To Catch A Kumo Nin Part 2


Hiei (emitter), Hiroyasu, Misaki, Yuko, Kin, Roga, Nariko

Date: September 28, 2013


In part 2, the team finally catch up with the notorious Sayamoto Kazuma, and Misaki gets to confront her traitorous uncle.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"To Catch A Kumo Nin Part 2"

Fuuma Alley

Fuuma Alley. It is a desolate place, full of cutthroats, thieves, and mercenaries. The team from Kumogakure has been tasked with retrieving a missing nin by the name of Sayamoto Kazuma. Thanks to their detective and investigative skills, they have come into contact with an information broker by the name of Bastion, who is the owner of a hole-in-the-wall establishment called The Rusty Kunai. With some persuasion, Bastion has informed the group that Kazuma and his mercenary group are almost impossible to approach at their hideout. However, the group has also learned that Kazuma would be returning from a job the next morning and, as was his habit after a job, he would be visiting a club known as Xtreme Fantasy. Having the information they needed, the group journeyed back to the outskirts of the town to rest and relax to both await the morning, and to strategize about their upcoming encounter with the skilled mercenary. As twilight descends upon the area, the group is preparing to bed down for the evening.

Misaki sighs and has her head rested on Hiro's shoulder: "Hiro, I miss Hiei.." She murmurs. Looking at Hiro with a lost face. "Why is a family member of mine active here?" She bites her lower lip and looks around a bit, sighing like someone who really needs a hug!

Hiroyasu nods "I know, but he was already on an assignment." before giving her a light hug around of the shoulder, "I didn't know you had any living family, Miso." he says before clearing his throat. "Alright, we need to plan for tomorrow. I'd like to hear any ideas you have, and please don't ask me anything about the situation, most of you have been with the group the whole time.. so you know everything I do." he reminds them having already dealt with this on other missions. "We know the where, the when, and the who." he says unpacking some of the supplies the cart to break into a camp with a meal. "Do we apprehend him there, or do we attempt the ~impossible~ and track him to his hideout, that kind of thing." he says before putting down a pot.. "also someone is approaching, they are about 100m out" he says casually. "Genin equivalent" he adds with a smirk looking around.

"Neeeeeeeermmm." Are the noises that comes from Roga as he is running his top speed, weaving in and out of trees with this feet patting the ground with each step. He leaps over a large boulder and flips just as he lands for style points. "Neeeeerrrrrm!!" He gets louder as to give the impression that he kicked it into a higher gear once he sees the light of a camp fire up ahead. His brows were furrowed as he had a super serious look on his face. His arms drifted behind him as he ran in the typical shinobi fashion.
You beep Kin!
You beep Yuko!

Misaki nods, a bit defeated, but with renewed vigor. "I didn't either…" Misaki thought they all died in the war. She doesn't know her parents are dead, and thought them the only family out there. Apperently she was wrong… "Instead of tracking" She says after getting an epihnany. "Why don't we send him a trojan cat…" Misaki smirks. "You will wound me. I will claim I left the village and I need help. Matatabi fixes the wound, and I leave a crumb trail for you guys to follow to his hideout!" She looks at Hiro. He was usually the one with the ideas, so she wasn't sure if this was sound. "He'll think I'm a fellow missing nin…."
Misaki then looks at Roga make his entrance. Blinking and looking at Hiro. "We're in for a treat I see!"

Frowning a tad, Yuko has to ask, "I know you said no questions but… don't suppose any of you have been to Fuuma before and know about this Xtreme Fantasy place? Have any of you actually been there?" He asks as he glances around at the rest of the group, then pauses as hears something odd approaching after Hiro's warning. "Uh… how…. odd?" He ventures as he peers around. He puts a hand on his kunai but doesn't draw it.

Hiroyasu pauses for a moment picking up the sound, "I'm not familiar with this particular soul" he adds putting the pot on the fire and adding some things from their stocks.. "It's soup and rice for dinner.. I'll see what I can do, but its.. ration packs" he sighs before looking at the others. "I just meant don't ask me something I couldn't answer, I've only been to Fuuma once before, and back then I wasn't really the proper age to do the club and bar scene. So I don't know of it" he says before looking to Misaki, "That is an option, and not a terrible idea either. I'll need to consider some of the finer points before I decide.." When Roga comes into view.. "Oh a Reizei.. then it's most likely Roga. Hiei's Student" yep, he's already heard of this little firecracker.

Roga finally makes it into the camp area and coming to a screeching halt. In doing so a trail of dust is kicked up at the point where he started digging his heels into the ground. Acceleration was his strong suit, not braking. "Hay guys! I'm here to save the day!" He says as he put his hands on his hips and strikes his best super hero pose. A moment later he starts making a weird face as it scrunches up but he tries to continue the pose. Suddenly he couldnt wait another minute longer and smacks his nose. "Ack!" He says at the pain of his own slap. "Stupid bugs." He then looks to everyone present with a toothy grin. "Hi! I'm Roga! Or, you can call me Lord Roga. I'll let you decide." He says with a "too cool for school" shrug.

Desipte not being much taller than Roga, Yuko is obviously older. And he stares at the kid. "Uh… oookay?" He says sounding a tad unsure about this new addition. He shrugs and looks back to Hiro. "Well, maybe we should try to scout the place out tonight? Or you should? Just to see what we'd be dealing with if we tried to grab him there and how hard it would be? I mean, we kinda lack vital info right now to make an informed decision, don't we?" He asks as he sits next to the fire and looks at the pot.

