To Reap What Was Sown



Date: November 10, 2011


None given.

"To Reap What Was Sown"

Unknown location

A curtain of velvet caught on the wind…

Vibrant green orb containing a sense of playfulness…

Alabaster skin free of blemishes and full of youthful vigor….

Upon passive observation of a woman bearing these features in passing,
Onimitsu own thoughtless meandering through Kirigakure grounded to a halt.
His breathing too hitched and became uneven as his thoughts became
increasingly erratic. All while his mouth fought to form words, a name of
some sort. "…Kunimitsu?", Onimitsu asks himself softly after finally
finding the resolve to speak, then turn back around to see once more what
logic refused to acknowledge. At first unfortunatly the milling crowd of
Kirigakure shinobi and citizens alike disrupted his increasingly frantic
search, but within time he caught sight woman again.
The sight of her, the memories… both aroused emotions that for so long
he kept buried; and would continue to do so until he gathered further
proof of her existence. Onimitsu began to run after her all, but blind and
deaf to his surroundings now yet aware enough to feel the pressure of the
crowd slowing him down like swimming upstream. So, the former chunnin took
to the roof tops…

Even through the tatically advantagous route, Onimitsu stilled found it
hard to keep up with the girl; Or to even think straight for that matter,
beacuse by the time he finally saw success in cutting her off with a final
leap ahead, the sun had already set and had been so for hours.
"…Kuni-chan, Why… Why do you still run from me?" The words left his
mouth before he could follow reason, then he rose from his crouch to look
fully upon the woman. Correction, a child pretending to be one (and
succeeding to a certian degree) despite being many a years Onimitsu
junior. In answer the teenager giggles then smiles broadly mirthlessly as
a hand is raised to point to something just behind Onimitsu. This
effectively puts the man instantly on alert and relunctantly turn half
around to see what held her attention more than himself.
Mid turn Onimitsu movements become painfully slow, a sense of dread
erupting to the surface before he even catches sight of the other figure
behind him. Although enveloped in mist with only the dim street lights to
help support the crimson armor adorning the figure's form, nay the eye
itself is a dead giveaway for Onimitsu: an emerald admist darkness and
ringed red much like his own eye. "Na-No! No, No, NO! Your dead. I..
Yoshimitsu showed me.. It" "Are you refering to that mere copycat
blade at your waist nii-san?!" The figure interjected as it stepped free
of the mist fully. Onimitsu took a step back, then another; frevently
wishing with every retreat that what stood before him was some type of an
illusion, but in his gut knowing the truth of the matter. The man that
stood before him was clad in the very same crimson armor that he -knew-
was locked up at home, and what is worst, held already in hand a mirror of
the Yoshimitsu in hand. Purely by instinct Onimitsu goes to grab the hilt
of his katana, and sighs in relief upon contact with its well worn form.
Regretably his hasty action drew a swift response out the crimson clad
man. *STAB!* Pain, much like the blood now pooling from his abdomen,
blossomed instantly at the point in which the blade now embedded his body.
He gasped, but did not scream. Almost completely paralyzing shock.
Onimitsu began to feel faint…

"Don't pass out on me now nii-san. The ritual isn't complete."
"Ritual?.. Aka.. akamitsu..", Onimitsu replied in a whisper, barely
keeping his eyes open. "Yes, the ritual dear nii-san. The one that will
complete my revival—" Against his will, Onimitsu's ear is drawn painfully
closer to his brothers mouth. "The rite of succession of course, and…
your punishment for failing the clan, nii-san." Akamitsu whispered though
by that point Onimitsu could barely understand most of it due to the sound
of other voices. The very familiar voices often whispered through the bond
he and the Yoshimitsu shared inviting him to join them.

Gratefully he began to sink into their embrace, but….

To Be Continued?

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