Todas las Personas - Cleaning up the Rubble


Rockpath (emitter), Yuuki, Ryouji, Hanami, Yori, Soren

Date: September 29, 2015


Kumogakure attempts to recover from the most recent attack with rebuilding, healing, and body-finding.

"Todas las Personas - Cleaning up the Rubble"


Kumogakure was recently attacked, and the destruction, to say the least, was horrendous. Buildings had collapsed or are about to collapse, injured people and dead bodies litter the streets, and there are very very few people to help with the rebuilding process. Everyone was called upon to assist in repairing Kumogakure, even shinobi that weren't necessarily part of the village. Which meant Yuuki could help Ryouji, Naruko, and Hanami clear away the rubble and seek out bodies.

Yuuki had not been near the explosions when they had gone off, but she had volunteered to help clean up. She might even manage to help find people in the rubble. She was quiet but serious as she headed to the meeting place for this little clean up mission, of course she had talked to Soren about it. She stood there looking at the rubble before her, one hand up by her mouth, her eyes focused on the downed buildings, veins in her face showing slightly… searching for any signs of life…

COMBAT: Yuuki focuses 4415 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RP: Yuuki transforms into BYAKUGAN-I.
RPCOMBAT: Yuuki defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-I…35

With a few bandages wrapped around his head, Ryouji was saved by Rangiku when the blasts reached the Reizei Village and caused the central house to partially collapse. With a few patches and bandages, Ryouji is now with the newly organized rescue team lending a hand. He's got a medical kit from a dead mednin and attached it to his own belt, he'll need them. He's learned basic first aid but never carried the gear needed. But now he's glad he found these and only wished he did it sooner. He's at the meeting place once he heard about the team mission. So once he reaches it, he surveys the damage they're supposed to pick over. He closes his eyes, sending out his chakra senses to help in the search. "This isn't going to be easy, but let's do our best."

RPCOMBAT: Ryouji defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…38
COMBAT: Ryouji focuses 3704 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

Hanami was tired. The last couple hours had been nothing but a haze as she worked endlessly to help clear rubble and find people hopefully to rescue and recover. Many times not. There was so much to do, and everyone was on edge as if waiting for the axe to fall that it made things tense. She was sporting her own bandages though her injuries were trivial compared to most of what she saw. She hadn't even been home yet, just snatching sleep where she could between working with the various crews. Darting around the city, putting her speed to some use in various delivery jobs between salvage work. Honi had been around too, though currently he was off somewhere, hopefully staying out trouble since he had been mildly burned during the initial attack. Then again he didn't seem worried about the injuries so many he wasn't that effected. A messenger had eventually tracked Hanami down and told her where to meet up for a mission. She had made sure someone else replaced her then was off though not as fast as usual. Once at the meeting place she looks curiously at Yuuki but gives Ryouji a tired wave, "Hey there…glad you're alright Ryouji."

COMBAT: Hanami focuses 3209 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…22
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…38

Yori has been busy. Nearly nonstop busy thanks to everything that's been going on. When he's not working through things at the administration or helping dig through rubble or helping at the hospital or…well the list goes on and on. Basically sleep is lacking but for a good reason. He's just coming from the hospital, nearly exhausted as he moves around to help out more.

There were many bodies littered everywhere! Yuuki, thanks to the power of her doujutsu, would have a bit of an edge in the group in general! She'd have seen signs of life, but the life was ebbing away very steadily from those that were crushed. The ones with the strongest of those present would be two people, who look male, that were off in a building about two hundred yards away from the Hyuuga.
Ryouji would be eyed by some of the relief members already running around. They all knew each other among the village, and the ones that really knew Ryouji would call out, "Hey, you should give that to someone who can use it!" Their tone is a bit more friendly, though, but they are quite serious. Ryouji would be better off helping move rubble and bodies to the hospital, or even fetching supplies.
Hanami would not be able to find many chakra signatures, but she could figure out that everyone was working hard! Just because there was in general a lot of people hustling and bustling… Yeah, not much to sense when it isn't too focused. Everything important to find is likely something that can't be found so easily!

