Tournament of the Sun Goddess - Arrival At The Tournament


Fuyu, Kuroji, Abel, Hinotori

Date: June 27th, 2010


The "Amaterasu no Budokai" is a tournament to determine which of six small towns will send their best fighters to join Konohagakure's forces and obtain ninja training. Konoha has sent representatives to observe the proceedings, and a team of ninja is sent to protect the representatives.

"Tournament of the Sun Goddess - Arrival At The Tournament"

Tournament Grounds - Land of Fire

The front gates of Konohagakure are presently open. It is Sunday morning, and the flow of travellers, merchants, and so forth does not need to be restricted overly. Certainly, there is the same security as always in place. Everyone who passes through is being checked. But that does not mean the gates should be closed and opened for every single person. The sun warms the Village with its bright rays, making it clear that if summer weather is not here yet it shall be soon.
Uchiha Fuyu stands near the Chuunin guard station going over some last minute details that have been brought to her attention by a messenger from the Elder Council of the Clan. "Tch," she lets out. "Like I don't know my new responsibilities? I was assigned this mission by the Hokage's office, and I informed them well in advance…" she mutters to herself as the nervous courier stands nearby. Fuyu writes a response to the letter delivered to her on the back of the same paper, in quick, efficient penstrokes. Then she hands both pen and letter back to the messenger. "Return that to them. I'll be back when the mission is done, and no sooner."
If those selected to be on this mission have arrived already, they have likely been waiting nearby for at least a few minutes. If they have yet to arrive, then there will be much scowling ready for the late appearances.

It was a nice day, Kuroji could hardly say he wasn't enjoy it though he did look a little bit tired. He had been on a Mission in Kumogakure and has to return after this mission, just getting back to relay some reports to the Hokage yesterday and was assigned to this mission. He had been here a few moments, his hands tucked into his black long coat as he watched from behind his crimson shades at the happenings around him. Though he was obviously tired, a smile lingered on his face.
His gaze moved and studied Fuyu from behind his shades, watching the new Clan Head for a few moments, this was his first time meeting her and had not had a chance to speak with Hinotori about her and his thoughts yet, so he was left wondering about her. Once she had finished the letter and sent the messenger on his way, he took a step forward, "Aburame Kuroji, reporting for duty." he says slowly, his tone is rather carefree and is quickly followed by a thumbs up. A small gust of wind causes his black long coat and hair to rustle slightly.

Since it was sunday he thought he had this day to rest but he was wrong getting a letter from Hiroshi he was sent on a mission with Fuyu just like always it was at the last min. Grabbing his ninja gear and kissing his mom on the cheek he was out the door. Running at top speed he was making his way to meet with Fuyu. Walking up he waved and smiled. "Sorry about that. Was I late?" He moved in closer to hear the mission as he looked at someone he didn't know or have seen and forgot about. "My name is Uchiha Abel nice to meet you all." He bows and yawns as he looked them all over.

The day was nice, but another that he had to do work on. Having arrived earlier then normal, Hinotori is crouched on the gates watching as the villagers and traders moved in and out of Konoha. He wasn't too concerned with the on goings of the village. It was only it's safety that he was concerned for, watching with his intense almond brown eyes, the Uchiha Chuunin seems to be frozen like a statue, but those who do glance up would not notice him. As Fuyu writes onto the scroll that the messenger has given her, he smirks and seems to appear out of thin air once she sends the messenger away. Smiling a little as he sees Kuroji here, but as Abel arrives he shakes his head, but doesn't respond.

