Todas Las Personas - The Final Battle


Canis (emitter), Jon, Michiko, Naruko, Arashi, Furoo, Sakuya, Hiei

Date: October 27, 2015


The team of Kumogakure shinobi has finally launched an attack on the base of an older threat after discovering a lot of information, and they go to deal with this group.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Todas Las Personas - The Final Battle"

Land of Lightning

Who's to say exactly how it happened. A slip up here, a name dropped there. However it happened, it simply did. The home base of the Las Personas was located. Sure, it was rather heavily guarded and fortified as might be expected, but it's been confirmed that the leader lies within as well as others who are apparently higher within the ranks. Should the Kumogakure shinobi be able to invade and kill those within it would surely be the end of the group that has caused chaos amongst the shinobi of the Land of Lightning. The only problem is, of course, there's no telling how strong they will be in the end. With those they've previously gathered it's obvious that they can pull together large groups to their cause and the base itself? Well it's a fortified castle deep in the mountains of the Land of Lightning far at the top of a cliff with only one easily destroyable way up. At least, one for those that aren't shinobi.
The time was chosen. An early morning saw the shinobi of Kumogakure gathering near the gates. And not only those that would normally go, but a large number of shinobi in general to fight the group itself from Genin to Jounin. Nearly a hundred shinobi have gathered in preperation. And now the time had finally come. The shinobi are ready. Some are waiting atop the rebuilt walls of Kumogakure, others fill from just inside the gates to a large portion of the plateau outside as they speak in quiet tones and wait for someone of import to come and speak before sending them off.

SOMEBODY OF GREAT IMPORT ARRIVES TO SPEAK! Or of great self-import, anyway. Scruvo alights on the ramparts and squawks out with surprising volume for such a small creature. "Listen up, mates! Th'time has come t'show these blinkin' boundahs wot's wot! Aftah t'day, downy chicks will sleep safe in their nests once more! Let blood run in rivahs t'day, followed by celebratory chocolate syrup! Remembah the a la mode!" Having said his piece, Scruvo dives down off the wall and takes his usual perch on Jon, who…pretends not to know him. e.e;

Michiko rolls her eyes a bit at Scruvo, though it's a good natured exasperation. "Thank you for the inspiring words, Scruvo-san," she says before glancing around the group. Hiei was here, in all likelihood, with murder in his eyes even more likely. He probably gets to say his little spiel about how Kumogakure shall kill all these guys and stop future threats. And Michiko picks up the more sobering news.
"Remember, we don't know how strong these people are. They fight en masse, though, and they tend to fight dirty. Everyone, be wary for an explosion after you defeat someone, no matter your opponent. I don't want any of our Shinobi to lose their lives today, as far too much blood has been spilled against this latest threat. Jounin, I expect you to help lead here. You each have a map to the and of the location as best we could make. No one should be fighting alone; keep an eye on each other's backs. And fight your hardest."
Her piece said, Michiko would step down and wait for the signal to move out. … Because Hiei is totally leading this, right? He can't possibly have missed this fight.

Naruko's blood surprisingly wasn't boiling from all this inspirational battle prep talk. If they could defeat the group once they could defeat them again. The issue was going to be how many casualties it was goign to take. Naruko for the most part is hidden under her bellowing white-grey cloak, merely looking up at their inspirational speakers, her finger idly strumming along the center of her stomach, and no she wasn't hungry at the moment. "Fight hard but fight smart…" Naruko mutters quietly under her breath, she was ready to go….. They just needed to get a move on.

Arashi would easily have jumped to join this fight. They have done to much already, and the chance to end it for good was worth the risk to himself. So he gathered with the rest of the Kumo shinobi listening to the speeches that were given by the heads. He was as ready as he was gonna be, but it was gonna take more then just being ready. He knew that, but luckily the whole thing was well planned out. As long as everyone watched each others backs, and followed the plan as it was no on should die. Getting heavily injured though. That was surely a possibility still.

Joining up with the others to fight, Furoo grins as she speaks, "The devious, dastardly deviants, whom have defiantly divied up the destruction of KUmogakure in a disastorous fashion and have now had their location devised by the divinations of the dexterous daredevils who dwell in Kumogakure. I'm quite excited by the not so preposterous prospects that have placed us upon a perilous pursuit of these profligates." Grinning ear to ear, Furoo looks around and then shrugs before she steps forward and prepares herself, wringing her hands as she steps up next to Naruko, "I just wanna fight. Hard? Smart? Eh, it all sounds like fun to me." She chuckles.

Someday, Sakuya is going to be the one fishing secrets from the depths of people's minds. Someday, she's going to be the one to make people beg her to tell her their secrets. Until then, she'll have to rely on someone's occasional slip up to locate the bad guys. »Why don't you give a few inspirational words, Zuzu?« Sakuya asks her snake silently. «…» »Come on, Zuzu. Scruvo is doing so well. I'm motivated. It's more than you have ever motivated me« «I at least know how to focus on an important mission. There's a reason you will never be a Chunin, but I'll let you figure out what, fool» "Do we need take any surviors?" Sakuya asks quickly. If she was here, survivors would be left. It's her nature. «No need for a senseless waste of life.» »I'd kill them all. They did leave your village a smouldering wreck before your Kage-mandated vacation to Sunagakure. Let loose a little, and drop the pacifism.« Sakuya would stroke Zuzu's head, whom had slipped down under and over her skirt, acting like a tail at the moment. "Your orders, Michiko? Jon-sens… Jon?"

At the various rousing speaches (and odd crow…) there are cheers and agreements, shouts of encouragement amongst the others. Once it's all said and done the order is given and the various teams of shinobi take off at high speeds. Some are mounted, others run, regardless of how they go they do indeed go. The trip itself isn't going to be short. The castle is a good six hours off after all. If it had been closer to Kumogakure it surely would've been found by now despite it's odd location. And so the shinobi travel they don't run into any trouble along the way of course considering the size of the traveling group. Now it was just a matter of getting there and taking care of business.

Jon frowns lightly at Sakuya's question. "Well…no, not really, Sakuya-san. There may be some prisoners taken, but in this situation…this should be the primary base of our enemy, so there won't be any great need for prisoners. In principle, it's good if we can spare lives as much as possible, but…" Jon sighs. "As much as I hate to say this, you shouldn't take any risks during this combat to incapacitate an enemy where killing them would be safer. We're about to go into a war of attrition with a foe who has demonstrated fanatical commitment to our destruction, including suicidal tactics. Even if you manage to beat one of them senseless, trying to drag them away alive or stopping to bind them will make you vulnerable to their comrades, some of whom may be able to trigger some sort of trap in your prisoner's body." Jon puts a hand on Sakuya's shoulder. "Here's what you need to do. Fight for your life, use every available means to defeat the enemy. If one of them falls, leave them lay and keep going. When the battlefield is under our control, maybe then we'll find a few survivors and take them into custody. Until then…aim to kill." :/ Even Scruvo can't seem to find anything lightening to say after that. c.c The army moves out, and Jon marches with them.

COMBAT: Jon focuses 8757 stamina to turn it into 12179 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Michiko focuses 8971 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!

Michiko decided to ride her horse, Roadblock, to the base. She wants to save a bit of her energy! At the question, she would say, "Don't take chances… That's all I can say." She would rather not have too much blood spilled, of course… The Iwata simply Spurs her mount onwards, watching scenery flash by for the next few hours.