Yuuki glnced up as first Ryouji then Hanami came near, neither aying hermuch attention. She remained silent and trned back to what she had been doing. These Kumogakure types were pretty hard to relate to sometimes. It was like a Silent Cloud Line. Oh well. She sighed softly then just started stepping forward as hse continued to scan the debris. No one spoke to her and she kept silent.
Yuuki, for those who had never met her before, was clearly a Hyuga. Her eyes showed that much and her Konohagakure Hitai-ate supported it. Her long black hair hung to her lower back and she wore a lavendar jacket with black pants.

The Hyuuga frowned then stepped forward, carefully balancing on her feet as she stepped in safe locations ont he rubble. Finally she pointed at a specific location. "Three feet down. One male. Quickly." Then she turned, ignoring the person she'd spoken to and with a deadly serious look on her face began removing rubble over the second body herself. It wouldn't take ong fo her to be panting as she wasn't very strong but she was determined.

RP: Ryouji transforms into REIZEI-BLUR.
COMBAT: Ryouji heals target 1 with FIRST-AID with a roll of: 35

Ryouji lifts a hand in greeting to Hanami and touches the bandages on his head, "No worse for wear. We should start looking. When you find someplace to search, let me know and I'll start digging." Then someone calls to him that he should give up the medic pack. He calls out, "Here…" and pulls it off his belt and tosses it to whoever called out. "…you can use it better than I can." While he does know first aid, his skill at it is still new and compared to a fully trained mednin hardly there. So what they said does make sense in a way. He looks back at Yuuki and Hanami, "When you find someplace to zero in, let me know. Be back in a second." Ryouji heads to the nearest wounded, checking him over to see if he can be moved. Once he makes sure he isn't going to fall apart, Ryouji powers up his blur and picks up the person. Then he's gone, just gone. He takes off running, leaving a small line of dirt in his wake. Moments later he slows in front of the hospital and gently sets the person down where a triage area is being set up, then nods to them before disappearing with a blur of speed back to where he started. "Ok, what's next?"

Hanami nods to Ryouji then looks over at Yuuki, seeing her trying to lift the rubble. She heads over, giving the girl a wan smile and noting her distinctive eyes, "Hey there, let me help you. And thanks." She grabs onto the piece and lifts, helping Yuuki move it. After that she'd take Yuuki's direction in clearing more of the rubble, grabbing pieces on her own as well as helping to lift heavier ones.

Yori's gold-brown eyes search over the rubble of the area, his hair a mess and his face still covered in dirt from all the rubble shifting. When he hears someone calling to dig somewhere he goes over to find Hanami and Yuuki and gives them a small nod in greeting. His normal full bow is something out of hold for the time being as he moves to help with the rocks they're moving. "Hyuga, thank you so much for your assistance in our time of need."

The rubble would shift a bit as Yuuki and Hanami both worked to loosen it, eventually falling off to the side. Yuuki should keep a close eye on everything, as the rubble could easily simply crush the men she was rescuing! They were already unconscious, a bit of blood dripping from an injury to the head. The other man looked like he was trying to carry the first, but he was buried as he was trying to escape with his friend.
The man that addressed Ryouji catches the bag of medic supplies and goes to give it to Yori, who's known for being a medic (if a beginning one). "Here, kid… Use this. And maybe wash your hands before you start treating injuries," he tells the Saito before he jogs off to help with some of the reconstruction efforts. A few handseals, and a pillar of earth would shoot up to support one of the buildings that had a crumbling support.

RP: Yuuki rolled a 2 with 1d3 die.

Yuuki blinked as Ryouji and Hanami both took direction and helped her with what she was doing. She had not expected that. But it was a good thing. She nodded slowly to Hanami's greeting. Then to Yori. "I…I'm..not very strong…" But that didn't stop her from trying. "Hyuuga Yuuki." She said, introducing herself. "I can.. see two men.. I think. We…we're almost to this one." She was right.. kind of. She saw both men, one a bit rougher than the other and bit her lip. They would be hard to extract if they weren't careful.
The rocks shifted then, but rather than regain balance, Yuuki shoved her hands into the rubble, manageing to deflect a large rock from theman's head… It seemed to pin her though. She remained Silent.

Hanami nods, giving a little smile, "Shinatobe Hanami, wish a meeting could've been under better circumstances. But lets do what we can then. Two men huh? Don't worry, we'll get them." Of course as they do the rubble shifts and she works on her balance only to see Yuuki pinned. "Hang on, we'll get you free." She looks about and spots Yori, "Yori! Can you help me with this, we got to get her free."