Fuyu nods vaguely to Kuroji. "Good." is all she says. When Abel runs up and introduces himself, Fuyu scowls at him but gets over it quickly. "Yes, you're late. But since we're all here now…" she glances towards Hinotori as he 'appears', apparently either already aware of his presence, or just not easily startled. "…It's time to tell you what this is about. Have you al heard about the 'Amaterasu no Budokai'? The Tournament of the Sun Goddess? It is a means for six small townships, here in the Land of Fire, that have formed an alliance with each other to determine who among them has the best-suited warrior or warriors to send to Konohagakure for enlistment in our ninja forces. Most places consider conscription of their civilians — especially their children — in order to bolster our military might to be abhorrent, this alliance appears to consider having one or more representatives in Konoha as an honor or at least an opportunity."
Fuyu withdraws three scrolls from a pouch on her belt, and holds them out — one for each team member. "However, because this event is new, and each township in the 'Six Suns Alliance' has different views, different skills, and different reasons for participating… Konohagakure is sending official representatives to oversee the tournament, and make sure all remains orderly, fair, and that the outcome is favorable to our Village. Since none of these towns have any true ninja and none of their warriors will have any true ninja training, it is possible that accidents and injuries can occur. Also, what the judges might consider impressive or deplorable might not match how Konoha feels. So the Leaf representatives will act as a secondary set of judges… Or at least as advisors."
Fuyu turns to look at each team member in term as she continues to explain. "We are not the representatives being sent. However, we ARE being sent to GUARD those representatives secretly, and potentially even to influence the outcome of the tournament if necessary. It's not that we're going to interfere… But if something goes wrong, or something is happening that goes against the interests of the Village, then we will have to act to salvage or 'fix' the situation. Any questions?"
In each scroll is a summary of each of the towns in the Six Sun Alliance. Their political views, their training methods, the special skills of their warriors, and more classified information concerning what is believed to be the true objectives of each town in trying to place one or more of their fighters in Konoha's forces. The six towns are 'Rogumachi' (Log Town), 'Aianmachi' (Iron Town), 'Girimachi' (Honor Town), 'Gokokumachi' (Rice Town), 'Himitsumachi' (Secret Town), and 'Kikanmachi' (Mirror Town).

Kuroji accepted the scroll and opened it examing it slowly, his eyes moving across the paper from behind his red tinted lenses. "No questions at all." he says with a small nod and smile, tilting his head a bit to the right then the left, offering Hinotori a small nod in greeting. Slowly he closes the scroll and tucks it away inside his black long coat. He stretches a little bit, "I suppose at least we are getting the chance to watch the Tournament." he says with a small nod as he looks out the gate, apparently ready to go.

With an smirk he shakes his head. "All we can do is watch that sucks, but a mission is a mission I guess." Abel yawns and place the scroll into his scroll pack. "Alright his should be fun I might learn some new moves from this." He smiles as he got ready to head out.

Listening to the information that is being provided, Hinotori takes the scroll that is offered. He smiles to Kuroji, then quirks his head to the side slightly stretching his neck. This mission is just guarding which Hinotori didn't mind, compared to other missions, this one is something more to his liking. Shaking his head, "No questions Fuyu-sama." he says formally as he speaks to her. Though as Abel makes his comment, Hinotori shrugs. Opening the scroll and reading the information about each of the towns and what they do. He smirks and rolls the scroll back up and places his scroll inside of his scroll pouch on the inside of his vest. Stretching out a little, Hinotori is now ready.

With a nod, Fuyu says, "Alright, then. We're moving out. The tournament starts today, so we don't have too much time to get to the site of the Amaterasu no Budokai. Luckily it's not very far away." She then turns and leads the team out of the gates, and onto the road leading through the forests of the Land of Fire…
About three hours later, it is no longer morning but afternoon. The tournament grounds were recently built, rather than previously established, since this is the first year that such an event has been held. The grounds are not particularly massive, but they are expansive enough to accomodate the spectators and participants from six small towns.
Both stands for seating and open space for standing spectators to observe from are available surrounding the actual fighting ring at the center of the grounds. An elevated platform, with a long table and chairs is where the judges are presently seated, and near them stand the representatives from Konoha.
Each of the six teams stands and prepares at a different point surrounding the ring. Some — mostly the younger participants — appear to be quite excited and enthusiastic… Perhaps even relaxed in some cases. But most display some form of animosity towards the other teams. Competition always seems to bring out both the best and the worst in people. The noise of people talking everwhere is quite loud, and the smell of various foods on the air mix together in various ways. The mission team is lead straight towards the judges' platform.
"I'm going to check in with our representatives. Kuroji, you stay with me. Hinotori, you and Abel are free to take a look around and familiarize yourselves with this place. …As well as keep an eye out for trouble."

Kuroji's eyes scan the area from behind his red tinted shades as they arrive. Silent for a moment, the large smile on his face as he looks over at Hinotori, "Not often we get to watch others beat the hell outa each other, eh?" he says to Hinotori with a small chuckle, nudging him with his elbow for a moment, before Fuyu tells him he is coming with her. Kuroji simply nods and slides his hands back into his black long coat and nods to Fuyu, "Lead the way!" he says with a rather spunky tone, a large smile on his face.

