Toshiba Activist Thriller Scene 2


Nori, Ataru, Usagi

Date: January 22, 2013


After Nori, Ataru, and Usagi had delivered the Chakra using Chameleon to the Chuunin Forest, they returned to let the activists know the creature and the day was saved…only to find that they were wrong. The actual Toshiba Beast had followed the trio, attacked the activists, and sent them running. Nori, Ataru, and Usagi show up and deal with the Chakra using Komodo Dragon creature. By the end of the fight, they find blue powder around the beast's maw.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Toshiba Activist Thriller Scene 2"

Edge of Toshiba Forest and Training Area

Nori, Ataru, and Usagi had just finished getting the Chameleon

beast into the Chuunin exam area, and the trio was headed back to the

activists to tell everyone that they had successfully captured the

beast. As the group passed through the training area, en-route to the

Toshiba Forest clearing, they began hearing screams. It wasn't long

before they saw the first activists running for their lives. Some were

covered in blood even. Nori looks at the others and states, "Uh-oh.

Should we check it out?"

Ataru facepalms. "bloody friggin activists.." Half true.. they

were activist and bloody! He'd sigh, chakra flaring through him as

he'd give a nod. "We have to. They're citizens of Konoha and somethin

is messin em up.. let's go!" He'd take off running that direction..

although he conserved his energy for now. No need to over do it and be

too tired to fight when he finally caught up to whatever was causing

them to flee. Hopefully the other two would keep up with him.

Otherwise he might be going toe to toe with something solo to start


"Priorities first, Ataru. Hold that thought for the time

being, get them out of here first. Clear a space to work, make sure

they don't get harmed in the process. We'll both be doing crowd

control. Nori, find a good spot to sit down and figure out what's

going on. Any chakra signals, anything like that, let us know, and if

you can, any info about what we're up against. Move!" Usagi's words

are no sooner spoken than she's on the move to find those who are

falling behind, or those who seem to be more wounded. If she finds

someone wounded enough, she'd wrap the wound and send them off to the

hospital, or if neccesary in a few cases, use some of her chakra to

speed the process along so that no one she found was in danger by the

time they left.

There was no way Nori would keep up with Ataru. He can barely

match the speed of most villagers, nevermind someone speedy. The boy

erks, but luckily their 'leader' Usagi tells Ataru to wait. Nori

blinks as he is asked to look for chakra signals, "I'll try, but I

think I got lucky last time." He shrugs and then stops to think,

lowering his head. Meditating, he says, "Not really sure, but seems

there's some chakra flaring up in the direction those activists came

from." Usagi's medical knowledge does indeed help those who are

fleeing. The ones that had severe lacerations are no longer bleeding

profusely. Everyone should be able to make it to the hospital alright.

Still, something is doing this damage.
If Ataru does continue on ahead, he would notice what appears

to be another large lizard, only this one is not a Chameleon. This one

looks like it was a Komodo Dragon, only this one has larger teeth,

larger claws, and is walking on its hind-legs. It is also just larger

than a human when it is on its rear legs. It is slashing at another

shinobi that appears to be trying to hold it off. The shinobi is

moving slowly. He's probably getting fatigued.

Ataru would actually pause when Usagi said to hold up.

Stopping to assist the best he could with those injured, mostly by

carrying them from where they were right to Usagi and off to get the

next one. Once they were all tended to, Ataru would blur forward,

finding the source of the conflict. Pausing for only a moment, he'd

wait for that opening and immediately launch into it, throwing the

beast wide to aid the shinobi. Of course, that one time shot to throw

it off probably wouldn't happen again.

Usagi finishes getting the rest of the activists out for the

time being, and comes to look at the lone shinobi defending them as

best he can. She gives him a glance for a few moments, then nods.

"Fall back and regain your strength, stay on hand in case you're

needed later, though. We'll take it from here" She's got a somewhat

distracted look, though she's obviously paying attention to where

she's going, and what she's doing. "Two chakra infused animals in one

area, within a day…" She's mostly talking to herself, though.

The beast is knocked back. Ataru would feel how the beast's

leathery skin is very tough. That might be the reason why the shinobi

that was battling it looks like he hasn't gotten through the beast's

defences. The beast rolls back to its feet and stares at Ataru. It

growls and gets ready to attack by digging in its rear legs. It rushes

forward and rams into Ataru too, returning the favor.
The lone shinobi, now no longer alone, falls back too. He

grunts and states, "It showed up and the activists tried befriending

it. The thing attacked shortly after. It's skin is really tough, and

its claws and teeth can infuse with chakra. Be careful." Nori just

nods. "I'm not sure how much help I'll be here Usagi. It seems fast.