Misaki nods at Yuko as her form of greeting. When Roga introduces himself Misaki looks at Hiro and rolls het eyes. "Oh Hiei is going to have a field day with 'Lord Roga'" She makes the exclamation marks with her fingers.

Hiroyasu places his fingers to the side of his nose, "I don't know I like him, he reminds me of someone.." he says to Misaki before nodding to Roga "Have a seat your eminence, we are discussing the upcoming mission." he nods to yuko "I could do that, who do you suppose should be in charge in my absence? You looking to take it?" he asks giving the genin a curled eyebrow before looking to Misaki "Do be honest, while your idea has merit, it removes from our numbers an experienced shinobi" or purported experienced. "I've set up dinner, all it needs is some fresh water" he says looking to the others.

Roga nods and takes a seat on the ground. Pulling a kunai out he begins making some marks in the ground while Hiro and his group speaks amongst themselves. His face was of complete concentration and his tounge was hanging out of the side of his mouth for added affect. For whatever he was doing in the ground it seems as though he was putting a lot of thought and work into it. For anyone curious to look over, they would see that the young genin was playing a game of tic-tac-toe with himself.

Yuko blinks at Hiro's question, "Uh… n.. no, I didn't think I should be in charge but… how much in charge do we need out here camping? I mean, unless you think you'll be gone a long time?" He asks, keeping his voice soft. "Maybe we could send someone else. But I don't think I'd fit in at all." He looks to Roga, shakes his head as if thinking he wouldn't fit in either. Then he looks to Misaki, "Maybe Misaki-san could fit in and check things out? But…" He looks back to Hiro, "You'd be better at scouting a place as you'd probably notice all kinds of things the others of us would miss." He shrugs, "Anyway, was just a thought."

Misaki crawled over to Roga's game. She seems to have lost the train of thought, laying on her stomach, her legs crossed and high in the air, with her hand resting on one hand: "Whut you dooooinnngg?" She has never seen this peculiar game before!

Hiroyasu nods "I thought as much, so lets me make this lesson to remember.." he looks over to Misaki and Roga "Your highness, you have a minute. I wanted to talk to you for a moment?" he says with his eyes cutting at yuko as if to signify to look what you have wrought. "Misaki, focus. We have to capture this guy -alive- anything else is failure.. and you know that Hiei's Father would use that against you and me both.. if he heard about it.. like not giving clan blessings to certain important functions" he says before clearing his throat, "So Reizei Roga, come here, you'll like this." he says waving him over.

"I'm playing a game." Roga says as he keeps all of his attention on whats in front of him. "Aw dangit!" He says as he throws the kunai on the ground. "I can never win this stupid game." He then hears his name. "Aroo?" He looks over to Hiro then sighs. He grunts as he gets to his feet as if it was a burden for him to stand up and make his way over to Hiro. "Hai?" He says as he waits further orders.

Yuko can only watch as Hiro gives him that look and he gives a helpless little shrug as he waits and watches to see what Hiro has in mind. He does seem a tad uneasy as he shifts in his seat, then glances between Misaki and Roga, looking them over then turning his attentino back to Hiro. Yuko bites at his lower lip a bit, his unease easy to read.

Misaki looks to focus on Hiro: "I'm all ears…" She muses, drawing one of this tik tik tok games behind her back.

Hiroyasu smirks, "Your highness, I bestow you position of temporary camp commander in my absence. Since no one else stood up to take the lead. I'll just assign the guy who introduces himself as a Lord." he pats on him on the shoulder, "Let's see, you need to make sure dinner is fixed, the camp needs to be secured, and if I'm not back by midnight, you all need to get some sleep. If I am not back by morning then you are to lead them back to Kumogakure.. got it boss?" he says with a wave of his hand "Except for Kin, they are your subordinates. Enjoy.." he says with a another pat on the shoulder before his form shimmers before fading from existence, as if he faded away.

"Wha?" Roga's expression turns into that little kid's look of confusion as Hiro appoints him as camp commander. The young genin blinks a few times when Hiro goes to fade away. Even after Hiro leaves he still stands there dumbfounded for a few moments until he realizes there are people staring at him.
Turning around to face him, he looks left and right as he completely didnt know what he was suppose to be doing. A sweat drop forms on the side of his head. "Ok!" He snaps out of his glazed over look. "Like your boss, er old boss just said…first order of business is to fix me up a nice comfy bed to sleep on tonight! The ground hurts my back." He cuts away from his "commander" persona to pout while rubbing his back. "So! Let's get started on my bed. Chop, chop!" He claps.

Yuko is left to stare as Hiro vanishes and… leaves Roga in charge?! He blinks a few times staring at Roga, then shakes his head slowly. As Roga goes into dictator mode, Yuko's shoulders slump slightly then he says, "Ah… Sorry but I don't think any of us brought much of a bed for you. This is mostly camping stuff…" He points out, "What do you want us to do /exactly/? I mean, fine to say fix you up a comfy bed but… with what?" He asks as he glances around then back to Roga.

Misaki crosses her arms and stares at Roga. "You know, a good commander takes good care of his subordinates first. Himself second…" Misaki pauses, before popping her Nekote out, throwing Roga a psycho look. "Otherwise, the more unstable in the groom might commit mutiny." She grins and licks the blades before pulling them back in. "So many accidents happend in the field…!" She keeps up her psycho stare and watches curiously if the Reizei might change his tone. She's not shy of work. Just, working for a dictator rubs her the wrong way!

