Touketsu Blood Feud - Part 1


Keisuke, Kibushi, Tsiro, Yuuka

Date: December 8, 2011


The Kaguya team is sent into the middle of a Touketsu clan blood feud.

"Touketsu Blood Feud - Part 1"

Northern Island [Land of Water]

Northern Island is situated, as one might expect, to the north. Specifically, it is north of the Land of Water's coast and inbetween it and the Land of Lightning — yet within the territorial waters of the former. A beach wraps around much of the perimeter of the minor landmass, with the sand seeming to be rather fine in density, free of most loose stones or gravel, and with minimal drift wood, kelp, or other "offerings" from the ocean's waves. There is no dock for boats to tie off at, and a coral reef combined with treacherous, rocky masses and alternating depths to the local waters make approaching the island in a ship a hazardous prospect at best and potentially suicidal at worst.
Just past the beach, a mix of grassy fields and dense sub-tropical vegetation forms a forested area that may more closely resemble a jungle than the pines, oaks, evergreens, and so forth that individuals from other lands may be familiar with. Though the size of the island is more than merely modest, it being surrounded by the ocean means that the foliage is grown closely together, in overlapping layers that both figuratively and literally form a barrier to sight and land-bound travel alike.
Northern Island has little room set aside for human habitation, with the eco-system being more geared towards herbivorous, insectivorous, and carnivorous animals of medium to tiny scale. Birds, small mammals, and various arthropods are all present, as are some reptiles in the form of a half-dozen types of lizards and two known types of snakes. Thankfully, neither the serpents nor the other creatures on the island are known to be especially venomous, or at least not inclined to approach, attack, or even necessarily reveal themselves to humans. They are not domesticated, and would much rather be left alone than have to defends themselves.
Toward the center of the island, on a significantly high, sloping hill, covered in healthy grasses, shrubberies, and low-lying trees, there is a large manor of some kind. The building is surrounded on all sides by a tall fence with a single, secure gate as the apparent entrance and exit to the grounds proper.

The first daylight filters through the trees surrounding the village, the sound of the ocean subtle in the background. The still winter air lingers with the fog settled upon the ground, giving the entire village of the Mist a calm, almost peaceful look to it. Leaning against the wall that protects and surrounds the village, Yuuka scans over the scroll containing the latest mission, her aquamarine eyes narrowing with deep thought as she rereads the details over for the uptenth time. The specific members of her clan she had summoned not too long ago should be here any moment now, but at the moment Yuuka is more focused on the scroll in her hand. With a light sigh, she closes her eyes and rolls the document closed, though holding it loosely in hand for now.

Kibushi's armor and clothing that he had brought with him seemed to be partially replaced or recrafted and other wise scrubbed and shined much to his dismay. It was not that he wanted filthy gear, but the signs of battle had been removed. He looked like he was some fresh recruit getting ready to get his first splinter by actually bothering to do some labor and participate in some action other than polishing his armor. Dispondant, Kibushi would approach the gates with no real haste, almost wanting to shed this mockery but knowing that would take even more time than his pace was. Beyond that however, it was proper armor, and it probably did protect better than it used to. He even had compartments added with reels of razor wire and a peular pair of crossed indentations placed concave along his back. An intentionally weak portion of his armor? As it was covered, it was unlikely, but for this point in time it made little sense. On the last leg of the trip he would flicker from the ground up to the top of the gate, crouched upon it silently as he looked down at Yuuka.

An official summon. That was not something usual for Tsiro. Though as he makes his way along the wall to the place where he was told to report, he ponders just what the mission would be. As he arrives he spots not only Yuuka but Kibushi above her on top of the gate. The boy glances over the shiny armor. The guy himself seemed to have a great knowledge but lacked any and all civilized manners. Needless to say the shiny armor did seem kind of odd on him. "Hello Sensei. Kibushi." the boy states making his presence known.

