Toshiba Activist's Thriller


Nori, Ataru, Usagi

Date: January 8, 2013


A deadly beast is rumored to be inside Toshiba Forest, only local animal-rights activists are at the Forest to dissuade the local shinobi from killing the beast. Nori, Ataru, and Usagi take it upon themselves to ditch the activists, find the beast, and take it somewhere safe (the Chuunin Test forest area). The question is, did they get the right beast…and why was the one they grab so large and using chakra?

"Toshiba Activist's Thriller"

Inside Toshiba Forest

Rumors have been building that something, some…thing, is in

the Toshiba Forest. Various shinobi, some with different degrees of

respect, have reported seeing the creature. No one can describe the

whole creature in detail, but those that have seen it claim it has

glowing eyes, glowing claws, and stands on two legs. To make the

stories more intriguing, the local wild-life has shown up mutilated in

various locations throughout the forest.
Whether it is the mystery of the matter, the intrigue of

intestines scattered about, or the curious critter, many of the

younger shinobi have journeyed to the Forest to scout the creature out

and make a name for themselves. One of those shinobi is the young

Yamanaka. Well, he's actually just there with a note-pad, looking to

interview some of the others who have reported seeing the beast.

Ataru on the other hand, was there purely to stop the beast.

Sure, he's a genin technically, but this is Ataru. Something

potentially threatening the forest was going to be stopped and he was

going to do his level best to stop it. Gear together, a fresh red coat

about him for fighting off the chill, Ataru was warmed up and ready

for.. whatever it was. Of course.. he's not anywhere close to

stealthy, nor is he really the tracking type.. but hey, they said

check out this area and be ready for whatever might be coming. Hands

flexed and relaxed, he'd give a small nod to himself. Now.. to find

the target.

Usagi is out as well, and she could figure why Ataru was here,

so she'd been tailing him for a while, counting on his focus on the

mission to ignore her for now. Nonetheless she was still back a bit,

and keeping an eye on the surroundings. something with claws that big

would leave marks wherevernit went, and she was seeking that very

thing as well

Just as our intrepid explorers are about ready to depart on

their quest to find the big bad beast of the forest, eggs come flying

at them. A small group of villagers and shinobi stand off to the side

in protest. They were the ones that just sent the eggs at everyone

else. After the eggs are tossed, the signs rise up, "Save the Beast",

"What Next, the Inuzuka?", and Nori's favorite, "The Beast is our

Friend!" The appear to be armed with their own weaponry, namely stink

bombs, pots and pans, and whistles. It might be hard to find a beast

that doesn't want to be found if these jokers are following you into

the forest.
Nori, for one, has egg on his face now. He grumbles and then

looks over to see Ataru, "Ataru-san! Can you believe these activists?

They won't be so happy when the beast takes one of their friends of


Ataru wasn't hit. They simply didn't throw fast enough to hit

him. As such, none of the stuff hit him as he'd stop beside Nori. "Yo,

Nori-san.. Yah, that's 'bout what I was thinkin.. but, eh. Ifn they

really wanna be friends with it, then I'll just bring em with me and

let them talk ta the beast first.. when it attacks, I stop it, both

sides learn, yah?" Chuckling, he'd shrug his shoulders before looking

at the crowd. "Next one ta throw anything at Nori or I, gets it back

in their face.. and yah… I'm fast enough ta do it too.. k?"

Smirking, Ataru would shake his head slightly. "ya'll make all the

noise ya want.. I wanna see how fast it'll come ta eatcha.."

Ataru's response to the protesters just gets them to blow

raspberries. One in particular states, "The beast hasn't attacked

humans yet. You're going to kill it without knowing if it even poses a

threat to us." Nori wipes the egg of his face before looking over to

Ataru, "Don't even bother with them. We'll have to figure out how to

evade them, on top of finding the creature. If there is something out

there, we need to at least know what it is. Capturing it might not be

a bad idea though." At that, the same protester states, "And then what

are you going to do with it, lock it in a cage? I'm going to follow

you two!" He spits on the ground. Nori sighs and looks over to Ataru,

"Any thoughts?"