"Tsk there better be some good ass fights." Looking at Hinotori he smiled. "So where to first?" Is asked with an smile as he blinked twice and yawned. "Well?" Is asked with that same dumb anime smile. Abel was shaking his head to something.

"It has been a while since we've been on a mission together." he laughs. Keeping the conversation pleasent, during the three hour trip, keeping his eyes sharp during the trip and knowing that his team mates would also be doing the same. He knew that even with Fuyu-sama here, they still couldn't drop their guard. Upon reaching the fighting grounds, Hinotori scans the surrounding area including the stands. Watching the people as they walk about as well as the fighters as they interact with their team mates as well as their opposition. As Fuyu gives them their assignments, he bows his head. Looking to Abel as he speaks up, "Just mind your manners and keeps your eyes open." he tells the genin. "We are here to observe and guard the officials should anything jump off." he states.
Hinotori looks to Kuroji as he is leaving with the Uchiha Clan Head, he nods his head and gives him a knowing look, which Kuroji would know what that mean. Hinotori then begins walking towards the competition area, where the fighters would be fighting. He moves so that it only looks like he and Abel are just wandering and looking around.

Fuyu approaches the judging platform, and the Konoha representatives there, with Kuroji in tow. She nods in greeting to the two men and one woman who are here to make sure that the interests of the Leaf Village are upheld. They acknowledge her in the same manner, though they actually bow instead of just nodding. "Is everything going well, Gou?" she asks. The elder of the two men, apparently named Gou, nods. "As well as can be expected. There were various complications… A large number of over-enthusiastic but untrained volunteer workers needed to be organized, a few scuffles over whom was able to sell his or her food or souvenirs at what location… But all fairly trivial and much less of a commotion than might be expected for the first time this event has been held in the history of the Land of Fire. All in all, it's going rather well."
Then one of the two seated judges nearest to this conversation, both of whom have been paying a lot of attention to these new arrivals, speaks up. "Gou-san, are these… Friends of yours?" Gou turns to the judge and responds, "They are from Konohagakure, to assist with overseeing the tournament." The judge's eyes flick to Fuyu and Kuroji, as he says in a tone of confusion mixed with suspicion. "I thought there would only be three representatives." Gou shakes his head. "They are here to ensure the safety of both our delegation, and the judges yourselves." A pause. "Just incase there are any 'accidents'." The judge nods briefly with lifted brows, before turning away from Gou and whispering to the bearded man next to him urgently, one hand held up to conceal the movements of his lips. The news spreads quickly down the line of judges, and none of them seem particularly happy with these shinobi guards that have suddenly arrived.
Fuyu takes note of this, but shows no sign of interest on her face. Instead she focuses on Gou and the other two reps. "I have two others taking a look around. Hopefully there will be no problems, but if a spectator or two becomes intoxicated on sake and the team he or she wanted to win winds up losing… Well, it would be better to spot the potential fight sooner rather than later." Gou nods his approval and Fuyu smiles.
Then the Uchiha woman turns to the Aburame Chuunin next to her and leans closer to speak quietly to him. "It could be nothing, but keep an eye on the judges. If possible, listen in on their conversations, but don't be obtrusive about it. Let me know if anything even remotely suspicious happens." She then turns away and starts pacing the area, looking at the crowd and quite distinctly NOT facing the judges.
As Hinotori and Abel head towards the preparation area for the teams, they pass by a couple of the competing teams. The Honor team acknowledges the two Konoha ninja and bow to them, before turning their attention back on the Secret team, who are leering at the Honor team and casting unpleasant looks in their direction. They look Hinotori and Abel up and down, but otherwise don't seem interested in the pair, who they are exactly, or why they're here at all.

Kuroji simply nodded, little did Fuyu know he was already ontop of it, a few scout Kikaichu had already left the hive and placed themselves on the booth in various locations. Kuroji closed his eyes from behind his red tinted glasses, the smile still on his face as the sudden constant relay of information started to move to him, relaying the various conversations back to Kuroji as they happened, it seems that Kuroji has been growing with his ability and is now able to move through the constant streams of information with out much of a headache. He stands their silently since he had not been address simply waiting now for something if there was anything.

