Tough Biscuits


Iminari, Uyeda, Jirou

Date: August 28, 2013


The Kobayashi twins arrive in Kumogakure and are met by a rather conveniently placed tour guide. Afterwards, they talk of career choices.

"Tough Biscuits"

Raiun Falls

Raiun Falls [Land of Lightning]

A dull roar is omnipresent in this area, the sound of many thousands of gallons of water a minute flowing down from the heights. The falls are almost 100 feet high, a sharp cliff face with the water pouring off into a natural basin. It flows southwards, the rush of water forming a small river that goes down a smaller set of falls, known as rips. The area is filled with a thin amount of mist.
It appears as if a titanic battle occurred here sometime in the past. A large swath of earth has been blackened and melted by some intense source of heat, charring the stone sides of the waterfall and condensing to a point roughly a quarter of a mile away. The ground is also shattered, as if by an incredibly violent, localized earthquake. In addition, there is a collection of deep gouges, seemingly from fantastically large blades thrust into a tight radius, and three moderately sized craters riddle the area. Off to the side of the waterfall is a large wall of solid iron several feet in thickness, almost reaching the full height of the falls themselves. The wall seems to have burst up from the ground very close to the cliff face. With so much mist in the air, the metal has begun to rust. Nevertheless, it remains standing, as if watching over this pocket of utter destruction in an otherwise scenic setting.
To the south, it flows into a rather calm lake, really nothing more then a very wide and shallow valley that has filled up with water from the falls. To the north southwest and southeast lay trails going out to either side of the large mountain, completely different paths that meet at the peak. They are joined by a small bridge which crosses the river coming down from the basin of the falls.


South East - (SE) [Mountain River Trail]
South - (S) [Raiun Lake]
South West - (SW) [Jagged Narrow Path]

"That's…" Iminari shuts the book in hand, looking defeated. "…interesting?" With a sigh, she leans back propping herself up with her hands and looking up to the waterfall above. The mist from the waterfall seeming to increase, preventing her from reading in this area, which is all fine and dandy seeing as she actually came out here to train…

Yeah, right.

Nope, instead she settled into relaxing in the mist, ignoring the droplets masking the lens of the glasses. "If I had trained more I could've been…" More idle thinking to herself the rest of it is actually kept within her brain as she silently attempts to pull herself towards actual training.

"No, really. Pudding. Everywhere."
Uyeda is walking into the area from the southwest, he and his brother having just left the that jagged, trecherous path behind. Travel from Konohagakure to Kumogakure hadn't been nearly as bad a prospect until they'd remembered that it was all goats and mountains. They must've trecked each mountain and gotten hissed or spat or bit at by each and every goat in the land. Or at least, Uyeda had. He'dve sworn it was like a goat pilgrimage just to harass him. And maybe his brother — he hadn't been paying too much attention to that.
But that's not what was on his mind. Ever since they'd started going /down/ this latest mountain and their destinations were in sight, Uyeda's spirits had picked up some and he went into the telling of his story to pass the time as they walked. "Literally, everywhere. All of the walls, splattered on the ceiling, her face was /caked/ with it, her hair was matted and messy, the floors were slippery, and we never found the cat. But that's why you don't challenge a Kobayashi to a challenge like that. Especially the hot one." He grins at his brother. "My flames aren't anything to mess with."
Of course… That waterfall that they were coming up on probably wouldn't have much trouble handling his 'Hot one' fires. It was pretty powerful looking. And like it'd be pretty soothing if you found the right distance. Not to mention, it's near to that giant metal wall. It had to be of Murasame make, and it's presence made him a little uneasy. He looked to his brother. It seems like they'd found the perfect spot to take a little break before they continued on to the village itself.


Jirou just shook his head in disbelief. Walking with Uyeda up and down, up and down.. WHY would someone live in the mountains? That was his question! He couldn't help but snicker every time one of the goats decided to take the revenge of the animal out on his brother, he managed to avoid them bothering him, too busy trying to eat Uyeda. "Just had to blow it up. So instead of finding the cat.. you just made a big mess." Smirking he'd glance at the wall. "Well.. should of had me there to cool it off. So are you telling me you been here before? That does kind of seem your style hothead.." He'd keep watching, moving closer to that spot. "Look, I wanna rest up. This looks like a nice chill place we could take a break at."

"Mmmm…" Iminari sounded truly relaxed, though that satisfied, 'mmm' turns into an, "Mmm?" Her head tilts back from her leaned back position, looking about behind her. "Ah!" Leaning forawrd, she does a little rock to get herself onto her feet. The two she 'heard' approaching will make a perfect distraction from training, at least that's what her subconscious tells her, so she makes her way towards the two travelers.


Her right hand shoots up and she waves rapidly, still blinded by the mist on her glasses. She was going off their chakra alone at the moment so the wave might just be a bit… off.

