To The Waves


Hyuuga Yuzuna, Kaguya Yasushi, Hyuuga Uma, Tsun, Sinoe, Uchiha Satoru, Sakura, Mitsuo, Uchiha Kirin, Akuu Hyjinko, Enjou

Date: Feburary 7th, 2010


Satoru leads a mission to the Land of Waves for information.

"To The Waves"

The Great River Bridge

The sun was setting into the ocean on the Land of Water side of the Land of Waves border, which little did Konoha realize was about to expand vastly. The wind was blowing a bit stiffly, and the salty sea air was washing up on to the shore as the waves crashed harshly. It seemed that the island itself wished to be claimed by Kirigakure. Yasushi was knelt behind Mitsuo as the small bridge to the sand bar that was the Land of Fires wharf to this island was being observed. "I have deployed teams all around the island at key locations to scout as well as ambush any shinobi that come to this island. The locals will continue to see that the other nations forces are simply unable to handle our small detachment, and that they are better left in our more than capable hands. At this rate, the Land of Waves will certainly be ours with out so much as anything resembling a contest." Yasushi would report to his Kage with a bit of a smirk.

Two days faded into history, Uchiha Satoru is in near-perfect condition after the little fight with a Kirigakure Shinobi, and after informing the Shodaime Hokage he was ordered to assemble a team to investigate the suspicious occurrence. The ninja cell of Uchiha Satoru as captain, Uchiha Kirin as Lieutenant, and Akuu Hyjinko, Hyuuga Yuzuna, and Sinoe as the subordinates, has left earlier in the day to allow a debriefing on what has happened so far. The Uchiha Jounin explained the run-in with the Kirigakure Shinobi and explained this opposing ninja was deterring him from entering for whatever reason. With a strategy outlined, the Jounin and Chuunin of the squad disband the boat when about three-quarters of the way toward the destination, using the art of water walking to move on ahead of the boat. "Yuzuna-san. Use Byakugan once we draw closer. Considering the ninja patrolling the bridge before, I doubt it is left unoccupied." His dark eyes quickly look toward his fellow clanmate, a single nod delivered before saying, "Once she has the results, you and I will move into the port and she'll stay back with the Genin." A look then goes to the two Genin before explaining, "Kirin and I will approach the bridge even if Yuzuna-san's Byakugan doesn't pick up any chakra signatures. Once the order is given to approach, you may do so, but until then stay where you are with her." Now… . he waits to hear what the Chuunin has to report.

With each step a splash against the element blow, Kirin keeps a steady run behind the team holding a flank position. Familiar with the plan so far, little mind is paid to Satoru as he goes over the game plan… . His eyes fixed on the great bridge in the distance, where this little investigation will inevitably take them. 'A quick peak he says, sent by the Hokage he says. This better be interesting, Satoru.' he thinks absently, breaking out of the thought just in time to wander his glance towards everyone else… . The black cloak surrounding him flapping wildly; his hood drawn up fully to obscure his face.

Her hand tightens its grip on the edge of the boat as Yuzuna turns her head to give Satoru a sideways glance, her pale eyes narrowing slightly with the order as she lowers her chin in a nod of understanding, the determination showing through her otherwise stoic expression. Waiting a few quiet moments, she listens to the sounds of water lapping against the boat as wordlessly the veins snap sharply, bulging against the pale skin of her temples and cheeks, gaze intense and hard. "The island is guarded heavily, though the bridge is clear of guards… . Inland there are a pair of people standing guard." she says evenly.

"Good work, Yasushi," Mitsuo replies, idly peering across the bridge before returning his gaze to the Swordsman. "It won't be long before I expect the other villages to muster some resistance before our influence sinks in", the Mizukage adds, "So keep our security as tight as a drum. I'm also expecting our reinforcements to arrive within a few days. Once they do, this country's border with the mainland will be an impenetrable wall".
The conversations continues, of course, but the rest is much less important than this bit.

