Tipsy Turvy, Window Breaky


Kiyoshi, Naoya, Yuriko

Date: March 13, 2015


One drink too many winds Kiyoshi in hot water. Before the Kirryu and his band of Kaguya revelers can truly get too out of hand, Yuriko and a relunctant Naoya put an end to the groups "fun times".

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Tipsy Turvy, Window Breaky"

Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]


This area smells very strongly of blood and views of ivory, each building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. At the far west end of the village there is one house that is double the size of any other which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small resturants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other buildings, though the merchandise is not necessarily such.


None of them believe the Moto. Many did not even wish for him to remain at the Bar for a variety of reasons. It took a few hours, a little prodding, a few bets, a bit of hackling, and a great, great, GREAT deal of alcohol, but eventually most of the Kaguya that practically called the bar their second home were convinced that having the Moto around wasn't such a bad idea. The tender certainly thought so from the amount of money that ended up in the register before the Kiyoshi and his new 'friends' became wound up by the idea of taking their party on the road.
Neither the light rain or cool mist had any chances of dampening their mood. Tonight the Kaguya village was theres. And soon enough, the rest of the village! Howling, laughter, and perhaps a 'wee' bit of destruction followed them wherever they went. Being comrades in arms, no man or woman was left behind, but instead tossed on the shoulders of their compatriots and carried onwards into the night.

"Oi, oi, oi… hold on guys.. I need'a… I need to do somethin'…" Kiyoshi is already drifting over to the side of a building by the time his comrades slow to see what was so important. Without warning or a care in the world, metal and leather are jostled about until the horned giant's pants are loose enough. Then, came the sound of spilling liquids. They all shared knowing looks at first until one of the less addled took greater notice of the area. "Hey… Isn't that your house, Keiko?" One of the stockier man asked. "Huh…" She squints at the house. "… No, my house has this… this tower.. behind it." She replies. "You mean like that over there…?"

After the briefing for the upcoming mission, Yuriko makes her way through the Kaguya district with the intention of following the road home through the light drizzle. Considering the weather and the hour, there's an unusual amount of Kaguya about, laughter roaring even. The slight kunoichi arches a pale brow as she walks, suspecting that the adults were intoxicated. Actually, it's very likely. Hardly uncommon at all.
Her keen eyes see the mossy-haired giant with some ease, and luckily for him it's at such an angle that Yuriko doesn't… see anything. Again she lifts a brow, watching for a pause before realizing just where he was relieving himself. Not good at all if Enbu happened to catch him in the act. Or, well, whoever the house really belonged to!

Walking along side the young Kaguya was a boy older than her though he wasn't a Kaguya, not did he dress the part. With the poor weather, Naoya's brood was less than keen with making itself known needlessly as and such stayed still under his skin and his layers of clothing. The gathering of older Kaguya is glances upon though nothing seems to be thought of it, the visage of the Moto was also over looked without the brood's assistance to help him focus. 'Noisy even here.. Is this why you're often with me than with your own elder cousins?' was asked to Yuriko softly, making it a point to not speak loudly.
Raising a hand slightly, the young teen extends and arm to tap against her shoulder before pointing forward towards a foresting path. 'They won't be going towards you or your mother's home and causing trouble, would they?' Glancing to the side, Naoya's amber eyes look to the side at her's though following her line of sight, he looks off towards the side of a spire, to notice a large man next to it. '..I didn't know Kaguya could have green hair.' It didn't seem to occur to the young Okumo that it might be Kiyoshi let alone what he was doing to deface the spire of a clan head.

The fury that was virtually beginning to burn away the drunken haze began to fill the air. Inevtiably, it would reach the point of being almost palapable. Those closest to one of the few conscious kunoichi amongst their rank made no effort to calm her down or warn the oblivious Kirryu. In fact, after putting a bit of distance between themselves and the two, bets were placed on what would happen next. The man who spoke before realized his mistake in hindsight, but greed and blood lust kept him from caring enough to correct it. Things would be worked out as they needed to be.