So while Misaki does the evil stare down, Dred comes swooping in to land on Roga's head. Claws were surprisingly careful to pinch.. only a little. The bird flapped his wings at Misaki with a call at her. 'go away wierd one!' Kin came in with a field dressed deer over one shoulder, he'd quickly lay out a cloak before setting the dead animal down. "I got dinner. We'll need some more wood." He'll glance at Misaki. "Go get some fire wood." Then he'd look to Yuko. "I believe the camp commander just said to start gathering stuff for bedding. leaves, grass, reeds. There's so much bounty in the wilderness, try looking around, instead of just expecting to be handed a pillow and bed." He'd shrug slightly before looking to Roga then. "You're going to start getting the fire going to help feed your subordinates, right?"

As Hiroyasu leaves for his recon mission and after Kin returns to camp with dinner, the shinobi busy themselves making camp and work on finishing their meal. However, there is something sinister afoot in these woods tonight. Under the cover of darkness, a group of like minded individuals prime themselves to attack the Kumo group. When the kunai begin flying, they come from different directions, making it hard to pinpoint where the attacks are launched from.

In the meantime, an invisible Hiroyasu makes it back into the town proper and once he approaches Extreme Fantasy, even this time of night he can tell that the place is jumping. There are men and women filtering in and out of the place a like, the only difference is, they are dressed nicely and it seems that the riff-raff element is turned away at the door. There are guards posted at the entrances, of which there are two. A front door and a back door within an alleyway. Music can be heard wafting out from the inside, along with the giggles of women and loud talking from the men. It's a pretty happening place.

Hiroyasu waits for his moment to sneak by the guards, it wasn't like he could be easily seen, his new seal design has been working wonderfully with hardly any of the side-effects of its previous version.. other than the time needed for it to reach full strength. He slips past the bouncers whom each have higher than normal levels of chakra, they have been trained to handle shinobi, and then there is an extremely high level somewhere else in the party.. quickly he leaps up and scales up the wall to watch the party from the ceiling, he couldn't have someone bump into him and ruin his barriers reflection.

"Ow!" Roga says as he feels a pinch. Then he notices the bird. "Aaaah!" He screams and jumps back, almost bumping into Kin which causes another scream to come out of him. He looks back over to Misaki who was licking a blade. A "grossed-out" expression covers over the boy's face as he turns back to Kin. "Oh well…I suppose." He says in reponse to getting the fire going even though it seems to be burning just fine on its own.
Suddenly, he sees something come whizzing through the air right at him. Even in the dark he could make out the steel that glints in the moonlight. He leaps to the side just barely allowing the kunai to miss him. He landed hard on his stomach with a "Hoomph!" sound escaping him. Looking in the direction of the woods he sees a kid about his age getting ready to launch another attack. "Oh no you dont!" Roga says as he pulls two kunai from his pouch and flings them at the kid. His aim was to hit the kid's throwing arm. He just hopes his aim is true.

Yuko gets hit with the kunai and lets out a yelp. He glances around and spies someone, and realizing there are multiple attacks he actually runs for the cart, apparently trying to dive under it and continue to look around, taking cover as it were from the one person he does see, and perhaps even those he can't as he tries to get a better grasp of what exactly is going on. Not his proudest moment but he does do his best to avoid getting hit again by taking said cover by sprinting to the cart.

Dred caught it first, that initial glint and as Roga freaked out, the bird laughed but took wing. The warning was enough for Kin, having him move away from that attack, a lean back into a roll had two taps to the quiver and a rapid fire draw, aim, shoot that occurred. The first one was actually aimed for the girl that tried to hit Roga, the forked arrow slamming into the dirt to bury the fork's full length into the ground, aiming to pin her foot down at the heel. The second arrow was aimed for the bar tender, seeking to lock his leg down by pinning it with that forked arrow to a nearby tree. Both would be forced to try and pull the arrow free to get away, or at least that's what the plan was. Kin stood up, staring after them. "Surrender now. Or the next arrows will hurt."

The little girl that tried to get money out of Hiroyasu steps into the light of the campfire and fires another kunai at Roga after he managed to hit her in the shoulder. Unluckily for the Reizei, she simply switches arms to attack him, however he does note that with her using her off hand, her attacks are less accurate. Meanwhile, Misaki is under fire from the man who catcalled her earlier, his dirty visage is visible to her as he bounces a kunai in his palm, preparing to launch a second salvo towards her. Kin is successful in hitting the con artist kunoichi that originally attacked Yuko, but she's wearing thick soled boots and pulls the arrow out only to growl under her breath and make a hand seal. A fireball forms between her lips before she launches it at both Yuko and the wagon he's hiding under. The bald headed bartender falls forwards when Kin's arrow pierces his foot with a loud yelp. "I give up!" He screams out of pain.

While inside of the club, Hiro would continue to go unnoticed, but would also overhear a conversation between the proprietor of the club and one of his subordinates on the second floor, where he originally felt the higher than normal chakra aura.

Hiroyasu, or maybe deceptiyasu.. or predatoryasu.. nooo interaction man of mystery and goat enthusiast. Listens in to the conversation going on the floor above as he dangles from the ceiling appearing as nothing more than an occasional glimmer as the barrier fails to properly render, it isn't easy to bend light you know.. Listening in he makes a mental note of all that is said, ~Private audience, in the morning.. the building will be empty and closed, and the ridiculous fountain of chakra that is the owner will be not be present.~ his mental note taking done.. he takes a moment to memorize the inside layout looking for points of entry, defensive positions and other..