If we can't hold it, I can't grab it…and even if I do grab it, I'm

really tired from holding the Chameleon." He holds his head, showing

his headache.

Noting what is said by the others, although not really paying

full attention, he had to deal with the beast coming in at him. He'd

roll with the move, 'trampled' as it were, although he'd twist from

under it to avoid most of the impact. Tossing the beast to the side by

using it's own momentum against it, he'd get to his feet with a small

nod. "Well.. if we can't do it the easy way.. I can do it the hard way

mate.. Stun it, Usagi traps it.. and.. well.. go from there, eh?" He'd

shrug slightly. Ataru was keeping himself between them and the beast.

He was going to make sure it didn't hurt anyone else. One hand was

held open it's direction. "Calm.. we do not mean harm.. Calm.. I dun

wanna hurtcha.. so just calm down.. yah?"

The beast turns from trampling Ataru and lets out a hiss. It

flashes its teeth, which begin to glow a light blue in color. Nori

hmms, "Definitely seems to be emitting chakra. Be careful Ataru-san."
The dragon beast doesn't know the native tongue, or doesn't

care, either way it doesn't calm down when Ataru urges it to. Instead,

it gets even more ferocious and hops down to all fours. It picks up

speed increasingly in this stance, and it moves with grace to bite

Ataru. The hard way it is then.

Usagi takes a slow breath and shakes her head. "This is the

symptoms of the problem, not the problem itself" She nonetheless

stands back a bit to let Ataru take on the front shot, and she seems

to be studying it for now. It can stand, and be on all fours. But it's

long. "Try to get it on its back. that may help for a minute" She's

still studying something for a few moments, looking the creature over.

Ataru would give a firm nod, then move. While it may come in

at him gracefully, Ataru applied his full speed. Not even a step

required from where he was to being at it's side, an immediate hard

flip kick to the side of it's body to try and knock it over. This

would immediately be followed by Ataru attempting to come down at it

from above, a knee to the middle of the chest as he'd plant an arm to

it's neck to pin it's head up. He wasn't going to be bit, that's for


Nori watches on fairly helpless. He nods to Usagi as she notes

that this is a symptom, "Yeah, but a symptom of what exactly?" The

beast barely budges as Ataru kicks him this time. The other shinobi

was right, the dragon has thick skin. The shot to the chest and head

do stop it momentarily, but it thrashes as Ataru holds it. Those claws

shine with chakra as they try to snag skin and rend flesh.

Usagi's hands come together as her shadow lashes out from her

form, trying to ensnare this one much as she had the other one. Her

hands are together in the rat symbol as her shadow reaches the

creature, only trying to see if it'd work. "Something is causing these

creatures to gain chakra and use it. Even if they're not doing it

consciously. Something…or someone"

Ataru could only hold on for a moment before he had to move to

avoid trouble. Gritting his teeth, he'd shake his head slightly.

Leaping away, he'd skid in a 3 point stop, keeping low as he'd watch

the interaction between Usagi and the beast. If she wasn't able to

stop it, then he'd go harder.. Sure, might be tough skin.. most likely

chakra enhanced. He however, could go much stronger in his moves.

The Nara technique held for now, but the beast was straining

against it in an effort to fight the hold. It was stronger than it

looked. Ataru's analysis was most likely extended to the beast's

muscles too. Nori smiles as it looks like Usagi has it under control,

"Now what?" Where is an Akimichi to complete the ino-shika-cho? Guess

Ataru will have to act the part of the fatman.

Usagi grunts softly. "Ataru, very very quickly examine it to

see if there's any sign of injection, wound, or even a 'source' of

whatever's going on" Her hands are shaking…slightly, depicting the

struggle to maintain her grip on the creature.

"Right." Send in the taijutsuist to check it out.. Well, then

again, he'd glance at Nori, then Usagi. They didn't exactly have the

capability to do it, eh? Blurring in, he'd give the beast a once over,

focusing on trying to find a reason for why it is able to do what it

is, he was quick and efficent as he could be. While not having very

much understanding of that whole 'med nin' thing.. he got beat up

enough to know the rough outline of what they did.

Nori just watches from the sidelines unable to help. He

frowns. The dragon continues to struggle, and oddly it doesn't appear

to be losing any steam. Lucky them. For Ataru's investigation,

everything would look normal. The beast is in picture health in fact,

except when Ataru examines the beast's maw. There is a fine blue

powder smeared around the creature's lips, caked against the blood

that holds it there.