COMBAT: Naruko focuses 5014 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!

Naruko also decided to ride a horse this time around, not wanting to waste any of her own energy on the way to the site…6 hours of running and walking… she made it a point to keep up closely with Michiko though at the moment…She remains quiet for the duration of the trip, simply trying to figure out just how this battle was going to go. They were write, their enemies needed to be destroyed, but Naruko was entirely sympathetic to Sakuya. If there was a way….she would try to do so.

Arashi stayed on foot. Mostly because he didn't have a horse of his own, but the other reason because it helped him stay ready. He would listen in on the conversation about taking prisoners. These just were not people to take prisoner. Not anymore. We didn't need to find anything about them anymore, and this was the end of the line. If we didn't finish it they could come back some day with a vengeance. He would eventually tone that out, and just focus on what lies ahead.

COMBAT: Arashi focuses 3866 stamina to turn it into 4500 usable chakra!

A look at Naruko as she ignores her and Furoo frowns. She sighs before taking up a horse as well and riding along. She didn't have anything fun or exciting to add at the moment and so she is silent as they ride along.

COMBAT: Sakuya focuses 1864 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

She can feel the genral mood her comment invoked. «Stupid question.» »Zuzu, please…« «Kill them all.» Sakuya would hold her head low as she rode alongside her comrades, Arashi going by foot strangely when everyone else is going by horse.

He had been quiet during the initial speeches. He had been silent during most of the trip. Yotsuki Hiei had been in multiple engagements over the years. His knack for combat had been discovered when he was young by Reizei Ogosokamaru. And it was improved..honed..he was morphed into a being who held no mercy for his enemies. His body developed to the point where his physical attributes allowed him to be stronger, faster…to be able to fight longer than most other shinobi. He was bred and built for warfare. Even mentally…he had a knack for compartmentalize his emotions. To temporarily kill that part of him which was human so that he could kill without remorse. Now that the day of recoking had come, Hiei felt an emotion that did not fit with the current situation. Remorse.
Atop his warhorse Snake Eyes, he is clad in his matte black armor. The armor designed by Shuuren's company to augment the abilities of the Yotsuki clan, making their lightning element even more potent than ever before. He knew what he would face and he was ready. Or at least he thought he was. As the army makes their way towards the main base of their enemy, Hiei was preparing himself to do what must be done. He didn't need to make a speech, he didn't need to impart words of wisdom. Everyone here knew what the stakes were and they knew what had to be done. This is the time that Hiei would simply put his trust in the shinobi under his command. He murmurs a mantra that he had once heard from his own father. "Do our duty, and let come what may.."

COMBAT: Hiei focuses 3394 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

There is only one 'easy' way up the mountain and it's along a number of small bridges that would not hold many people at any one time. Should too many people try to cross at once then it's likely the bridges would fall apart. The bridges themselves don't appear to be guarded though. That is saved for only the castle itself at the top of the cliff. The real question is how are they going to get so many shinobi into the fight with only so many able to go one way. Hopefully most have their tree walking skills down. As the shinobi arrive it's going to be up to the leaders to decide how they are to split and begin their ascent.

Jon regards the bridges. A classic defensive strong point…not only does it limit the amount of force which can be brought to bear through bottlenecking, it can be destroyed in an emergency to cut off access and trap any foes who are on the bridge at the time. It would be downright idiotic of the enemy to not have some sentinels posted to take advantage of this. e.e Of course, scaling the cliff itself wouldn't be a picnic either, even with tree-walking; it would use up a fair bit of chakra and the enemy could drop things on them if they become aware of the approach."
"I don't trust this situation," Jon remarks out loud. "I don't think they could have too much forces hidden on the other side, but it would only take a few to destroy the bridges. Raikage-sama, I'd recommend we send a few of our best and fastest to cross over as quickly as possible and hold a position on the other side."

Michiko eyes the ratty bridge and murmurs, "That certainly won't do…" The girl glances back behind her and vanishes in a burst of speed, speaking to those that could use the earth element. Once they were gathered, she would tell them to make a huge bridge of earth that spanned the chasm before them so that the group would be able to cross. With all of them working together, it shouldn't take too much time or energy, right?

Naruko was a little irritated with the pathing. Kumo was a great place but these moutains was a gift and a curse. "Looks like going by horseback is no good." Naruko complains, this time to Furoo. Mobility was going to be key at this point. With Jon's advice Naruko knew exactly who were among the fastest of the groups. "Furoo-chan, lets go! It should be easy to hold things of it gets Messy. Once the earth bridge began to take shape Naruko didnt hesitate to rush chakra through her body and make her way over.

RP: Naruko transforms into RAPID-MOVEMENT-MODE.

Arashi would look around the area to take it all in. Yeah this looked like a set up already, and it was not something he was comfortable with right now. "Yeah this could become an issue." He didn't really speak to anyone in particular. Once the earth bridge started forming he would get close to where it was forming. Not long after it started he would see Naruko charge across instantly. Well if they are going over to check then miht as well keep an eye out from here.

COMBAT: Furoo focuses 2666 stamina to turn it into 3100 usable chakra!

A glance at the others, Furoo listens to Hiei a moment before she looks to Jon. She looks over the bridges before looking to Michiko as she rushes off. Naruko speaks up and then she glances to her and nods, "Yeah, I'm not keen on horses anyway." She then grins as she looks forward, "As for getting across fast, Naruko-chan is right." She grins and she follows Naruko across, moving with the quickness her clan is known for even as she chuckles a little to herself, "I really think this could be fun if they put up a good fight."

RP: Furoo transforms into REIZEI-BLUR.

«A shame you're too slow to join them. Hebisuuhai are supposed to be a clan that focuses on being flexible, but in the end you're kind of useless» »My primary element is earth release, I wouldn't have been able to help create a bridge as it was. I'll let the Kage make best use of a genjutsu user, Zuzu.« Until then, she remains on standby, watching as two ninja speed their way across the rickety bridge that looks as if it'd be cut at any moment…

Once they make it to the bridge, Hiei dismounts Snake Eyes and moves towards the front of the group. The mask covering his lower face hides the frown that's on his lips. "Be prepared to protect the earth users from a distance. Ready your ranged jutsu." He turns his attention to Naruko and Furoo. "Take no chances if you don't have to. Don't try to be a hero. Just make sure our shinobi are safe while they work." He crosses his arms over his chest and moves to stand next to Jon and Michiko. "I don't like this." He murmurs low enough for only the immediate group to hear. "We're exposed out here and if I were to pick a spot for an ambush, this would be the one. Be on guard."

As earth users start to craft the bridge across it's definitely more than enough to gather the attention of those within the castle if they didn't know already of the shinobi's presence. As the bridge starts to form arrows and other objects of the sharp type begin to make their way down towards the gathered shinobi. Almost on cue the bridge that had already existed is cut down, obviously having been prepared before hand for just such an occasion that might be necessary. Luckily thanks to the distance that seperates the shinobi from the castle the aim isn't all that great. Still, quantity sometimes beats quality, doesn't it?