After the others approach, Keisuke appears in a flash beside Yuuka, arms crossed over his chest. No expression shows on his face as he glances between his teammates for this mission. The wicked looking black bow he has been carrying lately rests on his back beside the enormous Kubikiribocho, thousands of ways to kill people carried there. He quietly turns his head to Yuuka, waiting to hear what mission they will be going on today.

Yuuka arches a pale brow as she gives a small glance over her shoulder, spying Kibushi perched upon the wall behind her. The corner of her lips tugs faintly for a fraction of a moment befor eher aquamarine eyes shift back to Tsiro and Keisuke as he seems to appear out of no where. A quiet group it seems. "Good morning everyone, and I apologize for summoning you so early in the morning. But this is important." The kunoichi reches back over her shoulder to slip the scroll into her backpack, then loosely crosses her arms and lowers her chin. "There is an island north of here that is owned completely by a particular clan. A man named Takeru settled there several decades ago, and now his entire family is wealthy because of the rare kind of rice that grows there." Yuuka murmurs, lightly tapping her finger against her arm. "His two sons, Takahiro and Takeo have been butting heads for many years. They both feel they should inherit their father's wealth and because of that, their have split down the middle. A blood feud, you could say."

Kibushi would nod down towards Tsiro from his perch, seeming perfectly comfortable reduced down to a near ball, his body ready to move, but entirely stationary at the same time. Very practical, but absolutely uncivilized to have that constant readiness to pounce and attack, flee, or other wise anticipate the possibility of danger. It was some what ironic how civilizing mankind taught them everything, including ignorance of things they once knew. His hyper readiness was no longer needed. He could go to a home with four walls, a roof, and a bed… constantly.. not just for a week or a month out of a year, not i na new place the next day. Permanent residence. He could eat at the same location, draw water publically without fear of being vulnerable, and bathe in private. The only thing he'd really grown accustomed to was training until he was injured without considering being picked off by an opportunist. The rest… well there was probably some buzz about a "savage pervert in the lake" or some such instance that occurred when Kibushi would… misunderstand or ignore the trappings of society.
As the situation was explained, Kibushi would listen, of course having noted Keisuke as well as his additional weapon, though he knew nothing about what Keisuke normally used thus he didn't linger on it. Nodding, Kibushi would ask simply in his cool manner. "Which one of them paid us to kill the other?" As far as he was concerned, the resolution of this situation was a simple as that.

The eyes of Tsiro glance towards the bow on Kiesuke's back. He had seen him use it recently, but was unsure exactly why the swordsman would actively carry a bow around. It was irrelevant for now. The boy turns his attention back towards Yuuka. He had also pondered Kibushi's question. Was a family really willing to kill the other just over money? Then again, his own parents killed each other for much less. The boy simply remained silent as he lingered on his own thoughts.

Listening as the situation is explained, Keisuke remains silent yet. A faint smirk touches his lips as the teammates discuss it. He never puts an opinion in or makes a comment. A few reasons are likely. He's probably simply refraining from speaking as his order gives precedent as a Swordsman, and this is Yuuka's mission. Of course, he is also observing Yuuka as a leader as he has been doing on several of her missions lately. Perhaps he is gauging her abilities for something.

Yuuka gives Kibushi a brief glance, but chooses to ignore his comment for now as she continues. "Takeru has recently passed away, his funeral is going to be held in two days. The older brother Takahiro fears that Takeo is going to do something extreme. So, per his request, the Mizukage is sending us to protect the funeral, those attending and Takeru's remains. That is our official mission." Yuuka murmurs, narrowing her gaze. "Though he is getting some sort of twisted amusement, sending only Kaguya on this particular mission, to protect Touketsu from itself…" She taps her fingers against her arm again, clearly not happy.