Hyjinko was happy to of finally been selected to go on a mission. However, he was warned this mission has a chance of becoming real dangerous. Of course it made the boy a bit nervous but then again… .it was his first mission after all. His nervousness was mixed with a bit of anxiety and his mood was more mature than it typically is while in the village. Convincing Ember to stay at home was hard… .the monkey had never been away from the boy ever since they had met. Hearing Satoru's words snaps him out of his daze as he continues rowing the boat. He does what he can to keep a sharp eye but relies on his teammates to uphold their duties within this strategy.

"Hai!" Sinoe responds quietly but curtly. She nods her head, "I will move when I am told to move." She looks at the others that are here. She's almost bouncy at how eager she is. It's something that has her very pleased to be out with the other nin on her first real mission. Sure, she's done the whole chase down a cat thing but this is rather special for her. It was kinda lucky she was in the right place at the right time and she glances at Hyjinko with a nod before looking forward to her job.

Hyuuga Uma had been in the forest tending to her hidden garden amongst the trees when she noticed a large group of Konoha Shinobi heading towards the Great River Bridge. Naturally the Kunoichi drops what she is doing, very neatly might I add, and follows behind, moving just a hair faster so that at some point she can catch up with the group. The veins around and in her eyes bulge as she focuses chakra into her kekkei genkai. Yuzuna and Hyjinko are noticed at the last moment; Uma grinning widely as she falters to the left to avoid a huge limb directly in her path. It's when she hits water that Uma pauses. Eek… water. Whatever. A carefully executed flip later and she is skittering across the top of the surface in a beeline for the boat, her attention focused directly in front, yet she keeps her wits about her to the left and right; a kunai positioned up her sleeve in case she had to stick someone in the throat.

Enjou had been actually practicing his Taijutsu out in the wilderness outside the village when he had seen the group of Leaf nin heading out. He found himself following them out of instinct. Whether it was a cry for glory, or a need to help his fellow shinobi, he couldn't tell at the moment. He just knew he was probably going to regret this later. As they drew close to the edge of the river, Enjou simply holds back towards this side of the river. He didn't know what was going on, but he'd hold back. He could tell, this is not going to be a pleasant stroll through the wilderness. But he figured Uma was following, and she seemed to not be part of the main group… . why not. So a moment alter, he takes off, running across the water as quickly as he could keep up.

Tsun was most definitely here, though given her small size and her small rank, she really didn't have much reason to be noticed by the other. She was busy practicing what seems to be a wide arrange of seals, doing her best to avoid complaining about being bored as this was her first mission ever, she might as well /try/ to enjoy it. "Wait no… ." Tsun would pause for a moment, adjusting one finger slightly in her current seal before looking her shoulder as Yasushi suddenly speaks up she instantly raises her hands to cover her head, lest he decides to grab her hair again, despite the lack of pig tails. Even though he does nothing to her at all, she still gives him a bit of a glare, thinking that for some reason… . he was thinking somewhere, deep in the back of his mind that he was going to do something evil like touch her beautiful hair with his creepy giant hands!

Sakura always felt a certain wariness at straying outside of Kirigakure, but there was a usefulness in knowing the outlying lands. So she'd gone out for a limited time, purely as reconnaissance. But when she heard someone of her rank was out and about as well, she'd changed her path slightly and headed towards Fort Kyuusen. It was said to be a hub for allot of information, too. She never reached the fort though before she came across a bridge packed with people. After watching from afar for a minute or so she'd come strolling down, looking but not recognizing most of the people; until she sees Yasushi. He was a vaguely familiar face. So she'd go up to him, standing in silence for a few moments, before asking almost politely, "What are you doing?"