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Ayup, just stirred up the hornets' nest. X) Scruvo immediately takes off for safer airspace, away from the cloud of arrows. c.c That's fine of course, Jon's not likely to need him as a scout or anything in this situation. Jon himself draws his rod and thwacks away the few arrows which wind up falling near him. Yay for anime physics. n.n "Looks like there's no better time than now. Let's go!" Jon dashes out across the earth bridge, intent on coming to grips with the enemy.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(32) attack from Canis with a EFFICIENT-METAL-BARRIER…62
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Michiko closes her eyes for a moment as the arrows come forth. She was one of the people helping with the earth bridge, but it didn't take much to send chakra through the metal armor she wore, strengthening it so that arrows and other weapons ping off. "Hai, let's go," she tells the others. "At least there isn't much of an ambush, Hiei-san. Though we should make sure to watch our backs, no?" Then she takes off after Naruko, Furoo, and Jon.

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Naruko rushes towards their objective, weaving through the arrows from above. "It looks like we are discovered! They will be prepared for us! " naruko calls out to everyone. at this rate all she could do was spear head forward

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Arashi notices the arrows quickly since he was looking around already. Of course it didn't take long for everyone to notice, so he didn't have to worry about warrning them. A few arrows came down right towards him, and in an instant hit the ground where he was standing. He had shifted to the side just in time for the arrows to miss. Once he knew he was able to he would also rush ahead with the others.

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Furoo is apparently rushing along with Naruko across the stone bridge and frankly she is just about getting their as fast as possible. Even as she reaches the end of the bridge she grins at Naruko-Chan, "Care to wager who can take more of these guys down?" She hmms and hten looks at the area ahead as she zips between attacks from them as if this were some game, "I bet I can take down way more."

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That was terrible. Sakuya had placed her hand in a seal to create a genjutsu to divert their fire, but the genjutsu's range was beyond them firstly, and secondly, it was a volley not a specific attack. The first arrow struck her in the shoulder, making her use actual dodging to move from the next sharp object that wished to sink itself in her. "Genjutsu is going to be useless here." she says as she shuts one eye and breaks the shaft of the arrowhead, keeping it in. Zuzu woul snake his way around her waist outside of her clothing. "Fool, rely on me then. Though, our little trick isn't ready yet." Zuzu would note. "Refrain from using me as a blunt weapon this time." Zuzu asks.

RP: Sakuya transforms into ZUZU.
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Hiei lifts both his hands and catches the arrows right before they would impact him. He crushes them in his grip and tosses the remains to the side. As he begins to move across the bridge, he looks up to where the source of the jutsu was coming from as he forms handseals of his own. Lightning pools into the palms of his hand as he launches a spear of lightning towards them, folllowed by small but powerful fireballs. "Keep moving. No way to go but forward now."

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The bridge is completed and, while the castle may be alerted, apparently the gathering shinobi had not been entirely expected as there are no decent folk to try and defend against any opening attacks. As can be seen as a number of the guards are hit by Hiei's attacks, all of which manage to destroy part of the castle walls as well. If everyone in the castle didn't know that the shinobi were there before they sure as velma do now! But then, there's no real effect of just taking out a few guards. It just causes more things to be thrown down on the shinobi and since they're getting closer, the aim is just getting a little better.

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Jon continues swatting arrows away with his rod as he runs. He considers his options, the castle's walls looming large before him. It's tempting to trap a whole lot of these mooks in a massive genjutsu, particularly since he has one in mind that would be rather poetic for them…but, that would be overkill really, best to save chakra for the fights ahead. Accordingly, he runs through the handseals for a much more simple technique. Jon suddenly poofs from where he is, reappearing clinging to the lip of the castle ramparts. He swings himself up and over the edge, kicking at the nearest archer in the process. Then he poofs again and this time shows up behind another foe, making a jabbing punch at his kidney. Jon appears and reappears like a wraith amongst the castle defenders, striking with tactical purpose.

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Michiko takes note of the incoming projectiles, though she only reinforces the armor she wears as needed, keeping herself speeding along until she's fully across. Following Jon, the girl would send a wave of fire out at approaching enemies, covering the ground almost completely as it washes over the enemy units. It didn't take much chakra to do that, either, which is probably the best part. "Far too many distractions… But where are the big fish?" she wonders quietly, deciding it might be a good idea to change tactics if this keeps up.

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Naruko grins at Furoo but merely nudges forward. "Just…becareful. These are the every day beat them up…This could get very serious very quickly," Naruko reminded Furoo as she began to focus chakra along the palms of her hands, wind weeping like an aura about her form. She began to continue forward intop the opening, attacking a few of the enemies with gusts of violent wind, swooshing with quickly movement of her hands.

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COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 452 damage.

Arashi wouldn't be able to stop all of the attacks this time. The first few were easy, but as he got closer there were to many to close. His speed just was not quick enough yet. Either way he would shake it off, and continue on for now. Along with the rest of the Kumo shinobi he would start his own attacks. He would aim his palms in front of him firing lightning at anyone he could see and hit.

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Flickering out of the way of one attack before simply dashing forward to avoid another, Furoo chuckles, "Yeah, well, hopefully they'll be tougher than that shadow wielder Rise and I took apart." She then looks forward and zips up to one of those that felt their lives were best spent with this group and she attempts to palm strike one in the chest beofre whipping out her staff and extending it to full length. She whips it around to attempt to smack it consecutively across the face of two men, "Come on! Lets make this fun!"

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That's the second arrow to land somewhere against her body. The incoming volley taking it's toll on Sakuya. "I can barely see these things coming at." She says as she drops to a knee, reaching for the arrow sunk into her leg, and snapping it so that the arrowhead stays inside of her. This keeps her from bleeding too much. «It will be easier to function once we get into close quarters. Keep marching.» "Hai…" She would say as she gets onto her legs and keeps running forward.

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Hiei side steps one of the arrows and then leaps up, planting a foot on the side of the castle wall and runs up the side. The second arrow, he flips over, while still going up the side of the wall. He leaps the last few feet, his body moving fast but not at hyper speed. He extends his palm out as a blast of lightning flies for his opponent. He then points one finger the other direction as a zig-zagging lightning flies out of the tip. Another backflip and he crosses his arms over his chest before shooting them out to the side as slivers of lightning expand in front of him and then chase down his target. "Don't spend too much time on these guys."

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COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(47) attack from Hiei with a DODGE…28
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 755 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-ARC(47) attack from Hiei with a DODGE…33
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 560 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-NEEDLES(41) attack from Hiei with a DODGE…25
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 618 damage.

As attacks start coming over the walls at the guards there isn't much they can do. A number fall to the fast actions of the Saito. More burn to the flames of the Iwata. A number are shredded by the slicing winds of the Uzumaki. A few are blasted off the top of the wall by the vicious lightning blasts of the Hizumu. A few are thwapped silly by the rod of a Reizei. A handful fry at the electric current from the Yotsuki. Heck a few are even scared of the look of the Hebisuuhai in general.
But then it seems that some others have joined the fodder. Sudden fire appears near Jon, seeking to consume him from various directions. Metal bindings break through other areas as they seek out the foolish Iwata in an attempt to wrap her tight. One of the lesser creatures seems to appear all around Naruko as spiders crawl from the ground and attempt to sink their tiny fangs into her form. From one moment to the next there appears a shirtless teen, bones all out of whack as some of the sharpened ones swing towards Arashi in a dance of death. A wide, white-eyed creation comes at Furoo with hands that promise not only pain, but certain death as well. Other varieties of insects seek out the strange snake girl, attempting to fly by and bite her in as many places as possible. Then, from out of the castle walls bursts forth a spinning pair of fanged beasts, aimed right for the Raikage himself as they attempt to rend his flesh.