Meanwhile, Kiyoshi kept on relieving himself, sighing in bliss and wagging his furry tail low to the ground as the unending stream left him. As soon as that initial relief leaves his system, Kiyoshi began whistling a quiet tune and shifting his hips about in an effort to make some kind of design. His movements threaten to de-pants him completely, though fortunately the tail helped hold them up. Mostly. He wasn't even remotely aware of Yuriko's presence, or even that Naoya for that matter. Nor — as it would soon become apparent — did he care whose thing things belonged to. "With this stream, I do declare this territory to be the property of Y.O.S.H.I and com-pa-ny."
The subtle though no less distinct sound of flesh being torn apart by bones seeking to surface follows Keiko's movement towards Kiyoshi's backside…

"Sometimes." Yuriko murmurs lightly as she gives the Okumo boy beside her a sideways glance. "But not all the time. And no. Unless they want to start a fight I doubt they'll head that way." Her rich aquamarine eyes turn forward again, a small sigh escaping, "No, not naturally green. Not that it is a Kaguya…"
Feeling the tension rising in the air, Yuriko narrows her eyes, shoulders tensing subtly as she continues to watch. The way things were escalating wasn't good. Drunk Kaguya stirs the need for blood, to howl at the moon sort to speak. And placing bets… She scowls to herself and pushes forward through those that had gathered, and soon Yuriko places herself between Kiyoshi and Keiko, muttering something about 'marking territory'.
Staring down the older female in challenge, her upper lip curls with a low growl, "Back off. If you feel like dying tonight, I'll be more than happy to give it to you."

'Then why don't we just leave them to themselves then, no need to get in any trouble when the exams are close and our ship setting out even closer' was still said softly, taking a step forward and nudging Yuriko in the process to leave the group be. It wasn't until the young Kaguya tenses does Naoya stop and focus onto her more completely until she moved away and closer to the group. When one of them moves so does the other..
When Yuriko steps in front of Keiko, Naoya stands by her side with his right hand already poised behind himself, his fingers wrapped around the hilt of an ivory blade. "Yu-chan.. breaking up every group of drunks is going to make us late you know. If we're injured before the mission as well.. I doubt the Mizukage would be pleased with anyone of us.. don't you?" Grumbling softly to himself, the young Okumo quiets down, his own stance shifting slightly, it was clear he wasn't going to be fleeing, but was preparing to press forward.

The men folk aren't entirely keen on being brushed aside, though the delayed caused by trying to figure out exactly 'what' pushed them in the first place gives Yuriko plenty of time to get ahead of them. Even after figuring out the 'what', or better yet 'who', none of them make a move to stop her, let alone bark out something unpleasant. A few began or were sober enough to recognize Yuriko, and were either rethinking remaining around or considering starting a new line of betting.
Keiko did not belong to clear-minded group. When challenged by the younger female, she responded in kind by tightening her grip on the recently formed bone blade, bearing teeth, and intense glaring. "Go back to your mother's portal, lil' pup. This don't concern you." Keiko meant to maintain the stance as well, but seeing Naoya take Yuriko's side only seems to rile her up a bit more.

After a good number of shakes, everything is pulled back into its proper position. Kiyoshi takes a step back or so to admire his work, and following a lengthy moment he nods in appreciation before turning about to rejoin the others. What is seen by the bleary-eyed horned one is something that leaves blinking owlishly. "What in the-…!!! Yuriko-chan~ And.. if it ain't Nami-chan too!" Kiyoshi grins. Seems his ability to recongize people isn't entirely impaired… unlike his ability to read the atmopshere. Or for that matter, restraint when it came to approach folk obviously in a tense situation from behind, and try to hug them around the neck, burying them under what can only be described as a stench fit for a brewery that for some reason doubled as sweets shop as well.

"Yeah well… the idiot doesn't know what he's doing." Yuriko mutters lightly to Naoya, keeping her attention focused on both Keiko and the group behind her. A slight smirk tugs at the corner of her mouth, "Besides, I don't think these small fries could do anything serious." Despite Keiko's insults, it only makes her dark smile grow. "Except this pup has allot more bite than bark. The real questions is: do you really think you want to test my skill. Is it even worth it."
The ivory Epigaea dagger appears her hand as if out of nowhere, and almost idly Yuriko takes a step in one direction, smoothly avoiding Kiyoshi without even a glance back at him. While Keiko holds her ground, the younger girl threatens to invader her space as she moves forward, picking up speed.