So far ir was a funny mission as he gazed up at Hinotori from time to time it was cool to be hangging out from someone that is a chuunin in the clan. As they walked Abel smiled but kept an eye on each fighter. Then they came across the two teams bowing to both sides he tossed up a smile. "Have a nice match." Is said with an smile. Abel wished he could join the tournament but was just happy to watch one as well.

Looking relaxed, the Uchiha chuunin regards the spectators warily. Rubbing the back of his head, Hinotoris steps are slow and casual, he glances towards Abel every few moments, watching the youth as he looked around. It has been some time since he has travelled with a genin. Feeling the wind blowing, Hinotori closes his eyes slowly, still able to move without bumping into anything or anyone. It was good to feel cool air on him. Smiling, Hinotori opens his eyes and as he does he notices the Honor team bowing their heads as they pass. The Chuunin does the same, and even offers a smile. But as he and Abel walk past the Secrect Team, his eyes take them in and smiles. He didn't care if they were eying him and Abel, nor did he care if they were leering. It was good to be wary of others especially if your aren't familiar with them.

It's not long before something happens near the judging platform. From the opposite end of the platform from Kuroji, a somewhat scruffy-looking man in a black gi, with beard stubble on his face, approaches the judges there. He asks a question that is not audible to most people… But would probably be picked up by one of Kuroji's kikaichu. "What are these ninja doing here?" The judge that is being addressed glances in the direction of Kuroji and the turned-back of Fuyu, and points at them as discretely as possible while leaning in to talk to the man. "They're here to guard the Leaf representatives. The leader claims they are protecting the judges as well, but I think they might be here to keep an eye on us — " The black-garbed man snarls out quietly, "Of COURSE they are here to keep an eye on you. They would be fools to blindly trust a bunch of old men to properly judge an event like this!" The judge looks offended at being called 'old', but doesn't protest out loud and just leans back a bit.
The scruffy man says, "Keep them out of my hair. My team has a tournament to win. I don't need any ninja sniffing around and making things difficult." The judge arches an eyebrow and whispers back, "You forget your place, Zain. It is WE who were chosen by the towns to judge — " Zain snarls, "Shut up! You got your positions because of my bribes and blackmail and you know it! If you want to keep your pay — and your LIVES — then you'll do as I say! Now do your job." Then Zain stalks off, leaving the angry judge to grumble to the man next to him.
Hinotori and Abel continue their patrol, seemingly just walking around. And yet the Konohagakure hitai-ite mark them as plainly as if they had huge neon signs attached to their foreheads proclaiming 'HERE WE ARE'. Thus, when the next two teams are met, they easily recognize the Chuunin and Genin for what they are. Team Log appears to be composed of a number of large and burly men, wearing baggy white hakama, and little else. No shirt conceals their bulging, well-defined muscles. They have most of their heads shaved except for a topknot. The scroll that Hinotori read indicates that Rogumachi is a woodcutting and lumber-oriented town, and that the warriors competing in the tournament wrestled vicious bears as part of their training. The scars of claw marks on all four of the Log team's warriors certainly seem to provide evidence of this training method. The Log team nods or bows to the two Konoha ninja, and then focus back on the ring, waiting for their chance to enter.
The next team is the Iron team, from Aianmachi. They, like the log team, are physically powerful in appearance. However, whereas the log team are simply large and very fit, the Iron team appears to be made of solid muscle. They almost don't even have necks! There is only one team member on the Iron team who is NOT a tower of muscle, and she is also the only female warrior on the Iron team. She certainly has muscle, but she doesn't look like a bodybuilder. She seems very out of place… And yet the three behemoths surrounding her seem to defer to her, and show her respect, while also seeming quite protective. Perhaps she is their leader or trainer? She looks towards Abel, smiles kindly, and then looks towards Hinotori. She doesn't seem QUITE as interested in the Chuunin as she did in the Genin, but she still bows slightly.
Nothing suspicious so far. Though as Abel keeps stopping to look at the ring, hoping to see a fight starting, he may spot a man in a black-gi returning from the judges' booth, and approaching the Secret team. He stops near them, and the three fighters immediately focus on him, standing at attention and listening to whatever it is the man is saying to them. That must be their leader.