RP: Jon transforms into SIXTH-SENSE.
COMBAT: Jon defends against FIREBOLT(37) attack from Canis with a BODY-FLICKER-TECHNIQUE…61

With the walltop more or less cleared of mooks, Jon pauses to activate a relatively low-level mind-enhancing technique. It's a good thing he does, because he suddenly becomes aware of the need to move, and not just in any old direction — he has to throw himself out of a multi-sided fire assault apparently. c.c Jon poofs once more, then reappears nearby the guy who just tried to barbecue him. "Y'know if you lie down with your hands on your head, there's a chance you'll live through this." Per his own advice, though, Jon's not about to wait around and see if the foe submits. He draws his rod and swings it twice, a loud *CRACK* of lightning chakra echoing against the walls with each strike.

RP: Michiko transforms into SIZZLE-II.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against METAL-BINDING(58) attack from Canis with a EFFICIENT-METAL-BARRIER…47

Facing off against another Murasame is the last thing Michiko would expect. The girl twists a bit in her spot, and a sheet of metal springs up, though some go around and grab her, keeping her in place. "Tsk…" she mutters, focusing her chakra so that a faint aura appears around her form.

COMBAT: Naruko counters against a SPIDER-INJECTIONS(37) attack from Canis with a LEAF-WHIRLWIND…46

Naruko was afraid of spiders…or at least somewhat. As they attempted to overwhelm her, the heels of her feet dug deep into the ground and she launched herself forward. Kicking away the spiders and giving her ample amount of time to press the attack against this strange Okumo. "Leaf Whirlwind!" Naruko exclaims as the single double kick hopefully sent her target staggering back away from her. After the double kick she followed through, a brilliant sphere of burning red forming along her palm, from which she extends forward attempting to drive the sphere home. A hopeful quick end to a battle so Naruko could press forward.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against BLADE-DANCE(31) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…37

Arashi noticed the Kaguya coming his way. Bones were spinning around trying to cut into his skin. He was able to keep moving away from the bones just as they got close. The last bit would have got him if he was unable to simply move, so with a little bit of sparks he shifts just out of the way. His counter attack would involve him pointing his palms at the Kaguya, and blasting multiple beams of energy at him.

COMBAT: Furoo counters against a JUUKEN-STRIKE(34) attack from Canis with a BLUR-PHYSICAL…54

A blink as she turns and Furoo looks over at the incoming Hyuga, "Oh, hey! Don't you guys see everything or see real well or something?" She points at the shinobi and then twirls her staff as it shrinks back down to a half-staff. Then the strike comes in and she simply ends up with both staff in hand and ends up driving one of the half-staves right toward the Hyuga's floating rib before spinning around to behind and whipping both escrima stick like weapons together toward either side of the Hyuga's head. She then considers, "Did ya see that one coming?" She then flips both staff up into the air and does a two fisted strike at blinding speed right toward the Hyuga's middle back. She then catches both satffs and grins, "Hey, Naruko!" She smiles, "Good kick! Wrap it up fast, spiders seem like a gross thing to face."

COMBAT: Sakuya defends against KIKAICHU-SWARM(16) attack from Canis with a DODGE…29

Strange Snake Girl. Maybe so, but she isn't filled with nasty insects, like the cloud of insects she just dived under, taking a roll, and getting back up on her feet as she move forward to get into physical range of the Aburame… This one reminds of of Kyoko, which makes her want to beat scooby out of him. «You're so terribly ugly that it strikes fear into the enemy. Good job.» Such statement making Sakuya blush with embarassment. With her eyes on the battlefield, she watches as Michiko is tied into metal rathar tightly, making it so that she cannot move. Sakuya has limited use at range, but they are close enough in which she can at least try to give both Michiko's and her own attacker pause, before throwing Kunai over at the rage-inducing Aburame!

COMBAT: Hiei defends against GATSUGA(82) attack from Canis with a HYPER-SPEED-BLINK-DODGE…77
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 366 damage.

Hiei didn't notice the inuzuka until it was almost too late. He tried to move to avoid the Gatsuga but it impacted him anyway. He slides back along the ground from the impact. "Please. I don't want to hurt your ninkin. Back off and surrrender." To emphasize his point, he attempts to punch him in the gut, then grab him by the throat and slam him into the ground. "Listen to reason. They don't care about you. Stop fighting us!"

COMBAT: Sarutobi defends against LIGHTNING-PHYSICAL(41) attack from Jon with a FIRE-CLONE…63
COMBAT: Sarutobi defends against LIGHTNING-PHYSICAL(42) attack from Jon with a FIRE-CLONE…47
COMBAT: Okumu defends against LEAF-WHIRLWIND(46) attack from Naruko with a KIKAICHU-WAVE…58
COMBAT: Okumu defends against FIRE-ORB(50) attack from Naruko with a KIKAICHU-WAVE…64
COMBAT: Kaguya defends against LASER-BEAM(25) attack from Arashi with a BONE-SHIELD…33
COMBAT: Kaguya defends against LASER-BEAM(30) attack from Arashi with a BONE-SHIELD…32
COMBAT: Hyuga defends against BLUR-PHYSICAL(54) attack from Furoo with a JUUKEN-DODGE-II…51
COMBAT: Hyuga loses the roll and sustains 398 damage.
COMBAT: Hyuga defends against BLUR-PHYSICAL(37) attack from Furoo with a JUUKEN-DODGE-II…48
COMBAT: Hyuga defends against BLUR-PHYSICAL(52) attack from Furoo with a JUUKEN-DODGE-II…56
COMBAT: Aburame defends against LESSER-SNAKE-EYES(23) attack from Sakuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH…26
COMBAT: Aburame defends against LESSER-SNAKE-EYES(28) attack from Sakuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH…33
COMBAT: Aburame defends against SHARP(26) attack from Sakuya with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…16
COMBAT: Aburame loses the roll and sustains 152 damage.
COMBAT: Inuzuka defends against SKYSCRAPER(58) attack from Hiei with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…97

Obviously the shinobi have arrived. Or rather, the more trained fighter since they refuse to call themselves shinobi in any way, shape or form. As the various attacks are made against the actual shinobi only a few of them have any semblance of success. The others don't and are left to deal with having not injured their foes. On the flipside they mostly avoid the attacks of the actual shinobi with only Furoo and Sakuya sneaking in a hit or two. Jon, dealing with his new Sarutobi friend, will find himself facing against a multitude of fire clones that the man unleashes. "I ain't giving up! You must be crazy. You've walked right into our base. We have the advantage!"
Michiko's foe makes hand seals to attack the metal bound shinobi in an attempt to strike her before she can escape her bonds, earth and fire blending together in a powerful attack. Poor Naruko is playing with the spiders and, while she managed to fling off a number of them more seem to crawl up out of the ground, the bitty creatures seeking to tie up the kunoichi.
The boned foe that Arashi finds himself against manages to avoid his attacks, seeming to almost dance away from them even before he moves back in, those bones seeking to slash again and again against Arashi, trying to cause some sort of damage at least!
Despite one attack hitting the Hyuuga deflects the others two and smirks at Furoo from behind the white eyes. "I see well enough filthy shinobi. You will die this day. I hope you are ready!" With that the Hyuuga starts spinning, trying to lash out at Furoo with his chakra. While Sakuya may have had some luck against her Aburame foe, drawing a bit of blood even, it doesn't mean that he's done! Nope, instead he sends his kikaichu out towards the girl, trying to attack her and suck her chakra dry.
"They?" The Inuzuka says with a deep, throaty chuckle. "Who exactly do you think 'they' are Mr. Raikage? You wanted to know who was in charge of this group right?" Fangs gleam in the light as he thumbs to himself. "Well you found him. Now I hope you're ready to die!" The two Inuzuka charge the Raikage, surrounding him in a flash of speed and making constant circles while they lash out at him, trying to rend his flesh. After a few seconds they both turn to meet in the middle, trying to rake Hiei deeply with the parting blow.