"Bothersome.." was said with a low tone. Amber eyes watch Yuriko for a time before shifting to the focus of the drunken woman in front of taunting Yuriko. "Yu-chan.. I thought all your elders were supposed to be much greater than you. You're telling me these ones smell weak?" Naoya arches a brow, questioningly evaluating the group before them and in turn drew a curved epigaea dagger at first with a reverse grip before reversing it.
Kiyoshi's movements while fast didn't catch the young Okumo off guard and he moves almost as quickly as the giant, just missing him by centimeters. With Kiyoshi now lower and in front of him from the failed grab, he stretches out a hand to grasp the back of the Moto's shirt to keep him from moving closer to the other group. "Yu-chan.. what's a Nami-chan?"

Kiyoshi isn't exactly the most coordinated at the moment, so being evaded naturally leads to his eating dirt during the following few seconds after his attempt at comforting others. That is, assuming Naoya can maintain holding up his weight, because the Kirryu is by far, not in any mindset to hold himself up personally. Among the seven conscious and gambling Kaguya remaining, only one would be ending the night a very rich man so far given the exchange of money and tokens after the incident.
Keiko doesn't allow her attention to drift for a second time. Her eyes caught the movement of the blade, but it is Yuriko's bright orbs that held her gaze. If she were not angry before, Yuriko's continued defiance ensures her blood continues to blood. With an increase in rage however, clarity grew to the point Yuriko could not be so easily dismissed. The gauntlet was already thrown however, limiting her either meeting the challenge and possibly be sought after for retribution should she survive and win, or humiliation by surrender.
With an angry snort, the bones connecting to Keiko's body retreat back beneath the surface. "No. Not tonight." She grudgingly states, hands lowered just enough to remain at the ready should Yuriko press the point. Presumably if that is enough to keep the Kaguya 'princess' from pressing further, Keiko looks to the others. With just a short meeting of the eyes, even the most drunken knew it was time to move on. While they started ahead, Keiko would turn to Yuriko and the others one last time and open her mouth to say something, but words failed her. She too followed the others, slipping free a jug from her side and down most of its contents as she went casually after the others.

Yuriko arches a pale brow as she gives Naoya a skeptical glance out of the corner of her eye. "You think I'm that weak? Tsiro-san and my mother are the few that are actually stronger than me. These weaklings aren't even on my level." Her bright eyes flick forward at Keiko again, gaze darkening as if daring her to do something. Inebriated or not, the older woman has the sense to back down, eventually. Yuriko curls her lip with a low snarl. "That's right. Move it. And you!" she points at the man taking all the bets. "I'm getting my money from you later! Every. Last. Coin."
It's only when the drunken group is finally out of sight that her shoulders relax slightly, a drawn out sigh escaping as she turns back to Kiyoshi and Naoya with a slight smirk. "Have to show them who's boss or they won't respect you." Nearing the pair, Yuriko reaches out to lightly flick the mossy-haired giant in the forehead. "Just how much have you had to drink tonight Kiyoshi? Really? And what's with that nickname you gave Naoya? 'Chan'?" She couldn't help the slight smirk.

While it was simple in concept to help the falling and drunken regain balance but it was only noticed well later that the large man didn't even try to brace himself. Given his limited strength, the shirt he grasped onto drags his stand lower before he lets loose, leaving Kiyoshi to fall face first into the muddy earth that was hopefully just water and mud and not already mixed with his own drunken runoff. Curling his lips, he just stares down at the man and shakes his head, 'Women.. drinking.. gambling, three vices a shinobi should avoid.. and he's wrapped in all three at once. Meh..'
With the Moto down for the count, Naoya turns to Yuriko to say "Not that you're weak, I expected them to be strong is all. The only ones I've seen in combat are Yuuka-san, Tsiro-san and Enbu-san.. I guess I was thinking too highly of them?" Turning to the man that Yuriko pointed to, he just blinks slowly, not sure what they were betting but also.. he didn't seem to care until.. "Wait.. /I'm/ 'Nami-chan'?!" This is almost enough to cause Naoya to slip as he turn to look at the drunk.. seeming like he was going to move to stab the drunk personally.