"So we are hired to protect, but not kill those that may assault. Inefficient, but that apepars to be the mission." Kibushi would comment, his tone unchanging as he evaluated the mission aloud. Being sent by a Shirayuki as a group of Kaguya didn't bother him at all and he wasn't sure why it bothered everyone else. Hadn't they accepted their Mizukage and if not.. why do they not over throw him? Kibushi himself didn't care either way who gave the orders in the end as long as they could be carried out without some sort of ridiculous sacrifice or reasoning. "I do not see the humor." he would however mention.

"I have to admit this is a first for me. I have never been sent on a protection duty where I have to protect something living." Tsiro admits. He glances towards Yuuka and then towards Kibushi. "What other choice does he have? Though we are viewed as highly unstable, I do not see him sending Meruin in. We are probably one of his more reliable clans. I also do not see him sending in the Rent-a-Nin." Then again there were things in the shadow Tsiro did not know about. He was only going off of personal experience.

"The bastard's a Shirayuki. What do you expect?" Keisuke asks, his deep voice calm but a bit harsh. He still makes no comment concerning the mission, though it doesn't seem like something that will be terribly difficult to him. As for his feelings about Hikan and the Shirayuki, he doesn't seem to care much to elaborate at the moment.

Yuuka arches a pale brow as she glances up over her shoulder at Kibushi. "Who says we can not kill?" she murmurs, "They are Touketsu, so they will be all that much more enraged that we are there. I have little doubt that they will kill us out of pure hatred." she exhales a light breath, murmuring, "The reason why the Mizukage has a twisted sense of humor is because the Touketsu clan used to be the central power in the Land of Water, their ways are very cold and calclating and they were valuable in battle. However, they were replaced instead for the Kaguya's more… savage ways, you could say. There is harbored resentment and hatred towards us, so us being sent is like a slap in the face."

"Then it sounds to me like a trap or a test of our resolve if the Touketsu are a part of this… Kirigakure." Kibushi would consider as he'd finally leap down. "Killing them even if justified by our logic and ways, could easily be seen as our inability to coexist with others without displaying our brutality at any convenient time. However, to me it is a mission, and I will do as I am asked to do."

The new information seemed to cause more thoughts to Tsiro. He had actually met a few from this clan. "This is starting to sound more and more fun as we talk. You got me kind of excited now sensei." It seemed like it would be a tense situation all around. There might even be the possibility of a blood bath.

"I could really care less if this is a test or not." Yuuka murmurs, rather bluntly. "This is a mission, and we are going to do what we need to fulfill our mission. Regardless of what predispositions there may be against us. A client is a client." Uncurling her arms, the kunoichi pulls away from the wall and straightens, narrowing her aquamarine eyes at the team. "I took the liberty to explain the mission in further detail than usual because I do not want us to be blindsided by anything unexpected, and being ill-informed will only hinder us."

"Understood, when will be set out?" Kibushi would ask without blinking an eye. Truth be told, if Yuuka told him to kill, she'd have to go catch up with him to tell him how many before it was too late. He didn't care about the politics of the matter, that was not his world. All he required was a target and an objective to keep everything in perspective while pursuing that target. Even if the target was the welfare of others and the objective was to ensure that it was kept in regards to this client.

Tsiro grins as Yuuka states that a mission is a mission. The more he thought about it, the more fun this thing seemed like it would be. There was a chance that he might actually meet something besides a bandit. There was also a possibility he might actually be on his own for a fight. He was kind of missing that since the war ended. Now it was all spars and missions against out numbered or classed opponents.

It was rather amusing to see her student so excited, but for now Yuuka concentrates on the task at hand. "It will be half a day to the island by boat. When we get there, we will meet Touketsu Takahiro at his estate. He will fill us in on any other details and from that point on we will take guard shifts until the day of the funeral. Does anyone need time to prepare for the trip." she asks with a quirk of a brow, glancing between her team-mates.

Kibushi would shake his head. He'd done things for far longer with far less i nfar worse conditions, so he'd not often complain about being under prepared for just about anything.

Tsiro shook his head as well. He really did not care to go back home. He could do just about anything he needed once they got to the island.