RP: Jon transforms into MENTALITY-OF-THE-SLEUTH.
COMBAT: Jon defends against MULTIPLE-FIRE-CLONES(60) attack from Canis with a NOT-SO-FAST…92

Jon smirks as the crowd of fire clones prepares to rush him. "NOT SO FAST!" Jon stands with an arm extended sideways, pointing at the master of the clones while they seem to freeze in their tracks, held from acting by sheer force of will. "You're forgetting something important: we have justice on our side." Kind of a corny thing to say maybe, especially to somebody who probably believes in their own cause…but right now, it might seem strangely compelling to the Sarutobi. "You have participated in crimes more heinous than those you accuse others of." Jon's voice seems to alter in the man's perception, echoing someone he once esteemed, perhaps his father or a mentor from long ago. "You have slaughtered innocents and murdered children. Your deeds have been weighed in the balance, and YOU…" A gigantic mallet materializes in the sky. "…ARE…" The mallet descends like a meteor toward the Sarutobi's head. "…GUILTY!!!"

COMBAT: Michiko defends against GREAT-DRAGON-FIRE(45) attack from Canis with a TENSE…15
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 1016 damage.

Michiko is unable to escape the bonds of metal that she so often used herself, and she can only brace herself against the flames of wrath. It hurt, and she was quite certain that she might end up with some burn scars if she wasn't careful about the healing process afterwards. Michiko would be able to escape the metallic grip, though, as the flame softened the binds and allowed her to break free. "Heh… A Murasame, then? I haven't been able to fight one of my own clan in some time…" she muses. "I wonder if it's worth taking you in… Why do you even bother with attempting to destroy Kumogakure?" she asks the mystery Murasame.
As Michiko talks, the girl is forming handseals at a fast pace, hoping to catch her opponent off-guard. Indeed, it might be a bit surprising when she suddenly summons a pure-white small fox that wraps around her neck. "Feel free to attack again, by the way. If you do, I'll take it you would rather death."

RP: Naruko transforms into SHADOW-CLONE-FORMATION.
COMBAT: Naruko defends against WEB-ENTRAPMENT(52) attack from Canis with a FIRE-CLONE-REPLACEMENT…57
COMBAT: Naruko focuses 4458 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!

Yep spiders….so annoying, and so hard to get rid of. Her taijutsu wasn't going to be enough to make them go away so what better way to destroy them than to set them aflames or flush them away. "I don't have time for this!" Naruko shouts as she slips away from the attack with relative ease, exploding in a poof of flames. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" A group of 6 Narukos took flank around the original, making it would be very difficult for any other attacks to break wind any further. The group of Narukos began to move forward, going through a set of hand seals while wind began to bellow at their backs before swishing forward. The gust would be enough to dice up the spiders hopefully, while a few bolts of fire mixed in for added effect!

COMBAT: Arashi defends against BLADE-DANCE(33) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…27
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 326 damage.
COMBAT: Arashi defends against BLADE-DANCE(22) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…40

Arashi watches all his attacks miss and frowns. Dang that sucked. Although the guy in front of him came quicker this time. As this dance of bones came his way he tried to shift away, but got a few cuts before he was able to. "Why do you insist on fighting us. It's like you want to die." He raises his hands once again for a blast of two beams of energy.

RP: Furoo transforms into REIZEI-BLUR-II.
COMBAT: Furoo defends against GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN(60) attack from Canis with a BLUR-STEP…55
COMBAT: Furoo loses the roll and sustains 290 damage.

Taking a hit from the spin, Furoo frowns and shakes her head. She rolls her eyes, "Well, that kinda stung. Like in the same way stubbing your toe stings." She glances toward Naruko and chuckles at the way she fights before she hmms, "Ya know, you wanna play this game? Fine, I'm going to hit you a lot just to show you how to hit someone properly." With that she seems to phase out of existance at her speed for a moment, appearing as a brief glimmer around the Hyuga, her escrima stick like staff style flying from the left then right then the front and then one huge metal staff comes swinging down from behind at the Hyuga.

COMBAT: Sakuya defends against KIKAICHU-SWARM(24) attack from Canis with a EVASION…26
COMBAT: Sakuya defends against KIKAICHU-SWARM(24) attack from Canis with a EVASION…28
RP: Sakuya transforms into STAVE-OF-SERPENTS.

Sakuya's speed on par with the insects at this point, and knowing exactly what the weakness of an Aburame was from fighting a strong one, she is very much able to determine the paths the insects take. She was quickly approaching, and soon she was upon him. "It's over when I get close to you." She grins at the Aburame. Now she was upon him. Now it was time to make up for lost ground. "Your terrible clan is only useful at long range. I'll make you kneel for what you've done to my village" She hisses, as Zuzu quickly wraps around her arm tightly his head sticking out ready for her to grab. She does so, pulling very fast, drawing the snake into a straight line. He holds firm as he seemingly begins to change as he firms his scales up with chakra, and changes his form in a henge. The result is that Zuzu now takes the form of a Khakkhara. A staff used by buddhist monks in prayer. Even the subtle jingle of the rings expected sound clearly. Now upon the Aburame, she slips to the side and rams the snake-turned-symbol of religious devotion into the Aburame's knee, attempting to stumble him down to at least one. Now behind him, should the spirits will it, she places her hand upon the Aburame's head as she takes his moment of weakness to implant the most painful thing she knows into his mind. "Kneel, and look upon the people fighting. The people you have wronged… You have sinned, but you will be forgiven. CONFESS!" She would squeeze his mind, hoping to hear him cry out in pain. Hoping to see if pain truly sways the mind of sinners.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against SWIFT-WOLF-FANG(93) attack from Canis with a DISPLACEMENT…135

Hiei blinks as he realizes that he's dealing with the leader of this group. "I've wanted to meet you since your first attack on an innocent village." He stands still, seemingly not even going to defend himself against the attack from the Inuzuka. Their claws reach out for him, but they strike nothing but air, and when they attack in full force, they hear a *pop* from the displacement of air as Hiei moves rapidly. So fast that it seems like he teleported from one place to the other. "I feel saddened that you're an Inuzuka. I feel sad for Inuzuka Taiki because I'm going to have to destroy one of his kinsman." He exhales slowly. "Would you please give me your name. So that when I tell him of this battle, he will know who you were, despite your obvious hatred for your own legacy."
Hiei reaches down to his waist, drawing both chakra blades slowly. "Know that I take no pleasure in this. I feel that you and your group are misguided souls who blame those who's mission was only to protect those that need it. Know that those under your command will be spared and given a fair trial." His muscles flex as his body is surrounded by a bright blue aura infused with lightning. The force of the chakra output cracks the ground beneath his feet as his muscles expand to three times their normal size, increasing his strength, speed, and power dramatically. He steps forwards and then flashes to behind the Inuzuka before delivering rapid strikes towards his chest, arms and legs before he spins in place, striking out with both blades at once.