Ataru chuckles lightly with a shake of his head. "I ain't

killin nothin unless I dun got no choice mate. Gimme some credit. Nor

do I really see us cagin it. It's messin stuff up, we're gonna check

it out and deal with it from there." Pondering the one that said he'd

follow them, Ataru would shrug. "How good can ya climb trees?" Going

to try and grab Nori, that surge of chakra through out Ataru's form

had twin small craters form where he had been standing as he'd launch

both of them up into the treeline. From there, it was a blurr forward,

that shinobi speed put to good use to get them away from the crowd and

deeper into that forest.

"Honestly, they're more trouble to themselves than anyone else

right now" Usagi had, up to that point, had remained silent, but piped

up from behind Ataru. "Thisnis simply a search, observe, and analyze"

Shr looks between the two "And since we're all here, I'm forming us

into a temporary three man group for that purpose. Anynobjections or

concerns?" She's not acting totalitarian, simply stating what she

thought. "Since I'm not a teamnlead or anything, you can decline

without penalty. Not like I'd do that anyways…"

Usagi shows up as Ataru is talking to the activist. Nori

smiles as she shows up and errs, "Sure! Sounds good. The Activist

grunts and states, "I'm not overly good at climbing trees…" and then

off Ataru flies, holding Nori. Nori was standing there one moment, and

then suddenly he was off into the air. "Hey…wait…I'm not good at

climbing trees either!" he protests. The poor kid still hasn't learned

tree walking yet. He should really figure that out soon.
"Usagiiii-san," Nori calls out, making sure she follows them.

From below, the activists are following, but they are definitely

moving more slowly. Then again, Ataru would have to carry along a

flailing Nori.
Unfortunately, it appears that there are already more

activists deeper out in the forest. You can hear the sound of

whistles, pots banging, and people making all sorts of noises out


Landing on a branch a bit away, he'd glance back at Usagi.

Hopefully she could keep up? Or at least know which direction they

were going in. Planting Nori on the branch, he'd point at it. "Stay."

Focusing himself, Ataru would make a couple of clones, one henging to

look like Nori, the other to look like Usagi. The three, moving in

union would hop down, making noise to try and get the activist's

attention. Ataru would call out then. "Aw man, they spotted us, let's

go!" He'd take off with the clones then, trying to pay attention to

keep them up and henged, while not running into trees slow enough for

the crowd to follow, once they got far enough off, if it worked, he'd

poof the clones and blur away, coming back to where Nori was at.

Hopefully Usagi caught up without giving away his ruse and they could

discuss it a bit more.

Usagi smirks softly. As long as Ataru wasn't blazing out of

there at full tilt, she was doing just fine for the time being in

terms of keeping up. She had paused briefly, considering bringing the

activist along, but in this case, she figured they'd find more, so she

left him with a "We're not going to harm it if we don't have to. This

is strictly reconnaisance. And considering what it's done so far, if

you can pull any others back, that'd be appreciated…we don't know

what it can do yet" That's why they're there….anyways, after that,

she's off after them, raising a brow at Ataru's choice of strategy.

She wasn't up there yet, but nifty idea, for sure…

Nori clings to the branch like a life-raft in the middle of

the ocean. He isn't going anywhere because he doesn't know how to

tree-walk. Sure, he's learning, but he isn't there quite yet. The poor

kid looks like he's about to cry, but he's holding it in because that

is what ninja do. He does note the choice of strategy, even smirks as

the other clone turns into a likeness of himself, and then nods to

Usagi as she shows up right behind them. He remains quiet for the time

being though.
The activists they have left behind don't seem to really

understand the concept of danger, because they do go following after

Usagi…but the shinobi have moved with enough speed to greatly out-

distance and leave them behind. The activists out in the forest

however, have been fooled by the ruse and follow the clones and Ataru.