"I'd hope one would think to bring things to prepare to be gone for a long period as soon as he heard he was going on a mission away from the village," Keisuke remarks finally, glancing between his teammates. "Complications can always arise. We may be there only for the funeral as planned. We may be there for a year." Where is his backpack? Who needs one when he has scrolls. Hell, he may have a whole house on his side somewhere. He falls silent again, waiting to move with the group.

Yuuka lowers her chin with a slight nod to Kibushi and Tsiro when they both shake their head. "Alright. Time to head out. We can go over questions and strategize on the boatride to the island." The corner of her lips tugs with a slight smile, the pride subtle, but evident as she watches her team. Somehow she feels as if this would be another step for their clan. Another step to becoming whole. Yuuka nods lightly to them as she turns and silently steps through the front gate of their village, eyes hardening on the path in front of them. With Touketsu involved, this might be the most brutal mission yet.

"I suggest that we keep the relationship between the rivals in mind. As much as they may be at each others throats, they may not actually take kindly to us endign their feud for them given the nature of our clan's relationship with them already." Kibushi would state as he followed along. "We may end up having to kill everyone if they take offense to us dealing with it our way. The slaughter of our client would be… unfortunate."

Tsiro really did not care if the clients were completely wiped out. It would only come to that if the mission progressed that way and it was a last resort. However there were a lot of details. The boy trusted his sensei to make the right call. He follows behind her and starts to ponder different things to do to keep occupied on the boat ride to their destination.

"Kill the person who's paying us, and this will have all been a waste," Keisuke says as he glances to Kibushi. "Don't get me wrong. I could give a damn about the Touketsu, and I've got no shortage of money, but killing all of them is something those who do not wish for the Kaguya to retake control of Kirigakure would expect and want us to do. It makes us seem irrational and foolish. Only kill those you are permitted by Yuuka."

The group swiftly make their way to the dock, the large ships anchored while sailors and shinobi unload their wares or stock up for another trip to sea. Finding the ship that is carrying passengers to the Northern Island, the team boards as Yuuka talks with the captain. With fair weather, the ship eventually rocks with motion against the push of the waves. Time passes, hours ticking as they sail northwards to the island on the horizon.

Kibushi would be found at the front of the ship, taking on the full burst of sea air as a few deck hands were concerned he may just fall off if he leaned over the railing any further as he was simply perched upon the front of the ship. Perhaps he was mesmerized by the waves, but he seemed to be just fine staring out to sea the entire time, distancing himself from the civilized as he considered the objective ahead.

Tsiro decided to take a nap down below the deck. He figured there was nothing to pressing to attend to as they had already been over the details of the mission. The boy seems content with the rocking of the boat, almost like a physical lullaby to keep him sleeping.

Behind the helm of the ship, Keisuke sits on a barrel as he watches the man guiding the vessel toward its destination. No expression shows on his face as he waits for them to arrive at their destination, studying something about the ship maybe as he waits.

The ship is slowly steered into the harbor of the island, the wood beneath them creeking from the constant stress and pressure of the ocean. Once the ship comes to a stop and is ancored, Yuuka narrows her gaze at the docks from beneath the hood of her robes as she spies the small group of people gathered there. One man in particular standing forward in front of the rest. A plank is set out between the boat and the dock by a shiphand and Yuuka turns to cross over it, knowing her team will soon be in tow. "Are you the shinobi from the Mist Village?" asks the black-haired man. From his clothing, he's clearly a noble of some sort. Yuuka meets his eyes steadily and lowers her chin, "We are." she murmurs carefully.

Kibushi would slip from his position as the ship would begin to pull in to the docking area, not wanting to… set off assumptions. He leaned against a railing until the ship stopped and followed Yuuka's lead as she began to speak with the assumed client or contact. He would keep quiet and stay observant as best he could without being too… "unique" in the process.