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-RELEASE-ARMOR.
COMBAT: Sarutobi defends against GUILTY-VERDICT(71) attack from Jon with a BLAST-OFF…77
COMBAT: Sarutobi takes 0 partial damage.
COMBAT: Okumu defends against BLADED-GALE(68) attack from Naruko with a SPIDER-EVASION…63
COMBAT: Okumu loses the roll and sustains 362 damage.
COMBAT: Okumu defends against BLADED-GALE(66) attack from Naruko with a SPIDER-EVASION…59
COMBAT: Okumu loses the roll and sustains 423 damage.
COMBAT: Okumu defends against FIREBOLT(45) attack from Naruko with a SPIDER-EVASION…70
COMBAT: Kaguya defends against LASER-BEAM(29) attack from Arashi with a DODGE-II…34
COMBAT: Kaguya defends against LASER-BEAM(38) attack from Arashi with a DODGE-II…40
COMBAT: Hyuga defends against SHIMMER-STRIKES(52) attack from Furoo with a JUUKEN-DODGE-II…45
COMBAT: Hyuga loses the roll and sustains 596 damage.
COMBAT: Aburame defends against SNAKE-TRIP(30) attack from Sakuya with a KIKAICHU-COLUMN…32
COMBAT: Aburame defends against VIOLENT-VENOM-TECHNIQUE(21) attack from Sakuya with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…20
COMBAT: Inuzuka defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(94) attack from Hiei with a INUZUKA-DANGER-SENSE…102
COMBAT: Inuzuka defends against DUAL-BLADE(70) attack from Hiei with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…113

While the more important shinobi are fighting those that have a little more 'oomf' in their step, the rest of the Kumogakure shinobi are having their own battles. Some are one on one, some involve multiple parties. One thing can be said of the group they fight against; they have a daphne ton of people on their side. From the way they come from the castle it appears that part of the mountain must be hollow beneath it.
The Sarutobi is kind of staring stupidly at Jon at first, confused as to what kind of ability he might be using. But then that voice hits him and that huge GAVEL suddenly appears and he kind of freaks out! The only thing he thinks about is escape and so he shoots into the air with a burst of fire to help. Unfortunately it's a genjutsu and it happily follows him up to smack his psyche around some, causing him to fall back to the ground in a bit of a daze.
The Murasame sneers at Michiko, seeming entirely unimpressed with her speech and trying to win her over in any way. "I know who you are Iwata Murasame Michiko, Head Jounin. I also know I want nothing to do with you or any of your kind. And as for your precious Village; I think we did a decent job of destroying it already. But we'll wipe you all out still just to finish things off." With that said she sends another round of fire based attacks at Michiko, trying to add more burns.
All those poor itty bitty spiders meet their maker. Er, well, they meet death at least. Their maker finally makes an appearance though as he's rather tired of this girl killing all of his precious little lovelies. "You are going to pay for that," he says with no small amount of a haughty attitude. "Go my pretties!" The spiders shoot little strands of web into the air, wind picking them up to carry them to Naruko while others crawl. There's so many that their bites become intense.
That sneaky Kaguya still manages to escape in a bit of a dance, laughing. "Oh? It's like I want to die? But look at who can't hit who! From the looks of things I think you want to die! And since you're asking so nicely I'm more than happy to grant your wish for you. Just say please and your death will be swift and painless!" Not that there's a chance given as more blades of bones come swinging!
That poor Hyuuga gets smacked so many times for a few seconds he's rather dazed. What day was it again? Oh that's right. With a grunt of anger the white eyed enemy steps towards Furoo, putting her within range of his attack. One of the more deadly of the Hyuuga in general. Sixty four palms of love and affection.
The Aburame manages to sneak away from that snake strike but before he can flee too far he feels the power of the genjutsu on his mind, pushing him to his knees as he stares wide eyed ahead at all the destruction going on. "No…no…you can't…fool…me…" after he trembles in fear for a few moments his kikaichu come back to the rescue, trying to swallow Sakuya in teeny tiny bits…

"I've heard of this Taiki," the Inuzuka growls after missing his own attacks. "You can do me a favor and tell him to burn in zoinking shaggy for ever swearing his Clan to a Village and put them under the authority of another. That was his folly. It was all of yours folly. And you will pay for it in blood, just as those before paid in blood for using your services." The two again avoid the speedy attacks of the Raikage, leaping away from him high into the air before the start spinning once again. "You want my name? You won't live to repeat it. It's Osamu! Now face your death!"

Well, that was a pleasingly effective result. :) Jon pulls a knockout tag from his pouch while the Sarutobi is jumping aimlessly, and flings it at him as he lands. "I'll make the offer once more — sit tight and face trial later on!" Jon says, following up the tag with the illusion of iron bars closing around the Sarutobi.

RP: Michiko transforms into IMPERFECT-SAGE-MODE-FOX.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against GREAT-DRAGON-FIRE(59) attack from Canis with a EFFICIENT-METAL-BARRIER…95

Michiko is able to defend herself against the fire quite easily as she suddenly surges with natural energy from the fox around her neck. "Hmm… Well, that's a shame. I suppose you'll need to die." She makes a few handseals, and then her opponent would find herself being chased around by a huge hand made of earth. "Wiping us out… Do you really think we're so weak?" Michiko asks with a raised brow. Should the hand of earth manage to grab ahold of the Murasame, Michiko would have the hand drag the victim into a special coffin, stone ribs closing around to keep her trapped.

COMBAT: Naruko defends against NPC-B-NIN-ATTACK(60) attack from Canis with a SHADOW-CLONE…63

This spider nin was more annoying than entertaining. Despite most of her blows landing he still managed to stand….Unwavering…. wasting her time. Admist her small squad of clones Narukos only one of them got wrapped up in the spiders, bitten, left for dead and then…poof. "Wrong one, Baka-nin…" Naruko states as she reels one hand back a dense orb of fire forming along her palms. She looks back towards Furoo and waves a hand at her. "Hey! Let's hurry and finish this up! The longer we get stuck the longer it's going to take to end this once and for all!" Naruko shouts, while her clone takes her by the wrist with heels dug into the ground, preparing for something. "Alright Baka-nin. If you get up after this I don't have a choice but to make sure you stay down….So you better stay down!" the clone then slingshots Naruko forward to bare down yet another sphere of awesomeness with a penetrating explosion.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against BLADE-DANCE(27) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…39
COMBAT: Arashi defends against BLADE-DANCE(33) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…24
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 343 damage.

Arashi could not get away from the attacks. It was annoying how quick and fluently he moved. "Well unlike with you if I die someone else with finish the job. That's the difference is we care about our comrades. Unlike you who would willingly send people on a mission you know they won't survive." He notices that the well is nearby, and makes a few seals before bringing the water up, and towards the Kaguya. Hoping it would grab him, and hold him in place he would ready his next attack. If it gets him it should hold him long enough for this to hit. He fired another laser beam.