It seems the plan has worked. While Usagi and Nori wait for Ataru to

circle back around, the forest gets quiet…too quiet.

Ataru would land lightly on the branch, not even enough to

cause it to sway under Nori.. much. A nod was given to them, he'd pick

Nori up again and hop them down to the ground. While the activist

might circle back soon, it was getting quiet. Better to put the kid on

his feet, instead of leaving him hanging, as it were. Looking about,

Ataru would ponder, waiting for Usagi to come down as well before

looking to her. "A'right.. so.. yer the boss.. what we doin boss? The

forest is recoverin from the mess that the civilians were makin


Usagi nods to the two of them after the activists are gone,

pausing and looking at them. Her voice drops to help keep them from

being found easily, but the entire time she's glancing around them.

"It's too quiet out there. Normally you hear birds, woodland animals

taking care of business…." She's still watching. "We hear none of

that….either whatever it is already killed them in this area, or

it's close. If either of you can sense chakra, now'd be a good time to

try it and see what we came up with" In the meantime, shadows slide up

her form, making her more indistinct as she starts to move off the

branch. Harder to see, but that's the point right now.

Nori would practically have to be peeled off the tree branch,

much like a bandaid. But, all in one rip, he is yanked off and brought

to the forest floor, where he quickly falls on his butt. He blushes

and looks up to Ataru, "Eh…sorry, not used to doing that…or being

carried." He then looks to Usagi, the boss, and nods, "It is eerily

quiet. I can sorta sense chakra if I concentrate…but if this thing

isn't giving off a good deal of chakra, I'm not sure it'll be of much

help." Still, he closes his eyes, goes into a yogi stance, and

meditates. "Hmm…seems like there is…something up ahead. Not sure

what, and can't tell you how far…but it is that way," He points.

Ataru would ponder as Nori took his stance. Huh.. maybe he

should try to learn how to do that? Not.. really happening though.

Shaking his head, he'd shrug and focus himself, surpressing his chakra

for a moment to let Nori get a better reading, before resuming that

charge. Looking in that direction, a nod was given. "A'right. Then we

go that way. Ya ready boss? Nori-san? We'll see what we can find, fer

sure.." Gathering himself, he was ready for whatever might be coming

ahead, chakra charged and his pistons formed of chakra within his

limbs had that layer of muscle show up all across him. Of course, all

of this is hidden in the red coat.

Usagi nods and looks to Ataru. She knew how tough he was, and

hopefully his ribs would have healed by now. "Ataru, you and I are

point on this. Nori, stay in behind us" She takes a slow breath and

releases it, hopping from this tree to the next as she nods to them.

She glances back to Nori and Ataru again, furrowing her brow.

"Remember, we are not to engage without cause. Just seeing the

sucker's not cause"

Nori does as he is told by Uasgi and stays a step back. He has

read enough to know that the shinobi on point usually is the one to

die. He gtows quiet and follows along.
Ahead the forest is dead quiet. The group would travel a

little bit before Nori places one hand on Ataru's shoulder and says,

"Guide me while I concentrate." Assuming he does, Nori would stop and

focus, closing his eyes as they walk. A little further in hr would

say, "Stop…whatever it is…it is here," in a whisper. But where is


Ataru would follow along as ordered by Usagi, glancing back at

the hand, he'd smile towards Nori with a nod. "Yah, sure thing mate,

fer sure." Shrugging slightly, he'd continue to lead along until Nori

said to stop. Stopping, Ataru would look around, frowning as he'd

check everywhere. Well, they were there.. now what. Sliding into a

ready stance, Ataru kept alert, but quiet. As Usagi said.. just seeing

it wasn't enough to attack. However he was going to be the first to

deal with it if it did rush at them. He made that silent vow to


Usagi nods slowly as she looks around again. It was too damn

quiet for her preference, and while she was looking around, she

glanced back to Nori. "If you feel anything coming at us, give us a

direction to work with" Back to looking around again. Even checking

'above' them as well, trusting Ataru to let her know if something came

from the other direction.