Yuko rolls out from under the wagon just in time to avoid the fireball and makes a series of quick hand seals as he tries to retaliate against his attacker. Fire no good. Fire BAD! As he makes his hand seals, Yuko sends a small series of sharpened rocks towards the fire breathing girl, in an effort to cut her if not at least distract her from further attacks. He's half crouching as he makes the hand seals having rolled free from the cart.

Kin sighs, well, one guy did stop. Leaning to the side, the kunai went wizzing right past his head, brushing his hair almost in passing. Gathering himself, he'd focus power with a frown. "I tried to warn you. I gave you a chance. Now, it's going to hurt." He'd stride towards where the tender went down, tapping the quiver to get a different arrow loaded, he'd watch the others, prepping for any other potential retaliations as he'd start his setup. Dred circled overhead, keeping the ones that tried to be in the dark marked and ready for the archer to knock down.

Misaki was lulled by the campsite activities. So she didn't see the attack coming until it was too late. ~Misaki watch out!~ Matatabi shouts. Causing Misaki to turn, though not out of the way of the kunai, she glows blue for a second as a gel-like protective chakra crawls over her. It was just momentarily. And it wasn't enough to stop the kunai from piercing skin. Causing it to stick into her upper thigh painfully, colouring her shorts red. "GAmaa…" She grunts, grabbing the baddie's kunai and hurling it right back at him, followed by a set of shuriken of her own. The gel like chakra faded, it lasted just a second.

As the Kumo shinobi recover from the surprise attack, they finally get on the same page as they each take down their attackers. Yuko's sharp rocks strike the con artist in the gut, causing her to bend over at the waist, the second attack flies over her head, but when she raises back up, the third one impacts her directly in the forehead. She crumples to the ground, unconcious. The catcall guy rushes forwards, but his eyes widen as he raises his kunai to defend against Misaki, but he didn't expect his own kunai to get thrown back at him, in addittion to a lot of shruiken. They impact his body with a sickening thud, and he falls over completely dead and looking like a pin cushion. The Bartender is still lying on his stomach with an arrow sticking out of his foot and holding him in place. He begs and pleads with Kin for his life, and the little girl thief looks around at her 'party' and decides that she suddenly didn't like her chances and attempts to run off into the night. She knew she shouldn't have listened to her partner, the con artist. They were out of their league here.

Hiro would notice three entrances here. The front door, which is well guarded, the back door, which is less guarded, but is watched. And then there is the roof access complete with skylight. There is a catwalk directly underneath it so that it can be cleaned by the staff. It's not guarded well, and mostly not at all unless the place is full like it is tonight. Odds are it would probably be the best entry point to get the drop on Kazuma.

Not believing for a moment the girl is really down, Yuko rushes up to her, as he draws a Kunai, ready to keep attacking. If she really is out cold he'll start to tie her up while glancing around for other targets. Still his primary focus is on the woman who he already took down, trying to make sure she can't get back up even as he watches for further attacks that might be incoming as best as he can. Assuming he gets the girl tied up and no further attacks happen, only then will thought be given to the fire attack and if the wagon might now be on fire.

Kin stopped by the bar tender, watching for the others that might attack. It seems to clear up as the others dealt with their own fighters. Looking to the tender, Dred would land right on the man's chest, beak coming in REAL close to the man's eyes. "Now.. you might be faster than Dred. I doubt it. He will however, claim your eye, if you so much as twitch." Kin glanced at the others. "Anyone else try to help him out, he loses an eye too." Kin drew the next arrow, looking for the one who was the most 'threatening' and would draw on them. "Surrender or die."

"Her knowing that we exist, and what we are endangers both the mission and Hiro!" Misaki shouts at Kin, turning her arms and locking them behind her back while rushing after the girl running away into the night. "Oh no you don't!" She says, zig-zagging through the trees. "Come on Matatabi, I need your speed to catch up.." She hisses, though she gets no answers. "Fine, be like that.." She focusses her chakra and notices her speed pick up by herself. Grinning, she did something by herself. And she was proud of it! "Come here you!" She growls… Her right hand glowing with a blue flame. She looks at her hand, time to make Ogo's training pay off. And with that, she doesn't borrow a burst of Matatabi's chakra.. Oh no, she - takes - it. Conjuring a grin on the cat's face, while she disappears, showing up in front of the girl, pressing the flames against her stomach, which immediately form tight ropes around her body, beginning to sap the heat and strength right from her body. Misaki then hauls the girl over her shoulder. "Be happy I didn't just kill you.." She grumbles, walking back to the group.

Hiroyasu having seen what he needs to see, and hear what he needs to hear, it was now time for the fly on the wall for make his exit. He wait and slips back out once out the moment arises then waste no effect to make haste back to the camp, finding it to be in quite a disarray, it seems something has gone down.. leave it to roga to burn down a camp with orders like eat dinner, goto to bed early, and take your vitamins… brother..

It seems like things are wrapped up when Hiro arrives back on the scene. The Bartender isn't going anywhere, even afraid to speak much now that Dred is sitting on his chest while staring at his remaining eyeball. "I surrender." He whispers. He couldn't exactly speak for himself, he was working for them, afterall. The kunoichi con artist is unconcious and offers no resistance as Yuko ties her up. The catcall guy that Misaki killed is..well..worm food. And Misaki drags the little girl, who is now unconcious thanks to Miso's technique. All threats to the camp have been neutralized. Now all they had left to do was to go get Kazuma.

With the girl tied up, Yuko blinks and checks the wagon, only to find it smoldering. He lets out a rather loud, "Gah!" and immediately runs over to the wagon. Lacking a good source of water he does his best to grab dirt and throw it on any burning bits to try to put out the fire by the 'sand' method, using earth instead. He'll even use what earth manipulation he can to try to break up some dirt to make it easier to scoop up with his hands or any other container and dump it on whatever is in danger of being 'more' on fire.