Ataru would frown as he checked it over, the final blue powder

getting a small nod. "Well then.." He'd hop back to where the others

were at, not giving the animal a free shot.. even if it was bound by

the shadows. "There's a blue powder on it's jaw line.. blood has it

caked there.. so.. they ate somethin.. or were fed it.. either way..

we got a frilled off lizard ta deal with.. then find the source of the

blue powder, eh? So.. how ya wanna handle it.." Ataru would flex his

hands, watching the beast. "I.. could beat it down.. but that'll get

messy.. I"m thinkin.."

"Put it down hard, but don't kill it. We need to study it, or

at the VERY least, get a sample of the blue powder, or its blood….or

both if we can manage it. I'd prefer it alive, but if live capture is

not feasable, don't get hurt trying" Usagi's hands are still shaking a

bit more as she fights the creature, teeth gritting slightly as she

takes in a slow breath. "I can't hold it for too much longer, so be

quick about it, please"

Nori blinks, "Blue powder? What could it have eaten that was

blue? Too bad we didn't test the other one too. Maybe at some point we

should try to find it and test it too." He quiets up when he realizes

Usagi needs to concentrate. The beast is just about to breakfree if

things continue like they are. With its enhanced speed and skin, now

would be a good time for Ataru to act.

Oh did he. A small nod was given Usagi's direction. "Out cold,

avoid killin.." He'd slowly start walking towards the beast, gathering

himself as those pistons formed within his limbs. His whole body would

take on that extra level of power. "Right.. A'right beasty.. here I

come.." One more step and then he was gone. Those with the ability to

see such things, would see him blur towards the beast, the pounding

beginning as he'd assault it from all sides at once. Sure, it might be

able to stop one or two hits.. but how about 50? 80? Ataru finished

the assault at 102 hits, the last two being successive spinning kicks

to it's head as he'd try to knock it out. The beating had happen all

over, within the same moment most people take a breath, he'd just hit

the thing with over 100 hits. Hopping back, that blur leaving him once

again between Nori and Usagi, he'd be panting softly, watching to see

what was the results.

Nori watches the barrage of attacks, or at least the blur that

once was Ataru. The young Yamanaka couldn't actually follow his team-

mate. Nori realized just how powerful Ataru was though, and he sighed

inwardly. The poor kid has been pretty useless this whole time.
The beast takes a good long time to actually get knocked out.

It would probably be around the ninetieth hit that Ataru might notice

the blows were finally penetrating and wearing the beast down. It only

took a few more, once the skin was softened, to make all the

difference. By the 102nd hit, the beast was out. Who knows how long it

would take though for it to wake back up again, so time was of the

essence to get it moved and secured. Nori looks over to Usagi,

wondering what the 'leader' wants to do next.

Usagi releasez the beast from her shadows, sighing softly.

"Ataru, tie its jaw, its tail, and tie the legs against the body.

Nori, get a sample of the powder and its blood. We need to get him

somewhere where he'll be no trouble, and find out who or what is

causing this" She was thinking about where to put it for now.

Ataru would give a nod towards the boss and immediately get to

work. Some rope gotten from Nori's pack, knowing he had it from the

last time Nori took over his mind, he'd quickly get to work on double

knotting each of the bindings on legs, jaw, tail. Much akin to what is

done with a cow when wrestling it, he'd bind the animal down. Dusting

off his hands, he'd crouch, using his knees to lift the beast up onto

his shoulder before looking over at the other two. "Y'ok.. where to?"

Nori did indeed have rope in his pack. It is one of the few

things he can do with Mind-Body-Switch. The problem is, rope only

holds so well. Eventually he'll have to fix that. As Ataru is getting

the rope-work finalized, Nori is examening the powder and blood around

the beast's maw. It took him a moment to figure out what exactly he

should do with the samples, but then he remembered that his mother had

given him a small clay bowl full of cut beef tips. He fishes it out of

the sack and says, "Cow spirit, please forgive me for wasting your

precious meat like this, but the container it is in is too valuable

right now for me not to do this." And there goes the meat onto the

ground. The bowl is quickly cleaned with some water from a canteen and

Nori's shirt. The samples are placed in the bowl, some blood and blue

powder, and then the bowl is covered with a piece of Nori's shirt that

he rips off. When Ataru says he is ready, Nori nods, "I'm ready."

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