Although none turn back to see if Yuriko truly meant to keep her word, the damage was done. Their merriment would be reduced to perhaps another half hour attempt at trying to rekindle their original flame, only to ultimately call it a night sooner than expected. Keiko made a point in especially tuning out the words of the Kaguya. It just wasn't worth it tonight.

Though Naoya slowed his descent, Kiyoshi still hits the ground hard. For the first few moments, the Moto does little more than incidently form muddy bubbles beside his face from breathing, tail swaying lazily in the air until it finally went down like its master. Kiyoshi could hold his breathe for extreme periods of time. Without having prepared himself however, he is soon forced to pull his head out of the muck, gasping for air before shaking his head rapidly, spraying mud everywhere. The only thing to hasten this moment's occurance turns out to be the forehead flick from Yuriko. Though in such case, she would definitely have to do some dodging in order to escape being sprayed with mud.
"Vwei..vewi… *coughs*.. Mm… not bad as swamp water stew." Kiyoshi murmurs as he repositioned himself so that he set on his bottom. He soon turns to regard the others with a mind more alert thanks to the rude wake-up call. "MmmmMmm…. Oma… Mm? Yuri-chan?… Nami-chan?" A soft chuckle escapes his lips for reasons that could only be presumed. "Why yaw here'mmmm-messing with me?… Wai.. no… yaw… oh.. sorry, did'n mean to interrupt ya date'n.. stuff."

Yuriko doesn't bother to avoid the spray of mud, brow arching as Kiyoshi shifts and plops himself on his backside. "You decided to mark your territory in the middle of Kaguya district. Namely the clan leader's manor." she explains, somewhat flatly. "I think your drinking buddies took offense. One of them was going to try to take you down while you were vulnerable. Beta females." Yuriko scoffs softly. "And we weren't on a date. We were going to do some preparations on a mission."
Taking Kiyoshi's arm, she lifts the giant to his feet with incredible ease. An echo of a time before. "Alright so, you need to sleep this off. I don't know where you live, so don't have much other choice than to take you to my house." Yuriko lifts a pale brow as she glances up at Naoya curiously. "What do you think?"

Being called 'Nami-chan' again sours Naoya's mood further. Raising his left hand, he whips it downward freeing it from water. The arm rapidly begins to be coated in ivory white, though in this case it was wrapped in silk. "What I think? I think we should drop him in the cold springs until he sobers up." A snarl was on his lips as he makes his way over to Kiyoshi, blade still in hand. Extending his hand he moves to grasp the man by the collar before shaking him some what quickly. "Hey! Stand up, we need to get you walking." Turning to look at Yuriko, he uses his head to nod towards the village and out of the district. "Why don't we make sure he doesn't drown."

Kiyoshi maybe catches half of what is said, and only understands even less than that based on the dumb-founded look on his face. Despite the series of gaps in everything taken in, the Kirryu doesn't struggle against Yuriko when she decides ot help him up. In fact, he gets a little clinging once his feet are mostly under him. Then, Naoya had to go and grab him shirt and start shaking him like a mad man. "Whoa, whoa~… Now, now, Nami-chan.. We talked about this. Horseplay is for the bedroom." This he added with a seductive growl and an attempt at patting Naoya on the cheek with a muddy hand.

Yuriko blinks her bright eyes at Kiyoshi and Naoya with stunned surprised, not sure exactly what's happening. Or many Kiyoshi hitting on the Okumo boy is too much to absorb. "I guess… he doesn't know how versatile horseplay is…" she mumbles lightly. "I've never seen him like this." The suggestion to take him to the cold springs and dump him in the water to sober the giant up earns a reluctant sigh. "He's covered in mud too. Maybe the bath would be better."

There were lines that kept Naoya in control rather than openly violent, especially against a almost defenseless target, those were forgotten. Kiyoshi's words were met with a flat glare though the pat on his cheek causes the boy's form to flicker. The hand that had once grasped the drunken Moto slips away only to appear again centimeters from the back of the man's jaw. From the force put behind it, it was clear it wasn't a warning or a threat, the young Okumo planned to strike him firmly.