Yasushi would stand slowly and roll his large, tattooed shoulders within his loose kimono. He would keep his keen gaze on the bridge and await the possibility of interference. However, he'd also take this time to eat a field ration. Can't slaughter on an empty stomach, and he had a feeling Leaf Nin didn't hold allot of nutritional value. Spotting two people heading to the wharf from the water in the growing darkness, he would smirk now. "Only two? Buncha mindless guppies those Land of Fire types. If they were infiltrating I could understand, but… . this is just… . well maybe he brought his "daddy" and thinks he's all bad ass now… ." Yasushi would jeer as he tried to identify them from afar to no true avail yet.

"Very good." Satoru firmly nods to the Hyuuga Chuunin, showing his appreciation for the information, and then looks toward his clanmate. "Lets go, Kirin." As he starts to walk forward, he states, "Remain here with the Genin until the go ahead is given, Yuzuna-san." Beginning to speed up, his attention turns toward the other Jounin for a moment, "Be cautious. If it's the same enemy from before… . Well, he's going to be tough. Especially now that he has back-up." The teenager's dark brown eyes move to stare ahead, his body blurring in and out of sight as he quickly moves for the bridge while running possible situations through his mind. "If we need back-up or when we're ready to move past these two guards, I will signal for the other three." Hyuuga Yuzuna knowing what this signal would be.

"Very good." Satoru firmly nods to the Hyuuga Chuunin, showing his appreciation for the information, and then looks toward his clanmate. "Lets go, Kirin." As he starts to walk forward, he states, "Remain here with the genin until the go ahead is given, Yuzuna-san." Beginning to speed up, his attention turns toward the other Jounin for a moment, "Be cautious. If it's the same enemy from before…. Well, he's going to be tough. Especially now that he has back-up." The teenager's dark brown eyes move to stare ahead, his body blurring in and out of sight as he quickly moves for the bridge while running possible situations through his mind. "If we need back-up or when we're ready to move past these two guards, I will signal for the other three." Hyuuga Yuzuna knowing what this signal would be.
Finally reaching the bridge, he begins to move down it at a fast pace, his older friend right at his side, though as he draws closer to land, he begins to cautiously slow his speed. "It /is/ you." His voice is serious and calm, a smirk on his lips while staring at the Kirigakure Shinobi and the man garbed as a Kage. "Your Kage is with you too?"

Continuing in his run, Kirin looks to Yuzuna as she activates her Byakugan and reports accordingly. "Yuzuna-san," he calls out without hesitation as she finishes, "The inland pair, what can you tell about their chakra type and how much?" he finishes, kicking off the water as he effortlessly focuses the necessary chakra… leaping over a few of the other shinobi to land nearer in a run to Satoru and Yuzuna… Satoru's 'lets go' earns him a glance, and the cautionary warning a few words of wisdom. Not to mention, Satoru has encountered one of these shinobi before, and fared not so well… and here he is, rushing in to meet him again without really knowing his purpose. Slightly agitated, Kirin can't help but forfeit his question to Yuzuna and press on with Satoru fearing for his safety… 'Damnit, Satoru! This is an investigation, not a time to settle your personal differences…' he thinks moving into a slow walk preparing to say as much out loud, "Da-" he spurts, not loud enough to really be heard… all he can manage to get out before Satoru is already talking to the shinobi he received some love taps from already. Sighing lightly, Kirin steps forward and stops next to Satoru silently, cloaked and mysterious.

Yuzuna gives Satoru a steady glance as she lowers her chin in a silent nod, setting her jaw as she watches Satoru take off. She blinks her pale eyes at Kirin at the start of his question, parting her lips in answer before Kirin scowls and takes off after their team leader. With a slow sigh, she gently shakes her dark head as she glances over her shoulder at the two Genin, intense Byakugan narrowing as she sets herself once more. Babysitting. Great. "You heard him. Be on your guard. We will go in when needed." Men and their egos of course. She forces the irritated scowl back behind her stoic expression as she glances forward once more.