Nori shakes his head. They've got nothing. "Whatever it is we

are basically right on top of it. And it us putting itself under a lot

if strain with the chakra its using I think…but what do I know." He

hmms, "I think I've and idea." Nori takes a couple rocks and hands

them to Usagi and Ataru…"Throw em. Maybe we'll dcare it out." So

Nori throws. And tas if on cue, the first rock out of Ataru's hand

smacks something on a tree nearby without making a tree sound. A growl

is heard emitting from the area of the tree but nothing appears to be


Usagi looks towards the growling sound as she crouches and

narrows her eyes. "Come out of hiding, we're not here to harm you" She

does remain crouched and ready, her hand hovering near her kunai

holster. She looks at the other two. "It has chakra and is using it.

Likely intelligent….and perhaps not a beast at all" She continues to

search the area where she'd heard the growl, though not throwing her

rock yet.

Ataru would take the rock, shrugging slightly he'd throw it

gently.. mostly so that it didn't embed in anything.. or break it.

Blinking as it'd bounce off a tree and.. not be a wooden sound?

Scooping up another one, he'd get ready on that toss. Well.. seems

they found.. whatever it was. But if it was actively using chakra..

maybe he should throw harder this time..

Usagi looks towards the growling sound as she crouches and

narrows her eyes. "Come out of hiding, we're not here to harm you" She

does remain crouched and ready, her hand hovering near her kunai

holster. She looks at the other two. "It has chakra and is using it.

Likely intelligent….and perhaps not a beast at all" She continues to

search the area where she'd heard the growl, though not throwing her

rock yet.

Nori blinks and looks to Ataru, "What kind of jutsu was

that…you made the sound different." And then it hit him.."Erk." He

blushes and then looks to Usagi. "Now what? Do we throw another one?"
The creature doesn't move…well as much as the group can tell at any


Ataru would glance at Nori, before snickering with a shake of

his head. Since it didn't move.. he'd throw again. Only this time the

rock he had got crushed in his hand to be a scattering of pebbles.

That done, he'd throw in a wide arc, hard. So multiple trees would get

hit and most of them the rock would hit and.. stay. Well, when Ataru

put strength behind it, there was definitely strength behind it. He

was also getting tired of playing peek-a-boo with whatever it was, it

Usagi sighs softly, furrowing her brow. "This is not going to get any

easier, I take it…" she shakes her head and looks at the two. "I'd

at least like to get a look at it first" She glances towards the spot,

picking up a smaller rock to try and bounce off the spot where the

creature/beast was standing a moment before. Nothing more than a small

'doink' and certainly not enough to cause pain.

It is certainly a bother, but it doesn't get easier. Whatever

was there a moment before is no longer. Usagi's pebble hits tree bark.

"If it was easy we wouldn't get pqid so well is what my dad says,"

Nori chimes in. Of course they weren't being paid. So Nori looks to

Ataru who tries the shot gun approach…and nada. That is when

something snatches Nori from behind the group and drags him upwards,

"Help,"he shrieks. As this happens a creature appears out of the

forest canopy. It is a lizard, and its large round eyes, long tail,

and camouflage peg it for a chameleon…only it is huge and utilizing

chakra to completely disappear from sight instead of blending in


Well.. him calling out for help was enough for Ataru to react.

Turning slightly, he'd launch himself, planting against the tree as

his arm would wind up and with a firm punch.. although far from his

top end damage, he'd pop the critter in the tail. "Usagi-san! Ifn ya

can pin it down, would help a lot ta get it moved ta a safer place fer

it, eh? Otherwise I'm gonna have ta knock it out.. and that's gonna be

painful, fer sure." If Ataru got it to let go of Nori, he'd eye the

chamilion, finally winding up to try and head butt it.. 'cause..

well.. that's Ataru for you.