Kuroji listened to the conversation and just stood there, the same smile that always seems to linger on his face ever present. Though as the conversation ends, he concludes it would be in his best interest and everyones if he kept a bit more of a eye on this Zain person. A single attempts to land on his clothing to be carried away with him, while a few other Kikaichus move out to start forming a train from Zain to Kuroji, so that Kuroji can keep the informations streaming into him. Once this was in place, Kuroji would takes a few slow steps towards Fuyu, standing next to her, "A word?" says kuroji slowly as he stands there the smile on his face, staring out at everything from his red tinted shades.

As the other teams were walking by and he meet eyes with a beautiful girl he smiled, blushed and waved. "Sensei who is that?" Is asked to Hinotori without looking at him. Abel blushing started to go down as he saw someone with an black gi move and go talk to team secret as he looked his eyes moved as he tried to read his lips to get an understanding of what the hell they we're talking about but nothing worked. "Hey Sensei what the hell is going on down there is said pointing at team secret.

Walking through the competition area, Hinotori looks about still scanning the area, so far nothing has happend with the spectators. But as they near the log and iron teams, Hinotori does take note of each of the members. He bows to each in turn, there was no reason for any of them to be hostile towards one another. But as he looks to the leads of the Iron team, he studies her as she smiles all nicely to Abel, who in turn is smiling back. The Uchiha Chuunin just bows his head to the woman and payig her no nevermind. Granted it would be nice to have a woman show him some interest, but things were good so far. Upon hearing Abels question, "I think that may be their trainer or sempai." he says.
When Abel stops and looks at the secrect team, Hinotroi does as well. Figuring it would be best to keep from being seen, "Follow and keep watching." he murmers lowly to the genin as he pulls Abel back into a crowd of fans as they are heading towards their seats. Keeping his eyes open, Hinotori also is trying to read the lips of the bearded man as he speaks with his team. With his team and him focused on one another, Hinotori keeps them moving but still in view but hidden from the Bearded man.

Fuyu stops where she is, still scanning the crowd of spectators as though looking for something in particular — and she may well be. As she initially indicated, it's possible someone might get drunk and cause trouble. Infact, when it comes to competitions, even completely sober people can get into fights over silly things. However, regardless of where her eyes are, or how distracted she may appear to be, she answers Kuroji swiftly. "Speak."
Despite the noise of the crowd, or how hard it may be to hear normal-volume speech here, Fuyu doesn't seem to have any problem hearing if Kuroji speaks quietly, or even whispers, from where he is standing. He doesn't need to lean close or speak into her ear or anything.
Meanwhile, the kikaichu planted on Zain and 'talking' to the train of other kikaichu between his location and Kuroji's, eventually detects Zain speaking again. This time he's standing over by the three Himitsumachi fighters. "Alright, the tournament begins in less than five minutes. You all better be ready — and I mean REALLY ready — because there are no second chances, there is no second place, and failure will NOT be forgiven." "Sensei!" one of the three Secret fighters calls out stiffly. " — What is it?" Zain asks in annoyance. "We saw some ninja walking around here." Zain sighs and says, "Yes, I know. Don't worry about them — " Another fighter asks, "What are they doing here, Sensei?" Zain strikes the teenager who spoke out-of-turn in the face with the back of his hand. "Shut up! Let me worry about that! You are to focus ONLY on winning! Understand!?" The fighter doesn't do anything in response to being hit, and just answers, "Yes, Sensei!" Zain settles down somewhat, before casting a glance backwards at where Kuroji and Fuyu are speaking. Then he turns back to his team and says, "You've all read the profiles on the other teams, their capabilities, and their weaknesses. Remember that information, and make use of it. It wasn't easy to get." The three fighters nod vigorously to indicate they have read the information spoken of, and doing their best to make their leader happy by showing they are ready. Zain nods in response.
Hinotori would be able to make out a few words that Zain speaks via lip-reading, and would obviously see him striking one of his own students, and realize there is something going on, but with normal eyesight it is difficult to make out all the details of the conversation exactly. Maybe with an added boost to his vision he could learn more… But then things seem to settle down over there as the teams all turn towards the ring almost simultaneously.
An announcer steps forward towards the ring. He calls out, "May I have your attention please!" No one appears to notice. He climbs into the ring and moves to the center, and then repeats himself. "May I have your attention please!!!" Everyone continues to ignore him. He snaps his fingers and a pretty young woman climbs into the ring and stands next to the announcer. About 2/3rds of the spectators are suddenly focused on the ring. Huh. How about that?
"May I have your attention please! We are about to begin the Amaterasu no Budokai!" The crowd's sudden eruption of cheering and noise drowns out the announcer as he tries to keep talking. He sighs, and snaps his fingers again. The pretty woman slips out of her kimono, revealing she is in a two-piece swimsuit underneath. The cheers subside into, 'Oooo's and 'Aaahhh's from the male part of the audience, which in turn distracts the female part of the audience with jealousy and/or disgust at the male reactions. So, shortly, the ring is the center of attention again, and things are quiet except for scattered chattering.
The announcer gestures and the woman puts her kimono back on, as he yells out, "The first match will be between Juro-san's 'Team Log' from Rogumachi, and Vivi-san's 'Team Mirror' from Kikanmachi! Juro-san, Vivi-san, please send your first participants into the ring!" Following the instructions, the largest man on the Log team climbs into the ring — actually it is more like he just steps over the barrier surrounding the ring, given his 7+ feet in height — and then moves towards the center.
One of the three fighters for the Mirror team slips under the barrier, moving onto the fighting floor. She is dressed in a miko-like (shrine maiden-like) outfit, but it seems to be more functional than ornamental. Not as many loose pieces of fabric, and the red skirt is shorter so that it does not entangle her legs. Her hair is black, and in a 'wedge' cut. The two fighters stand facing each other at the center of the ring. The announcer backs up, and gets out of the fighting area, as he calls out, "Begin when ready!" The two fighters bow to each other, and then straighten. A moment later, the first match starts. A more than seven-foot tall woodcutter and a five-foot tall miko. Looks to be a pretty uneven match.
The Log team's first combatant launches immediately into a powerful offensive. The Mirror team's first combatant responds by… Performing the exact same moves that her opponent is performing, only in reverse. So when her opponent steps forward and throws a right-handed punch, the tiny female fighter steps back and pulls her left arm away from the incoming punch. When the Log fighter swings a roundhouse kick at his target with his left leg, the Mirror fighter swings her right leg in the opposite direction, essentially turning her out of the arc of the kick. In this way, she avoids every single attack launched by her opponent, reacting — seemingly, at least — at the exact same instant that the other fighter chooses to act upon her! Is she reading his moves somehow? Predicting the attacks in advance? It certainly seems so! But will this be enough to win?