"Good form, Tsun", Mitsuo comments over to his student as she continues her seal practice. His attention is turned away from the bridge enough to notice Sakura's arrival as well. A nod is given in greeting to her as the Mizukage says, "Welcome, Sakura. I look forward to reading your report, it should pro-". Then Yasushi would speak up, causing Mitsuo to fall silent. Turning around, the horned man catches the sight of Satoru and Kirin advancing.
"What rabble", he cringes at the pair of Leaf ninja, "Anyway, I've already told you that we don't need any volunteers, so you might as well turn around and go back home. We have things under control here". With that, the Mizukage lightly gestures down the bridge where the two Leaf ninja had come.

Uma notices the boat had slowed to a stop. The Kunai is gripped tightly as she increases her speed, her attention sweeping the area without so much as a bob of her head. She is dressed in an all silk tunic threaded together with the finest white silk. In an attempt to be stealthy, her blonde hair is drawn over her face, and a white Shinobi mask, embroidered with the Hyuuga Clan Crest, is lifted over her nose, allowing only the bulging white eyes of the Byakugan to show. Her step is light, barely causing a ripple as her chakra focused feet move across the body of water. It might be startling then when she suddenly 'appears' next to Hyjinko, a wide grin on her masked face. It's unnoticeable however, as the rest of her features do not change when grinning, especially with Byakugan activated. "Fancy seeing you guys here." She jests cutely, her eyes focusing on her cousin. "Kunichiwa, Yuzuna-chan."

The boat was slowing to a stop. There must be a reason for it. Enjou slows to a stop next to the boat, on the other side. "Yo. Are we late?" he says with a slight grin, just barely touching his face. He takes a quick look at all the others down here. Two Byakugan users, and one of them is Yuzuna. And then two more that he didn't recognize. At least he had a general idea for what to expect from the Hyuuga clansmen. He'd gotten his butt kicked by one after all.

When complimented on her seal forms, she grins and starts doing them faster in an attempt to show off only to get her fingers tangled up somehow. She shakes her hands a few times before the finally split and she mumbles. "Close… . don't need that stupid seal anyways. Dan-kun isn't even around to bug… ." Tsun peers at Mitsuo for a moment before looking on ahead to see what he and Yasushi was talking about, seeing the two Konoha folk they were staring down. It would be now that she finally felt a bit more interested in the situation, her first contact with foreign ninja! Well sort of, they were kind of way down there so this wasn't really contact. Semi-tempted to wave, Tsun would just busy her hands with forming seals again, trying to sneak a peek at Sakura before looking back ahead.

"There's worse things to be than guppies," Sakura says mildly as she, too, looks towards the throng of Konoha nin. "They certainly seem cheerful. I almost envy them." She doesn't sound envious though, merely indifferent. However she would glance at Yasushi with her pale eyes and say inquiringly, "Their daddy?" She looks back towards the throng, keeping her attention on them. Then something would seem to shift in her eyes, and she crosses her arms thoughtfully. "I believe one or more of them is spying on us rather proficiently," she says with more interest than worry. "Perhaps more than guppies. Do you intend to do anything interesting?" She'd glance over at her company.

"Ah Sakura, glad you could wander on over for the "bone” fire. We were just about to gather up a few dried up leaves and carelessly toss them in to be useful for something." Yasushi would state without truly turning to Sakura, keeping his eyes on the two coming, recognizing the red hilt, Yasushi would nod. "It seems you brought a friend… . and just one at that… . a gross miscalculation on your part, Uchiha." he would state with a slight grin. Glancing towards Mitsuo, he would nod his head respectfully. "The one and only Mizukage." he would reply to the Leaf nin. However, he would also say something extremely quietly that likely only Mitsuo could hear as well. "And it seems you were told return home." Yasushi at the moment wouldn't reply to Tsun, he would keep some senses on her, but wouldn't direct any attention towards her. It was his way of keeping her safe.