As the ship stopped rocking, Tsiro awoke from his sleep. There is a yawn as he stands up and stretches. He then makes his way to the exit of the ship. As he spots Yuuka, he moves behind her and stops. His eyes then glance around and spot Kibushi. He knew Keisuke would be in tow soon.

As Yuuka speaks to the nobleman, the enormous Keisuke appears right behind her. This giant Swordsman isn't exactly dressed for a funeral, unless one considers that he represents Death, his torso bare for the most part and two large weapons on his back. His intense blood red eyes scan the crowd, seeming to blatantly pick ways he could kill them all in a single swipe before focusing on the nobleman. He remains silent for the moment, allowing Yuuka to do the talking.

The man hardens his gaze on the team the moment he sees they're all Kaguya (especially so at the sight of the Seven Swordsmen), snapping his eyes back to Yuuka. The small group of people gathered behind him begin murmuring to one another. "I see. All of you are Kaguya, are you?" The Touketsu murmurs, mildly scowling to himself. Yuuka presses her lips together as she takes a single step forward. "Touketsu Takahiro, correct?" The man blinks once as he lowers his chin in a nod, "We are the shinobi team chosen and sent by the Mizukage of the Village Hidden in the Mist. I do not expect to be welcomed with open arms, but I will give you my word that we will do everything in our power to protect you and your family during the funeral. It is my word as a shinobi." The corner of her lips tugs slightly. "Besides, even if you requested another team, another could not be dispatched in time to be of any use, so your options would either be to make use of our services or to try to fend for yourself against your brother and his family."

That would have to do. Yuuka had covered all of the bases and made them aware that they had no choice but to deal with the circumstances if they wanted assistance at all. That should help to settle the early arguments. Now… it was time to get a feel for the sort of restrictions they may put on how the protection may occur. As funerals are ceremonies, having "former" enemies surrounding you, even for your own protection, may not be their desired way of handling it. Perhaps they would have to be hidden… or only in designated locations. It would be interesting to see. Kibushi would glance past the leader at the ones behind him, almost feeling their fear and concern… it was enticing to consider shattering those with such weak resolve.

Tsiro remains quiet as Yuuka talks to the man. It was not his place to deal with the details. He simply would await orders and glance between team mates.

Bloody Touketsu. Not even a proper clan, really, just a band of shinobi that train together. Keisuke's intense eyes move to Kibushi for a moment, narrowing on him before looking back to the group. Truth be told, were it not for the need for the Kaguya to command the fear and respect of the Touketsu after this mission, he would see no purpose in fulfilling it. However, to place a Kaguya back in the office of Mizukage, certain things must be done. For now, he simply waits.

Takahiro scowls to himself as he snaps his attention to the team as a whole, evaluating them for several long moments before uttering, "So long as you know there will be no love between us, I will settle for this… rather degrading insult." He lifts his cane to point it at them. "You will do nothing and go nowhere unless instucted, follow every order to the 'T'! And even so much as a single drop of my family's blood spills because of your incompetence, I will not hesitate to order for your deaths." Rather dramatic, but he made his point. Yuuka narrows her eyes on the cane in particular as he sets it down on the dock once more. He then turns, his clan parting to allow him and the shinobi to pass first as they step from the dock to a beaten dirt path.

As the threats are made, Kibushi's gaze didn't shift much at all. It was all background noise to him. Blah blah blah death, blah blah blah pain… until a blow was struck, words. However, he did understand the message. IT was largely as he thought, restricted due to rivalry and hate. A reply was unnecessary.. but he did wonder how Yuuka would respond in the end if they kept their demands so high. This was a situation where dominance could be asserted subtely or by force… and the one route that was utterly expected was force. Which would Yuuka choose… or would she choose to dominate them in any way at all?