Yori nods, "Saito Yorishiro. It's an honor to meet you." When the rubble shifts Yori doesn't even speak. All he does is pause, then look over the rubble. He stands and clicks the sword free from it's sheath at his side. Three strikes flash nearly unseen and the sword is back in it's sheath. The rock was cut clean through and Yori takes the top portion off, throwing it aside, then lifts the second and throws it aside. "Hanami-san, get that last one." He moves to put his back and push against the rest of the rubble so that when the last bit is omved the rocks won't tumble. At least not right away. "Then help Yuuki-san move the man."

COMBAT: Yori attacks target 1 with TRIPLE-SLASH with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Yori focuses 1645 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

The rubble is finally moved! Yori's plan worked, largely, allowing the team to extricate the two men from the collapsed building. "Good job, you three! We'll get them to the hospital now… Yori-san, could you please tell us if these two need emergency care?" the man asks with frown.

Yuuki kept quiet mostly. Blinking as the Kumo nin went to help her first. She would shake her head, content to wait for the rocks to be moved and further protecting the trapped men. Once her hands were freed she nodded. "Thank you." And helped pull the men free for what that was worth. She didn't take the time tolook at her own hands, she turned to look around for more trapped in the debris.

RPCOMBAT: Yuuki defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-I…29

Hanami nods to Yori after he slices through the rock and grabs the last piece. She looks to Yuuki, "You okay?" Though there's no response as Yuuki seems to focus on getting the men out, once that's done Hanami stops her, "Hey, we should make sure your hands are alright. If there was any damage it could be bad."

Yori crouches next to the two men, a hand on either's shoulder as he pings each moments after each other. His hand starts glowing green on one for a few moments before he nods. "They are both just below urgent now. Make sure to tag them as yellow when they arrive at the hospital." He stands then to go over to Yuuki, looking at her hands before holding out his own two. "Yuuki-san, please let me see your hands." His voice is rather emotionless at this point. Between all the action and the tiredness he has very little decorum and just needs to get things done.

COMBAT: Yori heals target 1 with LIGHT-HEALING-JUTSU with a roll of: 30

Yuuki wouldn't really see anything, either because there wasn't anyone around (in rubble) or because her vision was not strong enough to penetrate the layers of ruined homes.

Yuuki blinked and looked toward Hanami with an odd blink. She looked down at her hands and they were bleeding a bit but she shook her head. "I can still move them…. You can't waste time on me." Yori's insistance that she let him heal er made her look at him for a moment before shaking he head. She pulled some bandages and salve from her own pouch. "I'm alright. You worry abotu your people. You need to give them your energy…. not me…."

Frowning Hanami puts a hand on Yuuki's shoulder if she lets her, "Hey. Yes, there are still many people lost or trapped. But you're one of the healthy ones, one of the ones who can help. But not if you're hands are messed up. And think about what happens to you if you lose your hands. We just met, but I'll kick your butt and send you to the hospital strapped to a bed if you're going to be that stupid as to ignore such a serious injury to yourself."

"Like Hanami-san said, you're healthy and we need you to remain that way. Please let me see your hands. If you're injured you'll be slower." Yori continues to speak unemotionally as his eyes stare right into Yuuki's, his own hands unmoving as they just remain there…waiting.

Soren flew acrossed the terrain. He wasn't even in Kumogakure when it happened. Ayame and he had gone out into the mountains to find something particular to bring back to Yuuki… it was only when the explosions rang through the mountainsides that he rushed back, as quickly as his legs could carry. Now with Ayame riding on his shoulder, he rushed the streets, letting his companion guide him closer to Yuuki. He was about to bypass the area, when the fox yelled to stop, causing Soren to stop on a dime, the fox pup nearly flying off his shoulder. He looks about, still scanning for Yuuki first and foremost. After he made sure she was ok, he'd start seeing how he can help.

Yuuki looked worried for a moment then sighed softly and let Yori take her hands. The damage had not been great but it had already begun to swell. She looked down and shook her head. "He should still be more worried about his own people." She wouldn't argue the point though. Not right now. They were wasting time. And then Soren and Ayame came up and se jumed, turning and putting her hands behind her, hiding them from Soren (though Ayame could easily scent blood). "S..Soren…" She blushed….