"Maybe so." Satoru shrugs. "I didn't come here to fight… . unless it is necessary." He idly glances to the older Jounin at his side, apparently checking something, and looking back to the pair soon after. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mizukage-san. I've heard some things about you." Of course, how could he not hear about him? Stories travel fast, after all. A look goes toward the female Jounin and little girl that was performing seals while they approached, but his full attention returns to the other two soon enough. "You probably won't answer me, but… . What exactly are your plans? You deterred my entrance into this country… ." A pause. "… .You are trying to make this trade hub your own, I assume?" The teenager's dark eyes narrow, his lips forming a straight-lipped formation as his eyes widen again, and a hard, calm, and deadpan expression sets on his face; Almost expecting them to answer him.

'Taijutsu user… I've heard about this clan.' It's no secret the Kaguya are a hotheaded bunch, but the real question is why the Mizukage would bother to be here… this must be something serious, and this isn't the right setup or approach to handle this… if things turn out like it already seems. Kirin remains silent, his eyes in shadow peering out from under his hood at Yasushi, taking everything said in… gestures, body language… but he says nothing… though there is no clue as to what could be happening under his robes. 'Doesn't look like they have a sensor type, either.' Remaining like a robe clad statue, Kirin's robe flaps wildly with the onset of a breeze… motionless.

Yuzuna blinks her pale eyes as she snaps her eyes over her shoulder, her stoic expression fading with something of a frown with the approach of the new pair, Enjou and Uma. Though with her cousin, she blinks once more, lips parting slightly, wordless before she murmurs, "Uma-neesan?" Her pale and all-seeing eyes snap to Enjou for a moment, analyzing him briefly. The younger Hyuuga girl was about to ask further before her attention snaps back to the bridge where Kirin and Satoru face off with the ones she sensed earlier. Her jaw sets with irritation as her fingers curl slightly at her side, though her attention never wavers, intense and focused on her will to keep herself in place and to follow orders.

"I expect Dan to be here by tomorrow", Mitsuo would reply to Tsun while looking straight back at Satoru. His expression breaks once Yasushi introduces him, the devilish man cracking a grin and giving a little bow. "I'm pleased to know that you've heard of me. I hope to make more stories and legends", he tells the Leaf ninja with a vicious pride. The stories so far were not good.
Hearing Sakura's comment on their actions, the Mizukage shakes his head a little and tells her, "They can't be here to fight - Not with their numbers". As Satoru makes his guess, Mitsuo's grin stretches a little more and he raises his hand to give a dismissive wave. "Your mission here is over, Uchiha, so you had best be running along home now. It'll be dark before you know it", the horned devil adds, "And tell that woman to stop sending us volunteers. We don't need any".

Hyjinko is a startled by Uma's sudden appearance and due to his reflexes, he immediately goes to unsheathe his two daggers from his back. However, before he could get them out completely, she began talking and Hyjinko soon realized that it was Uma. Retracting his daggers back into their respective sheaths, he realized he felt a little… ."safe" and glad she was here. However, he was sure the feeling was one sided. "Hello Uma." He says with his rare serious-tone.

A blink comes to Sinoe's face as she notices Uma and then Enjou. She blinks and looks at the other two here and then swallows, "I thought this was a quick investigative mission?" She tilts her head and then looks to Uma, confused.

Sakura laughs lightly at Yasushi's pun. Her smile fades however when she sees Mitsuo. From her expression it's clear she didn't come out here with the same mission as Yasushi. "Mizukage… " she says wonderingly. Then, her expression becomes impassive and she'd look out beyond him. "One… " she says. "Two. Three. Four." She looks around the area once more before nodding to Mitsuo. If they'd been here for fighting they'd send people more capable than Genin. She says rather pleasantly, "Imagine seeing you all out here. This is interesting."

This was just another one of those situations, where the older people would just continue talking and talking, not really getting anything done in the process. 'The simple solution would be to just beat them up and move them aside personally if they refused to move, no?' A bit too much confidence in her sensei it would seem, she believed he could pretty much walk on anyone. The Sakura starts to mention the existence of others. This leading Tsun to squint out into the distance, though, it doesn't do her much good at all. All she could do for now is wonder what they want. "Why can't we just… . move them?" Sadly, none of Tsun's butlers were about to take care of business!