Misaki throws the girl down near the middle of the camp, looking about. She would help with the fire but has no clue how. Instead she perches up and goes on peremiter duty. Her sharp eyes see okay at night. She's been training them to need little light with Matatabi's help. But it's far from perfect. "I'll watch the camp.." She says, turning actually towards Hiro's approach. "Hm.." She says, one hand on her kunai pouch.

Hiroyasu eyes Misaki as she moves for the kunai pouch "Draw a Kunai on me Miso, and I'll turn ramen breath into a eunuch.." he says looking to her before looking at the cart which in a quasi-state of either being on fire or covered in dirt.. depending on how you look at it. "Better than I expected really.." he says looking at the hostages, with a sigh.. "Find a ditch to drop them in, they'll wake up with headache and scars, and remember why it was a bad idea to ever cross Kumogakure." he sighs looking at the corpse, with a few seals the earth swallows it without little fanfare. "These people are not affiliated with our target, they just think we were easy targets.. it is Fuuma afterall.." he looks around "So what is for dinner?" he asks casually with a raised eyebrow.

It's early morning, about an hour before sunrise. Yet, there is activity inside the Extreme Fantasy Club. The doors are shut up tight, but the lights are on. Even at this hour, there is activity in Fuuma, but most would know that if you're on the streets at this hour, you are either very capable, or are looking for a quick death. The sky is dark as it begins to rain, clearing the streets even more. Soft music can just faintly be heard outside of the building. As the saying goes it's quiet. Perhaps too quiet.

The last night being a bit of a problem, but cleared up, Yuko is up early. He had gathered all the weapons and money he could from the tied up folks, since he had noticed some of his own kunai missing from his earlier trip to Fuuma. Yuko will be taking Hiro's lead on this one. "So what's our best plan of attack?" He asks softly, staying near Hiro. "We going to try to catch him before he can get into the place or?" He trails off and glances around nervously.

Misaki also sticks close to Hiro's side. A little ashamed she nearly pulled a kunai on his ass. Well, she was being vigilant after all. "Just let him speak.." Misaki says, curious about Hiro's findings… "And.. Did you see him?"

Hiroyasu pauses for a moment, raising a seal "Seal of Omens, give me sight beyond sight.." then he says "6 People, well trained and possibly at minimal jutsu users. " he pauses for a moment, "4 on the floor, and 2 on the second floor.. Oooh and a Wild Nariko" he says looking over his shoulder down the street. "Seems the people in the office are doing a good job at rotating in reinforcements as I asked.." he sighs before saying, "There is a skylight which is minimally guarded and easily accessible to us. We will go in through the roof, and intercept the two on the upper floor hopefully before the larger group on the lower floor can reach them to back them up. Questions, ideas?" he asks looking at them "also.. who cannot uh.. climb or scale?" he asks.

Walking up to the group, was the young Yotsuki Nariko. She must've had an itch in her ear and came running. "You guys lost or something?" She scratches her head and then shrugs. "Well, I can't climb, but I do have one question." She puts a hand on her hip. "How the heck do you expect us to get in? Maybe inconspicuously break a window?" She tilts her head and looks to the group.

When asked about climbing or scaling, Yuko gives a small shake of his head, "No good climbing." He says softly, "But maybe I can be the wagon guy. I can be ready a block or two down, and when I see you guys I'll hurry the wagon along so you can leap in with our target and get us out of here?" He suggests, looking worried at the idea of trying to scale the side of this building as he looks up then back to Hiro. He looks at Nariko and offers a small wave, but otherwise stays quiet and waits for Hiro's instructions / answer.

Misaki switches the setting on her multi-tool gauntle and shows her climbing claws. "I can scale that thing easily.." She says with a smile. Looking around the building. "I got your back.." She assures him, going along with his plan! Covert ops style!

Hiroyasu frowns at Yuko, "If that is -all- you think you are capable of, then you better do your job better than that.. I'll expect you here when we need you, not when we call you.." he sighs looking at Nariko, "Yeah we have a window on the top to do that, I can carry you.. and Misaki could assist you if have an issue with heights" he thought back to the climbing tower. "Up to you, having someone who doesn't want to go in can be a detriment to a team.. so decide your role, know it, then own it." he holds out his arms in classic piggyback stance "Ready Beariko?" he asks before nodding to Misaki "I know you do, that is why the 3 of us can do this.." he says.

Nariko looks at Yuko and nods back. She then looks to Hiro and makes a fist with one hand and slams it into her other hand. "Let's do this! And inconspicuous is my middle name." SHe winks and then moves to hop on Hiro's back. "Ready when you are Horseyasu!" She giggles and then her arms wrap around his neck, her legs moving to straddle each side of his body.

As the Kumo nin scale the wall, they would have no trouble getting to the roof access window. The window is actually on a hinge and opens up, the purpose is so that it can be cleaned from the outside as well as the inside. So far, there is no indication that the team has been seen yet. Now that they're inside, they can see two men on the bottom floor, both with women in their laps who are giggling while they proceed to get drunk. However, a tall man without a shirt walks out of one of the rooms on the second floor. He calls back inside the room he just walked out of, "Relax baby. I'm just going to get us a drink." Kazuma takes a few steps away from the door, moving towards the stairs.