"Himitsumachi Team's Sensei, Zain has apparently bought one of Judges a place here with Bribes and Blackmail, also he has attained detailed information on the other teams." Kuroji says slowly with a small nod, his voice is low, but not a whisper. Enough for the crowd to drowned him out, "I have placed a scout on him and am currently monitoring him as we speak." he continues in the same tone with a small nod, "Nothing else of interest has come from the judges at this time." he finishes with a small nod, as he peers out at the crowd, from behind his red tinted shades. Then the announcer comes forth and call for everyons attention, His eyes fall on the ring as he watches the start of the fighting with a small nod. His hand moving to run through his hair slowly.

Seeing the women change into a swim suit he blushed the young Uchiha watched as the match was about to begin. "Alright time for some actions." Looking at Hinotori he smiled at him as he yawned a bit. "So what time do you think is going to win sensei?" Is asked looking back at the ring. He placed his arms on his head and released an held breath.
Abel has partially disconnected.

Managing to get a few words, Hinotori sighs slightly. He knew he could probably get more another way, but then again he needed to trust in his team mate and with Kuroji here information gathering would be a bit easier and faster. Still lip reading is a good skill to have, moving on until he heard the announcer. Smacking Abel in the back of the head, "What did I tell you?" he asks. Shaking his head and moving him on so that the bearded man didn't notice them. As the announcer worked on getting the crowd calmed down, Hinotori watches their vicinity. As the woman in the kimono stripped and managed to get the men to quiet down enough for the announcer to finish. Hinotori moves himself within the background, keeping Abel close by. YOu watch from back here while the others don't see us." he tells the genin.

Fuyu frowns almost imperceptibly at that news. "Only one? Given the motives and practices of Himitsumachi, I thought he would have tried for more… Well, I suppose it doesn't matter how many he has in his pocket. We need to get physical evidence of these dealings by Zain. I'm not sure how to go about that… But…" She glances in the direction of the judges briefly. "Which one did he speak to? The one on the far end?" Perhaps she has a plan after all…
What plan is this? Find out next time on Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0!

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