Uyeda lets out a little smirk, hand waving away the need for Jirou to cool anything down. But he doesn't comment and continue the ribbing, instead just shaking his head. "No, actually. I've never been to Kumogakure. They'd never have given me that big of a leash. This was… someone else. Though, it seems kinda rusty. Probably…" He looks towards Iminari as she makes her way to her feet, waving and greeting. "From a long while back…"
He hesitated, grey eyes glancing off to the side where she was waving. He exaggerated his natural sway within his stride, nudging Jirou with his shoulders, giving a grinning, "I think this one might be yours." He raised a hand in return, not waving but giving greeting nonetheless. "Morning," he called out to her as he neared. "What has you out and about over here?"

Eyeing the wall a bit closer, he'd give a small nod. "I could see that.." He'd trail off as Iminari called out to them. Glancing over at Uyeda, then where Iminari was waving to. Shaking his head, he'd be pretty close in matching that swagger that Uyeda had as they got closer. "Hey. You out here training or something? I'm sure blind fighting is never a bad skill to have at your availability.." Chuckling, Jirou would stop once they got close, studying Iminari for a moment before glancing at Uyeda with a raised brow.

"Oh." The waving hand lowers and Iminari grips onto the arm of the glasses, lowering them to get a clear view. "Good morning!" Iminari greets the giants with a large smile. The glasses are pulled off and cleaned off on her shirt, taking in what both had to say before a light giggle rolls out, "Ah, yes… training." Having difficulty lying about this, especially to random people who probably could care less about how well she upholds a regemine. "At least, that's what I'm supposed to be getting to." She then clasps her hands behind her back. "Hmm. Well, I'd like to peg you as a villager, but…" Iminari trails off there.
The teen looks between the two, "Nonetheless, can I help you two with anything?" She taps the Kumogakure symbol on her hitai-ate a few times. "It's my duty to know the Land of Lightning and to be honest… I'm." She rubs the back of her neck, "Looking for another distraction."

At the 'At least, that's what I'm supposed to be getting to' from the Kumogakure gal, Uyeda flashes a knowing grin to her, saying, "I know the feel." He looks between Jirou and Iminari before his grin broadens. "Well. We'd be pleased to be of service, I'd think. We were just going to ease up and take a travel break, anyway. And I think we could use a bit of your knowledge. We've never been here before. Also," he taps the back of his hand against Jirou's chest. "You could probably do something to lift this guy's mood. He's been sulking ever since we started on this latest leg of our travels."

Blink, blink. Jirou looks between Uyeda then Ishimari. Chuckling with a shake of his head, he'd step forward, to step up beside her and if allowed, casually drape an arm lightly over her shoulders. "You should of seen it. First up, then down, then up again! The travel was harsh.. although the air is so much better here than that thick molassas of the land of Fire, wouldn't you agree? Oh woes me!" He'd glance at Uyeda over her head with a smirk. "So you gonna join us for a meal break, since we're here? Anything we need to know about the place?"

iminari tilts her head as he approaches her, she didn't pick up on any hostilities so she just watches the arm drape over her, "Uh…huh." Iminari, doesn't try to stop him or even remove the arm, seeming to be mentally conquered by his forwardness. "S-sure? I'll join you." Imi blinks a few times, "Though, you two have never been here?"
She looks off in the distance, "Well, after the meal, honestly I'd suggest visiting Kumogakure as opposed to most of the villages around here. Kumogakure has many simple everyday comforts, restaurants with a variety of meals, excellent inns, a wonderful hot spring… mmm co-ed." Her eyes shift to the hand lingering over her shoulder, "So you don't have to leave friends behind. Oh! and an advanced training area." Iminari almost sounded as if she were trained to say all of this, "Training technology of the future. Even if it is not something you're interested, I personally find it enjoyable to watch others train in the area."

As Jirou slips over to Iminari's side and wraps an arm around her shoulder, Uyeda lets out a small breath of laughter, lifting a hand to run a thumb along the line of his jaw. "Right then. It all sounds like a pretty nice place to vacate." He gestures off to the side, actually right around where Iminari had been resting before, near the cooling spray of the waterfall. "Kumogakure will probably be our next stop. One of those inns and a trip to the hot springs to help ease the travel stiffness. Anything you'd reccomend?" He idly jerks his head towards the chosen resting place and starts towards it. "Oh, and we still only have traveling food. Dried things, mostly, so I hope you don't mind a simple fare." He glance back for as he walks, "Though, I'm sure Jirou will make it up to you next time. He gets attached pretty quickly. He'll probably be insisting on dinner soon." He slips off his travel pack, tossing it to the ground ahead with an easy swing and following after it.