Yuko sighs, "I'm trying to avoid a fall that might give us away." He mutters but shakes his head. Clearly he has some confidence issues. But… as he hesitates as the others climb up he starts to try to climb up as well, only to discover that Misaki is helping him along, carrying him up in a way. So it seems he's along for this part after all. At least now he shouldn't have to worry about falling as he gives Misaki a small nod of thanks, trying to keep quiet as the group gets closer to their target.

Misaki replicated Hiro's stance and squats for Yuko to climb on. "Climb on. If I feel a grope, you're dead meat.." She smirks at Yuko, then winks and gets ready to quickly and silently scale that wall. She doesn't utilize tree climbing to just walk up the wall either. She scales it like catwoman would! Misaki quietly scales the walls, stopping next to a window, taking the opperunity to peek in. Before quickly continuing to scale. Once on top, she drops Yuko quietly and follows along with fleeting light steps. "Want me to take point?" She whispers to Hiro, counting on his sensing to spot targets before they can see them!

Hiroyasu just walks up the wallface nothing fancy, other than the fact it was probably not normal for the lay-person. He sets Nariko down gently before nodding to Misaki, "Yes, There are only 2 on the top, if we can take them down without waking up everyone and thing in the block.. so lets try a little exercise in restrain.. unless you have too.. there are 2 high chakra individuals in there, one of which is our target.. and remember.. we have to recover him.. alive." He looks to them before quietly popping any lock on the window with a quick deft strike of an extremely sharp kunai. "Close quarters combat, Miso is our lead, Nariko is second, Yukio you will follow third and assist Nariko.. I will be the rear guard in case you have to retreat.. Nariko.. Witchy ways over zappy-zappy ok?" he says leaping into the window, after its opened, moving to take his position. As he comes to a stop he pauses closing his eyes as he anticipates it to get crazy in here, when his eyes open they have been engulfed by the familiar soulless black, before the seals appear and swirl as he regains focus.

Nariko unwraps her arms from Hiro and slides down his back, her feet gently touching the ground. "Sounds good to me. Zappy-Zappy, less witchy ways." She winks at him. "Just kidding, Witchy ways is my forte." She smiles and then slips behind Misaki, taking a moment to collect herself. "Age before beauty." She moves her hands to let Misaki go first before slipping behind her.

Kazuma goes down the stairs and withdraws a bottle of wine and two glasses. He takes a moment to joke around with his guys, telling them not to have too much fun before he begins to head back up towards the room that he just left. He stretches slightly and yawns. He's not even anticipating an attack. First, who would dare attack him here, and second, no one even knows that he's even here, except for the two other guys that are with him. He had a standing agreement that he get to come here after his jobs to unwind with some of the staff and the owner gets a guarantee that he'd defend the place should someone attack. "Alright, baby, I'm back. Let's have some fun!" He bellows loudly as he places his hand on the doornob, preparing to walk back into the room.

For the moment Yuko hangs back as instructed next to Nariko, or just behind her. He has a kunai in hand ready to go just in case. He's following the girls in front of him and their lead, not saying a word at this point, just trying to not make any obtrusive noises or anything. He even bites at his lower lip to keep from making too much sound. He's tense, nervous. It's his first mission and he clearly is worried but standing firm next to the group, with the group. Waiting for the others to take action.

Misaki looks at Hiro. "If you can pinpoint our target. I can drag him out of the building through the walls before anyone knows what even happened.." She says, obviously hinting at the chakra appandages. "Would make a helluva noice though!" She adds. Only then she notices Hiro's eyes. "F…" She clasps her mouth to stop herself from screaming. She hasn't seen that before! That's scary! >.>

Hiroyasu points to the door on the second floor, "Target.. but what part of minimal noise, minimal collateral is hard to grasp. If we make too much, you want to battle the entire area? We earned some street cred whipping the gang from the other day, but that doesn't mean there is a band of mercs not willing to blow up half the city chasing us for the laughs" he frowns, as the seals swirl idly as he isn't focusing on anything. As he sighs, before holding out his hand a greenish wisp of energy forms as a seal swirls on the back of his palm as his eyes glow before the wisp is launched, it zig-zags erratically before splitting into two wisps and going straight for the target.. "Go!" he says, as the first seal slams into the ground and begins to form a glowing circle, while the other explodes into a vortex as tendrils of hungrily attempt to violent strip off chunks of chakra.

Nariko shakes her head and then sighs. She then moves so that she can see her opponents and extends her hands in front of her. Lightning surges around her arms as she focuses herself on the targets, sending surges of lightning towards all three opponents. "Here's a shock to the system."

It was Hiroyasu who would make the first attempt. Kazuma isn't expecting an attack so when he is suddenly surrounded by a crimson column of light, he is surprised. Though when he attempts to move, he finds out that he can't. "Wha.." Then the golden rings surrounds his body within that crimson light and the former Kumo nin feels weaker, his head lowering slightly towards his chest. As if that wasn't bad enough, the seal impacts his body, draining some of his chakra reserves as he falls to his knees from the sudden loss. To make matters even worse, Nariko launches a lightning storm that impacts Kazuma as well, who is incapable of defending himself. His body shivers and his hair stands up on end as burns spread out over his body.
Down below, Kazuma's henchmen are enjoying some quality time with their respective women, but Nariko's lightning descends from the upper level as the Yotsuki genin targets them as well. Henchman 1 was extremely lucky that he lowers his head to grab something under the table before the lightning bolt struck the wall behind him. He jumps to his feet, preparing to go up the stairs to see what the deal is. His partner, however, is not so lucky. The lighting impacts him in the forehead, instantly frying his brain as his head hits the table with a sickening thud.

