up on all of this.

Her dark eyes watch him quietly as she frowns, curious with his choice of wording. Loosely. There were so few of their clan left, but he was still in the village, still a shinobi. Why would he still be here if he was only 'loosely' associated with the Shippodoku clan? Akina watches him a longer moment still, eventually the corner of her lips tugging lightly. "My sincerest apologizes." she murmurs, "Akina should have remembered she was supposed to meet you here." The hood lowers an inch with a dip of her chin in a respectful bow, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Shippodoku-sama."

There is a quick nod of the head from Keiji as greetings are exchanged. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well. Now let us go over some information before we continue. Team two has two other members. Asao is a puppet maker. He is almost mechanical in how he thinks and acts. His rank is that of Chuunin. He is in charge of the team when I am not around or on other missions."
"Next is Sasaki Kazeodori. He is a Genin that excels in Wind type jutsu. Often times he can be a little immature, but he has the heart of a lion. These are people I would like you to interact with and learn to work with. Please be respectful of them and they should be respectful of you. I am here to train you and ensure your survival. The best way for this to happen is for everyone to work as a team. With me so far?" the boy asks.

Listening silently, a small frown tugs at her brow as Akina watches this eyes through his mask. "If Akina may ask, besides the obvious need for a backup team leader, why does the team consist of two Genin and a Chuunin? That seems a little strange being on several different levels of experience. Also, if Akina's survival depends on teamwork as a whole should they not be here also? Or is this because Akina was just recently made a Genin?" Certainly has allot of questions, doesn't she.

There is a brief shrug of the shoulders as Keiji moves to answer the questions. "Asao was recently appointed to Chuunin. Due to the lack of shinobi, teams do not always consist of three Genin and one Chuunin." He then moves onto the next question. "This is a form of orientation. I want to speak with you and test your abilities without the others around. You will meet them soon enough. Ok?"

Her expression sours when he mentions testing her abilities. "Akina kinda wanted to return to her room quickly to prepare this plant before it becomes useless to me. But, oh well…" she murmurs, giving her knapsack a brief wistful look. Her soft lips part with a light breath and she shrugs her slender shoulders to herself, smoothly slipping the strap of her bag over her head and then reaching to the clasp of her cloak. "Akina supposes we could start then if we have to." The folds part to reveal the dark color of her kimono beneath, her dark raven locks falling gently over her shoulders and along the curve of her back. Folding the cloak over her arm, the girl tosses it on top of her bag on the ground and lifts her eyes up at Keiji once more, waiting.

Keiji was already grimacing beneath the mask at the mention of the name so many times. "Akina is driving Keiji nuts with the reference of Akina in every sentence. Just so that Akina knows." While he was not trying to be an ass, he wanted her to know kind of what it sounded like and that it did wear a bit on his nerves. He then takes a few steps backwards and looks at Akina. "Come, attack me. If you can land an attack on me we will stop and you may return to take care of the plant. Deal?"

The faintest hint of a smirk tugs at her lips, the first real smile she's had since meeting him. Just the fact that it annoyed him so much was amusing. "You know telling me that only encourages it all the more, right?" Even as he takes a step back the first morning light glistens off of the individual senbon held between her fingers in each hand. "As you wish." With one motion both arms cross upwards in front of her as she dips her chin, dark eyes narrowing from behind her sleeves as the next moment she suddenly throws the scatter of needles.

Now she starts using the normal language. She was no longer in the looney category. Now she had been promoted to the evil category. "So you thrive on the pain of others hrmm?" he states in reference to her comment about encouragement. He then plants his legs and twists his torso away from the scatter of poison senbon. "I work with Taijutsu. I do a very little Ninjutsu. You will have to do better than that though. Try again."

"Not particularly, but I am finding yours a bit amusing." Maybe it was the fact that he obviously was a warrior Shippodoku, but now isn't the time to think on that. He wanted to see her moves. "And testing the waters hardly counts as a try." Akina pushes off in a hard dash straight towards him, spinning herself to aim a kick at his arm while she also reaches for more poisoned senbons. Just one needs to get through. Regardless if she gets a kick in all she needs is one prick of a needle.

Keiji takes a step back and moves his pincered finger to the back of her leg to keep her spinning. Then as she moves to toss the senbon, his pincered hand comes back knocking them from her hand. "Very good. Most Genin straight out of the academy do not have the knowledge to test an opponent. They usually rush in. However, since you understand more than most, I should move on to the next part of the test. The part where I attack back…"

"Well just assuming that you are more skilled and powerful than I am is not enough, even if it is more than assured that you are. But I suppose that is one difference between me and the others. The next being is that even though I realize I am outmatched, I still push you to the limit. Though, I doubt I will ever be outclassed." Akina smirks to herself, twisting hard into a spin to kick at Keiji's head this time, the senbon in her hand aimed to stab at his other shoulder in the process.

Keiji stepped backwards away from the spin kick, although he felt the prick of the senbon get him. "Not bad. However you are no where near strong enough to see my limit. There are not many who have seen that side of me. But alas, a promise is a promise. If you wish, you may go care for your plant." He then watches her to see how she will respond.

"Never claimed to be." Akina murmurs, her feet bracing themselves on the soft ground in case he went back on his word. Her dark eyes narrow on him just slightly, watching him for a moment longer before she tentatively straightens the curve of her back. Firming her jaw subtly the young girl pulls her gaze away from Keiji, hiding something reflecting inside her dark eyes perhaps. It was brief, but the exchange… it distracted her. For once the thought of her father wasn't lingering in the back of her mind. Even so, to change her mind now would be suspicious. "I should get you the antidote." Akina murmurs as she turns, her back towards him as she returns to her pack long enough to start digging through it.

"Very interesting Akina." Keiji states as he watches her movements. "Why do you put on a show?" he asks. He then glanced upwards over his shoulder. The sun was starting to rise. Soon the training fields would turn into a frying pan. "Also, we might want to find a better place for conversation."

Palming something, the cloak is pulled over her shoulders as she slips the strap of her back over one arm. Turning around she approaches him and lifts a hand, waiting for him to reach out to take the vial from her palm. "Just drink this." Lifting her dark eyes up at his mask. "It is a strategic move. Keeps the opponent distracted and concentrated on the dialog. Or, I could be lying." An unfelt smile tugs at her lips just slightly. "Fine. Name a place."

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