Hanami shakes her head at Yuuki's reaction to the healing but at least she was complying. While she gets healed Hanami would work to locate others nearby and shift rubble. Before long someone and a fox show up. She stops her work and heads back over, "Hello there, can we help you?"

Yori had just sent his pinging chakra through Yuuki when her hands withdraw and she turns. Well at least her back is to him. He walks up to her back, gently grabs her wrists and says, "Don't move Yuuki-san. Not until I'm finished healing." And with that he heals, fixing the swelling and bleeding that had come from the crushing rocks. He doesn't even look up at Soren as he focuses on the task at hand.

COMBAT: Yori heals Yuuki for 325 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Considering the fact that Ryouji had reported he had to go take of a different building in the Reizei compound, a Jounin was sent over to the group of Yori/Yuuki/Hanami. "Hey, you three-… Four? Well, anyway, hurry up. I think there are some people over there that need to be retrieved. Yori-san, could you go over there after you're done healing? There are a number of people injured, and they're part of the rebuilding team. Shinatobe-san, Hyuuga-san, go and help find more people. There are a lot of folk under the debris, and we can't lose anyone else." he says grimly.

Soren blinked as Yuuki spoke his name, finally finding her. And then relief washed over him. She was safe. Thank the Kami…
Ayam blinked at the scent of blood, but she also heard Yori talk about healing… so she chose not to say anything.
Soren approached, nodding to Hanami. "Sorry… I came to make sure Yuuki was allright." he says, nodding, then looking at her. "You are allright, yes…?" he asked, giving her a questioning look, just trying to be sure. When the Jounin speaks up, Soren nodded. "Ayame… see if you can't help sniff out some survivors. The faster we can get them out the better." he says giving her a pet, and a pat to send her on her way.

Yuuki nodded as Yori began healing her behind her back, trying to keep the pain off her face. She was only partially successful. She did not wnt to upset Soren. The Jounin that came over giving orders got a nod from Yuuki. Then she looked at Soren kind of bashfully and looked down. "Well. I will be. Yori-san fixed it. I …. kind of caught a rock… uhm… with my knuckles."

Hanami nods to Soren, "Sure, makes sense. Well I'm Shinatobe Hanami, welcome." When Soren sends Ayame off to help Hanami smiles, "Thank you, we can use all the help we can get especially from those who can help us find the people trapped beneath the rubble. But Yuuki did it to save a couple trapped people just now, it was very brave of her."

Yori finishes healing her hands and releases her wrists before he steps next to her and nods to Soren. "Soren-san, it's good to see you. I'm glad to see you're safe." It's fairly obvious that the man wasn't there during the attacks. "If you're able to help please do so. We can use all we have." With that he moves off to check on the folks that the Jounin had told him about, kneeling next to the them to do some light work. He'd take them out of danger and leave it to the hospital staff to do more.

COMBAT: Yori heals target 1 with LIGHT-HEALING-JUTSU with a roll of: 31

Soren nodded slowly as he took in the situation. Then he turned to Yuuki, and reached over to touch her shoulder. "There are alot of people hurt pretty bad. I'm really glad you weren't one of them…" he says, honestly feeling just a little bad for being as dismissive of her injury as he was being… but there was a rather serious situation here.

Soren nodded. "I can help clear rubble, and Ayame should be able to point me in the direction of survivors. I also know basic first aid, so I should be able to keep them alive until we can get more serious treatment." he says with a nod, both towards Yuri and the Jounin. "Inuzuka Soren, by the way." he spares back to Hanami, before setting off to aid.
Yuuki blushed as Hanami pronounced her to be brave. A thank you was aimed at Yori and she gave Soren and appologetic expression. He could chide her later if he wanted. For now she had tolocate more guys. Ayame might be able to sniff out victims but Yuuki could see them and that didn't require use of her sore hands.

Hanami smiles, maybe a bit amused. A little amusement even amidst all this was a nice thing. To Soren she nods, letting him see after Yuuki while she went to work again. With the various senses and strength of their bodies hopefully the group would be able to really make a difference in clearing the rubble and rescuing those trapped beneath.

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