Yuko holds on to his Kunai. He's never seen this red beam/golden rings thing before but at least Kazuma /seems/ well in hand, and all he has is this kunai for the moment. He looks at the other target, ready to attack if the guy gets closer but for the moment holding a defensive pose and waiting for a better chance to attack. He appears unwilling to take a chance on throwing his kunai down at the one guy still up down there. Not from this distance.

Misaki opens her mouth to talk but is as surprised as their company. Oh… We started… "Oh no, lets stay incospicuous.." She says in a sarcastic tone. "By throwing a giant red beacon into a room and shooting lightning around. Yea, I'm sure that's more stealthy than just pulling him through a wall and bailing…." She keeps talking to herself, popping her nekote out and rushing one of the henchmen, throwing shuriken as she runs, dragging her right hand along the wall, causing her nekote to make three lines along the wall, and sparks to fly up. Before aiming to strike the henchman as hard as she can. "No Misaki, don't use your flashy stuff, we might wake the neighbours!" She grumbles… Then, her body flickers blue. "Need a hand Hiro?" She asks, a bone forming around her right hand. While she rushes at the boss. Just before impact she blinks. Only to reappear right in front of his body with the bone aimed at Sayamoto's body. "Hello, family…" Misaki muses, aiming to literally hit him so hard… To be able to fly with him out of the building in the general direction of their cart. Be it through concrete or a window. With her sticking close to his body. It was her plan anyways…

Hiroyasu makes several seals and snarls "Shut up Miso, the thing you have never learned.. is that there is no such thing as a fool proof plan.. You react to the situation.." he leaps off the platform and from the ground his earthy clone appears and begins pummeling the trapped target. "Alive, but they never said he couldn't be beaten." he looks to Misaki for a moment, knowing she was going to be the failure catalyst for this mission, but took her anyways.

Nariko doesn't seem to notice Misaki talking, and continues on with her plan. She stared down to the lone henchman who had dodged her lightning. "Let's wrap you up." She smiles and then keeps an eye on him, attempting to make him believe that there were think metal linked chains wrapped around his body, bringing his arms to his sides and his legs together so as to not let him move.

Kazuma struggles against Hiro's stun attack but Misaki drives her power punch into the side of his face, taking them both through the second story wall to impact the ground. Luckily for Misaki, she uses Kazuma's body to break her own fall. Hiroyasu's earth clones rise up out of the ground and pummel Kazuma even more. But the time for freebies is over. Kazuma screams, and rips his arms away from his side as he stands up. Blood oozes from his mouth and he has multiple bruises across his face and body. "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?" His gaze settles on Misaki. "You..are no family of mine. My niece died. When that thing invaded her body, she was no longer human. I spit in the face of Kumogakure and the Raikage for allowing it to happen. And worst of all, my dear brother will live on knowing that he made his own daughter a monster!" He makes handseals as the wind kicks up around his body, his hair flipping about his face from the force of the jutsu. "Now you all die!" The wind itself attacks Hiroyasu and Misaki respectively, if successful, it would feel like they got cut with a blade.
Hench 1 isn't having a very good day. After Misaki skewered him, causing a deep wound in his abdomen, Nariko uses her witchy ways to make him believe that he's bound and helpless. Even though one might notice that no one has touched him, his hands go to his sides and his legs meld together as he falls over onto his side. "Let me go!" He yells. Unfortunately, Nariko's jutsu won't last forever and he's still got some spunk in him.

Well Kazuma is kinda out of view, having been knocked through a wall and down a floor, but the henchmen one is still up even if he is having a bad day. Yuko aims at making that bad day all the much worse. He starts to throw kunai at the guy. One, two, three as fast as he can, throwing the sharp blades towards the figure even as he's in Nariko's genjutsu and all. Hopefully this will make the guy's day all that much worse, if not just end it.

Misaki gets up after smashing Kazuma into the ground. She was twitching, glowing… Anger and confusion mixed. But also a calm, a calm she collected over the years. ~Don't lose that focus Misaki… Hiro's right behind you…~ Matatabi says. "Uncle.." Misaki wryes out of her throat, clearing having trouble speaking… "Do I look dead to you?" She looks at the man assaulting her. A thin bone armour forming around her body, along with the gel-like chakra, protecting her from the winds as she slowly approaches her uncle.

"Do you know where dad is?" She lifts her right hand. Here is the choice.. Nekote to kill..? Fire to incapacitate? Wait on Hiro? She looks at the building and the streets. They needed to be quick. He is seperated from his backup. Now is their chance. She clenches her fist. "Answer me CROAKIT!" Her right hand glows up. Blue fire first… Then red… Then it fades all together. Her arm shakes, she looks over her shoulder at Hiro. "Is everyone out safely?" She pinches her eyes closed, looking back at Sayamoto. Her nekote pop out.. "Shin-e…" .. Die… She then drops her arms, looking at Hiro. "Capture him.." She says, feeling sick and defeated. But at least she remained calm.. ~You made the right choice… ~ She even forgot about the fact, that right now, he - isn't - … captured yet!

Hiroyasu sighs at Misaki when she does exactly what he said not to do.. draw -outside- attention "She is a useless teammate. I am done with her.." before looking to Nariko and Yuko.. "Good, I told you to assist Nariko.. if she attacks you attack.." he holds reaches into his robe and pulls out a handful of seals which he lets loose in a storm of blue burning seals which fly like kunai at the target, the attack was more an annoyance than a death-stroke but that is part of the plan.