COMBAT: Furoo counters against a EIGHT-TRIGRAMS-SIXTY-FOUR-PALMS(48) attack from Canis with a SHIMMER-STRIKES…69

Even as the Hyuga comes back at her, Furoo blinks as she watches the attack start to come toward her. She blinks as she takes in a breath and the world suddenly slows down. The first two palms comes at her and she slides under them to slam a strike from one half-staff into the Hyuga's gut who tries to then fire off another two strikes only to have both hands swung at from the side as Furoo slips to the side and sends both staves down toward his hands. Then another four strikes are sent her way only for her to drive the wooden half-staff toward the Hyuga's face over top of those hands. Then she releases the staff only to extend the metal staff into a full sized staff. She slides around to the side, swinging her right foot out long as she squats on her left leg, bringing the staff around in a huge arc at high speed behind her back toward the back of the Hyuga's knees.
She then vanishes, slipping under the Hyuga's out stretched arms to catch her falling wooden staff, appearing briefly on the Hyuga's other side to send an elbow at his side. A moment later she is reappearing behind him to send a pair of jabs with those staves right toward his kidney's. A moment later she is vanishing, a hand attempting to grab his right ankle as she slips by him from behind to yank it forward and up only to release it, go five feet to in front of him, turn around on a dime and flicker back toward him, right arm out stretched. With that right hand she goes for his neck, rushing at high speed to then drive him right into the ground and drag him through it, leaving a crater like canal made by his body and her speed. As she finishes her movement, hit or miss, she lets out a breath, sweat coming off her like steam as she stands up straight.

COMBAT: Sakuya defends against KIKAICHU-SWARM(20) attack from Canis with a ESCAPING-SNAKES-TECHNIQUE…19
COMBAT: Sakuya loses the roll and sustains 338 damage.
COMBAT: Sakuya defends against KIKAICHU-SWARM(24) attack from Canis with a ESCAPING-SNAKES-TECHNIQUE…18
COMBAT: Sakuya loses the roll and sustains 382 damage.

Sakuya cannot afford to make this individual submit any longer. It was as Jon said. She needed to move on. If she could not make the Aburame submit with a successful genjutsu, she had to kill him. The Kikaichu swarm overtook her, her attempts to play with his mind anymore becoming unsuccessful. She hadn't the ability required to trick an Aburame completely. Their kind were naturally resistant to genjutsu as a result of the simplicity of their insects. So she was enveloped in a swarm, the insects tearing at clothing and flesh. "Gomen. Then if you will not submit, you must die." She said from the cloud as the staff burst through the swarm of Kikaichu, towards his shin. The staff's end turned into Zuzu's head, whom bites down upon the leg and coils around it, attempting to trip the Aburame to the ground while the insects eat her alive. As Zuzu injects his venom, Sakuya bursts from the cloud looking a right mess to land atop him, her jaws opening wide before she attempt to sink her own teeth into his neck.

COMBAT: Hiei counters against a FANG-ROTATING-FANG(95) attack from Canis with a SWALLOW-RETURN…93
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 1741 damage.

Hiei blinks in surprise when the Inuzuka gives his name. "What did you say!?" It was a moment spent in surprise and it would prove to be his downfall. He didn't have time to dodge, so he met the attack head on with his swords, only for the Inuzuka's attack to prove stronger as he is impacted by it and sent skidding along the ground to crash head first into a nearby boulder. Hiei stands up, shaking his head as if to clear it while blood runs down the side of his face. "That was a good one. Probably designed to finish me off." Lightning begins to spark from his aura to the ground as the aura itself begins to intesify. "I am well acquainted with your brother, Inuzuka Hige. He is perhaps the finest shinobi I have ever known from the Leaf. But I'll take a moment to educate you. We have slaves to no one." He thumps his chest with a growl. "/I/ am Yotsuki Hiei. descendant of Yotsuki Raiga…my clan ended the clan wars and helped /found/ Kumogakure. We are it's backbone and more importantly. WE ARE IT'S POWER!" He flicks his wrists as lightning chakra flows down his arms and into his chakra blades, pulsing and whirling around them like a living thing. "I highly respect your brother. Enough to be the barer of the news that I was the one who killed you. He may not forgive me for doing it. But he knows that I would do so under the most dire circumstances. Perhaps the sister that he lost is not so much of an idiot to challenge the might of Kumogakure." His body vanishes into thin air as he moves with a speed beyond that of any shinobi gathered. When he swings his swords towards the Inuzuka, there is a lound KABOOM as the sound of thunder makes the very air and ground within the area quiver, and causes the ground at their feet to crack and break.

COMBAT: Canis defends against CHAKRA-SUCTION-TAG(37) attack from Jon with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 1059 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(60) attack from Jon with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Canis defends against DEMON-GRAVES(77) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Canis defends against FIRE-ORB(83) attack from Naruko with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 1392 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WATER-CLAMP(30) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…13
COMBAT: Canis defends against LASER-BEAM(23) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 758 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHIMMER-STRIKES(69) attack from Furoo with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 1172 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SWIFT-SLAM(54) attack from Furoo with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 1008 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SNAKE-TRIP(26) attack from Sakuya with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Canis defends against SNAKE-BITE(31) attack from Sakuya with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 264 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SNAKE-BITE(29) attack from Sakuya with a TENSE…16
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 198 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against THUNDER-SLASH(127) attack from Hiei with a TENSE…14
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 2606 damage.

The Sarutobi doesn't have much of a chance after that last attack literally knocked him out of the sky. By the time Jon gets there with the knockout seal and then casts his imprisonment genjutsu there is no hope for the Sarutobi to escape.
The Murasame is caught a bit off guard with how easily Michiko is able to use a more advanced earth technique and though escape is tried for, in the end he fails and gets taken by the hand. "You will die!" he squeals, almost fanatically, as he fights against the bonds that hold him within the earth. The slightest chance of his escape will be taken!
What is…that Uzumaki doing? Why, that's quite a painful looking jutsu she has there! Spiders form up a wall in front of Okumu but the dear, dear man has absolutely no chance of success against such power. He raises his arms to try and shield himself uselessly as he's blasted back against the wall surrounding the castle and causes it to crack rather severely. "You…bitch…" he manages to spit out as he crawls out of the wall. "Why…won't you…just…die…" The spiders are all dead, he has nothing left.
It may not exactly have been a flawless victory, but in the end Arashi finally manages to smack the Kaguya around. After all the other attacks had come from Arashi himself there had been no reason to focus elsewhere or suspect an attack would come from anywhere but straight ahead. Yet, that rushing of water smacks headlong into him and leaves him completely open to attack, causing the pew pew lazers to hit him right into the chest, sending him sprawling back as smoke rises from the spot of the attack. He's down but not out!
Wham bam thank you ma'am! For every attack that the speedy Hyuga gives the even speedier Reizei manages to intercept them. Perhaps this poor fellow just wasn't as good as he was cracked up to be. By the time the flurry of attacks are done he's got at least one broken hand, one broken arm, and one fred of a headache after being dragged along the ground by his neck. But he's alive for the moment.
Where did all that energy come from little snakey? The bugs were eating you just fine then all of sudden the Aburame is hopping around thanks to some pain in his shin, then before he can think or do anything to counter attack he gets bitten and falls backwards onto the ground. Then he's got the girl biting him too! All he can do is pretty much flail a little as the poison enters his system, his bugs confused by his chakra and unsure of what to do.