He didn't so much as thought, but reacted to direct attack instinctively. Jaw bone and skin shift into a state more solid, and much more capable of withstanding the blow. Kiyoshi still turned from the force, and wound up relying more heavily on Yuriko keeping him up than his own power. Presumeably if he isn't dropped at some point during or following the exchange, the Kirryu rubs at his jaw absently for a few quiet moments, then gradually reorients himself so that he stood at his full, normally intimidating height. Lingering traces of the drunken stupor remained in that gaze leveled upon the Okumo. The rest of him however bespoke of one dancing on the verge of lashing back out or falling asleep. "Mmm—Nami-chan, Nami-chan, so assertive you are.. Since your in that kind of a mood…" As he spoke, a hand was reached out. Naoya is given no more warning then a brighter tone lighting up the Kirryu's features before his intentions were clear. Kiyoshi intended to launch the gen through the window of the narrowest house possible with a sloppy grin on his face.

Yuriko blinks her bright eyes as Naoya blurs with sudden strike to the jaw. Not a warning, but an attack with unyielding purpose. Kiyoshi takes it and the momentum moves through her, causing the girl to stagger briefly. When the giant rises to his full height the weight falls away from her, bright eyes blinking up at him in confusion. The Kaguya girl gauges his words and in a split second, she blurs and appears right in front of Naoya with the intention of blocking the fling. Instead she's the one that's grappled and thrown through the air, crashing through the window of one of the closest houses.

One moment Naoya has stuck something solid, something much different than a human jaw before taking a step back, grumbling slightly. The next moment he watches as Kiyoshi moves faster than first imagined and grasps at him only for Yuriko to get in the way and watch her not only get picked up but hurled into a nearby house. The giant is only given a half a mind before he flickers away from him and up along to the building before moving into it, quickly checking onto the Kaguya. "Yuriko? Just where are you in this mess?" Shifting the blade behind him, sheathing it while he works to help her pull herself up to her feet. 'I'll have to deal with him after all..' was mumbled softly.


Truly, the horned-giant had no words for what just happened. His mind was still trying to process why Naoya seemed to be standing at all when the window clearly had broken apart from something hit it. Confusion leads him to standing there examining his hand and looking around in an effort to puzzle things out. To say he was next to useless would be an understatement. "Hey Yuri-chan, I think I-…. Yuri-chan? Where.. where Yuri-chan go?" He asks of, well, noone, seeing as how the other two were in the house and probably woke up its occupants with all there racket. <.<

Thankfully the house that she's been thrown into is a vacant one, but still, it's a long moment until Naoya shakes at her shoulder, pulling the petite girl from her daze. She winces slightly as she leans up, cradling the side of her head while she tries her hardest to focus. "That… was unexpected…" Yuriko mumbles. "I think that's the first time I've been thrown…"

"Leave him.. Right now he can't even tell that I'm male.. He's not even a loyal mate, why dirty your hands with him?" Shifting to Yuriko's side, the young teen slips an arm around her waist when she winces. Naoya narrows his eyes onto her, the hand on her side sends a pulse through the girl checking her condition to make sure it was just a headache before walking with her to the entry way. "Lets go, okay Yu-chan?" Unless she would resist, he would try to hop with both of them from the broken window and onto the side of a different spire to have a better vantage point.

Mud and grass are unevenly distrubted throughout the places Kiyoshi's fingers passed through his hair. He cared not for a second how much more wild it made him appear, the puzzle had to be solved at any cost. In time some of his earlier intoxicationg starts to burn away as an indirect result of having channeled some of his Bijuu's chakra no less. The sense of empowerement however leaves the Kirryu long before the man's mind is right again. Instinctively, Kiyoshi turns to his sense of smell for comfort, and in due time began following the muted trial left by his pack. Yuriko's and "Nami's" scents were fresher to him, but given how close they were intermingled, Kiyoshi wanted no part in whatever it was they were up to. That wasn't his world any more…
The thought alone almost sobers him up.

As Yuriko struggles to shake off the throw, she's helped to her feet. The hand at her side detecting only that the sudden throw made her dizzy. "I'm not… dirtying my hands." she managed to mumble. "No matter how old he is, he's still my friend. I can't just leave him down there like that." Though Naoya tries to carry her off to a different rooftop, Yuriko reaches up to take the Okumo's hand, giving it a squeeze.