Usagi blinks. It's a giant lizard. this should be good. "A

carnivorous lizard? Or just one protecting its territory?" Either

case, she can see it now, and this time she flips through some hand

signs and her shadow launches itself up the tree to try and capture it

quickly. It worked rather well on living things, so here's trying.

It is a good thing his friends were so quick because otherwise

Nori would have been ripped to shreds…or so he will tell his

siblings later upon retelling the story. Ataru's punch makes the

chameleon drop Nori on his back and he erks again loudly. The shadows

wrap themselves around the beast and hold it there…and Nori looks up

from his butt and says ,"I got it,"…and he takes the beast's mind

over just a Ataru head butts it. That is going to hurt when Nori

returns to his body. For now it seems the beast is under control,

pinned down, and dizzy.

Ataru would blink as Nori went limp and the lizard got the

beating. "Oops." Shrugging, he'd hop down off the tree. "Sorry mate..

I was just tryin ta make sure it dun go no where.." Bending over,

Ataru would scoop up Nori's body to throw him over a shoulder, nodding

to the others. "A'right Boss. So we got it.. we should deliver it

somewhere it ain't gonna get messed with.. mebbe that big forest with

the big stuff in it, they got sectioned off?"

Usagi shakes her head slowly as Ataru smacks it. She looks at

the creature for a few moments and hmms. "Not sure as of yet.

Personally, I'd like to have it looked at, figure out how it got this

big…'and' how it was able to use chakra. That does mean

transportation back to the village, though" She closes her eyes.

"though at least for now, that doesn't seem to be a problem"

One down side to Nori being in the lizard…he can't speak.

The boy-lizard also can't move with the shadow imitation binding it in

place, so he simply waggles his eyes up and down to Ataru's point.

Usagi does have a good point to but transporting it safely may be an

issue. The Yamanaka is young afterall.

Pondering, Ataru would shrug. "A'right.. so.. Nori.. keep it

til ya lose it.. Wag yer tail 4 times ta show yer gonna lose it..

Usagi, ya lock it down when ya see that warnin.. and we figure it out

from there.. I'll keep Nori's body close.. so he dun gotta travel far

ta recover.. We'll.. just have ta deal with the mob when we get there

I'm guessin.. although a way ta get some more shinobi around ta make

em back off would be nice.."

Usagi nods again. "and we can't exactly summon them without

raising a stir…Nori, can you get the thing to camoflauge itself? We

could go right by them if we can do that, no problems"

Once Usagi's let go, the beast is given a quick run-down.

Walking on four legs is different than walking on two. Nori's done

this before, but walking on four bent legs like a chameleon's is even

different. It takes him a moment. At the question of if he can

camoflauge the beast, Nori shakes his head negatively. He doesn't know

the mind-body-switch well enough to utilize a target's chakra. So, he

just follows along after Ataru's requests and starts moving out of the

forest. They'll have to just play buddy buddy with the beast or

something to not get hazed by the activists too much. The question

though is still, where are they going exactly.

Ataru would nod when Nori said he was good. Shrugging, he'd

lead them back for the village. There were locations the beast could

be left at until it could be checked out. Of course, they would

probably have to deal with the crowd and with Nori IN the beast, they

were going to have to be handled quickly. "We'll getcha ta the forest

I mentioned.. we can always let the scientist study it there.. they've

got the access ta it fer sure, yah?" Shrugging slightly, Ataru would

glance back, shifting Nori on his shoulder. "Either way.. we're gonna

have ta move quickly. I dun wanna have ta deal with that crowd again..

and it does kinda stick out.."

Usagi nods and sighs. "Let's go, then" And she was taking

point. And she'd make it knownnin no uncertain terms that it was being

relocated to the activists.

The trio…or well, quadrilo? now move through the forest and

head in the direction of the blocked off section where the Chuunin

tests are usually held. As they head out of the area where they

captured the giant chameleon, something with glowing eyes watches from

the shadows and licks it glowing claws. Cue Thriller laughter…

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