There's even a hint of surprise in the Inuzuka's eyes at Hiei's words. "My brother is still alive, hmm? Too bad, he must serve the foolish shinobi of Konoha still. I will see to him in the end." As for his sister he says nothing, just sneering at Hiei. And then the attack comes. It's faster than the Inuzuka expected and he had no chance to avoid it. His ninken was a little faster and put himself between the attacks, allowing Hiei's blades to wound them both gravely while it also sends them slamming through a few walls of the castle until they finally come to rest in a corridor, the ninken dead, the Inuzuka not far behind as he coughs up blood.

Welp, that seems to have put the Sarutobi in a pretty good bind…for now at least. Jon now faces a gray area in his own doctrine as expressed on the way here. e.ea While the Sarutobi is secure, he's probably not entirely down and out, and it's far from garuanteed he'll submit later on. It would be relatively easy to finish him now, and in some sense he is a higher-priority target than most of the mooks around here, having displayed a much greater combat capability. On the other hand, he's not an immediate threat, and Jon did just offer him a chance to live…which he's apparently not cognizant enough to reply to either way at the moment. e.e The trustworthiness of Kumogakure's word is precious, especially when the enemy has specifically tried to cast them as demons.
So Jon takes a halfway option. He said they guy could live, but he didn't say anything about his health. :| Jon hurls a kunai intended to pierce through the captive Sarutobi's hand. If he does recover and have a mind to keep fighting later, he'll have a hard time weaving signs. That accomplished, Jon turns his attention to bashing down random minions. Hopefully they'll give up soon, between their ranks thinning out and their leadership getting thrashed.

Michiko watches the person struggle in the demonic grave and shakes her head a bit. "I'll leave you to stew a bit longer. And, while I'm at it…" Michiko's chakra gathers to her hand, and she strikes a few key points on her captive to make sure she /doesn't/ have a runaway prisoner. Then binds of metal would wrap completely around the person, and Michiko would add a few tags to be on the safe side. "You made the wrong decision when you chose this side," she says simply, after all is said and done. Then the girl would disappear into the ground, leaving her opponent relatively helpless due to being bound by metal, wire, and tags. She would hunt down a Hiei, mostly, using her sense of the earth and relying less on what vibrations passed through it. As soon as she caught Hiei's familiar footsteps, she would end up going over to see how his battle was going, though she'd take the above-ground route to make sure she could bind any that were still fighting (for the bad guys).

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…69

Naruko's attack worked out and for now she was in the clear, all she had to do at least for now was to render her enemy unable to move, and she assured just that. Forming even more clones she began to hold down her victim and a few others who were going about still fighting but clearly not strong enough to resist the tug of Naruko clones. The initial tug would be painful but her small army would be enough to bind those near by and wait for further orders. "Looks like I got what I can…I wonder if the castle needs blowing up…"

Arashi felt like he should kill the Kaguya, but he was told to leave them and deal with others. The problem is what if he got up. Could probably hold him down with water, but then he couldn't do anything else during the fight so he decides to at least cause some more damage similar to what Jon did. He raised his palm and fired some lightning more so for the tiring and tasing sort of effect from it. Then he would do the same to random enemies around the area.

Taking out her opponent, Furoo stands up straight and brushes herself off. She looks down at the guy on the grounad and walks by him. With one quick strike she attempts to cripple his ankle with a smashing kick before saying, "Sorry, no other way to be sure you aren't going anywhere and supposedly we aren't supposed to just outright kill you. Well, unless you left me with no choice. So, broken ankle instead." She nods her head and then she rushes off to a nearby guy and points at him, "You!" She then punches him in the chest, "Have a fist in your chest. Bad day."

Hiei sheathes his blades and then forms handseals. An exact copy of him comes into being with a *poof*. "Go check on everyone else and let Michiko know that I need her healing arts in here." The shadow clone of Hiei salutes and then runs back through the holes that the Inuzuka's body was blasted through from Hiei's attack. In the meantime, he steps into the room with him. He takes he time to stop his bleeding before he moves him slowly up to a sitting position. He squats down in front of him, his eyes flickering over at the ninken before moving back to the man. "You made me kill a ninken and I will never forgive you for that. But you're not going to die here. I am taking you into custody and then transporting you to Konohagakure to face judgement from the very clan you hate. I will notify Inuzuka Taiki and Inuzuka Hige you expect you. I'll be taking you there myself to make sure this goes without a hitch." He leans in closer. "You failed…but I won't condemn those who bought into your warped way of thinking. On some level, you had a point on why you hate shinobi. However your delivery was found lacking. If you had come to us and opened negotiations, a lot of your people would still be alive." He stands up and then turns to walk away.
Hiei appears next to Michiko. "Michiko. Hiei requires your healing arts at his location. Apparently he wants to take the Inuzuka he fought into custody." He salutes and then goes *poof* back to nothingness.

RP: Hiei reverts to his normal state.
COMBAT: Hiei heals Canis for 371 with FIRST AID.
COMBAT: Hiei heals Canis for 304 with FIRST AID.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHARP(31) attack from Jon with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 397 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against PHYSICAL(30) attack from Jon with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 367 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against PHYSICAL(33) attack from Jon with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 442 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against MUSCLE-RELAXATION-TECHNIQUE(53) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Canis defends against METAL-BINDING(71) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHADOW-CLONE-DOGPILE(66) attack from Naruko with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 849 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHADOW-CLONE-DOGPILE(64) attack from Naruko with a TENSE…10
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 785 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHADOW-CLONE-DOGPILE(86) attack from Naruko with a TENSE…10
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 1029 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(33) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 591 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(22) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 483 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(37) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 615 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against CHAKRA-PHYSICAL(40) attack from Furoo with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 616 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against CHAKRA-PHYSICAL(36) attack from Furoo with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 574 damage.

With all the more skilled fighters being beaten down by the shinobi in their very own home the rest of the defenders are quickly losing their hope. Some have dropped their weapons and began to flee, others have just given up and given themselves over to the shinobi from Kumogakure. It doesn't take long for the castle and it's underground base to be cleared of people. The information within would take weeks to parse through as it's obvious this was their main base.
The Murasame falls limp after Michiko's touch, the Okumu is dog piled by Naruko's (guess he's the winner <3), the Kaguya twitches on the ground as more lightning hits his frame and drains him, the Hyuga suffers a mightly fracture of his ankle. And the Inuzuka? Well, with some quick attention he will live. Most of them will, from the looks of things, leaving them to the mercy of Kumogakure and their justice for the wrongs done. After much grief and death the time has finally come when this villanous group has fallen to the might of Kumogakure and the strength of will and love of it's inhabitants.

RP: Jon reverts to his normal state.
COMBAT: Michiko heals Canis for 1151 with RAPID HEALING.

Michiko would simply nod to the copy of Hiei, appearing shortly after the clone disappeared. Her eyes widen a bit as she sees… Well, it's not Hige. But the Inuzuka before her had a few similar features. And given that she hadn't seen Hige all that long ago, there were a number of similarities. She doesn't ask anything yet, though, just kneeling down to mend the worst injury: Hiei's Thunder slash. "Hiei-san… Are you going to tell me what happened here later?" she asks, stepping back once she was done healing Osamu. "Also, he'll live. For now he'll likely be exhausted." She glances around the battlefield, noting that a lot of the Kumo shinobi had taken prisoners. Good and bad… "I suppose we're pretty much done here…" Her form switches back to normal, and the girl loses both fox tail and ears while the summon that assisted her goes *POOF*

RP: Michiko reverts to her normal state.

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