The words almost get a rise from Tsiro. The boy bites his tongue hard. Hard enough there is blood. A piece of bone protrudes from his hand, though it only barely pokes through the skin as he fights to keep it back and retain control. He longed to tell this… this client… that they only took orders from Yuuka. Also Keisuke, but mainly Yuuka. Kibushi if it really was a last ditch effort, but yeah. They did not take direct orders from this bastard. The crimson eyes of the boy glare at him as his head turns sideways. Maybe, the boy thought… just maybe Yuuka would tell them all to get back on the boat and let this guy see just what power he actually lacked. It was obvious if he needed a squad of shinobi to protect the funeral, his own forces were insufficient. There is a slight grinding of the boys teeth. He's seething.

"Interesting," Keisuke says with a smirk at the nobleman's words. His eyes narrow on him, picking out weak points and ways to kill him. "Yuuka, if he makes any such order is given, don't be offended if I decide to give orders from that point forward. You are a capable leader, but the most important thing is that we all get out of here alive. If the mission is unsalvagable without one of us dying, it is not worth accomplishing. Our loyalties are first and foremost to each other." Well, the soon-to-be-Head of the Odori family actually shows that he cares about his clanmates for once. Perhaps Takeshi telling him that made him think more about how he should act as a leader, not that it changed his personality. He glances to Tsiro for a moment, chuckling a bit. "You'll get your chance, kid."

Yuuka smiles faintly beneath the hood of her robes. He made a show of just who was calling the shots, but it was unsettling how calm she remained, without so much of a word in reply. She calmly reaches over to place a hand on Tsiro's shoulder, her gaze focused on Takahiro still. "If you find it necessary, then so be it Keisuke, though I doubt it will get to that point." she murmurs softly. "He just needs to look good in front of his clan. The last thing he needs is clan to start doubting him in the middle of a bloodfeud. Let us see where this will go." The Head of the Touketsu clan leads the small group further inland, the beaten earth path eventually snaking into a considerable-sized village consisting only of the Touketsu. The Kaguya team are given many dark looks, whispers exchanged in concern. Yuuka lifts a brow the people as they pass through the village, though soon her aquamarine eyes turn forward as they begin to approach a large japanese-style manor, even fortress with an especially huge wall surrounding it. "This blood feud has gone on long enough… I had hoped that I could knock some sense into Takeo, or in the very least reason him before our father passed away, but now that time has come and gone." Takahiro lifts his cane to point up at the manor. "The funeral will be here in a few hours."

Kibushi looked on at the 'conversation' that took place only to have one question that he felt needed to be asked and answered. "Should this funeral be assaulted, do you want the assailants killed or captured?" This question was directed atTouketsu in charge, Takahiro. REgardless of his answer, Yuuka would make the final decision in comflict, but Kibushi wanted to know what was suppossed to happen as some tactics may be needed to preserve this agreement and recieve payment and a satisfactory victory condition.

Kibushi looked on at the 'conversation' that took place only to have one question that he felt needed to be asked and answered. "Should this funeral be assaulted, do you want the assailants killed or captured?" This question was directed atTouketsu in charge, Takahiro. REgardless of his answer, Yuuka would make the final decision in comflict, but Kibushi wanted to know what was suppossed to happen as some tactics may be needed to preserve this agreement and recieve payment and a satisfactory victory condition.

Tsiro moved along behind Yuuka and Takahiro. He still wanted to lodge a sharp bone in the guy's skull, but it seemed a common feeling among the group. He eyes Kibushi after his question. The boy really had not thought about it, nor did he care. If someone attacked, they would more than likely be killed. It seemed the only outcome that raised the possibility of success in this scenario.

Keisuke seems to actually enjoy the dark looks they are given as they walk through the town, a faint smirk touching his lips as he glances around at the crowds. Unlike the others, he is actually pondering ways he could slaughter this entire town as they walk through it. Of course, that is the sort of thing he has been doing for the past few years. The outcome of this day should be rather interesting. Of course, he may wish he had followed those plans he made up in his head for fun if it turns out this entire town turns on them during this funeral.