Uma's grin fades quickly as her intended startling of Hyjinko works. "Yes… " She responds to Yuzuna while returning the Kunai to her pouch. To Hyjinko she turns, a non-suggestive wink flashing towards the younger boy, "Hello, Genin." With a shrug, the Hyuuga Chuunin offers lightly. "I saw you guys heading here… figured back up might be in order… ."

"Eh… . more tad poles in the water eh?" Yasushi would state as he'd spread his arms wide, stretching the muscles of his limbs to their maximum before pounding his chest with a loud, hollow, echoing slam of his fists and focusing his chakra with a show of warriors spirit. "Normally I’d just throw them all back as they aren't even worthy of being my bait, but i have a feeling you Leafers aren't gonna get the message and go." Resting his hand on the hilt of his blade, he'd lower his gaze to the smaller Leaf nin. "Please tell me I’m right."

"You're right, Mizukage-san… . and you're wrong," Satoru answers them both, his dark eyes never leave the leader of the mist, though his attention is somewhat on his clanmate in an attempt to read him. "You win." The teenager is deadly serious, his tone holding a calm and neutral backdrop. "We're leaving." A few steps are taken away from the group of Kiri-nin, his body still facing them until a safe distance is meant, and he completely turns, disappearing in a blur down the bridge's length. Once they reach the water, he begins to run across it, the liquid barely rippling out from his light steps, and before a minute passes the Uchiha duo is found standing near the rest of the Konoha-nin. "Start rowing the boat, Hyjinko-san, Sinoe-san. We're heading back." An idle look is cast toward the two shinobi who were not originally with them, a small frown tugging at his lips before informing, "I don't recall the Shodaime mentioning back-up during the debriefing." As they continue to move now, he looks toward his fellow clanmate and then toward the others in the squad, informing them of this, "I will report to the Shodaime what was discovered. Good job… . following orders. The mission was generally a success."

The talk with the Kaguya goes as well as it could have, being outnumbered and outgunned going against combat forces with a small recon force, with mainly Genin no doubt. "Hnf." Kirin turns with Satoru and leaves… another day, another time… at least he was cordial enough. "Well, that was wonderful. How often to you get to stare down the competition? It's much more entertaining to see them alive first, in their own element." Kirin says with a carefree air as they approach the boat. As they do, he pulls back his hood, letting his long loose black hair free… his bangs still framing his face despite the black hood. "So, Yuzuna-san. About those chakra's."

Enjou shrugs. "I'm sure she didn't mention backup. But you're team is pretty noisy as it moves through the trees, so I figured I'd follow you guys, just in case you needed backup." he says with a grin, at Satoru. His Instincts were screaming about inside his head. Go back and fight! Coward! Fight them! but he shuts it out for now.

Uma nods towards Enjou as he answers for her. "What he said." Fade to black on Uma!

Yuzuna blinks her pale eyes up at the approaching Satoru and Kirin as her gaze narrows, the bulging veins fading as she deactivates her Byakugan. She arches a dark brow at the pair of Uchihas briefly before Kirin casually pulls back his hood. Giving him a brief look, she gives the bridge a sideways glance. "I would tell you, though I suppose you have already met them in person…. " Yuzuna murmurs.

Sakura seems to be getting bored by the exchange of words. Her arms are still crossed, and one finger is tapping testily against her elbow. It would seem there would be no fight, no alleviation to this endless reconnaissance. She should feel happy about that. She does say to Yasushi, "You shouldn't finger your sword until you draw it, Yasushi. If my hand touched my hilt, it'd be because I meant to slash the person before me to pieces." She looks almost thoughtfully into the distance where their boat is leaving, as if considering that, before scoffing lightly and turning to go down the trail in a different direction.

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