'Tsk..' Closing his eyes, Naoya shakes his head before standing where he was but he doesn't try to move her further. "Then we'll watch.. for now." Moving his free hand to the side of his head, the young Okumo began to scratch roughly before opening his hand and shows it to Yuriko. "If you didn't notice, he was aiming at me, not you. Right now not sure what's going on in that head of his beyond ale. We could use toxin.. pain is normally useful for purging genjutsu, focusing the mind, and waking up drunks to focus again."

What Kiyoshi considered a decent pace, others might call casual meandering. And why should he be in a rush? The night was till young, the air fresh, and he was free to do as he pleased for the most part. He was free… to be alone. Having to deal with another sobering thought is too much for him. Using what little restraint the alcohol had left him, Kiyoshi turned his anger upon passing posts made of bone. As strong as the material was Kiyoshi's now talon like digits proved stronger. He is at best slowed down further as he dug out deep gouges into them. What few that were thin fall in the wake of the giant, bringing back some sense of peace for him.
"Strings.. strings.. they tangle me.. leaving me all hollow~" He had begun to sing, blissfully ignorant to how off keey he was and the odd looks what few kaguya pass by gave him. Those with more senstive noses either wrinkled them in disgust or smirked at the downtrodden man. Kiyoshi paid their reactions no mind. He needed to… to find his friends again.

Yuriko gives Naoya a small, thankful smile, even if he might not understand the depths of her loyalty to her friends. "I know he was. And I did try to block it, but…" her faint smile becomes sheepish and she shrugs. "If I need to, I'll wrap him up in a cacoon of bone and float him to the manor. If he still puts up a fight, we'll figure out something else." Once more his hand is squeezed, and his fingers are released.
Taking an easy jump Yuriko falls from the window and lands on the cobblestone road, already turning to head in the direction of the pounding, mixed with off-key singing. "Alright. We need to get you out of this weather, somewhere you can sober up and apologize at great lengths." she was teasing, but knowing Kiyoshi he'll do that anyways.

Where Yuriko went, Naoya was sure to follow unless he was in too poor of health. Landing beside the young Kaguya on the roadway, he says, "The brood refuses to aid him, they do not refuse to wake him from the stupor though." Moving a hand down and relax, yuriko might be able to see notice a shuriken slowly fall into his hand coated in silk though the blades held a fluid on them. "While this is supposed to be used with the blade you forged for me.. This will be more fitting."
Turning towards where Kiyoshi's thudding originated from. Raising his hand, he turns to Yuriko before nodding to the man. "I'll get his attention, it'll be easy, you snare him while he acts like a fool and spends most of his energy trying to toss me around. That way he'll be too tired to fight, right?" Rolling his shoulders slightly, another set of blades also coated slip low and into his off hand, preparing to strike once she signaled. "On your mark Yu-chan."

The giant had taken to digging out pieces of bone fragments from his teeth by the time Yuriko catches up to him. Unless she stood before him however, Kiyoshi would pay her as much mind as he did the few people still wandering the village. Her scent, her voice — it meant nothing to him. She wasn't his… problem, anymore. That honor belonged to Naoya now, so…
"I've got no strings… to hold me down… to make me fret… Mmph… 'cept one." He chuckles mirthlessly, and kept on moving as he pleased. Never once really glancing down except whenever his foot might've missed a step. Which is often, much to his chagrin should he be allowed to keep pressing on. Even with the trail having long since grown cold, moving forward was all he could think to do. Even if that meant trying to pass through a Yuriko 'illusion' to do it….

Yuriko holds her ground as keeps her gaze steadily on Kiyoshi. "It doesn't look like he will put up much of a fight… but if he does, we'll go with that plan." she murmurs lightly to Naoya. Three… two… "Sorry about this Kiyoshi." As he tries to pass, both of her hands are placed on him, planting bone seedlings on his chest. Each quickly 'blooms' into several thick, ivory vines that soon become a tangled mess, completely entrapping the mossy-haired giant.