NAriko watches as everyone seems to go further down to get Kazuma and shrugs. "Alrighty then, time for the punch line." She moves and jumps down, her energy gathering in her fists as she comes down, sending two punches towards him before a kick to the private area.

The wind around Kazuma's body intensifies and Hiroyasu's chakra seals simply blow away from his body. He snarls at Misaki. "I don't answer to demons! He is no brother of mine. No one would condone what he did. You are nothing to me. Just a monster in a human shell. I won't be taken alive. I won't go back." He makes a hand seal and a clone forms out of thin air, going to attack Hiroyasu. He makes a completely different set of hand seals and a bubble of water begins to form around Misaki. "I don't have to beat you. I just have to get away from you. And then..then..someday, once I get more men. I will march against Kumogakure and burn it to the ground!"
Hench 1 can't win for loosing. Thanks to Nariko's genjutsu, Yuko's kunai attacks all strike home, making the man look like a human pin cushion. Bleeding from several orifice now, Nariko compounds his problems by shattering his bones in each place she strikes with her soulstrike technique. Together, the two Genin fell Henchman 1…who, thanks to the dynamic duo, never really had a chance.

Yuko, seeing the henchmen definately down for the count and watching the situation moves to the hole in the wall and looks down. The guy down there, Kazuma? Yeah, he's not looking like he's nearly as caught as Yuko thought and hoped. Yuko makes some hand seals and sends rocks from the street towards Kazuma, each of them sharpening into stone daggers in mid air towards their target. Yuko's putting all he can into these attacks, hoping to catch the guy below off guard at the very least.

Misaki twists out of range of the water capture barrier, looking at her uncle. "The only monster here is you.." She says. Glancing around town. This was taking too long. Smash and grab. She lifts her right hand and tries to light it up. "Come on.." Wartit, the fire isn't working. "Stupid technique! Matatabi!" She flows her chakra into her arm but it refuses to function. She sighs and drops to one knee… "Kaeruuu.." She looks at her uncle, and balls a fist.. "Even without the cat.." She walks up to him and just tries to give him a good old fashion stomping!

Surrounded by rubble made it ideal , and even his student had the right idea.. He makes several seals as the rocks surrounding around him begin hurling themselves at Kazuma instead of daggers they form solid blunt rods, Hiroyasu was trying to wound him, not kill him so it was going to have to tone down the usual level of murder-death-kill jutsu.

Nariko couldn't help put look at the others, Kazuma in their grasp. She took one look at him and attempted to make him feel like tight ropes were holding his body tight. Then she raises her arms, lightning surging around her arms as bolts of lightning shoot out towards Kazuma. "Hope thats shocking enough."

In the end..there could be only one. One sucker, that is. It was a team effort that got Kazuma in the end. The Kumo team focused their attacks on him all at once, forcing him to draw more and more upon his chakra and stamina reserves. One of Yuko's attacks get through, scraping him across the shoulder. A couple of Misaki's attacks are rebounded off his wind barrier, but her last punch socks him in the jaw, sending him staggering back. Hiroyasu's attacks strike him, sending his body rocking back and forth from the impact, and it would be Nariko's genjutsu that caused his hands to fall by his waist and his feet to lock up just before he fell over onto his side. Lightning would come from the Yotsuki girl then and send massive currents of electricity coursing through his system. The shock to his system was too much and he falls unconcious. He is breathing shallowly, not dead even after all that..but he wouldn't be recovering any time soon.

Seeing the man go down under the wave after wave of attacks, Yuko gives a quick breath of relief then doesn't hesitate but moves to the hole in the wall he was looking out of to attack and climbs out, dangling from it with his hands on the bottom of the hole then letting go so that the fall isn't that far as he tries to join the main group quickly.

Misaki sighs. "Lets get out of here before the neighbours get organised.." She looks at Hiro and walks up to her uncle. .. "Give me a hand here .. Someone?" She tries lifting him up, grabbing his arms. She needs someone else to hold the feet!

Hiroyasu sighs pulling out a length of ninja wire, before shaking his head at Misaki "Put him down" he says going to tie up the targets hands and legs before throwing the go over his shoulder in a standards medic's carry which is precisely for this situation, lifting dead wait. "Yukio, get the cart. Nariko! go with him.. you are battle buddies" he says before looking at Misaki "Blowing hole through walls of legitimate businesses, you do know that is coming out of your pay for the mission.." he looks back "make that all our pay.. so thank you for that." he sighs making his way down the street like he owned it, and anyone who said otherwise was about to get a staredown from the blackeyes of the arcane devil. "Let's do, we've done enough damage for one day" he says.

Nariko looks at Yuko, then the others. "Time to leave inconspicuously." She does a little shimmy before beginning to dash towards the giant hole in the wall. It wasn't long until she jumped into the air, doing a superman pose before coming down and rolling on the ground, ending on her feet. She puts a hand on her hip and then does a victory sign. "Ho yeah!" She then looks to Hiro, pouting. "Okay Horsyasu." She then goes with Yuko to go get the cart.

Even despite the noise, the earliness of the day works in the Kumo team's favor. As Hiroyasu and Misaki prepare Kazuma for transport, Yuko and Nariko arrive within a few minutes with the wagon. After loading him up, the Kumo team make it out of Fuuma Alley without any more surprises. Once back in the Land of Lightning, Kazuma is turned over to the Kamen Rai Da, and from then on, he isn't seen again. Whether they torture and interrogate him is anyone's guess. But for now, the team can take heart in the fact that they had gone into the belly of the beast and emerged victorious.

Mission Complete.

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