"hey! I was not.. It's not dinner time yet.." Ok, so it was an 'almost' pout. He was of course, just joking around from the smirk and twinkle in his eyes. He'd lead if Iminari went with him, for that spot, finally withdrawing his arm as he'd pull away some, finding a good spot to sit as he'd pull his pack off with a small groan. Ok, so while he was acting casual, a hot spring soak sounded like a really good idea to him right about then.

Good, this will bring in some money to Kumogakure! Though with the charisma oozing out from these strangers, Iminari was sort of glad they may be agreeing to visit the village for reason other than promoting the village. "Well." Iminari is led by Jirou towards the resting spot, not forming any bit of resistance, "I shouldn't be eating your rations then, I'm set for now." Iminari then offers a light bow now that Jirou freed her, "I will give Kumogakure a heads up, so that your entrance doesn't find much difficulty. Hopefully I'll see you two there." Shuffling backwards, it'd almost sound as if she gave a sigh of relief as she turned and headed towards the village. "Bye!"

<Kumogakure> Iminari has disconnected.

Uyeda's grin looks a little bit as though he'd withholding a laugh, though he manages to push that down soon enough. He raises his hand to Iminari as she bowed, the same gesture he greeted her with now used for a farewell. "If you're sure, I won't hold you up. Thanks for the help. I'm sure we'll be seeing you around." And with that he nodded to her finaly 'Bye' and turned towards his pack, kneeling down beside it and shrugging his shoulders in an attempt to loosen them slightly. "You scared her away, Frosty. What's up with that?"

"Me? Nah man, that was all you Hothead. Had to go on and on about Kumogakure." He'd chuckle with a shake of his head, Jirou pulling out his bit of the food stuff they had for the trip, sighing as he eyed the dried rations. "At least we'll have a resturant to get food stuff from again. Oh. You hear they had this big whatsit with the Yakuza here? Sounds like they'd been run outta town.. so we may actually get more work here, than we did in Konoha. At least here's hoping.. you got enough for the room at least Hothead?"

Uyeda opened his pack, rifling through it's contents as his brother talked, a grin finding his face at hearing Jirou's chuckle. "It's true. Don't know why anyone would want to talk of this goat-filled place for too long." He pulls out his own dried rations. Hard meat and harder bread. He gives a little grunt, only able to agree with the sentiment of a restaurant. He clenches his teeth down on the meat, managing to tear a bit off as he listens to the rest of Jirou's words, settling down with his back against his pack, one knee lifted to rest his arm on.
He swallowed his thoroughly chewed food, looking to his brother. "We can probably pick up a room, yeah. Maybe for three days. Depends on prices. We'll have to be fast on getting some funds. But, maybe that won't be too hard of a problem." His head cants slightly in a relaxed manner, gaze still on his brother. "Afterall. You did just casually mention that the previous crime infrastructure has just been removed, probably leaving it in upheaval due to a lack of leadership. I don't know about you, but it sounds to me like that would be pretty messy for Kumogakure. Scary, even. Maybe we should go and save them from the rampant crime of street wars by taking things over ourselves. Pretty sure they'd be greatful. And maybe you could get that dinner with your pretty dark-skinned tour guide."

Jirou thought about it in silence, chewing his own hard tack. Distracted enough to not even make a face at the taste. Hmm.. take over a network already in place and refine it. "We would have to see what the exact deal is. I'm sure we'll be able to pick up quick if they are in a power vaccuum. It'd be facinating to actually take over the group. Style Class and Kick Assery would get us into it I believe." Taking another bite of the tack, he'd sigh and put it away back in his bag. "We'll check it out. Depends on how well we can hide it's us doing it. Otherwise we just paint another target on ourselves. No need to pull both clans up here, eh?"

"Of course," replies Uyeda with a gesture from his biscuit. "We'll pick up some masks, just in case, and use henges over them so that it'd be difficult for anyone to ascertain our true appearances. We might have to try and avoid using anything more than our basic manipulations, though. Metal and Ice left about might be a little too strong of a hint to leave behind. But I'm pretty sure CSK could take us the rest of the way." He taps his bread against his knee. Tough stuff. He should've developed ration manipulation. It'd be far more destructive than his metal manipulation in the right hands. "And having the resources would help us a lot. We'll definitely have to see if we could make this work. We'll start in the morning. Get a scope of the situation." He looks back to his brother. "Find an inn, soak in the springs, and enjoy a night's recovery first?"

"Absolutely." Jirou chuckles with a small nod. "Mask, no really fun stuff. Take over the underworld. It should be a relatively fun adventure. Maybe we can even expand after that point into the other villages. We'll have to figure that out for sure. A careful balance of money and power.. Afterall, it is hard to not be spread too thin.." He'd muse for a few moments in silence. "Think our dark skinned girl has a sister? Wouldn't want you left alone, afterall."

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