A light grumble escapes him but then Naoya nods his head towards Yuriko. The blades are held firmly in his hands but the blades in his left hand cut into the Okumo's palm, drawing blood but also several spiders which begin to add something to the blood, using it as a medium for another toxin. "We'll do it your way.. I don't have anything to keep something like him caged for more than a second or two.."

Something had changed, but the Kirryu didn't wish to listen to his instincts again. They were always so all over the place. Convient in some instance, and just the opposite in others. It isn't until the vines began to trip his pain receptors in full that the Kirryu decided to truly put forth the effort dealing with the issue. By then it is too late. Kiyoshi hops around for however long it takes for those vines to truly lock his legs in place, leading to his eventual fall face down in the muck again if not saved… again, blowing bubbles. To those of exceptional hearing or very observant, the drunken Kirryu was back in the angry stages of his condition.
Yuriko has reconnected.

Legs, arms pinned, the ivory vines grow quickly under Yuriko's influence, ensnaring the giant in such a way that if Kiyoshi struggled it would only tighten further, using his effort against him. And they were wide enough that they wouldn't cause any pain or serious damage, though as began to fall on his face… the bone keeps up aloft at an angle, defying gravity. "Kiyoshi… I know that you were angry when we were friends… but I don't remember you ever being this angry…" Yuriko murmurs the words softly, feeling unjustified guilt with her gaze lowered.
After a moment of this the slight girl gently shakes her snowy head to herself, and without a word the casing he's trapped within lifts itself a feet above the ground. "Come on Naoya. Let's get him back so we can sober him up. I think we'll decide later whether or not to tell Kiji-san." Yuriko shrugs. As she begins walking the cocoon floats beside her, steadily making their way down the street to take the familiar western road. (re)

Blinking a few times lightly, Naoya doesn't speak as he watches as the bone webs snare and wrap around the Moto, forming his body to twist around until he was fully entrapped. Tilting his head to the side, he could only hum softly to himself for a moment as the man was floating, not heavy on the ground which causes amber eyes to focus onto Yuriko. "Yu-chan I don't think this is him 'angry', he was enjoying himself too much.. they said they saw his expression, it wasn't wrath.
Closing his eyes, he shakes his head lightly before wrapping an arm around Yuriko's shoulders, drawing her to his side briefly before following her lead and walking closer to the encased Moto and then down the street. "This.. this is a technique that you've never showed me before. I knew of the prison you showed before in the forest and again on Tsiro-san but.. never more passive like this. Why do you act like you tried to kill him, even though you are being this gentle after he hurt you?"

His eyes had been closed in anticipation of an impact. Seconds passed… then he dares crack open an eye. Its partner soon joins it once it becomes clear he is being suspended somehow. His addled mind had no way of processing the reason why this was the case. However, the fact he remained unable to move even then ensured the swift rekindling of his anger. Just as he opens his mouth with the full intention of trying to bite through the nearest vine, Yuriko begins to speak. His jaw stayed open, though from either curiosity or some other emotion is hard to say. The Moto's position aside, he felt a number of things from so simple a sentence.
Not a sound slips past before his lips are closed again. The giant had every intention of remaining silent at that point, his mood again having shifted to an extreme. 'Kiji…' He closes his eyes. "Don't lie for me." He utters softly before sealing his lips again. The only way they would open now is by force, need, or the passing of time.

Naoya might think that Kiyoshi wasn't angry, but the petite girl wasn't so sure. Continually giving the floating body beside her glances as if to keep checking on what state he is in. It's a long moment or so before Yuriko exhales a breath, the cobblestone turning into a worn earth path that steadily turns northwards. Naoya's next comment on the technique earns a curious glance, especially when he mentions seeing it before. "Well, just because it can be used to attack doesn't mean that's all it's good for." The very essence of Kaguya, in a nutshell.
Yuriko shrugs her shoulders to herself as she turns her gaze forward. "I'm not acting like that… But sometimes Kiyoshi doesn't want my help, even though he needs it. He's stubborn like that. And I hate forcing him…" she falls quiet again as the Moto finally speaks, giving him a small and thoughtful glance. "I wasn't going to lie. But if you didn't want me to mention it either, I wasn't going to bring it up to her. That's your choice."

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