Takahiro scowls at the question as the group passes through the open gate, wecomed by the sight of the elaborate landscape and household staff waiting for them, all Touketsu and dressed in black. The same surprise, suspicion, fear and anger can be seen in the faces of the clan members once they see just who the Mizukage had sent to their aid. "My brother has taken the lives of our children, all because of the greed that has consumed his heart, and still there are those that follow him. We have tried to persuade them, and there is always blood." He grips the handle of his cane tighter, struggling with inner demons. "You will do everything in your power to make sure the funeral is uninterupted and the people are protected. No exceptions."
Yuuka arches a pale brow at Takahiro's back, giving Keisuke a glance out of the corner of her eye for a fraction of a moment. "You heard him. We will defend this household, whatever it takes." The Touketsu glance towards the house as bell chimes deeply once, a silent signal that begins to usher the people inside. Takahiro stares for a longer moment, his expression hardening as he turns around to stare at the Kaguya shinobi with a look of distaste. "The fortress is surrounded by forest across the west, north, and east. To the north, the land slopes upwards towards the peek of a mountain while the we are currently standing at the southern part of the estate. I highly doubt that Takeo will chose to attack from the north with the mountain being in his way, but I wouldn't put it past him to attempt from that direction either."

Kibushi nodded slowly to all that was stated. No amount of violence was out of the question, and the terrain favored an ambush supported by flanking tactics. Kibushi knew what he would attempt to do in this situation, and what he expected to occur as well, but he would remain quiet as it was not his mission. Still ,he would take a moment to get his baring before focusing on the north where the most amount of visibility of the estate would be gleaned from. Any other vector would be great for the flanking tactics, but leave the attacking force with less intelligence to work with upon arrival. Glancign west and east, he would assume that the bulk, whether it be distraction or out right attacks, would come from those ends. Exhaling slightly, Kibush would walk towards the exit to this particular building before waiting to see where he would be positioned.

Tsiro looked around as Takahiro gave the details of the landscape. He at least agreed with the answer given by Takahiro. Any means necessary. His eyes then travelled between the other two guys in the group. The mission should not be that hard, or so he thought.

As the landscape and such are explained, Keisuke glances around the area. That faint smirk still rests on his face. He has had plenty of time to spread particles of bone throughout the area unseen as they moved. Detecting an enemy's approach should be all too easy if they are as dumb as Touketsu usually are. "Death will come swiftly to any who cross us today," the Swordsman says, intense blood red eyes turning to Takahiro as he speaks. There is a definite dual meaning in those words, a promise of accomplishing the mission but also a warning.

Takahiro gives Keisuke a dark look as he growls, "Just fufill your mission. I stand by my word that if even so much as a single drop of blood is spilled from my family, I will not hesitate to have every one of you killed." he repeats his threat from before. "That bell signals the funeral will start in an hour, and it will begin at the next bell." Takahiro only gives the shinobi another look before wordlessly turning to walk towards the manor, cane in hand. Yuuka's blue green eyes darken on his back, but redirects her attention to her team as she turns towards them. "Alright. We have an hour to strategize before the start of the funeral, but we should not assume that the enemy will wait until the start of the funeral to plan their attack. Also… we have to keep our eyes keen on those attending as well. Attacking from within is also very much an probability."

"The highest vantage point is from the moutnains to the north. That is where i would command the battle field if not have my strongest approach from. A smaller team would move faster, especially with experience. I would use the east and west for numbers or a decoy attack. As far as internal security… there is no true way to be at all locations at once, especially given the nature of the gathering. I would suggest that our defenses remain close by, but not amidst the general funeral gathering as not to cause issues and so that it is more easy to identify hostility looking in. I do not have any particular way of precieving a threat however… so that is how i see the field as it is."

"I think we should just let this guy and his family deal with his own problems." Tsiro states. His tone now is controlled. He is not about to lose it like he was before. The boy has nothing to say on the surrounding area. If he was needed to be somewhere, Yuuka would let him know.

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